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Given the fact I have never lost a Texas Ethics Commission complaint on its merits, you would think Montoya and Luci would know better than to accuse me of filing a frivolous complaint while attacking me for filing the complaint.  Because Luci goes to Montoya for legal advice she fails to realize her attack  and refusal to comply with the code becomes evidence of her willful intent to engage in criminal conduct.  The TEC has taken note of her actions.  How they will respond I do not know.

There is also the little matter that the TEC has found misstating a complaint or using it in political advertising is in and of itself disfavored and can be considered in resolution of the complaint.


Because she is a complete idiot she failed to understand the main purpose behind the TEC notifying her of my complaint in advance of qualifying it as a complaint.  She was notified on Friday via email of my complaint.  The notification included a copy of the complaint.  So she knows the TEC order I relied on before filing my complaint.  With actual knowledge of the TEC order I relied on she still went to Montoya for an attack piece which only served to inform the TEC of her intent to continue to engage in criminal conduct.


No one disputes that Luci Longoria changed positions from Place 4 to Place 1.  Let's begin with TEC Rule 26.7

§ 26.7. Use of the Term "Reelect" in Political Advertising

"A person or candidate may, in the event of redistricting, use the term "reelect" in a campaign for elective office only if the candidate is the elected incumbent of an office that represented any part of the new or renumbered district prior to the redistricting
This is the only time a candidate can use the term reelect if they are now running in a different district or Position.  So for example if BISD Trustee positions were by district and redistricting moved Luci from Position 4 to Position 1 she would still be allowed to use the word "Reelect."  But this is not her case.
From Montoya
"He has already complained to the Texas Ethics Commission that Longoria is deceiving the fine people of the BISD by announcing on her campaign signs that she is running for reelection. You see, the fine rapier-like legal mind of his figures that since Lucy is not running for the same seat on the board, she cannot be running for reelection to her old seat.."
"Let's see. Longoria is currently a trustee on the BISD board. She is running for reelection to the board, except for a different seat. But she is not running for a seat on the San Benito school district, or Los Fresnos, or even Mercedes. She is running for reelection to the same board on which she is now a trustee. The fact that she is not running for the same seat doesn't change that."
What is bizarre is Luci was informed on Friday that my complaint is based in part on TEC Order SC-280299.  Well let's see what its says.
The case of Albert Edwards:
"Although the signs and mailers included the word “for” before the office sought in some
instances, they also used the word “re-elect” in such a way as to represent that the respondent
held the office of state representative of District 146 at a time when he did not hold that
office. The website stated “re-elect” and did not use “for” in any instance."

Click for Opinion

Contrary to her sign, Luci Longoria does not hold the Position 1 office at this time so she cannot be reelected to Position 1.
Now, I will agree that the TEC does dismiss complaints based on failure to provide an E-Mail, failure to provide a clear picture of your driver's license.  But in those cases you can refile with the corrections.
My complaint does have a flaw - I referenced TEC § 255.005, when I should have said .006.  I am not amending it because I also referenced TEC Order 280299, which is on point and deals with 255.006.
TEC Rule 12.59 deals with this the defect in my favor
§ 12.59. Description of Violation
(a) If a complaint does not include the specific rule or provision of law alleged to have been violated, the complaint must clearly and concisely describe facts that, if true, would constitute a violation of a law administered and enforced by the commission.
(b) A complaint that erroneously cites a specific rule or provision of law is nonetheless sufficient if the correct citation can reasonably be ascertained by the commission. When a complaint erroneously cites a specific rule or provision of law, the commission shall cite the correct rule or provision of law in the notice provided to the respondent.
What could have been a simple ethics investigation has now gone to a willful intent to violate a criminal statute.  The conduct alleged is a Class A Misdemeanor.
Sec. 255.006. MISLEADING USE OF OFFICE TITLE. (a) A person commits an offense if the person knowingly enters into a contract or other agreement to print, publish, or broadcast political advertising with the intent to represent to an ordinary and prudent person that a candidate holds a public office that the candidate does not hold at the time the agreement is made.
(b) A person commits an offense if the person knowingly represents in a campaign communication that a candidate holds a public office that the candidate does not hold at the time the representation is made.
(c) For purposes of this section, a person represents that a candidate holds a public office that the candidate does not hold if:
(1) the candidate does not hold the office that the candidate seeks; and
(2) the political advertising or campaign communication states the public office sought but does not include the word "for" in a type size that is at least one-half the type size used for the name of the office to clarify that the candidate does not hold that office.
(d) A person other than an officeholder commits an offense if the person knowingly uses a representation of the state seal in political advertising.
(e) An offense under this section is a Class A misdemeanor.
No matter what the great legal mind of Montoya claims, Luci Longoria does not currently hold the office of Position 1 - it is really that simple.
But you know what, the TEC could decide they are tired of theses cases and change their mind on how they seek to resolve them.  It is always pretty much anyone's guess how the TEC will deal with a complaint, which is why I always rely on a previous order instead of just the rule. But if they move forward the more defiant Luci is [hey Montoya pay attention to how your client spells her name] the worse the sanction could be which could include being referred for criminal prosecution. There is no dispute - her conduct is willful.
The TEC can refer the matter to DA Saenz - we all know how that will go - nowhere and Luci knows it.  In fact other than his contempt for our laws and support for election fraud Saenz could charge her now.  She cannot claim ignorance because after learning of the violation she continued her conduct and in fact made clear she would not be moved by the law.
Finally, given the plain language of the law and the referenced TEC order Cesar Lopez would be fine in taking out ads stating the violation and Luci Longoria's continued willful violation of a criminal code sanction.  He can also gone on to say rather than correct her violation of the law she openly and publicly attacked the community activist who filed the complaint.
YOU WATCH - knowing it is a crime the Herald will accept her ads with the word "Reelect."  How sad the Herald has become.
The original lawsuit filed by Frank Perez for Luci against BISD was defective.  So after BISD filed its Motion to Dismiss the lawsuit, Frank Perez ran to court with a new filing with corrections.  BISD then filed a new Motion to Dismiss based on the amended lawsuit.
The courts must report the number of pending Motions it has,  This causes the judges to review files for Motions which can be disposed of with little effort.
It is true - Judge Hanen denied BISD's Motion to Dismiss - but he did it as moot,  It was done only for statistical purposes.  The second Motion to Dismiss based on the amended lawsuit remains pending.  Once Frank Perez filed the amended lawsuit, BISD's Motion to Dismiss became moot, thereby causing them to have to file a new one based on the amended lawsuit.  So nothing of substance has changed, except Frank Perez filing an amended lawsuit to address the defects he had in his original filing.

Be patient - the post will be coming.  I will say this on Wednesday I will file a request for a formal criminal investigation against Carl Montoya for Election Fraud.  He's a complete and total idiot.  To be honest, nothing will come of it - except Otis Powers authorizing how ever much money it takes to protect Carl Montoya for doing the dirty work.  I am going to be on Otis Powers for the next two years like a bear on honey. 

But that is a story for another day.

Be patient - the post is coming

And then Nuclear Thursday will be Carlos Cascos Abuse of Office - I have the proof he has ordered tax dollars be expended to create reports to take down his perceived enemies based in paranoia  so those reports can then be leaked to Montoya - It is one thing to leak an existing report, yet another to order it be generated with use of tax dollars for use for a for profit blog.

Monday, September 15, 2014



Editor's Note:  The photo is not of Brownsville.  Today, people will be complaining about the city's failure to deal with Boca Chica.  Last nigh when I came home from Bingo, it was closed at Security heading towards Four Corners - well maybe - there was a barrier - but people were going through anyway.


Boca Chica is a state highway - not a city road.  The failure is with the state - and namely our representatives to Austin who have failed to get TDOT to address the problem.  So if you insist on complaining to no avail - call Rene Oliveira,  Eddie Lucio Jr., and Eddie Lucio III.

I may have another story after lunch.  I am finally getting my new glasses in the morning, assuming the doctor can finally fit me for a new prescription.  When I get home I have to find an electrician to install a new filter pump.  Mine went out and I need to get it running ASAP - the pool is over the top.

Weslaco Cheezmeh may have been the target of unconstitutional intimidation to silence Free Speech.

While I am not comfortable relying on the reporting of a Brownsville Herald reporteer, there does appear to be some backtracking and panic by the Welsaco PD.

From the Herald:

"The anonymous director of the Facebook page “Weslaco Cheezmeh” — a hub of leaked documents, rumors and anti-establishment opinion about the city — had a rollercoaster few days last week, as the page unexpectedly disappeared Wednesday, then re-emerged shortly before 5 p.m. on Friday.

Shortly after the page went down, Mike Jones, a fellow Weslaco commentator on the social media site, posted a screenshot of an email appearing to be from a Facebook administrator.
“Hi,” the note — dated Tuesday and apparently addressed to Cheezmeh — began. “We have received legal process from law enforcement seeking information about your Facebook account.”
The email then listed Weslaco Police Department as the law enforcement agency lodging the complaint and the 139th state District Court as the court with authority over it.
“There is an investigation going … on the Facebook account,” Police spokesman David Barbosa said Thursday. “I don’t know what kind of investigation it is.”
The courts have recognized blogs and other social media as valid news sources.  We are under attack across the Valley because we will cover the stories the mainstream press is to cowardly to cover.  I have had many a document leaked to me.  That is how this process works.  I will never give up the source of a leaked document. Those who leak information to me are big boys.  They know if they get caught they could lose their jobs or even face criminal charges.
Our hopelessly corrupt DA Luis Saenz has banned the blogs from press conferences because I refuse to print his garbage press releases without first investigating the claims.
Judge McDonald and now its appears Judge Gonzales are using the bailiffs to keep bloggers and social media out of the courtrooms.
Unfortunately the con artist organization ACLU will not come to our assistance.  Those with money in the LRGV are good enough to solicit money from, but we are not good enough to merit their protection.
I am not familiar with the Weslaco Cheezmeh, but I know what happened to them is wrong. 
TO MY READERS:  Consider showing solidarity with them by clicking on their Facebook above.  This is wrong.  I have no idea what they stand for.  All I know is - this is wrong.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


I have a busy day.

Hey Oscar if you want to play "Mr. Clean" it is time you shave your head.

Oscar X. Garcia was appointed by a now indicted governor.  What has he said about this FACT - nothing.  Magallanes was cleared by the feds.  What does Oscar have to say about this FACT.  Guilty by association, implication and inference.

Oscar X. Garcia has hired a convicted drunk who has been accused by sworn  testimony of laundering campaign money and taking out false ads to conceal the campaign money being donated to candidates, and to this Oscar X. Garcia says - "Tea Baggers are too stupid to see the hypocrisy." 

Oscar X. Garcia pays a known drunk for deceptions and lies against Magallanes without any regard for the fact his money is contributing to this person's drinking problems - will he care if a drunk kills someone he loves?  I doubt it - Oscar loves power at any price - including the murder by vehicle of innocent people.

Oscar X. Garcia pays to bully because he has nothing to stand on.  He is so desperate he paid a convicted drunk to trash the Court of Appeals while claiming ignorance of one of the most basic concepts in law "the Statute of Frauds."

There is a reason Oscar X. Garcia does not shave his head - he knows he is many things - but Mr. Clean is not one of them.

From today's Herald

Editors Note:  Because I know the people who can never respond on the merits will raise this issue I will address it first.  Yes, I bought the Herald this morning.  My roommate needs a new lawnmower for his side business.  We bought it for the ads.

I will note though as I went out the Herald delivery was happening on my block - just one house - how sad


Since Montoya wants to play the implication inference game - let's. So if he believes you can only avoid "a gay old time" is by getting drunk - what does that imply?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

I am providing the link to the new TimeWarner TV Guide with all programming.  I am told it is now national.  So when you travel, if the hotel or your distant family have TimeWarner, the channels will be the same.
The Flintstones was actually a pretty advanced program in terms of social issues.  I need to find a channel still showing the Flintstones.
Maybe I will go as Fred for Halloween so Montoya will have something else to make fun off.  Maybe if he could learn the joy of Halloween and letting loose, he would not need to drink.  My ex is coming for a few weeks.  He will make me the costume.    I need a wig though.
Anyway, check out channels 1240 and 1241.  They are tied to channel 5.  If your TV is digital and you do not have a box, and you have set your TV to digital you will find them on 5.1 and 5.2.   A lot of oldies.
After this week I will do a review of CBS's  "Extant"  It is some of the best creative TV I have seen on network TV.  They still do not compete with Cable - but it is getting close.  You can see "Extant" on Amazon Prime.
Guys, "Walking Dead" is around the corner
I tried to order it from and they had no sizes on their customs.  I did an inquiry and they sent me a link with the size I wanted.  $40 - shipping and handling - wig, costume, and fake feet to go over my sneakers.  Cannot wait for Bingo night before Halloween - the ladies will love it.
And you know what, on Halloween night the kids will love it.  Bela will love it.  And no one will have to drink to have a good time.  I think that is Juanito's problem - he gets mad and mocks Halloween because we can have a good time without getting drunk.  How Sad
Elton John emailed me to remind my readers the Gay Mafia takes out hits on people who mock our high holiday of Halloween.


Will Republicans Carlos Cascos and Oscar X. Garcia denounce the actions of the Texas Rupublican Party which seek to deny your children a real education.

From the Washington Post concerning findings related to inaccuracy in Texas textbooks as promoted by Texas Republicans.

The findings:
  • A number of government and world history textbooks exaggerate Judeo-Christian influence on the nation’s founding and Western political tradition.
  • Two government textbooks include misleading information that undermines the Constitutional concept of the separation of church and state.
  • Several world history and world geography textbooks include biased statements that inappropriately portray Islam and Muslims negatively.
  • All of the world geography textbooks inaccurately downplay the role that conquest played in the spread of Christianity.
  • Several world geography and history textbooks suffer from an incomplete – and often inaccurate – account of religions other than Christianity.
  • Coverage of key Christian concepts and historical events are lacking in a few textbooks, often due to the assumption that all students are Christians and already familiar with Christian events and doctrine.
  • A few government and U.S. history textbooks suffer from an uncritical celebration of the free enterprise system, both by ignoring legitimate problems that exist in capitalism and failing to include coverage of government’s role in the U.S. economic system.
  • One government textbook flirts with contemporary Tea Party ideology, particularly regarding the inclusion of anti-taxation and anti-regulation arguments.
  • One world history textbook includes outdated – and possibly offensive – anthropological categories and racial terminology in describing African civilization.
  • A number of U.S. history textbooks evidence a general lack of attention to Native American peoples and culture and occasionally include biased or misleading information.
                   One government textbook … includes a biased
                   – verging on offensive – treatment of  affirmative action.

  • Most U.S. history textbooks do a poor job of covering the history of LGBT citizens in discussions of efforts to achieve civil rights in this country.
  • Elements of the Texas curriculum standards give undue legitimacy to neo-Confederate arguments about “states’ rights” and the legacy of slavery in the South. While most publishers avoid problems with these issues, passages in a few
                    U.S. history and government textbooks give a nod
                    to these misleading arguments.

If this is what you want for your children, keep on voting Republican.  Send the Republicans a message - not welcome in Cameron county.


Reading is not for every young child.  Bela since the day she was born lived in a world of endless learning and having books read to her.  She also had cousins a little bit older than her who were in school.  Even though she was not in school yet, she always insisted on being the teacher when they played.  Those cousins have moved away - which is fine because Bela is busy being teacher at school.

Do not push a very young child into reading unless they are ready.  Bela is very ready, but she still hates failure.  She has been this way since she was a baby.  Whenever she fails she gets very quiet.  We always tell her that when you make a mistake you learn and that is why mistakes are okay.  But if she is afraid she cannot do something, you really have to coax her.  This is one reason I am glad she is now reading the first two sets of Bob Books.  She knows she can learn to read.

Bela has a distant cousin who is 20 days younger than her who is not ready for reading.  The parents bought the books and the child simply refuses any interest.  In 4 year olds there can be a big variance in maturity - so be patient and do not push your child too fast.  Reading should be fun, and not a punishment.

Click her for the web link

In my mind the parent should make the child a bit advance for each grade.  Bela helps with the other kids when she can.  She knows she must wait for the teacher to say it is okay.  For Bela school is fun.  In her case all the teacher is doing is reinforcing what she already knows.  It is my understanding in a few weeks the children will be broken up based on what they already know.  This is when Bela will be more challenged.  It is good - the first 6 weeks she got comfortable with school.  She will be ready  for the more challenging instruction.

Friday, September 12, 2014


Through an independent investigation I have verified that Montoya went to Arnold Flores and demanded he advertise on his blog, during the primary campaign.  We all know how it works - like he said to Rick Zayas when he lost to Luci Longoria - "had you paid me maybe the election would have gone the other way."

 Further, I have prepared and delivered to the proper authorities an affidavit stating Ms. Flores did not send me the above picture.  I had never heard of Ms. Flores until I read her name and false claims against her on the blog.  I have never communicated with her.

As soon as I have permission to post the criminal complaint against Luci Longoria I will.  It will include the documents generated by Luci Longoria.  Let me explain something - no one born alive would ever take a criminal complaint to Luis Saenz unless it were against someone he dislikes, or after they donated thousands of dollars to his political campaign.

Let's see if Montoya is willing to post his evidence which proves as he says Ms. Flores sent me this picture.  He has no evidence, but he keeps on throwing out the claim in hopes it sticks.

And where is Carlos Elizondo and Luci Longoria in this mess - they stand with Montoya in his con of pay or be trashed.

What a man Carlos Elizondo is - trashing an innocent woman for political gain.

Carl Montoya is playing a very dangerous game.  Mary Rey says she was told a decision has been made, but she has to wait for the lawyer to put it in writing and mail it to her.  That was several days ago.

Another source is telling me that they were told that the ballots have been ordered.  BISD is playing a very dangerous game if it intends to tell the candidates of its decision after the ballots are printed.  Texas Election Code allows for a candidate to be removed from the ballot up until the day before early voting.  Their votes simply will not count.  If the Texas Supreme Court has to intervene BISD could find itself spending money to print new ballots.  100% of the blame will be on Carl Montoya.

It is like I said, without the Healthsmart issue, I would be supporting a Cata majority.  BISD would be best served without Otis Powers controlling the Board, and Carl Montoya, Baltazar Salazar, and Lucio Mendoza being sent to the curb without jobs.  If Cata takes a majority it will be for 4 years.  It will mean in 2 years all she has to do is win, or have one of her candidates win and then Luci will control the Board. If they take two seats it could be 6 years before Cata and Luci lose control of the Board.  If this happens the blame will be on Otis Powers and no one else.


According to the election code the agency overseeing the election has the final say to either accept the draft ballots or reject them.  Caroline at the SOS was very clear with me that she fully expects Chris Davis to follow the law independent of anything BISD requests.

Here is the problem, how is father in law's name appears on the ballot is an issue.  If Chris Davis rejects BISD's request, Carl Montoya will look bad.  If the Texas Supreme Court must intervene to compel Chris to comply with the law, his bias will be established.