Monday, March 24, 2008


Just a joke, I was going to review the meat market only and then I decided to guide people over to a new blog, which has become my favorite because it reminds me of my youth and allows me to think outside the box of "gotcha politics."

Tomorrow I will be outing two people. There is a truth out there which needs to be told. I am so tired of our children being sacrificed as a necessary evil to protect incompetence.

Every morning, for now, I begin with . His writing is greatly influenced by the classics. I do miss the days when I would spend endless hours in the library reading. In law school the professors use to joke that I would spend more time in the library than Richard Nixon. I remember when I took the junior level course in political theory and the instructor offered to turn over to me to teach the the section on Marx and Hegel because I had actually read more of each of these theorists’ works than he had. I politely declined. I think when we are getting older we yearn for yesteryear not because we are afraid of dying, but because we realize how life took control of us, and we abandoned our desire to read the classics and expand our minds.

La Michoacana meat market is in the old Sam’s shopping center on the corner of 77 and Price. They started in Dallas, which is how I know them. I have not yet tried the meat here, but in Dallas it was reasonably priced and superior to most grocery stores. Maybe because I grew up buying meat at the butcher is why I prefer a meat market, who knows, but if the meat is good, I much prefer being able to choose my own meat.

They also have a fish market. They do not sell gulf shrimp, so I went over to Gordon’s on 48 for my shrimp. For under 5 dollars I bought the most incredible whole red snapper. I was more than full. I grilled it on the stove top with onions and tomatoes. The head meat is the best.

I also bought some marinated chicken thighs without bones. They were for the beach yesterday - but the weather called off that party. This week I will try the chicken thighs. The rib-eyes looked good. Maybe later in the week I will go back.


I posted a comment in the Herald related to Ahumada's decision to seek bond money for the roads. I complained about turning a multimillion dollar budget over to a highschool graduate. Two sources in public works called me this morning to tell me it is the hot topic over at public works. They have no confidence in Santana Torres. I wonder if the SS Officers in the City of Brownville are going to order another piss test of all the public works workers, the way they did after the last comments I made on the issue. My sources will not and cannot be silenced with piss tests -


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BobbyWC said...

I am not sure how I feel about the recall, because of the Ernie Hernandez - I truly believe in recalls - but I feel like it is a back door way to steal an election when it is being done by the loser

very mixed feelings here

Anonymous said...

hey.. stick to the subject matter. we, the people, need to let these politicians know that we will not stand for this compadrismo any longer!!! when we have a Director level vacancy in the city, they need to go out and advertise the position!! they need to try to recruit qualified, experienced individuals from other similar sized cities!! They need to keep the citizens abreast of the hiring progress via a Human Resources Director's report to the City Commission each week. They need a transparent means to select these critical Director positions in our city. They need to be able to justify who they hire. We are currently without an Assistant City Manager and we currently have an Interim Purchasing Director. The commission can start with those two positions. Are they advertising them on the Texas Municipal League website? A weekly update would be nice. As for the Public Works Director. The only way that they can legally get away without hiring a Professional Engineer is to have a licensed engineer somewhere in their organization (which they don't). Therefore, we are operating illegally on every public works project that carries a pricetag of more than $20,000. Newsflash for our elected officials---every project costs more than $20k!!!! OH, and by the way, it's La Michoacana...Now was the red snapper from La Michoacana or from Gordons???

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Thank you,Bobbywc.