Tuesday, April 29, 2008



A simple statement on the Port - the Herald today confirmed that Dannenbaum wrote the check a week before the filing of the forfeiture action. It was a deal - all of you excuse makers just need to crawl into the hole from which you were born and die.


Well I am finishing a week of family visiting from Long Island and Missouri. In terms of grammar it as has been anything but nice. I have come to accept that the word "who" has been dropped from the English language. I have come to accept that it is now acceptable to end a sentence in a preposition. But I will be damned if I will come to accept the dropping of the word "I" from the English language.

This week Reputrican talk radio lambasted Reverend Wright for pointing out how John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson were speech challenged when it came to the English language. The point he was making was, why is it a black child mispronounces a word and it is a black thing, but when an Anglo mispronounces a word it is okay and no big deal?. He was not defending the black child. He was just pointing out the double standard. Racism is real. I am repulsed by Obama’s refusal to embrace Reverend Wright’s truth about the current state of racism in the US. When Obama needed Reverend Wright to get elected in Illinois they were buddies. Now that Obama is forced to address the reality of racism in the US, he throws Wright under the bus and turns a blind eye to the reality of racism as it exists in its current state.


For a very relaxing meal and an incredible sunset I recommend going to Louis’ about 6:30. The meal was okay. It was probably a lot better than I thought - everyone in my group was very impressed and happy with their meals. When it comes to food, I guess I just am very picky of late.


Every effort to resolve the Herald’s use of my debit card as their own personal ATM has been futile. What is even more futile is trying to resolve the matter with the administrative assistant to the president of Freedom Communications. My bank tells me it will be at least another week before they can resolve the matter.

On Friday I will file a lawsuit to obtain an injunction against the Herald from making future charges to my account. It is clear they are too corrupt to understand you cannot just keep charging people for services they do not want. For a mere $26.25 the Herald will pay a lawyer $5,000.00. You see the point is to make sure people understand they will not and cannot be held accountable for theft. Most people will give up. Because only a small few will fight these thieves, they actually make a profit even though defending my lawsuit will cost them $5,000.00.


BobbyWC said...

HERALD UPDATE: Well it is fair to say Freedom COmmunications is not happy. I received two calls this morning assuring me no further charges will be assessed against my debit card. I have been assured the charges have been reversed. My bank has real time accounting. The reversed. charges have yet to appear. This is odd given the fact my back is real time accounting. I will wait until tomorrow to see what happens

Mas Triste said...


Mr. Obama is in deep kimchee.

I agree that he should have stood by the man from the word go.

By not doing so he has been exposed a another common politician and the contrary evidence will emerge that he was in lock step-until he ran for President.


Anonymous said...

I know this wasn't the point of your comments on grammar, but I thought I should point this out.

You may end a sentence with a preposition.

Many readers do not recognize the difference between ending a sentence with a preposition whose object appears earlier in the sentence and ending a sentence with a preposition that has no object.

And while we're at it, you ALWAYS misspell 'woman.' This would not be a problem if you misspelled it so badly our brains would immediately recognize it; except, you always misspell it as 'women', which is an actual word and the plural of the word you mean to spell. This causes us to initially read 'women' without problem, but then our brain does a double-take because there is no subject-verb agreement. So please, either spell it correctly or, misspell it worse, but don't write 'women' when you mean 'woman.'

We all make grammatical or spelling mistakes, but this one is a recurring one for you.

Patricia A.

BobbyWC said...

Patricia, thanks for the post - correcting me is always good because accuracy is the goal-

I forgot about the rule of when you can us a preposition -

as to women - odd I would not catch that one - I will be very attentive in the future - I do know the difference - I am apparently not catching it when I type or proof read



Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I would hope more people speak up, if not, doom and gloom