Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I am busy cooking up a storm so Wednesday's post will be short. What ever happened to the Charter Review Committee? In light of the situation with Pat Almighty, I am certain the people of Brownsville are ready for a more readily viable recall process.

There is no doubt in my mind he could never get a jury to find him not guilty. The people of Brownsville and Cameron C0unty are at their limits with bad politicos. This need for blood may actually work to Pat Almighty's advantage in obtaining a change of venue in the event it comes to a trial. Even if he is innocent, he will be found guilty in Cameron County.


I guess I had two things with which to close out the year. To catch everyone up - De Leon secured an injunction from the Court of Appeals against Villalobos prosecuting her until the court can decide if Villalobos can be both the victim and prosecutor.

On Friday when the trial courts open for business, Judge Cornejo-Lopez will be the judge in the De Leon case. De Leon would serve her interests well to give Judge Cornejo-Lopez a shot at the issue. I had a similar issue when I won my first mandamus. One judge had issued the offending order, but because Judge Moss was subsequently recused from the case, it was up to Judge Coker to decide the merits of the offending order. It was only after Judge Coker found the order did not violated my rights to free speech, that the Texas Supreme Court in Grigsby v. Coker finally issued the mandamus and voided the order.

Who knows how the Court of Appeals will handle the issue? In the end even if Judge Cornejo-Lopez were to remove Villalobos, he would then seek mandamus relief from the Court of Appeals. The problem facing the Court of Appeals and De Leon is, mandamuses issue against judges and not the court. I suspect they have no authority to issue a mandamus against Judge Cornejo-Lopez. At most I see them dismissing De Leon's mandamus subject to Judge Cornejo-Lopez reviewing Judge Limas' original order. At that time the non prevailing party will seek a mandamus.

Yolanda - save the court time - ask that Judge Cornejo-Lopez reconsider your original motion to disqualify Villalobos. Inform the Court of Appeals of your actions so that they can stay the mandamus until they know whether or not Judge Cornejo-Lopez will make the mandamus moot because she has disqualified Villalobos.

Fairness mandates that she be given an opportunity to consider the issue, before the Court of Appeals grants a mandamus. In the end the question before the Court of Appeals is interesting. Because you cannot build a Chinese Wall around Villalobos because he is the boss, he needs to be removed from the case. Villalobos certainly does not seem to have a hard time with his subordinate Padilla acting as an attorney pro tem for Juan Guerra in Willacy County. In fact Yolanda, at the hearing with Judge Cornejo-Lopez, I would call Padilla as a witness that in fact a trial judge can remove a DA who is both the victim and prosecutor.


Remember the men and women in blue are out there to protect us. Give them a break and drive particularly safe when passing them if they have someone pulled over. In fact it is just best to be an entire lane over from them when possible.



Date/Time: December 30, 2008
Location: Citywide, Brownsville Texas
Subject: New Years Eve Extra - Patrol

The Brownsville Police Department will be in full force patrolling the city streets of Brownsville. There will be dedicated two man units responding to fireworks and shots fired from firearms complaints.

These officers will have discretion in issuing citations and making arrest of those persons caught violating the city ordinance against discharging fireworks and or shooting firearms inside the city limits of Brownsville.

These are some of the charges and fines;
Discharging fireworks within the city limits of Brownsville.
City Ordinance Violation
$1.00 - $2000.00 but usual fine is $220.00

Making firearm accessible to a child under the age of 17
Class C Misdemeanor. Class A Misdemeanor if someone gets hurt.
$500.00 Fine

Unlawful carrying of a handgun
Class A Misdemeanor
Up to One year in Jail
$4,000.00 fine

Unlawful possession of a firearm by a convicted Felon
3rd Degree Felony
2 – 10 Years in Jail
$10,000.00 fine

Discharging firearm in certain municipalities
Class B Misdemeanor
Up to 180 days in Jail and a $2,000.00

My words, if you are caught discharging a fire arm, you will not want me on the jury. I would give you the 180 days and the $2,000.00 fine

Thanks for the warnings Chief

Now be safe and have a designated driver

Bobby WC

The Fourth Estate has become a joke. Accuracy means nothing to journalists. It is 580 miles from Brownsville to the VA hospital in SA, not 500, not all vets get gas reimbursement, only certain qualifying vets based on the nature of their service connected disability, and if you are going to plant a phony story about a bogus meeting at least make sure the Starbucks you claim to have gone to for coffee is still open. Even a mediocre fiction writer should know to make his fiction more authentic you check out the locations your fiction allegedly takes place to insure they still exist. (It has gotten so petty and first grader like manipulation it’s actually sad- but fun)

That is journalism American style. It gets a lot (which by the way is two words - even if you insist on spelling it as one word) better on Friday. I suspect Friday will be like a psychotic wind blowing through the LRGV. My point is, accuracy and credibility mean nothing to journalists. I remember about a year ago a CNN reporter going on and on about how a former soldier was going to be tried in the civil federal courts for his crimes while in the military. Only one problem with the story - no such court exists. Federal courts are courts of general jurisdiction, meaning they hear both civil and criminal cases. CNN cannot even hire competent reporters to report on the courts.

And while I am at it - no matter what you hear on CAN or read in the paper, when the Supreme Court denies Certiorari in a case, which means they are refusing to hear the case, it does not mean they are upholding the lower court’s ruling, it only means they are not agreeing to hear the case. The following day, on the same issue they just rejected the Court might actually issue a ruling which effectively overrules the holding in the case they refused to hear just the day before. Do they teach anything in journalism school other than arrogance and the pleasure of remaining ignorant?

Why am I all over the Fourth Estate? The concept of Freedom of Speech in part only succeeds if the press acts as the role model for society. There are two components to this: [1] the investigative force against corruption and crime in the private and government sectors, and [2] getting the story right so that innocent people do not have their names tarnished by the incompetence of the reporter and editor.

I am going to address the latter first - out of order. The Herald has a rule against personal attacks while blogging on their stories. There are two reasons for this. One - liability for a defamation suit - two personal attacks diminish the credibility of the Herald. The Herald, whose lawyers earned their law licenses by eating mega boxes of Cracker Jacks fail to understand the liability which comes from not enforcing their own rules, and the defamation which follow as a consequence of not following their own rules.

I am no supporter of Roy De Los Santos, but it was outrageous that he had to go on line and post a comment in the Herald that his campaign manager is not a drug abuser. The fact the Herald put De Los Santos in the position of having to deny these bogus and defamatory statements against his campaign manager tells me that the Herald is so desperate for a readership that its new standard for newsworthy is anything that titillates and sells to the worst elements in Brownsville.

You cannot be a journalist at the Herald and take yourself seriously at the same time. When you write for the Herald or Freedom Communications, you have to admit you have reached rock bottom.

It is well established in the realm of constitutional law that you have a right to your reputation and the right to redress when your reputation is injured. The Texas Constitution best states the law as to Freedom of Speech and accountability for that speech. "Every person shall be at liberty to speak, write or publish his opinions on any subject, being responsible for the abuse of that privilege . . . ." Tex. Const. art. I, §8. Freedom of speech has never been the right to say whatever you want when you damn well pleased without accountability. If you defame someone’s character, you will be held accountable. What the law and courts cannot do, is bar you in advance from defaming someone’s character.

For reasons I will never understand the United States Supreme Court has made it more difficult for public officials to sue the press when it comes to defamation. For me the Supreme Court undermined the credibility of the Fourth Estate because it basically said, we expect less from you. What makes this worse is when then Herald decides it is going to use the guise of blogging to allow people to accuse one another of being drug addicts. For me this was the final straw - the Herald is simply without credibility.

Finally, and to the first point - credibility - investigative journalism is dead at the Herald. If the corrupt politician does not show up at the Herald’s office with his confession in writing, you will never read it in the Herald. Reading a story in the Herald is like watching a horror film when the blonde goes looking for the psycho-murderer. You find yourself yelling at the journalist demanding why he is not asking obvious questions.

This is the way the last meeting between Pat Ahumada and the Herald reporter should have gone. When Ahumada claimed he receives checks for travel reimbursement the first question should have been, "have you ever submitted a request for reimbursement for any where near $26,000.00? Second, do you have direct deposit with the city for reimbursement or do you request checks? Third question, do you always deposit personal funds into your business account? Fourth, will you walk with me to Pete Gonzales’ office and authorize him at this time to release all of your requests for travel reimbursement since becoming mayor? Fifth, why did you find it necessary to tell Mr. Brown to wait at your home while you went to the bank alone? You get my drift.

And please, I do not want to hear "I know the reporters at the Herald and they are so nice, you just want to hug and kiss them."¿Y Que? Being nice does not equate to competency. I am not talking about being nice. I am talking about being competent.

I am talking about the Fourth Estate losing its credibility and along with that credibility our freedoms when there is no one left to report on corrupt government and businesses.
Okay people chill, if the reporters at the Herald are going to remain silent about the demise of the Herald and how bloggers can call good people drug abusers with impunity, then it is time they take a tongue lashing. I have said nothing remotely as heinous as calling an innocent man a drug abuser.

In the end, this about the decision by a bunch of arrogant punk journalists to compromise our democracy by abandoning the role as the force of investigation against corruption in the business and government sectors.

Had journalists not abandon their role in our democracy in favor of press parties and hobnobbing with the business community and politicos, the economy would not be in the shambles it is today. If we continue to remain silent to a press indifference to our personal and economic freedoms, we are in effect surrendering to oppression.

Monday, December 29, 2008


UPDATE: when this was posted last night it was current based on what was being reported by the court on its web page. This morning new orders were released. They dismissed the Application for Stay because Guerra failed to file a Mandamus with it. This is why I called it some type injunctive release. Under Mandamus the court listed "NO" Well now he has a chance to refile today. I do not know why the court originally listed the date for hearing on the 8th. Maybe a justice decided not to play along with the game of waiting for it to become moot.

On December 23rd Juan Guerra sought some type injunctive relief against Judge BaƱales removing him from prosecuting certain LRGV politicos. The court docket indicates they will not even consider it until January 8, 2009. At that time they will dismiss it as moot. How sad. The corruption of the judiciary never ceases to amaze me. Applications for stay are normally granted or denied on the same day they are filed. This allows for an emergency appeal to the Texas Supreme Court or the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

The same court granted a stay against Villalobos prosecuting De Leon until it could decide whether Villalobos could be the prosecutor and victim at the same time. Maybe the Court of Appeal’s failure to act in Guerra's case is a window into the Villalobos-De Leon ruling. You cannot be both the victim and prosecutor.

Tuesday - I take the Herald to task for being party to defaming an innocent man. It is no longer if the Herald is going to go to Thursday, Friday, and Sunday only delivery, it is only a question of when.

After much internal debate I am changing my approach to this story. I have submitted a very specific claim of alleged fraud to Pete Gonzales. My problem is, in an unrelated claim of theft my source after months of telling the same story over and over and over again, changed his story the other day. When I caught him changing an essential fact, he responded with "oh I forgot." My response was, "oh there is the door."

With that experience I am not comfortable with being too specific until Pete Gonzales completes his investigation. Basically, what I can say is, a city employee is claiming a supervisor told him to purchase specific items on a city credit card. This city employee claims that just days later he saw these items at the supervisor’s home.

Based on the story I was told, I was able to provide Pete Gonzales with the specific credit card used, the items purchased, and the month the items were purchased. I also provided the name of the supervisor. I made it clear to Pete Gonzales I was just relating a claim and had no proof to support the claim. Everything is alleged.

The bigger problem is, the city has no checks in place to prevent this from happening. Literally a supervisor could ask several subordinates to buy different items at different times which by themselves would alert no one. But when you put the items together, you have a red flag there is a problem.

I reject probably 95% of the anonymous claims I receive. In most cases there is something so stupid in the story you just know the story is either pure BS or near pure BS. It was like the case of City Manager Cabler leaving the scene of an accident drunk and then lowering his liability coverage. Cabler lowering his liability coverage would only have served to increase his personal exposure, so I knew the story was a lie - the BV refused to cover it. And secondly, no insurance company would make itself party to such a stupid scam.

Another story I rejected is the claim DA Villalobos embezzled $300,000.00 related to some computer system. You know what, when a check is made out to the DA for $300,000.00 for a computer system which never appears, someone is going to notice. The Villalobos case is particularly instructive of the bogus claims received at the BV because the source who refused to answer any questions assumed that because I cover Villalobos in a negative light, I would just report any piece of garbage which makes Villalobos look bad.

This story about credit card abuse within the City I found credible because the person was persistent, answered all of my questions, told me which department manager is the alleged thief, and which credit cards were used. He also provided me with dates. I reported all of this information to Pete Gonzales so that he could open an investigation.

Maybe, in the end the entire story as told to me is false. Maybe, in the end the story is real, but by chance, both the city and this supervisor bought the same items at the same time.

Pete Gonzales may be good at keeping the city bond rating at a respectable level, but given the endless claims of credit card abuse by city employees, and the check fiasco with Mayor Ahumada, it is clear Pete Gonzales gets an "F" when it comes to safeguarding the taxpayers’ money.

I would hope Pete Gonzales can prove to Brownsville that the story is 100% false. This is why I am not getting into specifics. If the supervisor is the victim of a vindictive employee, reporting the entire claim before Pete Gonzales can investigate would be a disservice to the supervisor.

In the past I have reported herein as an eyewitness seeing city employees buying office supplies at Office Depot and then selling them for a discount to their friends in the parking lot. City Manager Charlie Cabler has failed to address the many areas where fraud can occur. Since Mr. Cabler is unwilling to do his job, maybe it is time the City Commission bring in an independent auditor to look for fraud and ways to prevent fraud in the future. After the Ahumada check fiasco, can we really trust Cabler and Gonzales to protect our tax dollars?

I would think Mr. Ahumada being the alleged victim of the laxed policies in the Finance Department would be the first to demand accountability.

Friday, December 26, 2008


I have been nursing a cold for a week, so I could not get out to the movies. There was nothing I really wanted to see anyway. But, having way too much time at home, I caught a film on HBO which I never in a million years would have thought I would like.

It is basically a civil rights musical. John Travolta can pull off a nice drag. One thing I liked about the film is, it can be used to introduce the civil rights movement in a way which will spark discussion. Social studies is always a challenge to teach, so whenever a fun film comes along to help teach the subject, I say use it.

BV Back on Monday - Credit Card Fraud at City Hall - The Raising of a Barn

By Rebecca Sinderbrand CNN

(CNN) -- A candidate for the Republican National Committee chairmanship said Friday the CD he sent committee members for Christmas -- which included a song titled "Barack the Magic Negro" -- was clearly intended as a joke.

The title of the song about President-elect Barack Obama was drawn from a Los Angeles Times column.

"I think most people recognize political satire when they see it," Tennessee Republican Chip Saltsman told CNN. "I think RNC members understand that."

The song, set to the tune of "Puff the Magic Dragon," was first played on conservative political commentator Rush Limbaugh's radio show in 2007.

Its title was drawn from a Los Angeles Times column that suggested President-elect Barack Obama appealed to those who feel guilty about the nation's history of mistreatment of African-Americans. Saltsman said the song, penned by his longtime friend Paul Shanklin, should be easily recognized as satire directed at the Times.

The CD sent to RNC members, first reported by The Hill on Friday, is titled "We Hate the USA" and also includes songs referencing former presidential candidate John Edwards and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, among other targets.

According to The Hill, other song titles, some of which were in bold font, were: "John Edwards' Poverty Tour," "Wright place, wrong pastor," "Love Client #9," "Ivory and Ebony" and "The Star Spanglish Banner."

Saltsman was national campaign manager for former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee's presidential bid in 2007 and 2008. Before that, he held a variety of posts, including a number of positions under former Sen. Bill Frist of Tennessee.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Well, the story about more corruption at city hall will wait until Monday. As it turns out this commentary works better with my on line poll.

The great attraction to Christianity is it provides its followers absolution from accountability. The sinner is never required to simply take responsibility for his/her actions. Absolution, especially among Catholics, is the ready made easy way out from personal accountability. The concept of redemption is the same. Rather than simply accept responsibility for your actions and changing how you conduct yourself, you can turn to deliverance from evil. You see, evil is a third-party which allows the sinner to look outside himself for the source of his actions.

People who believe in absolution and redemption will never know true liberty. They permanently tie themselves to a third-party as a way to avoid accountability for their actions. Absolution and redemption are masters over their slaves. Marx understood this, but he took it too far and assumed all Faith is tied to absolution and redemption as masters of slaves. He basically threw out the baby with the bath water.

It never surprises me the worst sinners are tied to religious cults such as Christianity, or Islam. Of course there are people within each of these respective faiths who somehow see through the politics of the control and actually embrace the real message of the inspirational voice who started the movement. As I have said many a time, I am not a Christian, I am a student of Joshua, aka Jesus. I do know people who are Christians by self profession, but who live as students of Joshua.

Whether it is Pat Ahumada or other public figures they fail because they are slaves to absolution and redemption. It is an addiction. They love their daily fix of being forgiven by absolution or redemption because it means they never have to give up their addictions of choice - narcissism, or grandiose personality. They are always a victim. Such as being enslaved to absolution and redemption to avoid personal accountability they are in love with the concept of victim-hood.

So here is my proposal if Pat Ahumda is willing to do the following, the DA and US attorney should give him an offer of a years probation with an offer of an early release if he behaves.

[1] He admits publically he intended to steal the money;
[2] He blames no one, and does not ask for forgiveness - asking for forgiveness is pathetic. He needs to search long and hard within himself and change. If he truly changes people will see him in a new light and judge him based on his new self and not the confessed thief. To ask for forgiveness without having first proven through your actions you have changed is insulting;
[3] He resigns from office immediately;
[4] He promises to not run for public office or accept any public appointments for 2 years.

Pat Ahumada and Robert Sanchez would serve themselves and more importantly their families well, if they would just go quietly into their private lives, admit to their transgressions, rebuild their families, rebuild their businesses, and find a true sense of community in their hearts. Those who best serve the community do it every day and without the fanfare. Both of these men can learn a lesson from the citizen who quietly serves his community. For these citizens serve without the baggage of narcissism or grandiose personalities.

Neither of these men will find peace until they make amends for their actions. They will always play the victim avoiding personal accountability and responsibility.

The new year is around the corner. I hope Pat Ahumada will serve the city honorably by taking responsibility for his actions. I hope the DA and US Attorney will see the merits in my argument for leniency, under the conditions specified, so that the city can move forward during these hard economic times rather than be divided over whether the mayor is a victim or a very misguided soul.

Even if the mayor is a victim, so long as this mess remains open his opponents will use it to bring the city commission to standstill. Does anyone believe Il Duce Troiani and his Nancy Boys will not use these events to bring city government to a standstill. Even Nixon had good sense to resign in the interest of the people.

I hope there is someone in Robert Sanchez’ life who can tell him it is time to make amends for his ways by taking personal responsibility for his actions. It is never about the story. It is about the motivation behind the story. When the motivation is bad, the story even if true will flip on you and make you the bad guy.


Happy Holidays


For many this is a difficult Christmas, divorce with children gone to other spouse, death of a loved one, just alone or no job - take a moment to reflect on what is right in your life and be happy.

Christmas should be about Faith and Unity. May your day be filled with the Joy of your Faith, or whatever you believe brings about life. Be united in Spirit with the love which sustains the world every day.

Happy Holidays from the Brownsville Voice.


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I promise it is G rated. You must play the puzzle to see the animated fun.

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BV will be back tomorrow with a surprise poll and more corruption at City Hall

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For today's Political Commentary See Ahumada's Who's On First

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I promise it is G rated. You must play the puzzle to see the animated fun.

To review all of the Christmas videos you will need to click Older Posts at bottom.

I will be posting numerous videos for your enjoyment. I think I have chosen a large variety for a diversity of likes and dislikes. BV will be back on Friday with a shocking political poll, and news of more corruption at City Hall


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For today's Political Commentary See Ahumada's Who's On First

To review all of the Christmas videos you will need to click Older Posts at bottom

I will be posting numerous videos for your enjoyment. I think I have chosen a large variety for a diversity of likes and dislikes. BV will be back on Friday with a shocking political poll, and news of more corruption at City Hall


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I will be posting numerous videos for your enjoyment. I think I have chosen a large variety for a diversity of likes and dislikes. BV will be back on Friday with a shocking political poll, and news of more corruption at City Hall


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Scroll down for today's commentary on the Ahumada check saga

I will be posting numerous videos for your enjoyment. I think I have chosen a large range for a diversity of likes and dislikes. BV will be back on Friday with a shocking political poll, and news of more corruption at City Hall


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Scroll down for today's commentary on the Ahumada check saga

I will be posting numerous videos for your enjoyment. I think I have chosen a large range for a diversity of likes and dislikes. BV will be back on Friday with a shocking political poll, and news of more corruption at City Hall


Scroll down for today's commentary on the Ahumada check saga

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I will be posting numerous videos for your enjoyment. I think I have chosen a large range for a diversity of likes and dislikes. BV will be back on Friday with a shocking political poll, and news of more corruption at City Hall


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Remember home is where the heart is.

I will be posting numerous videos for your enjoyment. I think I have chosen a large range for a diversity of likes and dislikes. BV will be back on Friday with a shocking political poll, and news of more corruption at City Hall.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


To my disbelief the check saga with Pat Almighty continues in Wednesday’s Herald. I was not planning on posting Wednesday other than the holiday videos, but given the mayor appears to have hung himself again, a comment is needed.


With a few modifications and one spelling error I am basically reposting my comments on the issue as they appear in the Herald. "Based on legal advice, I should not comment any further until this investigation is concluded to avoid creating confusion as to what is or what is not," the mayor said."


"Ahumada has said that the check could have been deposited in error, if city staff mistakenly gave him the check for travel reimbursement or the like."Plausible, except the story says he deposited the check into his personal business account. Why would you deposit a reimbursement check into your business account (appraisal business) instead your personal account?

If you have never run a personal business this may not be obvious to you, so I understand. Your business account is for business funds, not private funds. When I go to the VA in SA in early January for my presurgery appointment to have my previous carpal tunnel surgery corrected, the VA will give me a travel reimbursement for the trip from Brownsville to SA. After leaving the VA I will go to my bank and deposit the money into my private account, not my business account. Why you ask, because funds which go into my business account are recorded as income to the business. Reimbursement by the city to Pat Ahumada for city related travel is not income to his appraisal business. This is why his claim is not credible.

Also remember the press release from the Police Department. On the day the mayor deposited the check Brown was taking him to the airport. He told Brown to wait at his house and he would be back. You are on the jury, you ask yourself - a friend is taking you to the airport but you need to go to the bank first, do you "A" ask the friend to wait at your house while you go to the bank, or "B" ask your friend to stop at the bank on the way to the airport. People who believe in "B" would then assume that the mayor asked Brown to remain at his house because he did not want Brown around at the bank if the teller pointed out the check was not in the mayor's name.

For a jury to believe the mayor they would have to believe he [1] forgot he put in a request for travel reimbursement for this amount, and [2] that before going on a trip for city business he deposited the check for travel reimbursement.Blaylock needs to put a lock on the mayor's lips.Given how I know juries work, some jury members, such as some readers herein, will find the mayor's explanation plausible. I do not, but then again that is the nature of the jury system.

The mayor can add credibility to his story by asking the city to release to the Herald invoices for previous travel which show reimbursement at this level in the past, and his requests for reimbursement for travel in November and October which would show the mayor put in for reimbursement at these levels. If such documents exist then the mayor's argument seems even more plausible. If the documents do not exist, then the mayor would have been better off remaining silent.We are still waiting for the mayor to release his bank statements which show the money was removed from his account in early December for reimbursement to the city. For me it is not when the city received the money back, but when the bank removed the money from his account. Again it is plausible the bank lead the mayor to believe the money was given back to the city because it was deducted from his account, but not refunded to the city.

How does the mayor fix this misperception - just turn over his bank statements. He can print them out today from the computer. The BV would be more than willing to post bank statements which show the bank debited the funds from his account in early December as he alleges.The more the mayor speaks the worse it looks. The Herald needs to ask Cabler if the city has ever given the mayor a reimbursement check any where near $26,000.00. Because if they have not then the amount should have been a red light to the mayor.Blaylock needs to but an apple in the mayor’s mouth.

The discussion which follows by other bloggers will be a reflection of a possible jury pool. Different people will interpret these facts differently, which is exactly what happens in a jury room.

As the day progresses, after 5 p.m I will post more Christmas youtube videos. There will be more on Thursday.


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I will be posting numerous videos for your enjoyment. I think I have chosen a large range for a diversity of likes and dislikes. BV will be back on Friday with a shocking political poll, and news of more corruption at City Hall.


Brought to you by Youtube.com

I will be posting numerous videos for your enjoyment. I think I have chosen a large range for a diversity of likes and dislikes. BV will be back on Friday with a shocking political poll, and news of more corruption at City Hall.

Holly Jolly Christmas Burl Ives

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I will be posting numerous videos for your enjoyment. I think I have chosen a large range for a diversity of likes and dislikes. BV will be back on Friday with a shocking political poll, and news of more corruption at City Hall.


The man who wrote this song is just like the song. Here is a trivia question, his mother-in-law is the godmother to which mother of a well know Brownsville politico?


If I can find other interesting videos for the Holidays more will be posted for your pleasure.


My long term readers know I gave Mayor Ahumada the name Pat Almighty because during his campaign he promised the world to the people of Brownsville without ever stating how he intended to pay for his promises. It was my position that he was taking a verse from the Book of Genesis, "And let there be repaired streets."

During the campaign he refused to answer his critics on the question of how he intended to pay for his promises. His supporters simply retorted with the same boring dribble "Ernie’s a crook" After Pat Almighty was elected he declared he could not keep his promises because there was no money in the budget. When asked why he made the promises with knowledge of no money in the budget he responded, "I didn’t know there was no money in the budget, Ernie’s a crook." The rest is history.

Roy (of the Saints) De los Santos, aka El Santo Roy, proclaimed in his press release announcing his second campaign against City Commissioner Leo T. Garza, that "I intend to deliver in the areas of greatest need in our city, including building infrastructure, police, fire and emergency medical services protection, and economic development." I posted a comment in the Herald that we did not need another recycled candidate. To his credit El Santo Roy, actually responded to my post with the following. "Not a recycled candidate, I've never held public office before."

First and foremost candidate does not mean an elected official, it means candidate for some type position with no guarantees you will get the position. El Santo Roy seems to not understand simple English. Santo Roy were you or were you not a candidate against Leo T. Garza 2 years ago? You are a recycled candidate Santo Roy. If El Santo Roy cannot give honest responses to valid complaints, how can we trust him as an elected official.

My biggest concern is his promise "to deliver in the areas of greatest need in our city, including building infrastructure, police, fire and emergency medical services protection, and economic development." He claims the current city commission has failed in this area. The implication is there are millions of dollars just sitting around waiting for the city commission to allot the funding needed for infrastructure and such. There is no money.

The city budget is as tight as it can be. Sales tax revenues are in trouble. All retailers are reporting dismal sales for the holidays. This means fewer sales taxes going into the city coffers. The revenue generated from Los Tomates bridge is down. This is hurting the city. The people of Brownsville are demanding that their property values be reassessed downward because of the depressed housing market. Property taxes are no longer being paid on hundreds of foreclosed homes. Where is the money coming from to pay for El Santo Roy’s promises?

I submit El Santo Roy intends to pull a page from Pat Almighty’s Book of Genesis. And let there be "infrastructure, police, fire and emergency medical services protection, and economic development." If the people of Brownsville buy this dribble a second time they deserve the type government they have - Pat Almighty with Il Duce and the Nancy Boys making a mockery of Brownsville.

To be fair to El Santo Roy he responded to my concerns. "I've delivered on the promises I've made to the organizations, that I'm involved with, and can deliver on promises to the citizens of Brownsville." Okay, but how? As of the publishing of these comments, El Santo Roy has refused to meet my challenge and tell the people the how.

Oh and I can hear it now from the anti-Leo Garza brigades "Leo’s a crook."

This is not an endorsement of Leo T. Garza. I like every other sane person in Brownsville want him out. The election is far enough off that there is time for a new face with the ability to run a meaningful campaign to jump into the race.

Along with the reasons I have cited, there appears to be an anti-dynasty mood in the country right now. Remember what happened the last time Texas elected the son of another Texas politician? Didn’t go so well, did it?

"New York New York it is a helluva town" Shame only 4 first class seats left on the 6:15 flight arriving at 1:39." Inside joke - Actually, would be a bit warmer in - http://www.playaelcoco.com.ni/

Monday, December 22, 2008

May your day of Faith and Unity be a day filled with the joy of life given to you by your Faith, or whatever you believe forms the origins of life. Happy Holidays.

What better way for so called Christians to celebrate the true message of Joshua, aka Jesus, than to invite the world to celebrate their respective faiths as an International Day of Faith and Unity on December 25th. No one questions that December 25th is in fact not the birthday of Joshua. So why not just promote Faith and Unity by encouraging everyone to accept it as the International Day of Faith and Unity. Each group can celebrate as they choose. Can one imagine the power behind the entire planet celebrating Faith and Unity on one day? In terms of Christianity, would such an accomplishment by Christians not be the ultimate act of praise for the teachings of Joshua?

I write this because I grow tired of Republicans and Religious Conservatives year after year creating division over whether store greeters should say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. I grew up in New York. Since the Dutch first settled New York it has been a place of diversity. From the day you enter kindergarten you are taught that the classroom is a place of diversity. I grew up with my friends’ parents telling me their survival stories from the Holocaust, or hearing the stories of the grandparents who survived the Russian pogroms. You were taught to respect the diversity by saying Happy Holidays. It is sad that in the name of Joshua, we now condemn that respect.

The following is something I penned after 911. I hope it speaks to the message of Joshua.
What is and is not being an American is an issue of great debate in light of 9/11. What it is to be an American can be seen in America's landscape. America's majesty is in its diverse landscape, and so too its people. Whether it is the beauty of America's Fall colors, or the blossoming of a yucca cactus, America is diverse from shore to shore.

America's diversity is not limited to Fall colors or one cactus. Even within its trees and cacti there is no universality. They are all different is size, shape, and color. Such is the nature of being an American. We are diverse people. We have many values and many cultures. America's culture is a culture of blending of cultures and separation of cultures. Tacos and burritos are now as American as apple pie. So too are the egg roll, and pizza. Is it not true that pita bread is fashionable? Such is the nature of our blending. But yet, while we may blend in public, traditional cultural values appear to survive in the home. This is part of America's greatness.

How can people so diverse be one? The answer is simple, as Americans we all value liberty and economic opportunity. As Americans we have learned to blend these two basic concepts into many subcultures, with these concepts binding the whole.

As Americans we understand that 9/11 was an attack on "We The People", because "We the People" are America. Americans of all shapes, sizes, and colors came together and resolved in their minds "We shall Prevail" Such as the cacti and trees, while they are different in many ways, they are also the same - a tile in the mosaic known as the American Landscape.

On 9/11, to me it did not matter that I believe that America's politics of brutal colonial oppression led to 9/11. On 9/11 what mattered most to me was that being an American had little to do with how we feel about our governmental policies, it was about "We the People" being attacked. With rare exception "We the People" set aside our political beliefs to stand in defense of "We the People." We put aside our differences because as Americans we are Americans first and Democrats, Socialists, Republicans, Independents, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Jew, Christian, Moslem, whatever, second.

You are an American when you understand that America accepts all people, all values, all opinions, all cultures which can live in harmony within America's blending of cultures, values, opinions etc, and individualism at once. BEING AN AMERICAN IS NOT ABOUT TOLERANCE OF DIVERSITY, BUT THE EMBRACING OF DIVERSITY WITH THE COMMON GOAL OF LIBERTY AND ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL.

May your day of Faith and Unity be a day filled with the joy of life given to you by your Faith, or whatever you believe forms the origins of life. Happy Holidays.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shepherd, Show Me How to Go

Shepherd, Show Me How to Go

Someone asked me tonight why I put myself out there for abusive people use me as their pawn in their world of ignorance. The answer is not complex. The human spirit is a complex mosaic of emotions and personas. No one thing defines any of us. This is who I am, a complex mosaic of emotions and personas. I submit, if you cannot be yourself, who can you be? Embrace yourself - admit to who you are - the good and bad - it's liberating. This is why I put myself out there. I hope people can see this in themselves. If you allow the ignorant to define you, you will always be a slave to ignorance. Click above for my favorite hymn. It speaks to my daily path through God’s gift of life

The movie review is below this post.

(Editor's note added after original post)- I love when my readers tell me I need to edit - thanks for the heads up. Another word, Chief, again I am sorry I had to force you to defend yourself, but you were in trouble in the community. You know how jaded people are in this town. As a consequence of a hard week defending yourself, you look really good in the eyes of the people.)

Remember people - nothing is ever as it appears. Some day the puzzle will be clear, and each of you will ask - why did we not see that? Because you are not paying attention. The most obvious things are always right in front of you.

[F]our board members, including board president Enrique Escobedo, board vice president Herman Otis Powers Jr., Susan Galvan and Pat Lehmann were treated to dinner at La Pampa restaurant by Art Reyna, a representative of Vitetta, an architectural firm that specializes in school buildings"


Pat Lehmann lead the battle cry against Colunga’s and Cortez’s demand for an investigation. Pat Lehmann’s entire argument was corporate crooks must stick together

"We are a body corporate, Lehmann said, addressing Cortez directly. We are a team of eight, sir. We work as a team, but this is conspiracy. If you must pass judgment, then we are all guilty, sir." http://www.brownsvilleherald.com/news/board_73872___article.html/school_members.html

Did Colunga go silent about the La Pampa affair because he feared Lehmann might not be a team player as to Colunga’s son? Remember what Lehmann said to Colunga and Cortes, "If you must pass judgment, then we are all guilty, sir."

This is politics. I am not saying Colunga is not a victim of Montoya and Sanchez. I am not saying Colunga has done anything wrong. But sticking together is the nature of politics. The court will decide the merits of the lawsuit. My question is, why did Lehmann supporters Montoya, Sanchez, and McHale wait until after Lehmann was thrown out of office before making the accusations against Colunga? And then why not ask why Gonzales and Rendon provided cover for these alleged abuses by Colunga? Dirty politics - plain and simple

For me all politics is J. Edgar Hooverized - you always have a file on your friends and enemies.

This past week started with me hitting Chief Garcia hard. I had no choice. This town is known as the City by the Abyss. Had Chief Garcia lost his credibility on this one, Brownsville would have been royally screwed. At least now he has political currency with the people which he can use against the City Manager and City Commission if they try and pressure him to cover-up corruption in the future. If Garcia plays his cards carefully, he could become our Patrick Fitzgerald.

When did I know Pat Almighty was the culprit? The day the story broke. Pat Almighty refused to categorically deny he did it. Pat Almighty tried to mislead the people into believing he broke the story when in fact he only admitted to the problem after he got caught. He was trying to create a plausible defense. Unfortunately for Ahumada he hired a moron for an attorney who does not understand that once caught, as the attorney you remain silent, or begin to plant seeds of plausible explanation.

A second issue was, commonsense told us the bank knew right away who deposited the check. The fact Pat Almighty was not ruled out immediately was confirmation he did it. These were all obvious clues.

This is why models of analysis and critical thinking are so important. Neither the high schools, nor the basic universities teach this anymore. Apparently the law schools are no longer teaching it either.

Every one forms opinions based on their preconceived beliefs about a person. Obviously I have not been a fan of this mayor. In the past I have always stated Chief Garcia has run a commonsense police force. Although I stand by my comments that he failed the people by not being more forceful about money for adequate training of the police, and his selective enforcement of the gambling laws.

I was hearing from too many sources within the City, County and business community that they were losing confidence in Chief Garcia. No one is perfect, but on balance and given the politics of this town, we have a good Chief. I had to do something. So I started with the piece on Brownsville the City by the Abyss. I needed to draw out Chief Garcia. The following day he responded by stating he needed to dispel the rumors. I have admitted to using this drawing out technique before.

By chance, something he told MZ conflicted with something the Herald attributed to Ahumada. Ahumada claimed the money had been paid back. The Chief said it had not. So now, my choice was to out Ahumada based on my sources and commonsense, but chance a defamation suit if I were wrong, or tell people it was Ahumada by challenging them to decide who do they believe, Ahumada or Chief Garcia. Other than morons like Juan Montoya, and Robert Sanchez no one in their right mind was going to believe Ahumada. I trusted in my readers to read between the lines and begin to understand it was Pat Almighty in the Library with the Candlestick. I think most of you got it.

I did leave enough hints that I was really with Chief Garcia. What we have now is a very credible and powerful Chief Garcia. He is now less compromised by demands of Charlie Cabler and the City Commission.

I do want to thank my sources who allowed me to break the story of Pat Almighty’s meeting with the police on the 17th. They were also my source, as the Chief indicated today, that we now wait to decide who will prosecute - the feds or the state.

Back to politics. I have sought out info on this, but there is a real hush, hush at city hall. When did Cabler and the City Commission learn that Pat Almighty lied to the Herald about returning the money. This is where we came in. "We are a body corporate, Lehmann said, addressing Cortez directly. We are a team of eight, sir. We work as a team, but this is conspiracy. If you must pass judgment, then we are all guilty,

The FBI needs to investigate the entire city commission and Cabler on this issue. Once Pete Gonzales verified Pat Almighty had not paid back the money they should have sued his ass that day. They did not. What does Pat have on them? Remember, "If you must pass judgment, then we are all guilty, sir."

I can only hope that in the special Mayor’s race which appears inevitable for May or June, new blood will seek to run. I guess Sancho Panza Sanchez was right about Pat Almighty looking to go federal. Federal prison that is, if he does not play his cards properly.

Here is some free advice Pat Almighty. Fire Blaylock - hire someone who knows enough not to speak to the press until you have a strategy, and then offer to resign effective immediately, pay a $20,000.00 fine, and accept 5 years probation. Isn’t this a similar deal Villalobos gave to his former law partner’s client the Constable? Maybe you should hire Eddie Lucio. You see, as Villalobos’ former law partner, Lucio has a file on Villalobos, in the same way I have a file on Lucio, having been involved in his training when he first graduated law school in Dallas.
The Hooverization of politics.

Again people - nothing is ever as it appears. We are getting closer to the end.

It is so sad BISD and UTB oppose the teaching of analytical models and critical thinking. There was never a challenge to this case.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Without a doubt the most powerful film ever made. What makes this film remarkable in part is the creativity of its author. Some critics say this film is about redemption. They are wrong. They are short changing the true meaning of this film. It goes well beyond redemption. The film is about life and intimacy as God intended it to be. This film gives meaning to Joshua's command "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God, the things that are God's."
Joshua understood happiness is not about money, but living life in God's image. Will Smith makes this point in a very, very powerful way. By the end men and women were crying all over the theater. Not because it was sad, but because Will Smith's character gave meaning to the real purpose of life.
You can read elsewhether a synopsis of the film. Let me say this, every actor gave an Oscar level performance. Every actor will be nominated for Best Actor or Best Supporting Actor. Just amazing.
Now I will say this, in the reviews one critic gave this film an "F". The critic obviously has a personal issue with Will Smith and is trying to use his pen to diss the film. How does a film wherein you have men and women crying at the end rate a review of "F"?



Editors Note: I want to personally thank the Chief for including me in the Press Release. My sources were pretty adament the PBD knew for some time it was Ahumada. This is why I kept on demanding Ahumada's denial. You who Ms. Gibby - where are you? Sorry I hate fools who deny they are naked. By the way the BPD herein verified my source's account of the interview on the 17th. Thank you source

From: Carlos L. Garcia, Chief of Police

December 19, 2008

Media release: Investigation of the $26,139.00 check deposited into Mr. Pat Ahumada’s account.

The summary contained in this media release is based on facts and evidence gathered through the investigation.

On October 22, 2008 the City of Brownsville printed/issued a check in the amount of $26,139.00 to TARSA Technical Industries of New York for services provided to the city. This was the second payment of two scheduled payments.

On October 28, 2008 at about 9:15am, Mr. Larry Brown arrives at Mr. Ahumada’s residence, located at 53 Alan-A- Dale, to pick him up and transport Mr. Ahumada to the airport, later determined to be the Matamoros airport. Mr. Ahumada advises Mr. Brown that he needs to run an errand to the bank and that he will be right back. Mr. Brown waits for him. Mr. Ahumada is observed leaving his house, to the bank, in a black truck.

At approximately 9:30am this check was deposited into Mr. Ahumada’s account at the BBVA Compass bank located at 3255 Boca Chica by Mr. Pat Ahumada himself through the drive thru window. The bank teller, who handled this transaction, recognized Mr. Ahumada through previous bank transactions and positively identified Mr. Ahumada through a photo lineup. The bank teller provided a sworn statement to Brownsville Police Investigators recalling the events of this transaction. The teller remembers the transaction for several reasons. He knows Mr. Ahumada, since he has been a customer of BBVA Compass, formerly Texas State Bank, for numerous years; the amount of the check and such check not being made payable to him; the check was already endorsed and had an account number that was verified by the teller to be that of Mr. Ahumada; the teller proceeded with creating a deposit slip for Mr. Ahumada since he did not provide one at the time, a customer service provided by the bank; and he did not want to question Mr. Ahumada’s integrity as he feared that a complaint would be brought forth against him, since he knows Mr. Ahumada’s character as a person and his reactions. The transaction was finalized. No other checks were submitted for deposit that were part of this transaction. Mr. Ahumada left the drive thru in his black Chevy Avalanche as sworn to by the bank teller. The bank video depicts a black Chevy Avalanche departing the drive thru at approximately 9:33am. The driver of such vehicle cannot be clearly identified thru the video; however the bank teller has provided a sworn statement that he knows Mr. Ahumada drives such vehicle and a motorcycle.

At about 9:45am Mr. Ahumada arrives at his residence and departs with Mr. Larry Brown to the airport (Matamoros). Mr. Brown transports Mr. Ahumada to the Matamoros airport and while on their way there, they stop at a pharmacy in Matamoros at the request of Mr. Ahumada. Mr. Brown has provided BPD investigators with a sworn statement of these events on that day.

On December 2, 2008 Grand Jury Subpoenas were issued and executed to BBVA Security Office in McAllen, Texas for bank records pertaining to Mr. Ahumada’s account.

On December 15, 2008 late in the afternoon BPD investigators officially receive the bank records and video for Mr. Ahumada’s account from BBVA Compass.

On December 16, 2007, late in the evening, I called Mr. Ahumada and advised him that BPD investigators were ready to interview him. Arrangements were made for him to come in at 9:00am on December 17, 2008.

On December 17, 2008 at 8:30am Mr. Ahumada calls me and advises me that he is running late and will be here by 9:30am. I advise him that this is not a problem and that the investigators will wait for him. Mr. Ahumada provided a sworn and signed statement which contradicted with the facts and evidence collected by BPD investigators. He was advised of this and disagreed with the investigators.

On December 17, 2008 late in the afternoon, we are notified by the finance department that on this date the city’s account has been credited with the amount of $26,139.00. This is contrary to what Mr. Ahumada had been stating, that the city had already been credited for the amount of the check.

(Chief, I am sorry, I needed to push the issue. It was Ahumada who lied to the Herald - commonsense even informed a moron it was Ahumada from the begining)

We are still investigating the circumstances as to how the check resulted in the hands of Mr. Ahumada.

We are still continuing this investigation and the final results will be forwarded to the Cameron County District Attorney for their review with a recommendation that the results be presented to a grand jury to determine what charges, if any will be brought forth against Mr. Ahumada. The local FBI office has been authorized to review this case and will be provided with a copy of the final investigation. Any final determination as to the jurisdiction for the prosecution, if any will be a matter for discussion and decision between the District Attorney and the United States Attorney’s Office.

No questions or interviews will be granted at this time. You will be notified accordingly at the appropriate time.

# # # # # # # # #

The blogs and comments on the Herald seem to me mixed as to all three of these public officials. It seems to me their advisors are ill serving them by not advising them to take a more public stand in their own defense.

AHUMADA: He cannot seem to categorically deny having deposited the $26,000.00 check. He cannot seem to categorically deny it is his car on the bank video. An inside source has told me that the person who will be charged for this crime has now made 4 different statements, the last having been made Tuesday. The source is claiming there are inconsistent statements in the 4 statements by the alleged wrongdoer. I am told a decision is pending as to whether or not they will be charged under federal or state law.

Ahumada needs to categorically deny he or a family member deposited these checks. He needs to categorically deny the car in the bank video belongs to him. His unwillingness to do this may be needlessly resulting in the destruction of his own reputation.
Playing the victim is never a good public relations approach.

COLUNGA: I get it, journalist shy away from complex legal issues, even when they are simple. Colunga through his lawyer needs to do a letter to the Herald explaining what is happening. This town is jaded when it comes to public officials, and rightfully so. This is a reality. Colunga will loose his public image if he fails to be more proactive in pushing his case.

Colunga through his counsel needs to publish a letter which explains how under the law a young adult can continue at BISD after age 21. Which they can for the record. He needs to explain the ARD process. He needs to explain how there are other young adults who have benefitted from this law. He needs to explain the purpose of this law.

For those of you who do not know, Texas gets an "F" on this issue. I have personally seen self contained classrooms at Dallas ISD wherein you have 100% mentally incompetent 23 year old adults in diapers in the same classroom with students who just need a boost in math. Texas sucks when it comes to special needs children.

In other states, like NY, these young adults are transferred to continuing education facilities after leaving high school. It is essential to their health in many cases to have the continued mental stimulation. In Texas the rule is to institutionalize them at the taxpayers expense when the parents have to work, or leave them at home to die from depression and isolation. What a great Christian state Texas be.

Colunga you need to explain all of this. And please my detractors stop with I hate Sanchez - facts - I am the one who told the Sanchez family to go after the DA who indicted Sanchez Sr. for trying to use a criminal proceeding to effectuate a result in a civil proceeding. I am the one who took hits for defending Sanchez on the UFO incident. I am the one who cited Joe Colunga Jr. as an example of bad instruction at UTB. So let’s stay with the issues and stop the distractions.

SANCHEZ: Montoya claimed in the article which has gotten Sanchez and Montoya sued by Colunga that administrators and legal counsel do not know of any legal justification for Colunga’s continued presence at BISD. Fine - we know how impeccable Montoya is when it comes to facts. Do we all remember the no portables at Point Isabel high school which turned out to be false?

In litigation there is a thing known as Request for Disclosures. These are questions created by law. You cannot object to them. You must answer these questions immediately. Sanchez has two choices, he can go on his blog and name names, witnesses, or pay an attorney to name names. He cannot get around this. If he names now who these administrators and legal counsel are maybe it will encourage the so called ARD members who were allegedly pressured by Colunga into falsifying the ARD to come forward. I am certain the Herald will cover the story. Is this not the smarter way to end this, and come out on top as just being punished for telling the truth about public corruption?

All three of these men get "F’s" in terms of handling their public imagine on these issues.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008



Yesterday he submitted written answers to questions submitted to him by fellow blogger, MZ. You can check it out for yourself here.


I am concerned with two answers. 6. Has the money been returned to the City of Brownsville ?To my knowledge, as of this date, no. Check with Mr. Pete Gonzalez’

His response on December 17, 2008, is interesting because on December 3, 2008, Mayor Ahumada stated to the Herald ""He (Ahumada) said the bank teller didn't catch that the payee's name differed from the endorsement. Bank staff subsequently called him. The money was immediately returned to the city, he said."


Are we to believe that 14 days after Mayor Ahumada informed the Herald the money was returned that the Chief of Police is unaware of this? Please people - when are you going to get it - they play us for fools. The fool is a Chief of Police too stupid to not talk or at least to keep the story the straight.

The next conflict in statements might be explained with timing. An hour after telling the Herald he had not seen the video or discussed it with anyone, nearly two months after the event, he could have told MZ "4. Is there a video that clearly shows who made the deposit and signed the check?Yes, there is, however it is not clear as to a person, only a vehicle."

Okay chief, so now you know the kind of vehicle - does the Mayor have such a vehicle yes or no? This case smells more by the minute.


And there is a forth one on the way to be filed on January 2, 2009. What Sanchez does not get is, it is his blog and he is liable for what is published. I personally think the statement which got him in trouble was "As far as anyone in the administration, or legal counsel can determine, no such compensatory obligations exist." This was referring to whether Colunga's son should continue receiving services. The implication is, no one in the administration or legal can find a basis for the services, and the Sanchez and Montoya verified this. In the lawsuit Colunga states the services are based on a properly conducted ARD (it is a meeting of experts and teachers to decide the needs of the student). This would presumptively make Colunga son's continued attendance at BISD legal.

If there was an ARD then the Administration knew of a basis for the services which therefore make the Sanchez/Montoya statement false. Further as to legal - there is a big difference between me saying to some one I am not aware of the basis for the services, versus - I researched it and can find no legal basis for the services. Sanchez/Montoya do not seem to know the difference.

Just last week Montoya was warned that Sanchez told me I should sue Montoya for his published statements against me which in law are black and white defamation per se. I am not HIV +, I am not a child molester, and I do not have sex at my gym. Montoya kept on working for Sanchez anyway - some people never learn. For the record, I have no idea who authorized the statements. Sanchez wants me to believe it was Montoya - some friend, huh?

What the story also does not tell you is, everyone knew about this long ago. We understood no moral person goes after a disabled person. We assumed that the law was being met. The pride Sanchez must feel in going after a disabled young adult for personal political gain. He wants to be able to say "see make me Mayor and I will go after the corruption, even if it means denying an education to a disabled young adult."

Colunga was being punished because he did not play Lehmann's game in the election and Lehmann lost. Of course Sanchez and Montoya were publically pulling for Lehmann.

What the story does not tell you is the blog 2011 is in reference to Sanchez announcement that he will run for Mayor in 2011. The only blog to endorse him to date is mostly known for its porn, anti-gay statements, and guest articles demeaning Latinas and Jews. It is the company we keep which should inform people who we are in real life. Oh, the blogger is an English teacher at Rivera. Ask your kids they know about the blog and where they can get easy access to porn. Every member on the BISD Board is fully aware of it.

I feel sorry for Sanchez’s wife and kids because they have to face the community every day and defend this man. The porn blogger has posted pictures of naked women claiming to love Sanchez. This same blogger has encouraged the sexualizing of Sanchez’s wife. How has Sanchez responded to these attacks on his wife and marriage - not a word. What a stand-up guy.

And yes, McHale I am an irritable cuss. You cannot deal with the fact that I was the first and to date the only one to take on your contempt for Brownsville and its hard working people. You needed a town jester to make your game work - you found him in Robert Sanchez - if Sanchez finally smartens up, who will you choose as your next town jester? And remember McHale, Sanchez is squealing like a pig going to slaughter. I wonder what he will give up to Sossi to save his own butt. He already gave up Montoya to me and Sossi. He is demanding I sue Eduaaaardo. Maybe you are next.


Karma is a funny thing - The judge is Lopez, comes January 1, 2009.

To help you understand Defamation per se, and False Light here is the case law

Slander, to be actionable without proof of damage, falls into four categories: (1) imputation of a crime; (2) imputation of a loathsome disease; (3) injury to a person's office, business, profession, or calling; and (4) imputation of sexual misconduct. Kelly v. Diocese of Corpus Christi, 832 S.W.2d 88, 91 (Tex.App.--Corpus Christi 1992, writ dism'd w.o.j.); Bolling v. Baker, 671 S.W.2d 559, 570 (Tex.App.--San Antonio 1984, writ dism'd), cert. denied, 474 U.S. 824, 106 S.Ct. 79, 88 L.Ed.2d 64 (1985); RESTATEMENT (SECOND) OF TORTS § 570 (1977).

False Light with Malice

The Restatement (Second) of Torts § 652E defines the false light tort to include an actual malice requirement as follows:

One who gives publicity to a matter concerning another that places the other before the public in a false light is subject to liability to the other for invasion of his privacy if

(a) the false light in which the other was placed would be highly offensive to a reasonable person, and

(b) the actor had knowledge of or acted in reckless disregard as to the falsity of the publicized matter and the false light in which the other would be placed.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Brownsville Police Chief Garcia is quoted in the Herald as having said "Too many opinions have been formed by too many people in the community with little or no facts," Garcia said. " I am sure it is purely coincidental that I raised a ton of questions on the issue on Monday.

For the life of me I cannot figure out why the Mayor is not demanding that the bank clear him or his family in terms of who made the deposit. Who ever made the deposit knows they have been caught on tape. Disclosing it was not the Mayor or a family member of his would not be disclosing information from which the real perpetrators of this fraud could benefit. The so called real perpetrators already know who is on the tape. Again, why is the Mayor not demanding his name be cleared? All Chief Garcia has to do is say "I reviewed the tape and neither the Mayor nor a family member of his is on the tape." This immediately ends all of the speculation about the Mayor. How much simpler can it be? The needless delay in revealing who is on the videotape is needlessly hurting the Mayor’s reputation. The blame for this is squarely on the Chief of Police.

Garcia said. "We want to make sure that an independent body reviews the facts and the evidence to determine if there was any criminal intent to deprive the city or the vendor of its money." If someone other than the Mayor or a family member of his forged his signature and deposited the check it is fair to say we have a crime. It seems the more officials speak of this case the more it appears the Mayor in fact deposited the check.

The problem is, if the Mayor deposited the check and then made no bookkeeping entry, only one reasonable conclusion exists - he intended to steal the money. This would clearly be enough evidence to indict. It would then be for a jury to decide if the evidence is beyond a reasonable doubt, which it may not. I am certain though, a manipulated grand jury under DA Villalobos could get the grand jury to believe the entire thing was an innocent mistake.

My bigger problem is, if the Mayor is a victim of fraud, and the presumption at this point is he is in fact a victim of fraud, Police Chief Garcia’s failure to review the video and rule out the Mayor is only serving to hurt the Mayor’s reputation. This is simply dead wrong. The Mayor needs to call a press conference and demand that the Chief of Police either rule him out, because he is not on the videotape or state the Mayor is on the videotape. If the Mayor is on the videotape then he can begin the process of explaining how the check was deposited and no bookkeeping was made to reflect what he believed to be a valid payment from a client.

Police Chief Garcia - clear the Mayor and stop the games. Between your incompetent handling of the check affair and the unfortunate killing of Ricardo Moreno because of excessive force, it is time for you to resign or be fired.

The people of Brownsville have a right to know if the Mayor or a family member is on the tape. There is no excuse for the delay in this matter. The reputation of the City of Brownsville is needlessly suffering because of Chief Garcia’s political game playing with this investigation.


I did not know this, but the Christian Science Monitor is going 100% on line. The Herald cannot be far behind. I predict sooner than later the Herald will go to three days a week. On line only news will change nothing. If you are still not doing your job as a newspaper, whether it is free, home delivered, or on line no one is going to read it.

This post is going to go in several directions. It is amazing to me how little we still know about human sexuality, and how unwilling we are to discuss it in a public forum. The other day Dr. Dean Edell said that those people who are married who claim to not be having sex are to blame for their own predicament. His reasoning was basically, too vanilla and familiar.

As a society we are so sexually repressed and so confused about intimacy, we end up living without either. In the gay community, in part because of how society defined us, we use to believe being gay meant performing certain sexual acts with other men. I use certain because as adolescents many boys seem to be fine with mutual self manipulation while in a group or the gym showers. Today, successful gay couples know the genitalia is not what defines the relationship or the intimacy.

The genitalia is the least interesting part of sex. In the morning try taking a shower with your partner. You can only kiss and no touching of the genitalia. It can actually feel good. You will also think about it all day. You may be surprised to find out that your partner thought about it all day. You may be surprised to learn just how more interesting going to bed might be. Think about it, a simple text message during the day "you’re touch left me feeling good about us. Oooxxx" This is intimacy, without genitalia.

I know someone who gives his wife a rose every month on the day they met. It has been well over 20 years. They spend every Thanksgiving in Paris or Rome. This is intimacy. The opposite of intimacy is when our wife is pissed at you and you are such an insensitive boob that you announce it to the world.

Even raw sex is not intimacy. Raw sex is about your pleasure, not your partner’s. Married men do not seem to understand that when you have a life partner, sex becomes intimacy and her pleasure. This is where so many couples fail. I am not saying you should do things which will repulse you, but you should be willing to try things which give her pure pleasure and which in turn should give you pleasure by knowing she is pleased. The same goes for you ladies.
My ex believed oral sex meant talking during sex. That was a deal breaker, not because of the sex, but because it was indicative of bigger problems. There was never any intimacy. Without intimacy there is no relationship beyond raw sex.

My suggestion is, try the shower -try texting your partner every time you are thinking about them in a good way. Show them that you are listening. If your partner keeps on telling you how they wish they had their mother’s 1950's Betty Crocker cookbook, buy it on line and then send them a text during the day "Luv U - bread pudding." It will drive them nuts and make them feel good all day. Then you know what dude - after she opens your package later that evening maybe there may be less talking in the bedroom - bread pudding.

If all you are doing with your partner is vanilla sex until you release - you are a bad lover and know nothing about intimacy. Guys try discovering her body. Allow her emotional response to your touching (this includes the tongue) of her all over her body to guide you. Do not touch yourself. Do this for several nights in a row. You will find there is a lot more pleasure in what you are doing for her, than in you spending 3 minutes to produce a salty protein drink and then rolling over.

Ladies, it is then your turn. Intimacy is about pleasuring your husband. He may not know what gives him pleasure. It is up to you to help him discover it. Without it being a gay thing, straight men love to have their anus massaged either with your finger (use lube) or tongue. Try this while manipulating him with your hand or mouth. Ladies, when you are done - demand what ever you want for Christmas - do not be surprised if he robs a bank so he can afford to buy what ever you demanded.

I know his is an unusual post. But I figure if Dr. Dean Edell can talk about it on the radio, I can talk about it. In the end, true intimacy is about you pleasing you partner and you receiving great pleasure in knowing what you were willing to do to put a smile on your partner’s face.

Consider this my Holiday gift to all the sexually repressed readers. Guys, gay is when you can fall in love with another man - it is not sex. If you cannot fall in love with another man, then you are not gay because you like a little massage of your anus once in a while. And guys, for both you and your wife, they do sell anal douches. Remember - cleanliness is next to godliness.

Monday, December 15, 2008


This goes back to the issue of an open letter to President Elect Obama demanding an independent US Attorney for the Southern District of Texas. It must be someone with no ties to Texas.

I have spoken with the ad person at the Washington Post. A section $83,585.60. We must design the ad. I would like to form an immediate committee if people are interested.

I want to reference 3 simple examples. Dannenbaum, Livingston, and De La Garza - each has shock value. I want to tell the story with only 3-4 sentences of quotes from the Herald and then source it. We need a good opening line in how we adress Obama - example - We demand you appoint an independent US Attorney for the Southern District of Texas to clean up the corruption in the LRGV. Here are three simple examples."

Short and sweet. We will have 30 seconds to catch the readers' eyes. By sourcing the claims the national press corp will have a place to start their own investigations.

Bobby WC

Oil is up nearly $10.00 a barrel over the last week. OPEC is due to lower production on Wednesday. You better buy your gas while it is cheap. And here is a shocker - Congress under the Dems has yet to take up regulation of the speculators.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I have stayed away from commenting on the Mayor Ahumada check affair because the key evidence is still out. Now that I have had time to ponder the known facts, I am mad that Ahumada, Cabler, Gonzalez, Villalobos, and the Chief of Police are taking us all for fools.

In September I commented on the financial mismanagement of the City of Brownsville under Pete Gonzalez. I made the following comment. "Who should be the first line of defense against financial fraud against the City of Brownsville? Pete Gonzalez, the Financial Director. If the story I am about to tell is true, the only explanation is Pete Gonzalez is either incompetent or part of the problem. Either way he is not fit to be the Financial Director for the City of Brownsville."
A read of my full comments only serve to demonstrate the complete and total mess created by Pete Gonzalez, and the lack of any meaningful oversight by the City Manager, Charlie Cabler.

It has been over a month since the City of Brownsville first learned about the misapplied $26,000.00 check which ended up in the checking account of Mayor Ahumada. If the reports in the Herald are correct, Mayor Ahumada has yet to categorically deny he or a family member deposited the check into his account. I am not saying Mayor Ahumada or a family member deposited the check. Here are my concerns.

A real journalist or truth seeker asks hard questions. A plant for the Mayor simply reports his defense rather than asking probing questions. The Mayor’s supporters want us to believe that it takes months for the bookkeeping error to show up in the Mayor’s books. Wrong. Only someone devoid of knowledge of bookkeeping methods or someone looking for cover would make such an excuse.

In order for a bookkeeper to eventually catch the mistake, something would have had to have been submitted to the bookkeeper. A bank provides a deposit slip. In a typical business, the business person will submit a copy of the check, the deposit slip, and a note to credit the account of client xyz. Otherwise, how does the bookkeeper know how to apply the money? All Mayor Ahumada has to do is ask his bookkeeper did he or someone in his family submit such information related to the subject check. Mayor Ahumada knows whether or not he or a family member made this deposit. This gets potentially even more interesting in a minute.

There is no doubt in my mind that the day the bank learned of the missing check it checked the video tape of the transaction. They have known since day one, along with DA Villalobos, and Chief of Police Garcia who made the deposit. So what is the delay? It seems to me since day one that between the bank, and Mayor Ahumada’s own bookkeeper they should have been able to clear Mayor Ahumada.

It would further seem to me that if the video tape showed Mayor Ahumada or a family member depositing the check, the grand jury should have subpoenaed the Mayor’s bookkeeper by now. It is simply inconceivable to me that at this point the Mayor and or the DA could not have ruled out the Mayor or a family member.

It is possible that the Mayor failed to follow proper bookkeeping methods in terms of recording the check and deposit. If this is the case, he is probably also looking at a charge of income evasion. This could be the hold up while the feds finish their part of the investigation. I am not saying that the Mayor had anything to do with the events surrounding the check, it is just the known facts suggest something is not right with the investigation. The Mayor by and though his own bookkeeping system has had more than enough time to rule himself out. He has not - this is my concern.

If the Mayor deposited the check, and then made no bookkeeping entry for the money, he certainly will be facing an income tax evasion charge. I cannot imagine how the feds are not involved at this point. There is no other explanation for the delay in announcing the results of the video tape.

The other side could be the feds want to nail a larger group of political enemies of the Mayor and have asked the Mayor, the DA, and Chief of Police to remain silent until they complete their investigation. If this be the case, those who are responsible know they have been targeted. Either way this is not a secret investigation. The perpetrator of this crime knows they have been identified. So what is the delay? One can only hope that because of the involvement of the feds, DA Villalobos will not be able to do a midnight run to Judge Limas for a bogus plea bargain.

Back to the Finance Director Pete Gonzalez - I warned the City Commission back in September that the finance department was in disarray. True to form this City Commission did nothing. Exactly what is it going to take to fire Finance Director Pete Gonzalez and the City Manager, Charlie Cabler? Their incompetence and the City Commission’s failure to act certainly must be an issue in May’s elections.