Thursday, March 27, 2008


I am convinced that compassion is something we as a society have deemed a fool’s emotion reserved only for people chasing windmills. At every level of our society, I see how the people run to support any half cocked idea which relieves them of accountability or compassion. At the end of the day, I believe in accountability, which is why I blame the people and not the politicians or the churches.

I do believe most churches are in substantive doctrine the anti-Christ. Most, not all, Christians churches obsess over judgment, hell, controlling personal behavior and money. They focus on teaching judgment morality, instead of teaching positive morality - such as compassion, accountability, responsibility.

The politicians thrive on fraud and self preservation. Anything to avoid doing their job or leading is the primary focus of just about anyone in elective office. Can any one tell me anything anyone running for TSC Board or BND really believes as to the real problems facing each of these institutions. To a candidate it is about bogus inflated resumes, and "I have business experience." BFD. But then I blame the people - they do not demand that the candidates ever say anything of substance. At this point I am supporting no one for any of these positions.

We as a nation are facing a financial crisis which many believe will lead us into a depression or near depression. Millions of Americans have no way of ever paying off their credit card debt. If enough default on the debt, we all know that the corporate welfare advocates in the Republican Party will move for a bail-out. I say let the credit card companies and mortgage companies fail. It is time there be accountability for the reckless conduct by the financial market and the people who were so desperate to get that new X-Box for their over indulged child they were willing to charge it.

But we will not allow for accountability - we will do what we as greedy devoid of compassion and a moral compass Americans do best - we will charge our grandchildren for our debt. The politicians in the interest of self preservation will charge the bail-outs to our grandchildren and great grandchildren. This is sad - it is pathetic and makes me want to puke on the people.

With every responsible person in the country now understanding how endless charging created this financial mess we as a nation are facing, the best Brownsville can produce is Pat Almighty and the Nancy Boys, who appear to have not heard the news - charging your needs to your grandchildren is immoral and evidence of someone devoid of compassion and a moral compass.

According to the Herald 50% of Brownsville’s revenues go to servicing debt. This must stop. While there are many good reasons to fight the proposed $53 million bond issue for Public Works - fiscal sanity should be the first. Repairing our roads is a day to day obligation of the city - it is not a capital improvement which could result in an economic benefit to the city.

At this point, if Brownsville had anyone leading the city, they would stand before the people and say "we have a choice we can repair our roads by raising property taxes and fees, or we can charge the cost of the repairs to our grandchildren." Honesty - how silly - honesty from Pat Almighty and the Nancy boys - silly, silly me. I do not know how people sit in on the City Commission meetings without nose pins to cover-up the smell of pure shit Pat Almighty and the Nancy Boys represent.

When 50% of your income is going to pay debt, you do not take on additional debt unless that debt can be paid for through the capital improvements financed with the debt - a convention center or new airport could generate enough additional revenue to pay for the debt incurred to finance these projects.

A second reason to oppose the use of $53 million dollars of new debt for Public Works is, Public Works is overseen by a highschool graduate. Who other than a complete and total moron hires a highschool graduate to oversee $53 million dollars? People - anyone who supports this bond issue loses the right to complain when the money goes missing and is mismanaged.

How about responsible government - to fund day to day operations of the city a real leader raises property taxes. To fund capital improvements which could generate revenues for the city and in fact pay for themselves should be funded with bonds. If you use the bond option to fix the roads as a substitute to raising taxes, then there will be no bond money to build a convention center or new airport, both of which could and should generate additional revenues for the city.


Truth Seeker said...

If 50% is going for debt service and 52% for public safety, we've managed to do do something truly remarkable.

Bobby, this was worth reading just to see you use BFD as a complete sentence. Love that.

Officer Barbrady said...

I believe that it is 52% of the balance,after debt service. Your mileage may vary.

I hate to quote Rush Limbaugh on this but :"No nation has ever taxed its way to prosperity."


The Merovingian said...

Sorry for the officer chiming in. He is only supposed to say "Nothing to see here people. Move along! Move along!"

If he accidently says something bordering on intellegent, it was The Merovingian using him somewhat like a medium.