Saturday, April 19, 2008


Something short on the movie - it is a good family film, especially if you have boys 10-15 or so. The reviews are basically questioning if there was a real story line. The fight scenes tend to be too long, especially the fight scene between Jackie Chan and Jet Lee - (way, way too long) - otherwise the movie was fun - Jackie Chan delivered a lot of good one liners.


I truly hate the food at Lins - whatever it is it, is not Chinese. I went anyway in hopes I could find one thing which is edible. I tried several things, but left everything on my plate and left hungry. As I was attempting my last bites of food a man sat down with his son. The son did not have a plate. The man was overloaded with three fried Tilapia. I assumed the mother must have been getting a plate for the son. She shows up with a mound of food on her plate, but nothing for the son. The son, about 10-11, starts to weep, the tears are rolling down his eyes and he is begging to be allowed to eat. The parents just ignored him and proceeded to eat.

As I was leaving I decided to pay for his meal and then just tell the waiter to bring him a plate. Based on my experience in family law, I became concerned the father would use my act as an excuse to beat the boy when they got home. I stood there unable to make a decision.

I then decided to call Child Protective Services. Then I thought, they are the biggest abusers of children in the state. I am currently consulting on a case wherein they murdered a 10 month old baby, along with their quack doctor, who turned the baby over to a family not trained and without the proper equipment to deal with a severely handicapped child.

So, when it comes to children, I did what we the people do best, I did nothing. This tainted my ability to fully appreciate the movie. When I got in my truck I started thinking about this poor kid left hungry while the parents ate in a public restaurant, who would never get to laugh at a good movie. I cried all the way home.

I agree my defenses are down because of the extraordinary pain I am in, but someone had to feel emotions for this child. I guess I cannot complain about the teachers, neighbors, and relatives who have not spoken out against what has to be apparent abuse of this child. I guess this is who we are as a society.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Bobby, ya wanna piece-a me?

BobbyWC said...

I find it very very telling that you choose to put forth your anger (on what planet does a respected journalist say "ya wanna piece-a me?) on a post wherein I am speaking to the tragedy of child -

very very telling - You and Sancho Panza make great bed-fellows - you just proved that for all of Brownsville to see

Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC,

Maybe they were going to share with the boy but didn't want anyone to notice. Lin's is expensive and the parents may have only enough money for two meals. They could have been trying to cheat the system. It is a possibility.

But your thoughts on beating the boy is probably on the money and so is your thoughts on CPS. What I will add is if you would have paid for the boy, you might have gotten into an argument with the man assuming he who the donor was. I would not like to have seen or read that.