Thursday, April 17, 2008


The above picture is of the gonads of the university professors at UTB/TSC, which Juliet Garcia keeps on her desk. By holding the gonads of the university professors hostage on her desk, she maintains her Säuberung over academia at UTB/TSC. There was a time in this country universities were overseen by strong and effective Faculty Senates. UTB/TSC has what is known as an Academic Senate. There is not a gonad in attendance when the Academic Senate is in session.

Given the extreme academic problems facing UTB/TSC, under normal circumstances wherein a vibrant Academic Senate would be in place, the Academic Senate would hold a vote of no confidence against Juliet Garcia. This does not happen because her Säuberung over academia is complete - there is no meaningful dissent. I must admit she has been very effective with her Säuberung.

We have seen the same thing with the Student Government. In my day the Student Government owned the bookstore and the students were not taken to the cleaners every time they bought books. We saw with Camarillo how he sold his soul to the devil and compromised the Student Government in exchange for a job at UTB/TSC and the UTB/TSC political machine getting him elected to the City Commission.

It is time for both the Academic Senate and the Student Government to join forces and bring down the UTB/TSC Administration. One well organized campus protest will send shock waves to Austin, and other campuses as academia and the student body declare war on the Säuberung. A well organized effort between the Academic Senate and Student Government could easily produce 2 thousand students and faculty in front of Juliet Garcia’s office.

Friday a new film called Expelled is opening up in Brownsville. It in part deals with the Academic Säuberung on American universities. I have heard mixed reviews from shocking and revealing to a conservative con job. Even if it is a conservative con job it still speaks to a reality on American universities. - Säuberung

Here is a radical idea - every Dean, Department Chair, and vice president must take two remedial or freshman courses this summer from both the worst and best instructors. Maybe they will learn something from the students they allegedly serve.


Mas Triste said...


had it not been for the entire Säuberung reference, I would have kept laughing at the picture.


Anonymous said...

i dont see sga and acedmic senate any time soon overthrowing utb.
b/c many of the people in sga are kissing administoring behind.
the good people that served sga were force out and now have the worst sga serving right now.
next year it will be worst b/c only one person has the most experience. he will not be able to fight alone against utb.

Anonymous said...

The strong voices of the Student Government have been castrated by the administration. Mathew Kendall, the lame-duck president, used to be a strong voice against increasing fees. In exchange for being named president, he has sided with the administration and argued in favor of increased fees in front of the UT Board of Regents.