Sunday, April 27, 2008


I was reading on Sanchez' web comments concerning an election contest filed against Avila, by Gomez. I do not know the merits of the lawsuit, but I do know something about reality and election contests. The implication of the article is Judge Limas is somehow going to overturn the election. If Sanchez or his paid writers bothered to do the research they would know that an election contest is automatically reassigned by the Regional Administrative Judge to a judge outside the county. Judge Limas will never review the lawsuit.

A second check on reality and the law is - the law governs who you sue in an election contest. The law, which really does matter, says - you sue your opponent. Sanchez' argument that somehow the lawsuit should have been filed against Ortiz only goes to show the total lack of research or actual reality which went into the the comments.

Just Reality Folks - Just Reality.


Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC,

Mr. Sanchez did not write the piece. Mr. Juan wrote it.

So your posts tone of displeasement (is that even a word?) should me target not at Mr. Captain but to the author.

Am I having some out of body experience with correcting people? I feel as if the souls of Mr. Davis and Mr. the Zipper are spiritually merging with me. Yikes! The tequila must be talkin' 'cause it way too early for Holloween.


BobbyWC said...

I am aware who wrote the piece - if you notice in my writing I never (maybe never) refer to the reporter in the Herald. I always say the Herald because the Herald is responsible for the content. Montoya is a paid writer - the editor is responsible for his mistakes as if they are his own. If you are going to pay someone to write for you - you better make sure they know what they are saying, otherwise you are paying someone to make you look stupid.

Hence I say Sanchez - as the editor - he should have reviewed it and made the corrections.

Anonymous said...

Mr. BWC,

Agreed, but as an author, does he have to have permission to post what he posts without supervision? I believe he can/may.

We are a new breed of "reporters" that my not have the heirarchy of the Herald. Meaning, there is no such editor in our world.

Additionally, are we so sure JMontoya is paid by Mr. Sanchez? It could very well be an inside joke. No payment just writings that help readership. Just some random thoughts.