Thursday, April 17, 2008


The corporatists continue the swindle to destroy the nation all in the name of profits. Anyone who believes that Obama or Clinton care one iota about the American people on this issue is a fool. They both continue to sell out the American people in exchange for false power. Both together or separately could introduce legislation tomorrow which would see the price of a barrel of oil dropping to $40.00 a barrel, but do not because they serve the corporatists and not the people.

The US government has the ability to regulate the commodities market as it relates to any and all US originated oil. Tomorrow they can cap the price of a barrel of oil at $40.00 a barrel, which most analysts agree is the true market value of oil. The impact on the US economy would be to pull us out of the recession within two months and cause a boom in the economy. Tax dollars would be more efficiently used because the costs of fuel would go down. Think about how much BISD must be paying to run the busses. Think about how much it is costing BUS to run their busses. Think about how much it costs the BPD to run the squad cars.

Here is the proof in the pudding. Iowa - again time to give it to North Korea. A review of both liberal and conservative blogs, and news media now shows a growing consensus that the use of corn for biofuel has been a big mistake at many, many levels. So why does Congress not stop it - it continues to pay these farmers in Iowa taxpayer money to develop biofuel from corn. As every parent knows, the price of food has gone through the ceiling because of the price of corn and fuel.
In the world of politics, no one dares denounce the power of the corporate farmer. In this case it is not the family farms blackmailing the politicians - it is the corporatists farms. The corporate farms destroy families and give the corporate farms absolute power over the politicians.

Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama are so indebted to the corporate farms they dare not speak ill of them or propose any legislation which will hurt their profit margin. Now my question to you is simple, if the price of oil goes to $40.00 a barrel tomorrow, what will happen to public support for corn based biofuel? It will go down. Given how the use of corn for biofuel is impacting the domestic and international food markets, (see this morning’s Herald article) Congress would then feel less pressure to subsidize corporate corn farmers to produce biofuel, and more inclined to support the use of such plants as hemp, used by Henry Ford himself.

Hemp is such an efficiently growing plant, a local farmer with 20 acres could produce enough hemp, without fertilizer or water other than that naturally occurring in the LRGV, to maintain a very comfortable lifestyle. Poor local farmers could set up local cooperatives to share in harvesting machines. The refineries and manufacturing which would come from mass production of hemp based products, and in particular biofuel, could have a major positive impact on the Port of Brownsville. The following is from Montana State University.

Corporate farmers along with the oil industry oppose hemp. The nature of hemp is such that anyone with a couple of acres in the LRGV could make a nice profit the first season with no more of an investment than seed. Those who could not afford the farming equipment could be subsidized with low interest loans so that cooperatives could buy the equipment. Hemp does not involve the costs of corn, so more and more average farmers could actually compete against the corporate farms. This is why the corporatists oppose hemp and favor corn.

This is how the corporatist control Obama and Clinton with their money. Neither will ever, or at least until after the election, support regulating oil commodities or promoting hemp as biofuel. Either policy would have a detrimental impact on the corporate corn farm. At the end of the day, Obama and Clinton are prepared to sacrifice the American family, the airlines, and bankrupt our school districts with the costs of fuel, to protect the interests of the corporate farms.

Yet again another example of the corporate swindle supported by McCain, Obama, and Clinton. Here is a radical idea, how about the people in LRGV write the two Sucio Lucios , and Oliviera and demand that they support development of the hemp industry in the LRGV. I can assure all of my readers each of these so called men would rather perform a sex change operation on themselves before they cross the oil industry. We the people in the LRGV are to be sacrificed at the alter of the oil and corn industries to protect the cash cows which keep the Sucio Lucios, Oliviera, Clinton and Obama in power.

It is time we only support politicians who will support cooperative farming of hemp to aid small time farmers and families in the LRGV. It is time to stop the corporatist farm swindle.

Tomorrow, the pickled egg jar - yes those are huevos, put whose?

It is Thursday - I am expecting that Harley tomorrow - I prefer Geico insurance - I am really into cavemen.

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