Thursday, March 27, 2008


Charge it to the grandchildren - Charge it to the grandchildren - This is Pat Almighty’s solution to the budget crisis facing Brownsville. With the national economy collapsing because of the government’s and people’s attitude they can charge everything to our grandchildren, Pat Almighty decides to join the club and mortgage our grandchildren’s future. Why learn a lesson when you can just join the ranks of those who failed before you?

Our roads do need to get fixed. But with 50% of the budget now going to pay off existing bonds, how does it make sense to charge even more to our grandchildren? It does not. A true leader leads even if it means being thrown out of office. The budget crisis is only going to get worse. Fees earned by the city from one of the international bridges are down. Property tax revenues are sure to go down as property values decrease due to the mortgage crisis. Sales tax revenues are going to go down as spending decreases due to a loss of jobs, maxed out credit cards, and fewer consumers with money to spend.

Unfortunately our roads can wait no longer to be repaired. If we do not charge the repairs to our grandchildren, the only other option is a property tax increase. The easiest way to raise property tax revenues is to sell the Port of Brownsville, and then redirect the property taxes being paid to the BND to the City of Brownsville for road repairs. If that is not enough, then it is time the politicians throw themselves on the tracks and call for a property tax increase. Now, before people claim many seniors cannot afford a property tax increase, remember, seniors are exempt from any property tax increases. Their property tax rate is frozen in place.

This is simple. First we demand that any candidate for the BND commit to the sale of the Port of Brownsville. We must make this the sin qua non to them getting our vote. If they will not agree to the sale of the port, they will not get our vote - period. When the BND was created it was never intended to be a permanent drain on the people. Board after Board has not only mismanaged the port, but they cost the taxpayers 21.4 million dollars in lost bond money. If the BND Board will not vote to sell the Port of Brownsville, then we the people must demand that our local representatives introduce legislation in Austin to mandate the sell of the Port of Brownsville. A private company certainly can do a better job managing the Port of Brownsville, than any of the current or previous public Boards.

This is the easiest and smartest way to raise revenue for the City of Brownsville. Any profits from the sell of the Port of Brownsville can be redistributed pro rata to people by and through their respective cities, and the taxes which will no longer be assessed against the property owners within the BND can be redirected to the City of Brownsville for repairs of our streets.
Now Nancy Boys, Sorry Charlie Atkinson, Phoney Tony Troiani, Shorty Boy Dick Longoria, you other clowns, and Pat Almighty - you have a viable option presented for your consideration - will you consider it - no - why? Because it does not make you money.

Will the Lucios or Oliviera seek to introduce legislation to force the sale of the Port of Brownsville? No - this cash cow for their clients is just too much to give up. We are so screwed


Unknown said...

Thank you for the nice post.

Moving from the practical (city debt and fixing roads) to the utopian (abolishing interest, forgiving debt), I have a reaction of distrust whenever a bond issue is proposed.

Insiders do make money on new debt. Bond lawyers for one and this profits seems the have a trickle down effect. Office holders get very excited when deciding which set of indistinguishable (and undistinguished) lawyers will draft for the same high percentage the same mountain of paper. You would think they had something to gain.

Building and repairing roads and other construction projects also help spread the money around for those in the loop.

I, for one, don't much mind potholes.

Anonymous said...

I sort of agree with you when it comes to the Port becoming something other than a taxing authority. I have long suggested that it be administered by a self-sufficient authority similar to those in other states. All public transport facilities -bridges, bus, train and air- would be administered a region-wide authority that would plan logistics for all modes of transport, together to take advantage of the synergy rather than compete. This may well be un-libertarian but in looking at the successes elsewhere I think it will certainly work better than what we have.