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I am certain I had nothing to do with that decision - I cannot say for sure who posted the below comment to my blog - the appearance appears to be Juan Montoya - but maybe it was cowardley Sancho Panza Sanchez himself angry Montoya chose to go it alone.

"Hey, Bobby, ya wanna piece-a me?"

Let's get something straight about journalists - they are as a class self-serving egomaniacal morons. (As a class means not all of them)

The people have rejected mainstream journalists because they know reality and facts rarely get in the way of a journalist. Remember a journalist is paid for their words - they are not their words - they are bought words.

I find it interesting Montoya seems shocked by this revelation. It is not rocket science - when you get paid for your words, they are paid words, and not in fact your words.

So here is an idea - how about Montoya and all the bloggers heretofore disclose who is buying them meals, drink or paying their way - McHale loves to complain how the Herald is influenced by its advertisers - he is 100% correct - so lets hold McHale and Montoya and everyone else to the same standard.

here is my disclosure - except for one meal paid for by Fred Drew maybe two years ago, I have turned down every offer for money, paid meal, paid trip, or paid drink. No one can ever say the words at the BV have been bought.

The Brownsville Voice - an Unbought Voice of the Community.

I hope Montoya can do the same with his blog and put the voice of the community, as he sees it, ahead of all the sacred cows so many journalists seem to thrive on for their next meal.

The people will never prevail so long as bullshit prevails - McHale knows, he does not hide it (to his credit) that when he speaks of votes by journalists as who is doing what and who is whatever, it is all made up bullshit. Everyone knows it so it does no harm.

What bothers me is when people like Montoya who want to be viewed as a credible journalist - refuse to refute it or note there is no basis for it.

For example - I have not been able to get the google program to work which tells me about how many readers I have or how many are new versus repeat. If I do not know how many readers I have because there is no program attached to my blog to tell me or anyone else how many readers I have, how does McHale know? He does not.

Everyone knows this is all made up, it is part of the charm of El Rocinante. What bothers me is Montoya wants to be taken seriously at the same time he encourages this disinformation to the people?- Like most journalists, if he is not being stroked, he feels neglected. Yes I guess he is a respected journalist - is this not exactly what we have come to expect of American journalists, as a class - obviously there are exceptions.


The Hoax headline and this has been added after learning that JMontoya is claiming the entire matter is a hoax. It is an interesting prospect that someone can steal someone's name and create a blog. In the end it is all traceable through google. I would hope JMontoya would share with the world the name of the hoaxter after he informs google of the hoax.

I informed google of the hoax and asked they confirm the owner of the blogspot - I hate to ask this, but knowing El Rocinante, does anyone know if Montoya is a real person?


Anonymous said...

McHale loves to complain how the Herald is influenced by its advertisers - he is 100% correct - so lets hold McHale and Montoya and everyone else to the same standard.

BWC -- Where's your proof that the Herald is influenced by its advertisers? Specifics, not wild-eye McHale-style conspiracy theory.

BobbyWC said...

Hijo de don pedro

1st, great name for the post.

I love these type posts because they take me to task on substance - these are and always will be my favorite posts.

Can I give you some type specific scientific evidence - no - and to be fair for the statement to be taken as true some type verifiable study should be available.

Brooks Egerton, works for the Dallas Morning News - about two years ago he did an interview with either the School of Journalism at NYU or Columbia -

Brooks was key in breaking the story about child abuse by priests in the Dallas area - he had the protection of BELO corporation for his work, I did not - so I paid the price (there is a reality out there I am about to discuss - soon - real soon - the network producer tells me that there is a lot of pressure on him to kill the story - we shall see - I am told it may have to wait until after the new president is sworn in - I am more hopeful the independent film which tells part of the story will be picked up soon)

Anyway, Brooks talked openly about how because the Managing Editor of the Dallas Morning News and his buddies were at a meeting wherein the Bishop along with the Regional Administrative Judge Pat McDowell (was fired by Governor Bush for his part in the mess) conspired to have Pat McDowell void the 100+ million dollar judgment in the case against the Dallas Diocese.

Brooks spoke about how he was barred from reporting on key parts of the story - he also spoke about the influence key advertisers and local politicians had on what got covered.

No journalist disputes this is happening -remember they are in a business - their job is to make money - why so many of them are going out of business is, they cannot seem to find the balance between placating the source of their revenues and their readers.

Newspapers do not make money on the cost to the consumer - they make money on advertising - how much they charge for advertising is based on how many readers they have.

I just agreed to one month of the Herald (now that they deliver before I wake up). For that I got two free tickets to the movie (saved me 8.50 last night) and a booklet of a lot of coupons - I am way ahead of the game already.

Their money is not in their subscription fee, but in how many subscribers they have - advertising

Fair question, and yes without some very pricy scientific study as to the Herald, I can never prove my comment -

But at some level commonsense has to influence how you consider the comment.

Thanks for the kind of question which makes me smile

Anonymous said...

bwc and hijo del don pe---,
Usually in election time, the BH is known for raising the advertising prices, for charging 25% vice 10-15% the same day but in unconspicious pages.
the BH is
influenced by its advertisers, just do a Public information for proof.

there is unfairnes

Anonymous said...

does anyone know if Montoya is a real person?

Captain Bob's Blog March 3, 2008

Patricia A.

Unknown said...

yep ... definitely real

Mas Triste said...


JWM is ER.

Has been the whole time.


BobbyWC said...

Let's look at this from known facts - just about every (meanining not all) politician Mchale hates, Sancho Panza Sanchez has taken a picture with. Does this seem odd?

Sancho Panza Sanchez's eatery is suppose to be a family place - people from out of town will search the internet for places to eat - they will find his web page and be shocked with his light hearted attitude towards porn.

Does an emotionally stable person take a light hearted attitude towards porn on their business web page, especially when the business is suppose to be family friendly eatery- I cannot imagine what tourists who see this stuff must think of Brownsville. Where is Pat Almighty denouncing this as bad for Brownsville's imagine?

I am truly convinced Sanchez has gone over the edge - he cannot seem to find anyone to give him the time of day unless he pays for it - why would McHale associate with someone who so openly promotes the Sucio Lucios, unless it is for free food and drink.

Why would Sanchez associate with someone who does a parody of him boinking a 600 pound women? Why would Sanchez want people to see this, especially the people visiting his eatery web page?

There is something profoundly wrong with this picture. Now as to Montoya - is he real? Okay someone appears in a picture who is labeled as Montoya - but is he real - a real journalist -

does anyone know if he ever wrote for any paper of significance or was his career small town?

Final question, let's say he is real, what kind of respected journalist would be in bed with the McHale/Sanchez trio? Would this not be throwing your reputation out the window? Or maybe it was the only job in town and he needs to eat.

Last, just because there may be a Juan Montoya out their who is a journalist, does not mean this is the same Juan Montoya

Anonymous said...

Juan is real, I was in an office next to his when he edited a Poloitical news paper around 1994 and shared a beer with him in those days when I was healthier and patronized pubs.
I like his writing even though I don't always agree with him.
The cost of the meal was more than covered by the great concersation. I look forward to another in the future.
Fred Drew

Anonymous said...


The Free Food cancer is widespread. Even Melissa Zamora has taken a free meal and drink. I was there. McHale is a prostitute and has been for decades. Juan Montoya likes to think of himself as a "respected journalist," but what has he done. He's written for small newsppaers aside from a brief stint in San Antonio, which is a mid-tier publication. It's not like he's been on staff at The NY Times or even the Houston Chronicle. He is, in final analysis, just another local yokel - a guy living on this invented reputation. If you ask me, i'd say compare the clippings of Juan and Emma Perez-Trevino. Emma swamps Juan Montoya. Montoya is just another wino buzzing his ass around town, picking up tidbits of bullshit and then driving to a Capt. Bob's restaurant to post his childish crap before requesting his free plate of seafood. He is no different than a downtown wino who takes the trash out for La Palma Lounge and then gets a free draft beer!

Anonymous said...

Most of the people that are quoted in EL Roc are real but just not know by the name Jerry gives them. He often time doesn't remember the name he gave you the last time and makes up a new one. I know I have had many in the past.

BobbyWC said...

Several issues, anyone who is out there trying to find news will have to accept free meals - it is part of the job - as I said , not all journalists are moved by the free meals.

Many and I believe MZ is one of them will decline a free meal if she feels like it will compromise her story - sometimes you just have to accept the meal to survive.

As to Montoya, as always I have no way to prove any of the factual claims against him. I suggest he post his professional resume on the blog for everyone to see.

I do not believe it will do any good - Sanchez's reputation is such that anyone who would write for him is basically going to be considered as has been in the field of journalism.

In terms of the hoax - I believe it was manipulated by McHale and Sanchez.

It was too childish and stupid to not have been McHale and Sanchez.

For now I am more concerned that Sanchez has gone over the deep end and is desperate for anyone, even someone who would destroy his family business, to glorify him.

I cannot seem to get over the porn issue on a web page which advertises his family business - a family eatery.

My image of McHale has turned to a predator prepared to destroy SAnchez as a cheap joke while Sanchez buys him beer and food. This is sick. Remember Sanchez poses with just about everyone McHale hates.

To Lorrie Ann - prove me wrong about you and I will hail you as a great spouse - go to your fatherinlaw and demand he stop this very self destructive behavior.

Again - it is not a childish act for Sanchez to make light of porn on his family business web page - he has reached a desperate point for acceptance - for that acceptance he has looked to a dangerous predator.

Politics aside - I am now very worried for him and his family - hopefully someone can reason with him and get him to reverse directions.

What is sad is, sometime ago he posted some great ideas about the port - I seriously considered supporting him had he changed his childish ways.

I hope his father and friends can sit him down and make him understand how McHale is in this for the sport and does not care who he leaves behind on the battle field so long as he gets his drink

If I am wrong, Sanchez has major personality problems if he thinks it is normal to make light of porn on a family business web page

Unknown said...

Does chips and salsa constitute as a free meal? Please. That's all I had at to eat that 1-2-3 lounge. I had one buck-and-change drink bought for me and the another that was bought for me without asking, which I kindly said thanks, but didn't drink.

Never would I allow such to influence the content of my blog. It's also important to recognize that I am the sole author of my blog. El Roci and Capt. Bob's blog has several writers.

Regardless, the others blogs can do as they please. It's their blog, and if they choose to have folks influence their writing so be it. It's their perogative. It's how we interpret the writing that counts. Folks grab and take what they need.

BobbyWC said...

MZ, I think the most manipulative politician could fly you to Paris for dinner, and while on the plane back you would still print the story which exposes the politician's abuses. (remember i said as a "class."

BobbyWC said...

I could not publish the following as orihinally published - ... replaces the redacted part - I am certain the poster will understand

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "JUAN MONTOYA DECLARES INDEPENDENCE FROM SANCHO PAN...":

Given a choice, McHale would go for a woman jumping off a building than for a firefighter rescuing her. He is a maniac, ruined years ago by .... At his age, that brain is mush, able only to spew thr ridiculous and laugh his ass off while typing. that;s his "high" for the day ... What he sees in capt. Bob sanchez's failings is himself. McHale was much like Sanchez back when he ran for mayor of Brownsville. Someone, perhaps his then-wife, told him he could do anything if he put his mind to it. Sanchez has taken it a step beyond. Where McHale had no cash to blow himself up, Sanchez has enough to do it like lightning. It is a train wreck on a fast roll into town.

BobbyWC said...

You are full of BS. funny I answer your questions but you refuse to answer my question about how Robert cadriel was handled without an advocate and as an intellectually challenged man.

I have repeatedly said I agree with the verdict of guilt on Raul Salazar and that I would have given him 12 months not 10. I have said the many times.

But now we are the motion for new trial and your position is, without hearing any of the evidence you know it is all BS.

I know for a fact count 7 is bogus - you know it was not Ernie feeding Montoya all of the information on David Garcia so to say Ernie is guilty for David Garcia losing his job at the RMA is total BS and you only prove to people you will ignore black and white evidence

On Counts 1-6 I will wait and see what the trial shows and how the jury rules. Why are you so mad that I refuse to pass judgment until the trial.

You do know we are in the US

You do not help your argument - you are saying to my readers to convict Ernie before one piece of evidence is presented.

This is not how it is done in the US

Bobby WC