Saturday, April 12, 2008

Approaching middle age is never easy on a man - some cheat on their wives, some buy Corvettes, people like me just tattoo George of the Jungle swinging on a vine on their right butt cheek. That was a sight - It was just after 9/11 while I was in NY for my brother’s 40th. It was a theme party and everyone had to dress in as 60's sitcom character. Knowing I am going to hell (not really I do not even believe in hell), I decided to go drag. I was the Flying Nun. I had to maintain a sense of my manliness, so I wore a leather jock strap instead of my boxer-briefs (now you know - he wears white Jockey boxer-briefs.) The jock strap was more expensive than the cost of making the costume.

Anyway, everyone loved my outfit. The women all night were lifting my dress looking at George. It got weird when their husbands started to lift my dress. My brother, who is convinced there is no God, and thinks people who believe in God are nut jobs, sort of converted that night when he declared - if there is a hell - Bobby is going.

What I wanted to do as my therapy for middle age was buy a Harley. It is my dream. It will match the leather dressed Teddy Bear on my left pectoral. That is another story. (For the record my tats are tamed compared to many of my family members - one brother has a wizard in all sorts of colors on his upper right back, and an Indian chief in full head gear on the upper left side.) I am convinced anything less than a Harley makes the man metrosexual. I can handle gay, bisexual (think about last night) but I would rather die than be called metrosexual. So until I can buy that three wheeler Harley, I will wait. Maybe for my 55th B-Day. Maybe you guys can start saving and buy it for me. Me and my man on a three wheeler Harley. Now that will make me a man - I shiver when I think of metrosexual men. Why not just cut it off and be done with it.

Anyway why do I expose myself this way. I kind of hope to get people comfortable with being free about themselves. People we are so strung out - we have forgotten how to live. Other than having someone to cuddle with, I must say my life is now complete. I have a sense of freedom about myself which brings extraordinary comfort to me on a daily basis. Yes I suffer from chronic depression, but not like you might think - loneliness is a horrible thing.

But I must say, I know of several men who are in sexless and no touch marriages. That has to be worse - to be married to a women who will not tough you - not so much as a hug. I watched a 57 year old man cry several months ago when I asked him why he likes the strip bar. He said "it is not that I really like the strip bars, but it is the only way I can have a women touch me, even if it is not sexual, without cheating on my wife, who will not even hug me." So then when I am watching C-SPAN at 1 in the morning feeling sorry for myself, I think of men in sexless and touch-less marriages and decide maybe it is not so bad.

In the end I still know how to enjoy life and smile more than I have ever smiled in my entire life. My life is not all doctors - and not all of them are bad. So guys let your hair down - get a tattoo - but please do not go metrosexual - that in my book is better dead than metrosexual.

Now where should I put the Curious George Tat without messing up the balance I have with Bear and George?


Anonymous said...

Question to BWC,
Should I start the BWC Harly D. Fund?
I am messing with you, in a good good way.

I found out that as we approach middle age, we are faced with:

Stress (we are trying to accomplish too much in less time),

Depression(we are not where we wanted to be),

Sandwich Generation Resonsibilities
(we are faced to make decision for our parent, ourselves, and our kids).

There is no garantee for the tomorrow, or the later, we all should enjoy the moment.

BobbyWC said...

People, I expect this on my door-step by Friday - in black - no messing with me - I expect the BWC Harley fund to be fully funded and spent by Friday - I also want a full years with of insurance and a full tank of gas -

2008 Lehman Trikes/Harley-Davidson Renegade for Road Glide®

BobbyWC said...

A friend with whom I have been developing a relationship for a year (we met at the gym - we are not intimate - it is not that kind of friendship) called me and said if he is going to be my man on the Harley Trike he prefers the Burgandy - which is better - Black of Burgandy -

Anonymous said...

everyone has a black harley.