Tuesday, April 29, 2008


An engineer knows that you cannot build a bridge without a solid foundation at each end. Before you construct that foundation you must know the composition of the ground upon which you will lay the foundation. Barack Obama claims he has spent his entire life building bridges between groups. While I believe he believes this, I also believe his complete failure in addressing Latino/black relations, and the handling of black politics among many of their leaders such as Reverend Wright reflects he never bothered to learn the composition of the ground upon which he sought to build bridges.

Since the divide between blacks and Latinos exploded during the Texas primaries we have consistently seen how Barack Obama falters every time he has to deal with bridges between Latinos and blacks, and blacks and Anglos. If he claims he does not know Reverend Wright as he thought he did, how can he bridge the gap between Anglo America and Reverend Wright’s America? He cannot. This entire image of being a bridge builder was a myth from the beginning.
If he believes an entire segment of the black political leadership believes irresponsible things, how can he build bridges between them and Anglo America? If he has managed to anger a large segment of the Latino and black communities, how can he ever build bridges to heal these wounds which he claims are based on irresponsible beliefs? He cannot.

I do not have to believe that the US was responsible for the development and spread of HIV to know that in the past the government has admitted to spreading syphilis among black men. If the latter is true, which it is, is it so out of line with possible reality that the US government may have been involved in the spread of HIV? No - but no does not make it true or false.

The US government trained the henchmen of the Shah of Iran to torture the Iranian people. Is it such a stretch that they now hate us not because we are Christians or because of our values, but because we trained the Shah to torture the Iranian people? We paid Saddam Hussein to bomb and gas the Iranian people. Is it such a stretch to believe they may have legitimate reasons to hate us? We turned a blind eye while the Talaban under our supervision played soccer with the heads of the Russian soldiers. Should we now be shocked these people are barbarians?

No, I do not have to agree with Reverend Wright to know Barack Obama is wrong - When the Democrats, especially a black Democrat, support Säuberung against views held by minorities which do not comport with establishment views, our democracy has become in peril of faltering.

We are in dangerous times. More so than ever before I want McCain to win. The next president will be a one term president because of the war and economy. Better for McCain to get blamed for the mess than a Democrat. But a Democratic loss at this time may result in a revamping of the Democratic Party wherein the tent is big enough for a diversity of ideas.

My view of Barack Obama has become quite solidified with not hopes of it changing. He is a half-breed of the worst kind. He thanks his white master for his seed and the opportunity to work in the big house. He expresses his gratitude by bowing to the political structure of the house, while repeating the endless chorus of "yes masta, yes masta." When asked about the uppity Negroes in the fields, he simply says "they are irresponsible."

Barack Obama like the good half-breed self hating black that he is, would have made a great house servant, or the aid to the overseer holding the whip while the overseer tied the field slaves to the tree before a whipping. Yes, this house servant boy knows his place and knows how to keep the uppity Negroes in their place so as not to upset the politics of the big house.


A simple statement on the Port - the Herald today confirmed that Dannenbaum wrote the check a week before the filing of the forfeiture action. It was a deal - all of you excuse makers just need to crawl into the hole from which you were born and die.


Well I am finishing a week of family visiting from Long Island and Missouri. In terms of grammar it as has been anything but nice. I have come to accept that the word "who" has been dropped from the English language. I have come to accept that it is now acceptable to end a sentence in a preposition. But I will be damned if I will come to accept the dropping of the word "I" from the English language.

This week Reputrican talk radio lambasted Reverend Wright for pointing out how John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson were speech challenged when it came to the English language. The point he was making was, why is it a black child mispronounces a word and it is a black thing, but when an Anglo mispronounces a word it is okay and no big deal?. He was not defending the black child. He was just pointing out the double standard. Racism is real. I am repulsed by Obama’s refusal to embrace Reverend Wright’s truth about the current state of racism in the US. When Obama needed Reverend Wright to get elected in Illinois they were buddies. Now that Obama is forced to address the reality of racism in the US, he throws Wright under the bus and turns a blind eye to the reality of racism as it exists in its current state.


For a very relaxing meal and an incredible sunset I recommend going to Louis’ about 6:30. The meal was okay. It was probably a lot better than I thought - everyone in my group was very impressed and happy with their meals. When it comes to food, I guess I just am very picky of late.


Every effort to resolve the Herald’s use of my debit card as their own personal ATM has been futile. What is even more futile is trying to resolve the matter with the administrative assistant to the president of Freedom Communications. My bank tells me it will be at least another week before they can resolve the matter.

On Friday I will file a lawsuit to obtain an injunction against the Herald from making future charges to my account. It is clear they are too corrupt to understand you cannot just keep charging people for services they do not want. For a mere $26.25 the Herald will pay a lawyer $5,000.00. You see the point is to make sure people understand they will not and cannot be held accountable for theft. Most people will give up. Because only a small few will fight these thieves, they actually make a profit even though defending my lawsuit will cost them $5,000.00.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


(Editors Note - the following two entries are officially Monday's posts - just giving my midnight readers a head start)

I cannot help but think what would have happened to the 13 colonies had today’s electoral process been in place to decide their future. The Declaration of Independence was basically formed on the opinions of a handful of men who had very little in common with the people, except a desire to be free of King George. Had the people truly been at the table, and had the weapons of today, would the US ever have come into existence as we know it? I think I can say no.

At the heart of the electoral swindle is the myth the will of the people matters. A super majority of the people have very little knowledge of the candidates or issues in any substantive manner. I remember two years ago attending the debates for the state representative position currently held by Eddie Lucio III. UTB’s student government screened the questions. Questions which related to local issues were barred, and questions which related to federal issues were the only ones allowed. These students at UTB were so poorly educated that they failed to appreciate that a state representative to Austin really has nothing to do with national issues. If they failed to appreciate this simple fact, how could they make an informed decision at the polls? How could they conduct a meaningful public forum? They cannot, and could not.

Hillary Clinton openly opposes NAFTA, the bread and butter of the border areas, but yet the border areas overwhelmingly support her. The people support the person who wants to get rid of their bread and butter. Again the people remain ignorant to the issues and the candidates.
The Fourth Estate (The Press) is a major source of the failure of our electoral process. Locally and nationally they protect their respective sacred cows even if it means keeping the electorate in the dark. The situation at BISD is dismal, but you would never know it from reading the Herald. The best I figure the Herald is concerned publication of the truth about BISD will hurt the city. Businesses will not relocate to cities with 5th rate school districts. So the Herald commits the fraud of keeping the people in the dark under the assumption it is for their own good. Meanwhile the Herald leads the battle cry for continuation of the same failed leadership which makes our school district a dropout factory.

I cannot say with any level of certainty that the people even know of the issues facing TSC. It is highly doubtful they know about the fraud attendant to the TSC UTB partnership. If the people are being kept in the dark about the problems at TSC and have no real understanding how the partnership with UTB has effectively meant the demise of TSC while TSC tax dollars go to build a state university, how can we expect them to cast an informed vote in the election for TSC Trustee? The Herald again has proven it is anti-education. Its policy of shutting down all dissent coming out of TSC and reference to the failed partnership is a leading cause for TSC’s failures and the failures of our children.

(Side note) The Herald is run by morons at every level. After learning the Herald has decided to use my debit card as their own personal ATM, and the refusal of the Herald to refund any of the money, my bank has chosen to take action on my behalf. From the publisher, to the editor, to accounting, the Herald is a three ring circus of morons driven to destroy the credibility of the Fourth Estate, and the community.

I am not voting in the up and coming TSC election because none of the candidates have addressed the issue of the failed partnership between UTB and TSC in a forthright manner. Voting for candidate A over B because of who supports them is childish and moronic. If you are unwilling to address the issues important to me and the community in a forthright manner, then you are dishonest. If I knowingly vote for a dishonest person, I deserve a dishonest person to represent my interests.

In the case of the BND race, no candidate has come out in favor of the people. They all appear to be in favor of keeping the corrupt past covered-up. This is not acceptable, especially in light of the back-door deal Villalobos cut to protect Dannenbaum and outright steal 1 million dollars from the taxpayers within the BND taxing authority. Any candidate unwilling to demand the Department of Justice investigate this theft is unfit for office and is just making the same old tired excuses for why the people deserve to be screwed.

The Herald true to form has joined the fray of the cover-up. Unfortunately for the people of Brownsville and the LRGV our news is basically controlled by Freedom Communications. Like the city of Brownsville, only highschool graduates need apply. Freedom Communications fails to understand that until they return to the day when a seasoned highly qualified editor and publisher are in charge their circulation is going no where. At the end of the day this is profits. In a city like Brownsville, the people should be waiting in their driveways for their morning paper to see what new fiasco has been uncovered, but no, in Brownsville they do not wait - because there is nothing for which to wait.

In the end because the Fourth Estate has failed the people, the people remain uninformed. So long as the people remain uninformed the electoral process will remain a swindle on the people, wherein thieves continue to seek public office, and the business of the people remains ignored.
Editor’s Note: I am considering paying the price for a well placed Bill Board to advertise the BV. It is not because I intend to make money, it is to inform the people the blogosphere exists. The fact the Herald does not inform the people of our existence is evidence of its fear of competition. If the Herald were doing its job, it would have no fear of competition.

I was reading on Sanchez' web comments concerning an election contest filed against Avila, by Gomez. I do not know the merits of the lawsuit, but I do know something about reality and election contests. The implication of the article is Judge Limas is somehow going to overturn the election. If Sanchez or his paid writers bothered to do the research they would know that an election contest is automatically reassigned by the Regional Administrative Judge to a judge outside the county. Judge Limas will never review the lawsuit.

A second check on reality and the law is - the law governs who you sue in an election contest. The law, which really does matter, says - you sue your opponent. Sanchez' argument that somehow the lawsuit should have been filed against Ortiz only goes to show the total lack of research or actual reality which went into the the comments.

Just Reality Folks - Just Reality.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I did not post on Thursday because I really wanted to decide how I intended to discuss the Dannebaum issue. I’ve decided to keep it short by asking a question as to what something means, and to find out what my readers think it means.

According to Mattingly, Dannenbaum was "instrumental" in locating the million dollars which has been made the subject of the forfeiture. He then goes on to say he does not know where the money came from, and inquiries should be made directly to Dannenbaum. How in the hell does a judge order forfeiture of money from an entity which cannot be identified? To make this even more questionable we learn from the Herald that Dannenbaum basically agreed to the forfeiture even before the lawsuit was filed. They issued a check 24 hours after the lawsuit was filed.

My friends, this is what is called a friendly lawsuit. It was decided on in advance, and the forfeiture was used as a cover to the negotiated settlement between Dannebaum and DA Villalobos. Villalobos simply could have told Dannenbaum, refund the money to the BND, but he did not - he used the friendly lawsuit to make points for himself and to outright steal 1 million dollars from the BND. There is no defense to this, and the BDN should sue both DA Villalobos and Dannenbaum for recovery of the million dollars and more. This is an outright fraud on the people.

If some company or person illegally submitted billing which formed the basis of the forfeiture, then should they not be indicted for theft? I’m sorry - a deal was cut - remember Zavaletta’s "the documents were left on the door step." No one bought it and it turned out to be false. No one, who is not playing dirty politics, is buying that Dannenbaum just found 1 million dollars to pay the forfeiture, and the DA did not need to know the source of the money. The source is the person or entity which received the unjust enrichment. Should they not be indicted?

This is cover-up Brownsville style - "we are so confident we can get away with it, we are going to announce it publicly." Any BND candidate unwilling to demand a criminal investigation into how DA Villalobos secured the forfeiture without being able to name the source of the money, is not fit for public office. In my opinion a deal was cut to protect Dannenbaum from further exposure in exchange for 1 million dollars.

It is time to sue Dannebaum for willful breach of the settlement agreement and seek punitive damages for the entire 21.4 million dollars. It is time to sue the original attorneys for malpractice. It is time the people put chastity belts on and say to the politicos - basta, basta, basta

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The Herald is reporting this morning that DA Villalobos secured one million dollars in a forfeiture action related to the 21.4 million stolen from the Port of Brownsville. My first question is, why was Villalobos able to show this was ill-gotten gain, but not the lawyers for the BND. For anyone following this story, we now know the lawyers who represented the BND in the dismissed lawsuit against Dannenbaum, are claiming nearly a million dollars in attorneys fees.

I understand the million dollars of forfeited money secured by Villalobos cannot be paid directly over to the BND, but there are options. Can the money be turned over under the condition it is to be used by the BND to investigate the theft of the 21.4 million. They can then just apply it to fees and costs incurred to date to unravel this mess. Using the above or similar argument, they can file a friendly lawsuit against Villalobos, claiming the money belongs to the BND.

Notice I said friendly - this is done all of the time by lawyers. For example, quite frequently when dealing with children in personal injury cases, a friendly lawsuit is filed as a formality before putting the money in a trust account for the child. There is no real adversarial process, just a lawsuit used as a tool to transfer the money.

In such a friendly lawsuit, Villalobos can agree that based on whatever theory asserted by the BND the money should be turned over to the BND. There is no law which prevents this from happening. The only reason it would not happen is because the BND is unwilling to file the lawsuit, or Villalobos is unwilling to give the money back to the BND. This entire thing is a formality.

Now some would say, once the BND gets the money they should pay the attorney’s fees. I say no - these bastards did what attorneys love to do with people who have money to throw around - they told their client - no problem we can win - or at least something to take to a jury. Once they got their billing high enough they dump us like yesterday’s whore.

Years ago in a gay rights case involving a father of two daughters, I won on every issue which the father was seeking relief. Tom Vick, the lawyer you see heading up representation of the children in the Sect case, rushed to my client and said, "hey give me $10,000.00 and I will get you custody of your children." He took the money, and a month later my client was in worse shape than before Vick took over. Tom Vick dropped him the day the money ran out. I went back in and fixed the problem. All my client wanted was to be honest with his daughters about being gay, and for his partner not to have to sleep in a hotel during visitations I had won both issues. The mother bankrupted herself fighting us. Her lawyers told her there was no way she could loose. Their expert psychologist testified under oath that AIDS in Africa was a myth made up by gays to make people believe non-gays could contract HIV. My point being, lawyers will always take your money whether you can win or not.

I say, the BND should sue Villalobos to get the one million, and then use it to pay down the bonds. I then say let the lawyers sue for their fees. Hopefully such a lawsuit will bring such bad publicity on these lawyers that they will lose more business and money , than they have to gain by suing for their fees. Plus, the State Bar of Texas has a fee dispute process which could result in the BND securing a substantial reduction in the fees they owe or not having to pay the fees at all.

Okay, tomorrow - maybe I will get to the BND TSC elections - I am really trying not to be so long winded.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


On Sunday afternoon I drove to SA for a Monday morning sigmoidoscopy - and to have a word or two with cardiology. The VA sent me the wrong prep for the procedure. I bought what I could to make up for the difference, but it only worked so, so. I got into the procedure room only to learn against my expressed wishes, I was assigned a doctor in training. This guy was so bad he ordered the nurse to prepare my throat for the scope. I said - "you got the wrong end dude."

He offered to sedate me, but I said no - normally only half the sig is painful- I am still in pain. I decided if some incompetent doctor in training was going to do the procedure I wanted to watch. The good news, my butt looks real good on camera - and there was George swinging on the green vine in the jungle = my butt should have been in movies.

After the doctor inserted the scope I noticed he had decided to make it a horse race. This is how you kill people- finding anything in the colon is like finding a needle in a haystack. I directed him to slow down and reverse. I then said- "what is that?" And he said - "oh wow inflamation." You see I saw it even though he was running this thing like an oil drill looking for his first big gusher. Well the upper sigmoid colon could not be seen because the prep was incomplete. About this time, the actual real gastroenterologist walked in to supervise. This was about the time I was screaming because the doctor in training was inserting the air too fast to open the colon to allow the scope to flow through. Maybe he heard my screams.

On the reverse I demanded slow and steady. Again we saw the same inflamation at 25 cm. There was a shocker - nearly every colonoscopy for 26 years has shown colitis at 25 cm. Now there was the question of colitis in the rectum. It was the size of a half-dollar - yep he missed it and I had to order him to go back in so he could see it. Another "oh wow." Near the end of the procedure I saw something which looked like a red light. It was that bright. It was an inflamed diverticula. These are abnormal little pouches which develop in the colon. They are everywhere in my colon. Normally they are a blush color - mostly white with a hint of pink. So I said, do you think that is why I was bent over in bed last week for three days in horrific pain. He said "don’t know."

So not only did the doctor in training miss everything, so too did the actual doctor. It is sad when the patient has to direct the doctor to the abnormal tissue, while undergoing a sigmoidoscopy. Anyway, I have been authorized to rush to Valley Baptist the next time I am in so much pain. Basically to confirm an infected diverticula they need to do an emergency C-Scan with contrast as it is happening. There is no formal treatment - they all disagree on the treatment. The idea is you hope it does not burst, such as my brother’s who lost part of his colon to the disease.

We still have no idea why I bleed for 4 hours yesterday - maybe it is just really bad manipause. I think I will trust the gastroenterologist here in the Valley who saw me two months ago - I have really bad colitis in the rectum and left side of the colon. It will continue to bleed until the medicine finally works, or it ruptures and they remove it.

Exactly why is it we want this kind of care for veterans in the Valley?

Update on repairing my clavian steal. Cardio in VA SA claims that Valley Baptist never sent the reports to be reviewed by the cardiologist. So while in SA I decided to call Valley Baptist in Harlingen and work the matter out. My first mistake was to use my cell phone to call information. Even though I am T-Mobile, I was forwarded to Verizon. I gave them four shots at connecting me to Valley Baptist. I gave up and demanded credit for the four calls. I then found a number in my clove compartment for Valley Baptist.

The medical records people claimed that because the release form I signed says the VA Harlingen, and not the VA San Antonio, they cannot release the records to the cardiologist in SA. And the world has not come to an end - go figure. It was made clear to me the records were going no where until I appeared in Harlingen to sign another release.

Well I got back to Harlingen from SA about 3:50 p.m. Monday. I was then told they would not fax the records because the VA loses everything which is faxed to the VA SA. I confirmed for her that we were faxing directly to the Chief of Cardiology. She finally consented to release the records.

Am I in Hell yet? To be continued - Hells Bells - this got too long - I am not voting in the BND or TSC races anyway - so maybe Wednesday I will comment on the races.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


UTB/TSC seems to be doing something right - so in fairness I must report it. They hired me as Juliet Garcia’s replacement - just joking. They are starting a new program in hopes of improving the academic success of the TSC freshman. TSC freshman who have to take Read 0322 will be allowed to do it with Intro to Government. The idea is the Read instructor will use the Government readings as her/his text. Effectively the Read course will act as a tool to help the TSC freshman to read for success in the Intro to Government Course. I do believe this will be a very successful program. Finally something which will help our children.


Well Saturday, I finally got around to finish preparing my lawn for the Spring rains - what rain? Anyway after a long day, I watered in the weed feed. There is nothing like the smells of Southmost on the weekends. Kids were out playing basketball with a makeshift net on a pole. The fajitas were simmering over well seasoned mesquite. I stood there watering in the weed feed just loving the vision of children playing, traditional Mexican music filling the air, and the smell of roasted beef, chicken and sausage mixed with mesquite.

When you live Southmost you live the best of Brownsville. The community is old with generation after generation remaining true to their roots. I have neighbors who are 3rd generation living in the same area. They know their neighbors and care deeply for their neighborhood.

They are the inspiration for so much of my writing. I rarely do much more than listen to learn of the heart and soul of the community. I love even more when I am at Boca Chica and they fill the beach from end to end. The Southmost community prefers Boca Chica over SPI. There is nothing like a Southmost weekend at Boca Chica.

I love my community. I listen to their complaints and help when I can. I take their complaints to the proper channels in hopes of something coming of their concerns. Sometimes such as with BISD we win, other times our complaints fall on deaf ears. For these people every day is a battle - but they persevere because Southmost is the best of Brownsville.

Saturday, April 19, 2008



I am certain I had nothing to do with that decision - I cannot say for sure who posted the below comment to my blog - the appearance appears to be Juan Montoya - but maybe it was cowardley Sancho Panza Sanchez himself angry Montoya chose to go it alone.

"Hey, Bobby, ya wanna piece-a me?www.TheMontoyaReport.blogspot.com"

Let's get something straight about journalists - they are as a class self-serving egomaniacal morons. (As a class means not all of them)

The people have rejected mainstream journalists because they know reality and facts rarely get in the way of a journalist. Remember a journalist is paid for their words - they are not their words - they are bought words.

I find it interesting Montoya seems shocked by this revelation. It is not rocket science - when you get paid for your words, they are paid words, and not in fact your words.

So here is an idea - how about Montoya and all the bloggers heretofore disclose who is buying them meals, drink or paying their way - McHale loves to complain how the Herald is influenced by its advertisers - he is 100% correct - so lets hold McHale and Montoya and everyone else to the same standard.

here is my disclosure - except for one meal paid for by Fred Drew maybe two years ago, I have turned down every offer for money, paid meal, paid trip, or paid drink. No one can ever say the words at the BV have been bought.

The Brownsville Voice - an Unbought Voice of the Community.

I hope Montoya can do the same with his blog and put the voice of the community, as he sees it, ahead of all the sacred cows so many journalists seem to thrive on for their next meal.

The people will never prevail so long as bullshit prevails - McHale knows, he does not hide it (to his credit) that when he speaks of votes by journalists as who is doing what and who is whatever, it is all made up bullshit. Everyone knows it so it does no harm.

What bothers me is when people like Montoya who want to be viewed as a credible journalist - refuse to refute it or note there is no basis for it.

For example - I have not been able to get the google program to work which tells me about how many readers I have or how many are new versus repeat. If I do not know how many readers I have because there is no program attached to my blog to tell me or anyone else how many readers I have, how does McHale know? He does not.

Everyone knows this is all made up, it is part of the charm of El Rocinante. What bothers me is Montoya wants to be taken seriously at the same time he encourages this disinformation to the people?- Like most journalists, if he is not being stroked, he feels neglected. Yes I guess he is a respected journalist - is this not exactly what we have come to expect of American journalists, as a class - obviously there are exceptions.


The Hoax headline and this has been added after learning that JMontoya is claiming the entire matter is a hoax. It is an interesting prospect that someone can steal someone's name and create a blog. In the end it is all traceable through google. I would hope JMontoya would share with the world the name of the hoaxter after he informs google of the hoax.

I informed google of the hoax and asked they confirm the owner of the blogspot - I hate to ask this, but knowing El Rocinante, does anyone know if Montoya is a real person?

Something short on the movie - it is a good family film, especially if you have boys 10-15 or so. The reviews are basically questioning if there was a real story line. The fight scenes tend to be too long, especially the fight scene between Jackie Chan and Jet Lee - (way, way too long) - otherwise the movie was fun - Jackie Chan delivered a lot of good one liners.


I truly hate the food at Lins - whatever it is it, is not Chinese. I went anyway in hopes I could find one thing which is edible. I tried several things, but left everything on my plate and left hungry. As I was attempting my last bites of food a man sat down with his son. The son did not have a plate. The man was overloaded with three fried Tilapia. I assumed the mother must have been getting a plate for the son. She shows up with a mound of food on her plate, but nothing for the son. The son, about 10-11, starts to weep, the tears are rolling down his eyes and he is begging to be allowed to eat. The parents just ignored him and proceeded to eat.

As I was leaving I decided to pay for his meal and then just tell the waiter to bring him a plate. Based on my experience in family law, I became concerned the father would use my act as an excuse to beat the boy when they got home. I stood there unable to make a decision.

I then decided to call Child Protective Services. Then I thought, they are the biggest abusers of children in the state. I am currently consulting on a case wherein they murdered a 10 month old baby, along with their quack doctor, who turned the baby over to a family not trained and without the proper equipment to deal with a severely handicapped child.

So, when it comes to children, I did what we the people do best, I did nothing. This tainted my ability to fully appreciate the movie. When I got in my truck I started thinking about this poor kid left hungry while the parents ate in a public restaurant, who would never get to laugh at a good movie. I cried all the way home.

I agree my defenses are down because of the extraordinary pain I am in, but someone had to feel emotions for this child. I guess I cannot complain about the teachers, neighbors, and relatives who have not spoken out against what has to be apparent abuse of this child. I guess this is who we are as a society.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


The above picture is of the gonads of the university professors at UTB/TSC, which Juliet Garcia keeps on her desk. By holding the gonads of the university professors hostage on her desk, she maintains her Säuberung over academia at UTB/TSC. There was a time in this country universities were overseen by strong and effective Faculty Senates. UTB/TSC has what is known as an Academic Senate. https://blue.utb.edu/academicsenate/ There is not a gonad in attendance when the Academic Senate is in session.

Given the extreme academic problems facing UTB/TSC, under normal circumstances wherein a vibrant Academic Senate would be in place, the Academic Senate would hold a vote of no confidence against Juliet Garcia. This does not happen because her Säuberung over academia is complete - there is no meaningful dissent. I must admit she has been very effective with her Säuberung.

We have seen the same thing with the Student Government. In my day the Student Government owned the bookstore and the students were not taken to the cleaners every time they bought books. We saw with Camarillo how he sold his soul to the devil and compromised the Student Government in exchange for a job at UTB/TSC and the UTB/TSC political machine getting him elected to the City Commission.

It is time for both the Academic Senate and the Student Government to join forces and bring down the UTB/TSC Administration. One well organized campus protest will send shock waves to Austin, and other campuses as academia and the student body declare war on the Säuberung. A well organized effort between the Academic Senate and Student Government could easily produce 2 thousand students and faculty in front of Juliet Garcia’s office.

Friday a new film called Expelled is opening up in Brownsville. It in part deals with the Academic Säuberung on American universities. I have heard mixed reviews from shocking and revealing to a conservative con job. Even if it is a conservative con job it still speaks to a reality on American universities. - Säuberung

Here is a radical idea - every Dean, Department Chair, and vice president must take two remedial or freshman courses this summer from both the worst and best instructors. Maybe they will learn something from the students they allegedly serve.

The corporatists continue the swindle to destroy the nation all in the name of profits. Anyone who believes that Obama or Clinton care one iota about the American people on this issue is a fool. They both continue to sell out the American people in exchange for false power. Both together or separately could introduce legislation tomorrow which would see the price of a barrel of oil dropping to $40.00 a barrel, but do not because they serve the corporatists and not the people.

The US government has the ability to regulate the commodities market as it relates to any and all US originated oil. Tomorrow they can cap the price of a barrel of oil at $40.00 a barrel, which most analysts agree is the true market value of oil. The impact on the US economy would be to pull us out of the recession within two months and cause a boom in the economy. Tax dollars would be more efficiently used because the costs of fuel would go down. Think about how much BISD must be paying to run the busses. Think about how much it is costing BUS to run their busses. Think about how much it costs the BPD to run the squad cars.

Here is the proof in the pudding. Iowa - again time to give it to North Korea. A review of both liberal and conservative blogs, and news media now shows a growing consensus that the use of corn for biofuel has been a big mistake at many, many levels. So why does Congress not stop it - it continues to pay these farmers in Iowa taxpayer money to develop biofuel from corn. As every parent knows, the price of food has gone through the ceiling because of the price of corn and fuel.
In the world of politics, no one dares denounce the power of the corporate farmer. In this case it is not the family farms blackmailing the politicians - it is the corporatists farms. The corporate farms destroy families and give the corporate farms absolute power over the politicians. http://www.nebraskastudies.org/1000/frameset_reset.html?http://www.nebraskastudies.org/1000/stories/1001_0120.html

Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama are so indebted to the corporate farms they dare not speak ill of them or propose any legislation which will hurt their profit margin. Now my question to you is simple, if the price of oil goes to $40.00 a barrel tomorrow, what will happen to public support for corn based biofuel? It will go down. Given how the use of corn for biofuel is impacting the domestic and international food markets, (see this morning’s Herald article) Congress would then feel less pressure to subsidize corporate corn farmers to produce biofuel, and more inclined to support the use of such plants as hemp, used by Henry Ford himself.

Hemp is such an efficiently growing plant, a local farmer with 20 acres could produce enough hemp, without fertilizer or water other than that naturally occurring in the LRGV, to maintain a very comfortable lifestyle. Poor local farmers could set up local cooperatives to share in harvesting machines. The refineries and manufacturing which would come from mass production of hemp based products, and in particular biofuel, could have a major positive impact on the Port of Brownsville. The following is from Montana State University. http://www.montana.edu/wwwpb/ag/baudr318.html

Corporate farmers along with the oil industry oppose hemp. The nature of hemp is such that anyone with a couple of acres in the LRGV could make a nice profit the first season with no more of an investment than seed. Those who could not afford the farming equipment could be subsidized with low interest loans so that cooperatives could buy the equipment. Hemp does not involve the costs of corn, so more and more average farmers could actually compete against the corporate farms. This is why the corporatists oppose hemp and favor corn.

This is how the corporatist control Obama and Clinton with their money. Neither will ever, or at least until after the election, support regulating oil commodities or promoting hemp as biofuel. Either policy would have a detrimental impact on the corporate corn farm. At the end of the day, Obama and Clinton are prepared to sacrifice the American family, the airlines, and bankrupt our school districts with the costs of fuel, to protect the interests of the corporate farms.

Yet again another example of the corporate swindle supported by McCain, Obama, and Clinton. Here is a radical idea, how about the people in LRGV write the two Sucio Lucios , and Oliviera and demand that they support development of the hemp industry in the LRGV. I can assure all of my readers each of these so called men would rather perform a sex change operation on themselves before they cross the oil industry. We the people in the LRGV are to be sacrificed at the alter of the oil and corn industries to protect the cash cows which keep the Sucio Lucios, Oliviera, Clinton and Obama in power.

It is time we only support politicians who will support cooperative farming of hemp to aid small time farmers and families in the LRGV. It is time to stop the corporatist farm swindle.

Tomorrow, the pickled egg jar - yes those are huevos, put whose?

It is Thursday - I am expecting that Harley tomorrow - I prefer Geico insurance - I am really into cavemen.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I was not going to comment on this, but I grow tired of bullshit - paid whore politics. The people have suffered enough at the hands of people like McHale and JMontoya. It is time these whores for the privileged classes and corruption be exposed as the paid whores they are. I do not know if this JMontoya is a real person, but as a whore for corruption and fucking the people over for the right price, the man’s ass, such as McHale’s, is high in the air demanding action. Sanchez and his whores, because everyone knows only people being paid by Sanchez with money, alcohol or food give him the time of day, are promoting this notion that former Mayor Eddie Trevino cost the BPUB in $58.590.00, in attorney’s fees. Here is a radical notion, had Sancho Panza Sanchez not been born a moron and raised by a father who believes he is above the law and never met a person who was not subject to his personal abuse, he never would have violated the law, and the BPUB never would have been sued, and the BPUB would not now be caught holding the cost of the litigation caused solely by Sancho Panza Sanchez. Here is another radical idea, maybe it is time the BPUB sued Sancho Panza Sanchez to recover the attorney’s fees he cost the BPUB by breaching his duties to the BPUB by supporting the violation of the law.

I have said time and time again, there is no greater threat to our democracy than the judiciary. Sancho Panza Sanchez blames the judiciary for his failure to get away with breaking the law. If Sancho Panza Sanchez really cared about the community on this issue, which he does not, he would have put up the money needed for a vigorous appeal. He did not. He simply allowed the taxpayers to pay the price for his corruption. He learned this tactic from his father.

If we all remember the father abandoned an oil rig in the ship channel in Freeport, causing the taxpayers by and through the state to intervene to pick up the costs.
http://thefacts.com/story.lasso?ewcd=3842672e51b6fe92 Now it is my understanding the state was finally able to find someone to remove the rig in exchange for its salvage value, but this does not change the fact the Sanchez family was prepared to allow the taxpayers to pay the cost of cleaning up yet another Sanchez family mess.

http://houston.bizjournals.com/houston/stories/2008/01/21/story8.html (an internet search has revealed no information on the current status of the criminal case against Emilio Sanchez - if the Sanchez family has an update which vindicates Emilio Sanchez, I will certainly post it as a separate post so the people have the full story)

McHale and JMontoya, like the well paid whores they are, well knowing Sanchez he probably gave each a bottle of cheap whiskey and 6 free meals at his eatery, they defended Cris Valadez in the theft of electricity charges from the BPUB. This man was a Board Member and he does not know enough about the process to know that if you use electricity you get a bill. Why did he not report to the BPUB he was not receiving a bill from the BPUB? But Valadez knew that he had the hopelessly corrupt Zavalettas and Villalobos to protect him. Did Zavaletta ever demand an investigation into the theft charges against Valadez? When I called Zavaletta on this issue, he threatened to sue me. No - you cannot call for an investigation into a man who is part of your closeted perversions to screw the people for your own personal gain and self glorification. What a Ménage Trois, Zavaletta, Valadez, and Villalobos. One must ask if someone’s failure to perform properly in this Ménage Trois, was the source of the mudslinging during the DA’s race. Yes, I am talking in terms of perversion, but this entire thing is perverse. It is time we speak of it instead of always being polite without regard for the ramifications of our silence.

This is not the first time McHale is selling himself to the highest bidder. He does not dispute, because he cannot, that he covered for Martin Arambula, and his demands for special privileges with the City of Brownsville, while merely a candidate for the Port Commission. At the time, he was taking money from Arambula’s campaign to advertise the campaign on El Rocinante. This worthless piece of shit then complains when the Herald does the same thing. Just how stupid can the people be to believe a word which spews from this piece of shit’s mouth. He endlessly complains about the Cardenas family and their privileges, but speaks nothing about the Sanchez family when they engage in the same conduct. The difference is payment or settling a personal score.

When it comes to McHale every opinion he has is about settling a score or is bought and paid for with drink and food. There has never been an honest, unbought, opinion spewed from this piece of shit’s mouth. McHale, you want to continue to fuck the people over based on who is and is not paying you, you will do it from heretofore with knowledge that all of your double standards will be exposed to prove everything which spews from your perverted lips is bought and paid for by someone who has nothing but contempt for the people. McHale and JMontoya, when it comes to Sanchez, are your standards so low you can receive joy from his Vienna sausage. How emotionally disturbed must a man be, to advertise his joy in being Sanchez’s bitch. McHale and JMontoya , you are both so full of shit the stench of your arrival is known two hours in advance.

Now McHale how about challenging me on the facts. We both know you cannot, which is why all you ever have to offer is non-specific vulgar perversions spewed in support of whomever is paying for your fix on any given day. Do not try the distraction game, because one mistake and you will not be able to face even your drunken friends at the bar. Take me on based on my facts as alleged.

Sancho Panza Sanchez, it is time I retire. So I suggest you proceed with caution. You would be amazed with what I know. I am unimpressed with you, your-two-bit crooked father, and your lawyers - so make one mistake - just one - and when I am done with you in court the settlement will not be a penny less than 5 million. Remember Sancho Panza - I am coming after you and your two-bit whores- proceed with extreme caution, or be prepared to write a large check.

It is time we expose these perverts and their Ménage Trois, Sanchez, McHale, and JMontoya, and Zavaletta, Valadez, Villalobos, and put the agenda of the people first. I would love to meet the women married to these pieces of shit. How do they not see just how destructive these pieces of shit are to our communities, families and children.

For the last piece of pornography posted by McHale, I am removing his web link. I have been emotionally bothered since I saw it and cannot seem to reconcile my opposition to censorship, and belief that the federal law on the issue needs to be met. A community blog is not a place for pornography. Shame on google for refusing to enforce federal law on the issue, but then google is about money, and not the people.

This brings home, just how perverted Sancho Panza Sanchez is - what kind of parent gets in bed with a man who would put such pornography on the internet for his 4 year old son to see? The same man who for his own personal gain puts pictures of his crying son on the internet. A severely emotionally disturbed man who is devoid of any sense of morality and whose personal obsession with himself makes him a sociopath. What kind of mother accepts this type conduct in her husband? Someone who thinks children being exposed to pornography on the internet is acceptable. Shame on both Bob and Lorrie Ann Sanchez for being so self-absorbed that they turn a blind eye to their children (and the communities’ children - since when has a Sanchez ever cared about the community) being exposed to pornography by a man who is bought and paid for by Sancho Panza Sanchez. Bob and Lorrie Ann Sanchez’s position on this issue is simple - "McHale, you do our dirty work, and we will say nothing about you exposing our children and the communities' children to pornography."

To Bob and Lorrie Ann Sanchez - you people are perverted pigs. Oh please - I do not want to hear about innocent Lorrie Ann. She puts up with it for the money - it is about the money - Time to call a spade a spade. Honorable decent women all over this country go into poverty every day and walk away from husbands like Sancho Panza Sanchez to protect their children. What makes the priviledged Lorrie Ann Sanchez better than these honorable women who prefer poverty over supporting a husband who supports exposing children to pornography. Nothing - it is about money. Bob and Lorrie Ann Sanchez were made for each other. I just feel sorry for their children.

To anyone defending Lorrie Ann, I will say this - when your child comes home and tells you how he/she saw pornography on El Rocinante - remember you are the parent who turned a blind eye. Your excuses today are your child's perversions and social problems tomorrow. I grow so bored with people "Oh I met her she is the nicest person in the world." I only know what I know - in exchange for her husbands money she turns a blind eye to children being exposed to pornography - and that is a fact all of you excuse makers.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I am in a real bad mood - so take that into consideration when you read my comments about Hillary Rotten to the Core Clinton. At this point I was going to put a side note about the VA, but it got too long, so here I go after the queen con artist of our times. Everyday parents try and teach their children not to give into peer pressure. But then comes along queen con artist Clinton. To get votes which will not matter in the end when considered with the total vote, she goes on national TV and tells the good old boys who drink after work "see I am like you," and she downs a beer and chaser. What kind of message was that for the children. "Giving into peer pressure will make you popular and maybe help you become president of the United States."

To the parents and news media who failed to shame her for her stunt, shame on each of you - you have nothing to say I ever want to hear when it comes to children. But I guess compared to Billy Boy teaching our daughters that oral sex is not sex, and having sex with older men is okay, Hillary teaching about the merits of drinking under peer pressure does not seem all that bad. But had she kissed a women - all hell would have broken loose.

A side note - you know VA doctors in SA suck As we all know about two months ago I underwent an emergency colonoscopy. The VA decided follow-up had to be with the quacks in SA and not with the local specialist who did the colonoscopy. Well I went to SA, and the quack would not even examine me - he simply said "continue to take the medicine and all will be well." I said - "it is not all well I am in a lot of pain and still bleeding." The quack basically said "your new norm is pain and bleeding, so it is okay." Well I am scheduled for yet another partial colonoscopy, known as a sigmoidoscopy. The difference is, about a foot and a half less, which means he will not see the area of the colonic AVM, and I will be awake.

The fact that veterans continue to demand this poor quality of healthcare boggles my mind. No one with knowledge of the facts would ever want to be subjected to the care provided by the VA hospitals. I am day two hunched over like an old women - the pain is so, so bad (my new norm). These same quacks in San Antonio tested me every which way but loose but not the correct way. Again they want to cancel my carpal tunnel surgery because local specialists in Harlingen discovered that which the quacks first in Dallas and now in San Antonio could not discover, even though it was noted in a report 10 years ago.

I have clavian steal. It is blockage of the arteria which feeds the left arm just under the clavical bone. In many cases it is ignored, but watched. But when you have suffered a TIA, mini-stroke, and loose your pin number and all your passwords (memory loss) , and suffer from chronic angina, and have chronic numbness in the left arm - it requires repair - an easy repair done every day, but a repair nonetheless. I have had TIA’s for 20 years. The last came when I was off my medication for three weeks fighting the VA for renewal, and then not being able to take it because of the pending colonoscopy. Which guess what guys, I am not on it again.

So here we go, the VA wants to cancel my carpal tunnel surgery again to give the cardiologist a chance to examine the clavian steal. Unfortunately, they do not see a need to take action. So the quacks at the VA do it again - one quack says - no go on surgery until the other quack examines you - the other quack says - no need to see if the blockage which we now know has existed for 10 years is a problem. Back to the lawyers in Washington

Someone please tell me, why would any emotionally stable person want to bring this quackery to the Valley?

Oh, guys how is the purchase of that Harley coming along.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Texas has a system of oversight for certain school districts called Performance Based Monitoring. "Targeted interventions are implemented based on performance concerns and as needed to validate the student performance and program effectiveness data that are submitted to TEA by districts." http://www.tea.state.tx.us/pbm/PBMOverview_FINAL_.pdf

After specific findings were made on behalf of the student the TEA made the following finding for the benefit of all students:

"As the LEA (BISD) is currently selected for Performance Based Monitoring, representatives of the LEA’s administration, who have oversight responsibilities for the development of the LEA improvement plans under TEC §§11.252-253, and the activities related to special education program evaluation, SHALL (emphasis added) revise the plan based on the Agency’s findings."

BISD was already under Performance Based Monitoring, when this TEA complaint was filed. It has been designated a "Dropout Factory." With this in place, BISD gets held accountable yet again. This is mind boggling. The parent who initiated this case has been begging BISD for help for over a year. Art Rendon who is in charge rather than address the problems called the father and demanded that the he drop the claims because he would not accomplish anything. Mr. Rendon made this phone call about the time he was submitting BISD’s response to the TEA. He knew they were in trouble so he attempted to get the father to drop the claim. It was a calculated attempted cover-up to protect himself and his incompetent staff. If Mr. Rendon has a job at the end of the week the BISD Board must immediately fire Hector Gonzales.

The reality is, both Mr. Rendon and Mr. Gonzales should be fired this week. The TEA complaint was initiated after Hector Gonzales refused to respond to the father’s complaints. There can be no excuse but shear incompetence on the part of the Board to allow Mr. Rendon or Mr. Gonzales to remain as employees of BISD. This Board has proven time and time again that abusing Brownsville’s children is their goal. Texas law provides that people who have control over children who neglect them are abusers. This Board and in particular Hector Gonzales and Art Rendon are child abusers, as a consequence of their neglect.

Anything short of the Herald demanding the discharge of all involved in unacceptable. This brings us to the principal at Hanna, Teri Alarcon, and Elsa Garica, assistant vice-principal. At this point anything less than their immediate discharge is unacceptable. This is not an issue of reassignment. As to each of these individuals, an immediate discharge is demanded. They have neglected this child since the beginning of the school year. The father met with the Hanna Administration at the beginning of the school year to discuss their incompetence from last year.

Since Hector Gonzales was made aware of the problem he has done nothing. Things are actually worse than before the TEA complaint. The documentation of the additional abuses are being forwarded to the United States Department of Education, for further enforcement action.

This is a note to the local Latino law firms. Latinos have been denied an adequate education since the inception of this country. Latino’s were denied access to law schools. People like Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King Jr., fought to give us equal access. What has me angry is, these same Latino lawyers who would have nothing, but for the civil rights battles of the past, now turn a blind eye to the continued abuses towards Latino children. It is sad that none of the large Latino law firms in Brownsville are willing to commit the resources to file a federal action seeking a request that the federal courts take control of BISD. Anyone who believes this Board will ever care about the children is a complete and total moron. It is time someone, anyone put the children first.

A call for help - some months ago I read about a Charter school in Brownsville which takes children like this child (the child is not a problem in the home - she has no privileges - no hanging with friends after school or at the mall - 100% parental control over the child outside of school). This Charter school allows the child to proceed at the child’s own pace using a computer based learning system. If someone knows the name of this school and how this child can be transferred over, please let me know.

This child in going to fail the 9th grade for a second time. Unless we can find a place to place this child she will become a dropout. Only a parent who hates their child would consider yet another year for his child at BISD. There can be no doubt the BISD Board simply considers children to be an inconvenience in their enterprise of moving money around to their compadres.

A final note, at the point Hanna principal Teri Alarcon told the parent he needed to understand there are 3000 students at Hanna, she should have been escorted off the campus and fired from BISD. I do not care if there are one billion children at Hanna, children have rights. Her admission she cannot do her job because there are too many children should be all that is needed to result if her discharge.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Approaching middle age is never easy on a man - some cheat on their wives, some buy Corvettes, people like me just tattoo George of the Jungle swinging on a vine on their right butt cheek. That was a sight - It was just after 9/11 while I was in NY for my brother’s 40th. It was a theme party and everyone had to dress in as 60's sitcom character. Knowing I am going to hell (not really I do not even believe in hell), I decided to go drag. I was the Flying Nun. I had to maintain a sense of my manliness, so I wore a leather jock strap instead of my boxer-briefs (now you know - he wears white Jockey boxer-briefs.) The jock strap was more expensive than the cost of making the costume.

Anyway, everyone loved my outfit. The women all night were lifting my dress looking at George. It got weird when their husbands started to lift my dress. My brother, who is convinced there is no God, and thinks people who believe in God are nut jobs, sort of converted that night when he declared - if there is a hell - Bobby is going.

What I wanted to do as my therapy for middle age was buy a Harley. It is my dream. It will match the leather dressed Teddy Bear on my left pectoral. That is another story. (For the record my tats are tamed compared to many of my family members - one brother has a wizard in all sorts of colors on his upper right back, and an Indian chief in full head gear on the upper left side.) I am convinced anything less than a Harley makes the man metrosexual. I can handle gay, bisexual (think about last night) but I would rather die than be called metrosexual. So until I can buy that three wheeler Harley, I will wait. Maybe for my 55th B-Day. Maybe you guys can start saving and buy it for me. Me and my man on a three wheeler Harley. Now that will make me a man - I shiver when I think of metrosexual men. Why not just cut it off and be done with it.

Anyway why do I expose myself this way. I kind of hope to get people comfortable with being free about themselves. People we are so strung out - we have forgotten how to live. Other than having someone to cuddle with, I must say my life is now complete. I have a sense of freedom about myself which brings extraordinary comfort to me on a daily basis. Yes I suffer from chronic depression, but not like you might think - loneliness is a horrible thing.

But I must say, I know of several men who are in sexless and no touch marriages. That has to be worse - to be married to a women who will not tough you - not so much as a hug. I watched a 57 year old man cry several months ago when I asked him why he likes the strip bar. He said "it is not that I really like the strip bars, but it is the only way I can have a women touch me, even if it is not sexual, without cheating on my wife, who will not even hug me." So then when I am watching C-SPAN at 1 in the morning feeling sorry for myself, I think of men in sexless and touch-less marriages and decide maybe it is not so bad.

In the end I still know how to enjoy life and smile more than I have ever smiled in my entire life. My life is not all doctors - and not all of them are bad. So guys let your hair down - get a tattoo - but please do not go metrosexual - that in my book is better dead than metrosexual.

Now where should I put the Curious George Tat without messing up the balance I have with Bear and George?

If you are part of the capitalist swindle you have a price for which you will sell your soul, to the detriment of the community. It may be something as innocent as, I need to play this way to protect my job - "I have a family and children you know." Funny how when a women sells her body to feed her children we say, whore, but when anyone else sells their soul to protect their children we say,"necessary evil." I’ve always said the difference between a whore and a lawyer (in most cases) is the whore has no shame in being honest about who he/she may be. The lawyer excuses their conduct with the proverbial, "I am an advocate, I must do as asked to by my client." Well, actually no - you are to only make reasonable arguments within the penumbra of the law.

The law fails within the context of the capitalist swindle because the law is not the motivation behind the actions of the lawyer - it is money. Money does not always buy you the justice you are seeking, but it certainly does not hurt. Our esteemed Supreme Court, effectively assigns the appeals of the poorest of the poor, people who represent themselves, to recent law school graduates, who basically write summaries for the Justices to review. The poorest of the poor in this country do not have the right to have their claims of injustice reviewed by the Justices of the Supreme Court. Now, if you have the money to pay a lawyer, the filing fees, and the publication of your Petition for Writ of Certiorari by one of the hand full of approved publishers, then you have a chance of a Justice actually reading your complaint.

The so called liberals on the Supreme Court are not advocates for the people - they are advocates for their agendas. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is probably the biggest opponent of speech currently serving on the Supreme Court. She consistently looks to her feminazi agenda to decide if the speech is protected. If the speech offends the feminazi agenda it is not protected. Again she is serving her clients, and not the community. (Okay in simple terms she hates porn or any language which she decides degrades women - her point may be well taken, but it is not a reason to silcence speech)

I am not apologizing for lawyers, but anyone who is part of the capitalist swindle is serving someone other than the community. Lou Dobbs, who I believe to be one of the most evil men in the news media serves the agenda of the capitalist swindle as if he was the star public in his class on serving the capitalist swindle. So long as you look for ways to keep the people divided then they will never come together to serve the community.

The press is no different as a whole. The Herald, just like the NY Times, will bury every story which might offend their advertisers. They are motivated by the instinct of survival which is part of the capitalist swindle - divide and conquer. The blogosphere has provided the people with a new voice. Unfortunately, such as with everything within the capitalist swindle structure, false prophets appear everywhere within the blogosphere.

Some bloggers are honest enough to admit to their bias and expose their agenda. I have extraordinary respect for these bloggers. Unfortunately most bloggers mimic what they see on network news - they tell their listeners, readers, they are looking out for you when in fact they are looking out for their next contract negotiations or free meal. So long as they are motivated by anything other than social obligation, their words cannot be trusted. Now I am not speaking to the bloggers or members of the news media who are open about their bias, again I have extraordinary respect for these people. I have enough confidence in most people who take the time to read blogs to see through the bias and consider it during their private deliberations.

The most anti-community, anti-people, anti-meaningful change news people and bloggers are those who put on an appearance they are speaking for your interests. Lou Dobbs, Bill O’Reilly, Katie Couric, the Drudge Report, Huffington Post - you get my drift. All of these people serve their wallet, even when it means needlessly dividing the people to make headlines and news.
So how do you measure the sincerity of the words of the news media person. Lou Dobbs says he is for the middle class - well, is he? Does he support the middle class whose livelihood depends on NAFTA, building the superhighway between Mexico and Canada? I think not. So he is a liar - he plays on the emotions of those who have lost their jobs to trade as a way to divide people and make a buck for himself and CNN.

I have repeatedly said the best way to change politics in Brownsville is to change the politicians. I received a lot of nasty e-mails for opposing Munoz for judge. He let a confessed murderer walk out of court without a bond - people. I took hits for opposing Gilberto Rosas - every attorney who has ever appeared before him agrees he is a two-bit bully with near zero knowledge of the law or simply does not care about the law. In both cases we the people said - we will not reward bad behavior. I have consistently held to my position that purging Brownsville of the current politicians is the best way to force change.

Anyone can say they support this notion of the permanent purge, replacing politicians. But when you look to Lou Dobbs and others what you see is, he really only means replacing politicians who do not bow down to his agenda. So I say, measure the news persons’ or commentator’s or bloggers words to their actions. If their actions do not match their words, then you know they are a whore only working in support of their next contract, or free meal - so to speak. This is the essence of the capitalist swindle in the news media.

Beware of false prophets, for they only serve their next fix, whether it is ego, money, or a free meal.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Okay this evening I took my brother-in-law out to eat to Dirty Al's on SPI. The oysters on the half shell were the largest I have ever seen in my life. I love oysters on the half shell It was 15.95 for a whole redsnapper fried with a salad or fries. The meal was good.

Here is my problem - at the table next to us was a women with about a 44 inch chest in a very very low cut blouse. Another half inch and her nipples would have been exposed. Well about the time I realized I was enjoying the show with dinner, she noticed I was enjoying the show. Yes, men should not stare. But please ladies, you cannot walk around with them hanging out for the entire world to see and then get mad when someone notices them. And it was me who noticed them - so I cannot imagine what other men must have noticed.

So tell me what did I do wrong? I think BB was correct - maybe the vision of him naked changed me. But for real - ladies - is it fair to do that to a man. Should they not be covered in a burka when in public?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Bourgeois apologists are basically American liberals. Rather than confront the truth about racism, gender bias, or the failure of the capitalist swindle, they compensate for the racism, gender bias, and swindle with programs which create a dependency on the government. Discontent with this dependency sent hundreds of thousands of moderate democrats to vote for Ronald Reagan. (At the end of this piece I propose some simple questions which help to put this essay into perspective - you might read the questions first as an aide to understanding my dribble.)

During the course of this campaign the Achilles heal of the Democratic Party was exposed when the reality of race and gender bias reared its ugly head. The reality that the bourgeois apologists created, putting racism and gender bias in the closet in hopes no one would ever notice, came roaring out during this campaign.

Barack Obama has a lot of support based on the notion he works with all groups. The reality is, he sought to keep the race question in the closet and it exploded in his face with the Latino community, and the older traditional black civil rights community. In the Latino community, Adelfa Callejo, a civil rights attorney in Dallas, told the truth about how older Latinos feel about blacks - they will not vote for a black. People were horrified with this realization, but it was an unfortunate truth.

Barack Obama knew the truth about black Latino relations and chose to ignore it. Rather than try and cross over and gain the confidence of the Latino community he simply snubbed the Latino community in California and Texas. He had no scheduled events in South Texas. It is true at the last minute he agreed to meet the people at Charro days, but that was not scheduled.
If Obama works with all groups, why has he totally failed with the Latino community? He does not work with all groups - he speaks in very general terms and plays on bourgeois apologists’s emotions to come over to his side, to make up for yesteryear. This seems odd to me because the bourgeois apologists are making up for yesteryear by voting for a man who has no familial ties to the historical plight of black Americans, and was raised in an Anglo home.

It does not end there. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., spoke of God’s wrath on the US for its foreign policy in South East Asia. Obama dare not repudiate the words of Dr. King. But when his own minister merely echoed Dr. King’s words in terms of God’s wrath on the US for its foreign policy in the Middle East, Obama repudiated Reverend Wright’s words. This is the modern Säuberung of the bourgeois apologists. They fear the reality of their failures. After nearly 50 years of trying to make amends without ever really trying to solve the problem or bring people together, the bourgeois apologists need to keep the debate on the issue silent. They cannot accept that the capitalist swindle is the problem, so they simply demand that the reality of the race, gender, and socio-economic divide stay in the closet. As we now know it did not during the course of this campaign.

The bourgeois apologists denounce anyone and everyone who tries to raise it. Today, if Barack Obama has his way no new Dr. King could every rise to the level of Dr. King. That reality must be silenced, rather than confront it head on. I ask my readers, can anyone honestly say Obama has honestly addressed the race divide between older Latinos, and blacks, between moderate Anglo America and the traditional civil rights voices in the black community, such as Dr. King, or the gender divide. Can anyone say Obama has shown any leadership when dealing with any of these groups. When you repudiate the views of an entire sector of the black community, you are not a unifier.

His failure is not a result of his character, it is a result of being part of a system which refuses to accept these problems have never been fixed. They were never fixed because every policy objective was designed to create a dependency between these various groups and the government. The policies pitted Latinos against blacks and women, and visa versa, for limited resources. Now you put the groups together in a battle for power, and the ugly head of denial rises up for the world to see. The guilt policies of the bourgeois apologists failed because rather than address the problems in the capitalist swindle, they simple covered them up with public moneys as payoffs to each of these groups.

The policies had as their object the enslavement of these groups to government programs. A true socialist, unlike an American liberal, puts real value in a good job wherein the worker is paid based on their worth. An American liberal, bourgeois apologists, simply says well, "we will just create programs which put money in the hands of the neediest, instead of the dignity of a good job with pay based on worth. (Where the jobs come from is another essay.)

Some of you, with the exception of the term capitalist swindle, will notice American conservatives make the same argument. The key difference is the American conservative believes the market place will eventually work out the problems, whereas the true socialist believes the market place will never fix anything and it is time to begin the move towards a socialist economy. The American bourgeois apologists believes you can simply buy the calm with social welfare programs which create dependency on the government and the Democratic Party.


So I put out to my readers - Have we really solved the race, gender issues? Is there a Säuberung (cleansing of ideas which do not support bourgeois apologists) against anyone who challenges the establishment politicos? Have we as a nation confronted the problems in our economic system? Would our society be worse off if we simply started to make two basic changes [1] promote social obligation which does not promote dependency, and [2] demand all workers be paid based on worth?

I am deviating from what I intended to post today because of the election results from last night.

I am going to deal with two issues. First the election between Abel Gomez and Pete Avila Jr. This was a precinct election, not county wide. Only 36 precincts versus 98. The mail ballots indicate to me politiquera mail fraud. I cannot know for sure without seeing the numbers precinct by precinct. But here is my concern. Gomez lost by 49 votes. If we can find 25 bad politiquera votes the judge can hand the election to Gomez. Or if he concludes there are so many problems with the mail ballots that no true winner can be determined he can order a new election.

The mail ballots for Avila were 351 - for Gomez 197. This is a big variance. The number 351 bothers me because it was at the precinct level not county wide(only 36 precincts versus county wide of 98), while Rosas who lost the election for the 444th only received 329 mail ballot votes. I am willing to bet you will find mail-ballots for Avila which do not include a vote for the 444th judgeship. How can a mere 36 precincts produce 548 mail-ballots, while county wide (98 precincts) there were only 601? This means in the remaining 62 precincts there were only 53 additional mail ballots - with a judgeship in issue. Not possible unless someone was playing free and loose with the mail-ballots.

I am not saying, I repeat, I am not saying Avila did anything wrong, but someone for his benefit appears to have manipulated the mail ballots. I will commit here and now to donate my services free as the analyst to any lawyer Gomez hires to file an election contest. It has been a while since I have seen the law, but I believe there is a very, very short time frame to file this lawsuit. The law provides that the Administrative Judge must assign a visiting judge from outside Cameron County.

My experience in this area is I won the criminal case and the civil case in a very high profile election contest in Dallas. I only took the case pro bono because the plaintiff was alleging all seniors who live in nursing homes are mentally ill and should have their votes voided. Unfortunately for his client he did not know how to collect evidence and process it because the election was clearly stolen. By the time I realized what had happened I could not withdraw without compromising my client. So I fought the case for 6 years and had it reversed 3 times, twice by mandamus and once by regular appeal.

I do want to note in the case which I won, I until this day believe the politiquera in Dallas who stole the election for my client did it without her knowledge or consent. I believe my client had no idea what happened and was shocked to learn the evidence which developed. Unfortunately the Plaintiff’s attorney never understood how to properly claim election fraud. We won on the merits based on what was alleged. Because he never alleged sufficient wrongdoing, by the time all of the appeals were finished she was elected to a second term- six years in all. The reality is both sides spent heavy on politiqueras. Her supporters I believe illegally paid a politiquera to steal the election which is why she won.

I know how to look for the evidence and believe I can find 25 bad votes. This could be the case which takes down a politiquera. Remember a bad politiquera does not mean the candidate was aware of his/her conduct.

My second issue is, Gilberto Rosas. For 18 years he has destroyed so many families and fueled the fires which come with divorce and child-support. The injury he has caused so many children by and through his contempt for the law is irreparable. The district court judges are partly to blame. They should have brought him under control a long time ago. They do not want to do their job and deal with the child support cases so they allow a radical judicial activist to run rough-shod over the constitution and law. I have in my possession orders wherein he has taken away father’s rights in child-support cases without so much as a request from the mother, the attorney general, or even a trial. He just does as he pleases.

It is time the district court judges tell the Administrative Judge Rosas when faced with the will of the people was denied election. It makes a mockery of our constitution that a judicial activist judge can remain in power for 18 years without the consent of the people, and then remain in power after he loses the consent of the people. It is time Rosas be sent packing. It is time the district court judges do their job and demand his removal from office. The will of the people must matter - regardless of the contempt the district court judges have shown for Cameron County families by failing to take action against Rosas.

Come January 1, 2009, Cameron County will have three new district court judges - Cornejo Lopez, Olvera, and Sanchez. I am prepared to meet with each of them to show them my evidence. The reality is every attorney in Cameron County knows the truth about Rosas. The people will expect each of these new judges to demand the removal of Rosas. A life time appointment is against the intent of the Texas Constitution. Further, the people have spoken about how they feel about his 18 years of tyranny on the people of Cameron County. It is time to send Rosas packing.

Monday, April 7, 2008


On Wednesday I will return to the discussion of true socialism - I will look at the presidential campaign and apply some of the ideas I already discussed.

The below link may offend some - there is some bad language - just one word and only once - it is funny - your choice. You are warned - and now it is your choice. There is no nudity or sex.



1. Your husband always has a smile on his face after a prostate exam.

2. Your husband would rather be a proctologist than a gynecologist.

3. Your husband takes more than 2 minutes on the thrown - those forced contractions are the equivalent of you know what.

4. Your husband does not like raw oysters.

5. Your husband shaves his scrotum.

6. Your husband has been working out for three years, has gained no muscle, 20 pounds of fat, and loves to shower at the gym.

7. Your husband is attracted to hairy women.

8. Your husband waxes any part of his body.

9. Your husband wears spandex shorts

10. Your husband wears nylon net underwear


Many of you are having a hard time with the social obligation part of true socialism. I think in part the problem is two fold, one you are influenced by all the Cold War BS which still lingers in your head from years of government and media propaganda, and two you love a quick fix.

Just because someone says they are a child advocate does not mean they are not in fact a child molester. You cannot measure the success of any theory based on someone saying they are "whomever or whatever." You first must measure their actions with the theory. If their actions do not mesh with the theory, then they are not who they say they are, or who your government claims them to be.

Further, socialism is not the Book of Genesis, wherein everything is in place in 7 days. The seed begins with the election of one City Commissioner. People will see his/her policy objectives and like them or not like them. If things are done correctly the people will like what they see and elect another and another and another. In time the policy considerations will begin to take hold.

Today I am going to give you a simple example of social obligation. Tomorrow, to relieve you of the stress of reading theory, I will do the Top Ten Signs your Hubby is Gay. That should be fun. We all know number one - the wife is 300 pounds and has hair on her back and butt and does not Nair it, while the hubby is a walking Adonis. People I have no problem with heavy women - just do not wear Capris pants with belly shirts.


Your kid knows someone who wants to play in little league, but cannot because his parents cannot afford a mitt. Your kid knows a little girl who desperately wants to be a ballerina, but cannot because her parents cannot afford the lessons. Now before you claim I am a sexist, obviously a little girl can play baseball and a little boy can do dance.

Many of you can afford to buy that mitt or help pay for those ballet lessons. Some of you can even sponsor an entire little league team of kids who would never play but for your charity. Maybe it will take several of your neighbors to pay for the ballet lessons. Maybe a few fellow church members. While I do not believe in charity which promotes dependence, this type charity promotes hope in the child.
One of my fondest memories growing up is when the NY Fire Department paid for me and several of my brothers to go deep sea fishing in the North Atlantic. It was soon after daddy died and we were still on welfare and government surplus food, no food stamps back then, and also you had to pay the welfare back, which we did when mom died and we sold the house. The government was good about collecting on those liens.

The fishing trip was an act of charity which has stayed with me for my entire life. I know the only reason mom did not go crazy with 6 boys and a girl was because of this type charity. I know this type charity taught me things would be okay. It taught me the value of social obligation.
Now, in the immortal words of Dr. Laura - "go do the right thing."

Saturday, April 5, 2008


As the weeks go on I intend to expand on this post. I thank Ed Singleton for inspiring this post. I have been struggling to find my nitch this time around. BV has not been going in the direction I intended - except the light hearted stuff. I promise a lot of light hearted stuff, and to continue with the adventures of Pat Almighty and the Nancy Boys. I intend that, that which follows will be a long-term lecture series. Once I get past the philosophical foundation I will begin to apply it to local and national politics.

When the universities basically abandoned classical training they abandoned hope of innovation and dissent. I believe people like Bill Gates are such successes because they realize that even at the best universities in this county they do not teach innovation, and therefore they drop out.

Could you imagine Juliet Garcia allowing someone like me to teach American Government or Law and Society at UTB? She like most people in power today are too insecure with themselves to ever allow for diversity of thought or critical thinking. If people begin to think, they begin to challenge - you have dissent. Juliet Garcia has zero tolerance for diversity of ideas or challenges to her complete and total failure as an educator and leader.

Unions are the best example of the problem with universities today. Unions do not represent workers, they represent their own existence. They, such as the purveyors of division on Reputrican talk radio, need to keep the workers and owners at war with one another in order to survive. None of the hosts on Reputrican talk radio are great Americans, they make money by keeping us divided. They keep the US weak and subject to attack by keeping us divided.

Juliet Garcia keeps the children of Brownsville ignorant by selling her product to people who only feel secure when they are seen or are being seen with people they perceive important. For me there is nothing more pathetic than people who hang pictures on their walls they took with seemingly important people. Posing with John Holmes in front of your church will not make you a bigger man, it in fact makes you smaller, and demonstrates your insecurities. (I need levity to keep you reading)

These people keep her in power because she makes them feel important - that they are part of building a great university. They are part of nothing. How can UTB/TSC ever evolve into a great university when diversity of ideas and dissent is not allowed at any level by the professors or administrators. Juliet Garcia and department chairs like Charles W. Chapman have silenced all dissent in support of failure - their failure, their ignorance - because they never learned success comes from diversity, not Säuberung. Success is not a measure of money, but of accomplishments for the good of the community. Chapman and Garcia have zero dollars in their bank accounts under this measure of success.

The great universities of Europe and of days gone by in the US all had professors on staff who spoke out against the university administrations. Today at UTB, Charles W. Chapman along with other department chairs have made sure no one is hired or given tenure who could possibly become a leader among the professors as a challenge to the administration. Charles W. Chapman along with the other department chairs have played their roles well in keeping dissent down and the fires of Säuberung burning. They would have made fine Stalinist Lieutenants.

I have no idea where the above came from, but it just flowed as part of what I hope to communicate in this piece.

Until the people learn their role in change, and their obligations to the community as a whole, nothing will every change. The corporatist and their two-bit attorneys who have helped to lead the Säuberung, which has destroyed all innovation in the US at the social intellectual level, can only survive by keeping us divided with myths.

Karl Marx understood that the path to a pure communist state, where there is no government, goes through capitalism. We are too quick to confuse capitalism with corporatism. The latter is evil, the former is not. Marx understood that the economic side of his revolution would never work until you had the social side in place. This means the people - consent of the people.

In a letter to Engels Marx wrote the following on January 21, 1882 "If the Russian revolution becomes the signal for a proletarian revolution in the West, ... the present Russian common ownership of land may serve as the starting point for a communist development."

It is a myth when that Poli Sci professor tells you Marx never intended his revolution to occur in Russia. He or she teaches this because they are lazy and just repeat what they heard in the classroom instead of reading Marx’s original works.

The social component of the revolution is what Russia never had, because in fact Stalin dismantled the communal Russian villages as one of his first acts in consolidating power. At that moment the Marxist revolution failed, it became Stalinism - a form or corporatism wherein corporate development becomes more important than the people. Corporatists basically hijack everything good about capitalism and use it to exploit the people. This is why our economy is on the verge of collapse. Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, abandoned the people for the perks of being in bed with the corporatist. They never understood the difference between capitalism and corporatism.

I’m almost done - for today.

Where I am going to pick up next is the mesh of capitalism and social obligation as a worker, administrator, private business owner, or corporate entity with creating a new revolutionized society. The people must have an ownership interest in the revolution. It cannot come from intellectuals or the government. In terms of UTB it must come from the Student Union, such as in the 60's, and the Faculty Senate.

My goal is to build an intellectual foundation to understanding true socialism. Maybe in time several of you will understand how socialism in its initial state is a meshing of capitalism and social obligation. It is not about government ownership. If Marx believed the government was the solution why then in his final state of communism is there no government? It is at this state the people are living by a code of true social obligation to the community.

Maybe in time based on the principles of true socialism we can form a local party of Social Democrats and begin to change local government. We begin by understanding our social obligations to one another as a community.

I will close with a simple, but true example. The other day I left my Walmart gas card at home. The girl at the register only had pink and girly cards - she felt bad for me and did not want to give me a girly card. She dumped the entire box of cards until she found one for a man. It is blue and green with a frog on the front. She assigned value to me, and cared. I never asked her to do this. She just somehow knew the right thing to do. This is social obligation in its simplest form. Try doing this for someone once a day. You may like it.

Later in the week I will combine some of this with how Reverend King and Wright basically spoke the same words denouncing the US, but one is celebrated as a hero and one is vilified. The Säuberung led by people like Charles W. Chapman, Juliet Garcia, and all modern politicians such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain have made sure no Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., will ever rise again. It is time to fight back and ostracize, and politically destroy these house servants who oversee the Säuberung