Saturday, April 12, 2008


If you are part of the capitalist swindle you have a price for which you will sell your soul, to the detriment of the community. It may be something as innocent as, I need to play this way to protect my job - "I have a family and children you know." Funny how when a women sells her body to feed her children we say, whore, but when anyone else sells their soul to protect their children we say,"necessary evil." I’ve always said the difference between a whore and a lawyer (in most cases) is the whore has no shame in being honest about who he/she may be. The lawyer excuses their conduct with the proverbial, "I am an advocate, I must do as asked to by my client." Well, actually no - you are to only make reasonable arguments within the penumbra of the law.

The law fails within the context of the capitalist swindle because the law is not the motivation behind the actions of the lawyer - it is money. Money does not always buy you the justice you are seeking, but it certainly does not hurt. Our esteemed Supreme Court, effectively assigns the appeals of the poorest of the poor, people who represent themselves, to recent law school graduates, who basically write summaries for the Justices to review. The poorest of the poor in this country do not have the right to have their claims of injustice reviewed by the Justices of the Supreme Court. Now, if you have the money to pay a lawyer, the filing fees, and the publication of your Petition for Writ of Certiorari by one of the hand full of approved publishers, then you have a chance of a Justice actually reading your complaint.

The so called liberals on the Supreme Court are not advocates for the people - they are advocates for their agendas. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is probably the biggest opponent of speech currently serving on the Supreme Court. She consistently looks to her feminazi agenda to decide if the speech is protected. If the speech offends the feminazi agenda it is not protected. Again she is serving her clients, and not the community. (Okay in simple terms she hates porn or any language which she decides degrades women - her point may be well taken, but it is not a reason to silcence speech)

I am not apologizing for lawyers, but anyone who is part of the capitalist swindle is serving someone other than the community. Lou Dobbs, who I believe to be one of the most evil men in the news media serves the agenda of the capitalist swindle as if he was the star public in his class on serving the capitalist swindle. So long as you look for ways to keep the people divided then they will never come together to serve the community.

The press is no different as a whole. The Herald, just like the NY Times, will bury every story which might offend their advertisers. They are motivated by the instinct of survival which is part of the capitalist swindle - divide and conquer. The blogosphere has provided the people with a new voice. Unfortunately, such as with everything within the capitalist swindle structure, false prophets appear everywhere within the blogosphere.

Some bloggers are honest enough to admit to their bias and expose their agenda. I have extraordinary respect for these bloggers. Unfortunately most bloggers mimic what they see on network news - they tell their listeners, readers, they are looking out for you when in fact they are looking out for their next contract negotiations or free meal. So long as they are motivated by anything other than social obligation, their words cannot be trusted. Now I am not speaking to the bloggers or members of the news media who are open about their bias, again I have extraordinary respect for these people. I have enough confidence in most people who take the time to read blogs to see through the bias and consider it during their private deliberations.

The most anti-community, anti-people, anti-meaningful change news people and bloggers are those who put on an appearance they are speaking for your interests. Lou Dobbs, Bill O’Reilly, Katie Couric, the Drudge Report, Huffington Post - you get my drift. All of these people serve their wallet, even when it means needlessly dividing the people to make headlines and news.
So how do you measure the sincerity of the words of the news media person. Lou Dobbs says he is for the middle class - well, is he? Does he support the middle class whose livelihood depends on NAFTA, building the superhighway between Mexico and Canada? I think not. So he is a liar - he plays on the emotions of those who have lost their jobs to trade as a way to divide people and make a buck for himself and CNN.

I have repeatedly said the best way to change politics in Brownsville is to change the politicians. I received a lot of nasty e-mails for opposing Munoz for judge. He let a confessed murderer walk out of court without a bond - people. I took hits for opposing Gilberto Rosas - every attorney who has ever appeared before him agrees he is a two-bit bully with near zero knowledge of the law or simply does not care about the law. In both cases we the people said - we will not reward bad behavior. I have consistently held to my position that purging Brownsville of the current politicians is the best way to force change.

Anyone can say they support this notion of the permanent purge, replacing politicians. But when you look to Lou Dobbs and others what you see is, he really only means replacing politicians who do not bow down to his agenda. So I say, measure the news persons’ or commentator’s or bloggers words to their actions. If their actions do not match their words, then you know they are a whore only working in support of their next contract, or free meal - so to speak. This is the essence of the capitalist swindle in the news media.

Beware of false prophets, for they only serve their next fix, whether it is ego, money, or a free meal.


Mas Triste said...


Will Durant once said,"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within." .

That self destruction begins with a failure to appeciate things as they are.

Many suffer from a life of perpetual restlessness.

Some measure of peace is found through comparative analysis of what one has compared to what they think they should have.


Anonymous said...


You missed the essential distinction between a lawyer and a prostitute. A client pays a prostitute to screw the client. A client pays a lawyer to screw someone else.


StapletonAndStapleton said...

Sr. WC,

"I have repeatedly said the best way to change politics in Brownsville is to change the politicians."

Consider, instead, that the political positions create institutional evils unto themselves. The people in those positions don't much matter, because ultimately, because of the pressures of the position, they must all act in very similar manners.

"The law fails within the context of the capitalist swindle because the law is not the motivation behind the actions of the lawyer - it is money."

Consider instead, the law is successful within the context of capitalism, because it meets the goals of enforcing the power of a plutocracy. Lawyers are largely clerks who carry out these goals and our motives don't much matter.

BobbyWC said...

Ed, you are right about the politicians - we have to completely rethink the entire thing.

You are also more jaded than I am -I think that is cool - if I understand your point about the law - it works in the capitalist swindle because it serves its masters and not the people - the entire notion of serving the people is a myth and hence part of the swindle

how did I do?

Cool very cool - and for the record Ed - every day when I read how you flow with words I feel inadequate - I know I can spin a good intellectual post - it just has no poetry or umf to it - I guess that is why I use drama - or maybe I use drama because - well you know

StapletonAndStapleton said...

You did very well, by my lights. The closer I look, though, "swindle" may not be the only crime of capitalism. Fraud and theft, certainly are part of swindle. But I add in the big ones: kidnapping, false imprisonment, slavery, drug pushing, poisoning, mass-murder, genocide, that sort of thing.

If I am jaded, I have come by it the hard way, but I wouldn't trade it now for anything.

Thank you for the "flow of words," compliment. It means a lot to me.

BobbyWC said...

Ed my man, for me the concept of swindle is in major part contract based on disception and myth - so the more I think about the law issue the more I agree, BUT

We need to separate Jefferson - and the authors of the Constitution as a whole from the issue of the swindle.

Mens rea (intent for everyone else) when Jefferson wrote of the inherent right to throw off a government no longer meeting the ends of government - was it a swindle to merely enslave the people under a new King?

When Madison and other founding fathers chose to create a Social Trust- based on the Declaration of Independence - wherein our liberties were reserved to we the people and the government was instituted to create a sense of Ordered Liberty - was that just a bunch of whoee? (sp)

Or is the swindle the judiciary, the greatest threat to humanity there is, in my opinion, who conspired with corporate America as it developed under the guise they keep the economy going so they must turn their heads.

Obviously, the corporatists eventually bought the politicians -

I continue to separate capitalists and corporatists. The former are not all bad, and in fact most actually make for a better society, but as to the latter they are all bad and evil and should be charged with running criminal enterprises and jailed.

So I am clear, I view someone like Bill Gates as a capitalist with a strong sense of social obligation. I consider Countrywide, Bear Sterns and such to be corporatists who seek to enslave and destroy the people for their own personal gain and power.

Bobby WC

Side note, Sir in gay jargon means - "spank me daddy spank me" just thought you should know.

Mas Triste said...


If you need to beware, beware DHS' new National Applications Office.

Scary stuff my friend, when the hell did we forfiet the intent of the 4th Amendment?

I would love to know your and Ed's take. Even BB's if he is interested.


StapletonAndStapleton said...

Mr. Kurgan,

Thank you for the reference to National Applications Office. I wrote on a related subject today and will begin to read about the National Applications Office.