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The Democrats have been out of power in Texas for over 20 years.  No one can blame anything wrong with Texas laws on the Democrats.

Texas Republicans by policy are turning a blind eye on SNAP [Food Stamp fraud].

"It also said states have different thresholds for prosecuting food stamp fraud.

In Tennessee, for example, $100 in benefits must be fraudulently obtained before officials will consider prosecuting, but in Texas it is a $5,000 level."

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Now you know why you see SNAP recipients in Brownsville driving huge SUV's.  Mind you there are a lot of people who need SNAP and live on a shoe string.  But there are far too many people using it fraudulently.  They lie about their income, and then sell the SNAP benefits - which belies logic in my opinion. Just use the SNAP for your food and keep the cash.  I do not get it.

But the one group you cannot blame for this in Texas is the Democrats.  It is laws written by Republicans and enforced by a Republican AG which allows for the level of fraud in Texas.

It saddens me when I get a call that someone needs milk for their baby and they are not on SNAP because they are honest.  I always buy the milk and bring it to them.  Trust me if I find cigarettes or beer in the house they get nothing.


I thought about posting the picture with the school mascot, but for security reasons I do not want to say where she is attending school.

The school having the mascot out for the kids made the school very welcoming.  The teacher and assistant were very, very welcoming of all the children who showed up.  We were last in line so that gave Bela more time to speak with the teacher and explore the classroom, which she did.  That only made her more excited.

The teacher told us Bela is basically where they want the children at the end of Pre-K.  So we are good - it should be easy for her as the teacher just reinforces what she already knows.  With her confidence level high anything new should be easy.

Bela has finished the first two sets of "Bob Books" My only concern is Bela is use to learning at her own pace and on her terms.  We do not force her.  But given the fact she is reading at 4 years old, on her terms has worked.  She now has to learn to be part of a group.

In the end I have to say the teachers were awesome in how welcoming they made their classrooms.  Everything is so colorful. 


We were walking in and I said, "Bela I cannot believe it, it seems like yesterday you were a tiny little baby, but now " then she breaks in and says "I'm a big girl."  I said " I think you eat too much" and she said, "but I have to eat so I do not die."  Maybe too much for a 4 year old to think about - but will be 5 in October.  Bela is like a sponge - she is constantly learning.  In a very limited way she can tell you how bees pollinate.  We try to turn everything into a lesson.


I got this from a letter posted by a transgender mom on Huffington Post.  The letter was a response to Michelle Duggar's incredible ignorance.

BISD needs to get on top of this issue.  I know of one child who refuses to go to school because of this issue.  She is a female to male transgender.  Tropical failed him.  He feels he needs to run away as the only solution.  BISD needs to take a leadership role on this issue.


With there only being 9 players now, the election becomes more issue driven. But first my coffee

I think the two defining issues are Healthsmart, and Baltazar Salazar along with Martin Aramubla.

If played properly Lucy Longoria can play the Baltazar Salazar and Martin Arambula mess to her advantage.  She can explain her lawsuit as necessary to defend the voice of her constituents against an unethical lawyer trying to silence their voice.  It is a  viable argument which if played with integrity will resonate with many voters.  Cesar Lopez, has no defense for his support of Baltazar Salazar and Martin Arambula.

The other issue is Healthsmart. Lucy did vote to dismiss a lawsuit worth potentially millions to the children of Brownsville all the while associating with a convicted felon working for Healthsmart.  The City of Lubbock and their paper held [the Herald will continue to run cover on this story] and in the end the taxpayers were paid millions in restitution for Healthsmart's fraud.  I personally care about nothing else.  I need to hear from each candidate they will resign if they vote to dismiss the Healthsmart lawsuit.

Now with only 4 people left in the Longoria, Lopez race the numbers change.  Lucy will now need somewhere in the 35-40% range to win.  Pacheco will only get 5% or less of the vote.  I did not include his Facebook Page in the post because it did not really help him.  He may be the nicest guy around, but he will go nowhere with his campaign.  This really leaves 3 people splitting 95% of the vote.  While it now requires Lucy receive more than 50% of the female vote and part of the male vote, Lopez still has a major uphill battle.   But that battle became a bit easier for him with only 4 people in the race and with one being a nonstarter.

Elizondo v. Rodriguez will come down to Healthsmart and money.  If Rodriguez can raise the money, and makes a big issue of Healthsmart and Elizondo fails to commit to pursuing Healthsmart he will lose.  But if in clear no uncertain terms he commits to the Healthsmart lawsuit, he is the favorite to win.


As I explained pageviews as provided by Google is subject to manipulation. If I sit here and link onto the BV 10,000 in one day pageviews will record an extra 10,000 views.  If you think I am lying, consider this - Barton who has not been blogging nearly as long as Montoya claims to have millions more pageviews than Montoya.

Jim Barton

Lives in Brownsville, TX

Now compare this to Montoya's numbers from a mere 6 months ago.

Thursday, February 20, 2014
Pageviews today 5,311
  Pageviews yesterday 4630
Pageviews last month 100,488   
Pageviews all time history 2,530,557

Now if you use his own numbers averaging about 90,000 pagesviews a month - that would mean an additional pageviews of 540,000 since February for a total of 3,070,557 pageviews today - this is less than half of Bartons even though Montoya has been blogging a lot longer. 

These numbers tell you one of two things, they are falsified or Barton has significantly more readers than Montoya - which conclusion will Montoya admit to.

You know why so many of you are played for saps - because you live for it - you only want to hear and believe that which supports your preconceived ideas and are incapable of looking at facts.

You people need to enjoy the life of being saps, and stop whining about bad government

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A little bit more than a year ago I documented the case of a domestic abuse victim who was facing arrest on the verge of her testimony because of the incompetence of David Gonzales III.  After the events went to beyond surreal, DA Saenz realizing he had no control over Gonzales or the ADA assigned to the court, he ordered all charges dropped against the woman.
The problem then and in all likelihood today is, Judge Gonzales III staff is not doing their job, and Judge Gonzales does not care enough to fix the problem.  What I discovered was, Judge Gonzales is ordering the arrest of people who fail to appear in his court, even though they were never noticed to appear. 
In the case I worked on I proved to Judge Gonzales and his staff that the DA's office under Villalobos provided his staff the wrong address, but had they checked the paperwork filled in by the alleged defendant they would have found the correct address.  This was all explained to Judge Gonzales.
The woman then appears and he orders a new bond for her based on failure to appear.  She is then arrested in open court.  It was simply too surreal to believe.  He agrees she was never ordered to appear and then he orders a new bond based on her failure to appear.
On the day of the politiquera hearing, Judge David Gonzales being a petty vindictive prick ordered his bailiff to take a picture of me while sitting there.  I slipped in before 8:30, when I knew he would have someone at the door barring the press.  He is playing this little game that there is only room for the defendants.  A lot of people were told they could not enter.  Even a family which had a setting for a prove up in a personal injury case.  At no time while I was there were all of the seats full.
During the hearing David Gonzales admonished several people for not being there at 8:30 as the letter ordered.  The problem was as several defendants proved the letter said to be there at 9:00.  Again David Gonzales having no idea what is happening.
On that day I would say some 20-30 people had arrest warrants issued for their failure to appear.  The script was the same each time.  The defendant would be called.  When they failed to answer Judge Gonzales would say "what says the State?"  The incompetent ADA would say "Capias your honor."  This means arrest warrant. 
You see the constitution demands that the DA's office prove the defendant was given notice.  But not in Judge Gonzales' court - it is just assumed.  No one bothered to check the files to insure notice was provided to the proper address.  Given the fact I had already proven this is a problem in his court, one would think Judge Gonzales would consider the constitution relevant.  Nope not Gonzales nor DA Saenz.
The BV through documents proves that David Gonzales III was paying Montoya for several months without one article or ad in favor of Gonzales.  The BV then let known it was going to publish the FBI 302 Interview of Gonzales and all of a sudden Montoya prints a piece saying - "do not fret Brownsville there is nothing of interest in David Gonzales' FBI 302 Interview."
This is how it happened.  Villalobos gave the Interviews to Cris Valadez to have them published to the Internet.  Cris gave them to Montoya who had other plans for them.  Right Judge Oscar X. Garcia - you are so screwed dude.

Montoya takes Gonzales money for months while doing nothing to promote Gonzales until the BV announces its intent to publish the FBI 302 Interview.  Montoya then tells his readers without publishing the Interview "nothing to see here folks, move on."

But now as to Magallanes who did nothing more than what is happening statewide with lawyers doing business with judges [I agree the practice should be banned, but it is not and is legal, and is done statewide by Democrats and Republicans alike] is attacked as guilty by association.  There is no FBI 302 Interview paid for by Oscar X  Garcia to be published by Montoya at the 11th hour, right Oscarsito?

So why does Gonzales get a pass from Montoya and Magallanes does not?  Oh that is right Gonzales paid for silence and Oscar X. Garcia is paying Montoya to speak.


Let me explain how google counter works.  Montoya and a few friends sit at their computer and keep on clicking on his blog, and it counts as a page view.  I pay a service for my numbers.  I do not use google counter.  It does not give me the information I need to guide my readership.

But here is the deal, if you believe Montoya he has lost some 2000 readers - hardly an endorsement for more advertising.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

   Pageviews today
                                           Pageviews yesterday
                                        Pageviews last month

                                    Pageviews all time history

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

     Pageviews today
                                           Pageviews yesterday
                                          Pageviews last month
                                    Pageviews all time history

Wednesday, August 20, 2014     

Pageviews today                                        3,341 

Pageviews yesterday                                  3,476

Pageviews last month                               83,923
Now if you divide 30 in to last months page views you get an average of 2799 page views per day.  On a conservative side if the average person viewed his page 3 times a day, you have fewer than a 1000 readers.  This is separate from his ability along with a few friends hitting his blog a 1000 times a day to inflate the numbers.  My service tells me on average each reader clicks on at least 3 times a day, with some readers clicking as many as 6 times a day.   Each time counts as a pageview.
Anyone paying him for advertising is getting what they deserve - nothing . my service at best puts him at about 500-700 individual readers a day.
A smart con artist would have kept on clicking on his blog until he was at 5,000 page views so at least it appears like he hasn't lost 2,000.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Apparently Carlos Elizondo is so stupid he believes he can pay Montoya to discredit me in hopes the people who came to me to tell me how he pulled an Oscar Garcia and switched sides after taking their money, will forget they came to me with the story.

Montoya claims that on June 4, 2014, I made the following statement concerning Larry Brown -

"I want to be clear - Larry Brown is the best person for the job at the airport. He is truly an advocate for Brownsville. He knows his business. The problem is - he cannot wave a magic wand to make things happen"

His claim is false and 100% misleading.

What he forgets to tell those who consider him trustworthy is I prefaced the statement with: "Here is an old BV story on said history.."

The statement was in fact made on January 2, 2011 - nearly 4 years ago.  The purpose of the June 4, 2014, piece was to show Larry Brown's long history of misleading the voters about the airport

Click for 2011 piece

Click for 2014 piece

The entire point of the 2014, piece was to show Larry Brown is anything but trustworthy when it comes to the airport.  So where is the contradiction?  Montoya does not even address the issue of the lie as to the cost of a new airport, because he cannot.


To make matters worse for Montoya, the first comment he received is from a disabled veteran complaining about Larry Brown's incompetence.  On this one I had to check the law.  I did not know that somewhere along the way the law changed.  It use to be municipal airports could not charge disabled veterans to park.  Well the current law allows for municipal airports to charge disabled veterans to park.  However the poster is correct, Harlingen does not charge disabled veterans to park.  I use the free parking all of the time when picking up or dropping off people in Harlingen.  I have never used the paid parking in Brownsville.

So for a second time Oscar X. Garcia is defending those who go after disabled veterans.  Shame on Oscar X. Garcia, the city of Brownsville, and Carlos Elizondo.


The blog readers will note McHale has posted pornography and outright lies to discredit Oscar X. Garcia.  The BV has not. Montoya has refused to defend Oscar X. Garcia, against McHale's pornography and lies.  I have been paid nothing by Judge Garcia, and took to the blog to defend him against the Democratic Chair Amber Medina.

In the BISD election, and I stand by my position, Cesar Lopez cannot beat Lucy Longoria.  With 5 people in the race all Lucy needs is 50% of the female vote and she wins, and that is without any man voting for her.  According to Montoya since I am not credible and subject to whims such as women [that sexist Judge Garcia and Carlos Elizondo] I am wrong about Lucy having the election won.  I am wrong about Lucy having good issues concerning Baltazar Salazar and Martin Arambula - but now I am confused because Montoya has agreed with me on those two issues - so who is the one who cannot make  up his mind.

According to Montoya I am not trustworthy when a call out an anony and say Cata is not taking money on the side from Linebarger - under Montoya's logic Cata must be taking money from Linebarger because I am saying she is not.


Montoya took money from Ernie and attacked me and Peña for going after the politiqueras, and then changed sides when Alex Begum's check was larger than Ernie's

It was Montoya attacking Saenz under contract to Masso, until Saenz's check became larger.

It was Montoya who said to Rick Zayas at the courthouse, had he paid the election may have turned out differently.

Any idiot can read what I posted in June and understand I was questioning Larry Brown's trustworthiness, but then the people who consider Juanito trustworthy and not just any idiots, they are special idiots who thrive on and demand the lies and corruption continue.

What he got for his post was a disabled veteran going after Larry Brown and proof positive evidence for the people of Brownsville there are no limits to how far Carlos Elizondo and Judge Garcia will go with lies and deception to win this election.

As to Judge Garcia I have been working on the Judicial Complaint.  My problem is, this incredibly unethical judge has violated so many rules I now have a kitchen sink approach.  That does not work - once I decide on the two best violations I will move forward.  It is as if Judge Garcia made of a list of all the rules of ethics and then checked them off one by one to insure he violated as many as possible.

If Judge Garcia thinks I am his biggest nightmare he better consider what has been discovered concerning the FBI 302 Interviews in the Limas and Villalobos cases.  I am the least of his problems when the feds come a knocking.

Reality TV should be about real people - all people - including the ignorant.  If my long term readers remember when the patriarch of that Duck show went anti-gay I raised the question of, is reality TV taking reality out of reality TV.

Michelle Duggar who is pregnant again [correction as noted by a reader - it is her daughter Jill and not Michell - I remember when I read the story it took twice for me to understand it was the daughter - sorry for the confusion] , after losing one child, and nearly losing the previous child, has decided to enter the political realm of discrimination in favor of discrimination.  This is her right - but it is also the right of TLC to drop their show if they decide it will hurt corporate profits.

"Duggar also suggests that gender identity is the “preference of an adult” and that should never be placed over “the safety and innocence of a child.”

No Michelle - science has proven it is genetic.  But given she believes in homeschooling out of fear her children might learn real science it is no wonder she does not know this.

But she does not stop with renouncing science - she goes on to an incredible level ignorance.

 "She goes onto describe “males with past child predator convictions that claim they are female” who would enter these private areas."


It is absolutely her right to enter politics and support any group or position she wishes.  But when her show gets cancelled because the sponsors believe her words will hurt their profits, she does not get to complain.  One thing I love about all of these fake conservatives is, when capitalism silences them they all of a sudden find god and denounce capitalism.

I simply do not understand what makes these people think they can enter the realm of extreme ignorance, denounce science, and think their show will stay on the air. 

When you are given the opportunity to be on reality TV, one would hope you have enough commonsense to stay away from the hot button issues.

With 19 children and counting, what makes these people think they do not have any transgender, bisexual or gay children.  They are in for a shock.  At least on of their sons may be transgender or gay.  The producers do a good job in editing it out, but sometimes it is too hard to hide.
With a unanimous vote, Brownsville is to get the truck stop at 511 and Paredes Line rd.  Give what happened I think it is fair to say Rose Gowen got an earful from Tony Martinez.  The former owner of Casa De Nylon Galonsky spoke in favor of the Truck Stop, and then while leaving saluted Tony.
I do not think it was a bad compromise that the company is going to invest in a better bike trail.  It makes the company look like a good neighbor,
So for now, Brownsville will get some more construction jobs, and then a lot of part time jobs.  If done right the truck stop can be an anchor for the Palo Alto Battlefield, thereby enhancing its importance to the community.


I have to agree with Barton - BISD needs to use the same people TSC used to oversee their election, while by-passing Chris Davis.

Joe Rodriguez is Chris Davis's father-in-law.  Chris Davis while getting an A+ for bringing the Elections Office into the 21st century, in terms of integrity he gets an "F"

It took the AG threatening a lawsuit before Chris Davis released the affidavits verifying the endless ballots bags during the primary election which arrived at his office with broken seals.  We will never know if the results were changed by people who removed some ballots and replaced them with others.

Davis' decision to fight to keep this information from the public raises serious questions about his integrity.

Further it was Chris Davis who initiated the complaint against Alex Dominguez concerning Alex holding himself out as a County Commissioner when he was not.  By initiate I mean Chris sent the complaint to several people in hopes it would be forwarded to me.  This one act clearly shows he has not problem using his position to hurt certain candidates.

BISD needs to seriously consider Barton's complaint of an appearance of impropriety. 

An educated populace is key to this battle.  It was almost beyond surreal to hear Governor Perry and his supporters claim that in Texas the Republicans are disproportionately being targeted by the Public Integrity Unit headed by the Travis County District Attorney's office, which is headed by a Democrat.

Newsflash for the Republicams - the Public Integrity unit is tasked to investigate corruption within Texas government.  For over 20 years the Republicans have been in control of Texas government - who else but Republicans as the party in control would be the primary targets?  Germans?

The racist move by the Republicans is happening at multiple levels.  It began with the education system.  If you rewrite history in textbooks, you might be able to shape the minds of young Texans to be Republicans.

"Even the course on world history did not escape the board’s scalpel.

Cynthia Dunbar, a lawyer from Richmond who is a strict constitutionalist and thinks the nation was founded on Christian beliefs, managed to cut Thomas Jefferson from a list of figures whose writings inspired revolutions in the late 18th century and 19th century, replacing him with St. Thomas Aquinas, John Calvin and William Blackstone. (Jefferson is not well liked among conservatives on the board because he coined the term “separation between church and state.”)

When you have to attack Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence, you are reaching and desperate.


"Efforts by Hispanic board members to include more Latino figures as role models for the state’s large Hispanic population were consistently defeated, prompting one member, Mary Helen Berlanga, to storm out of a meeting late Thursday night, saying, “They can just pretend this is a white America and Hispanics don’t exist.”

Source NYT


Travis county is under the jurisdiction of Republican US Attorney Robert Pitman.  If you doubt his partisan selective prosecution consider this.  It is Pitman who should have brought the indictment against his fellow Republican Rick Perry, but he did not.

"At the time, her office was investigating insider dealing in Perry’s signature Texas Cancer Research and Prevention Institute. Perry would have named Lehmberg’s replacement."

Source:  DMN

Her being the Travis County DA.  Do you believe for one second that if a county commissioner threatened DA Saenz's budget if Saenz pursued an investigation against that commissioner, or his friends, the US Attorney would not prosecute?  They would, but then we are Hispanic and Democrat, and not a Republican governor who can derail US Attorney Robert Pitman's life time judicial appointment.

During the Marchant trial, his attorney raised the issue that Republican US Attorney Robert Pitman was disproportionally targeting Hispanics.  Republican federal judge Hanen threatened Marchant's attorney with sanctions if he pursued the accusation.  When a federal judge uses sanctions to silence accusations of racism, we have a problem. 

Judge Hanen seems to think he and his corrupt wife are immune from scrutiny.  They are not.  Federal Judge Hanen using sanctions to silence accusations of racism is beyond surreal and proves how far Republicans are prepared to go to enslave minorities.  Judge Hanen oversaw the prosecution of one Jew and several Hispanics.  When it was pointed out to him he used sanctions to silence the truth.  Judge Hanen seems to not understand the rules of his white only country club are not applicable in federal court.


A Brownsville resident who lives in Corpus is alleging that during the Rosenthal trial, Judge Hanen had lunch with Emma Perez-Trevino.  I am waiting on an affidavit, to include the names of the waitresses.  Look, most anony posts are worthless and quite frequently filled with lies.  I rejected the post for a variety of reasons.  You as my readers have read cursory posts by myself and the anony, after I rejected the original post.

But if this person produces the affidavit it could lead to the convictions of Rosenthal, Limas and Villalobos being vacated.

Hanen knows the truth - if the claim has merit then it would serve him well to simply admit to it - but if it comes out in a contentious hearing, the US Attorney could be left with no choice but to seek prosecution of Hanen and in fact his impeachment.

I want to emphasis this is an anony allegation which in my opinion are mostly false when it comes to these matters.

I decided to discuss it because I am sickened by Perry's claim that Republicans are being disproportionally targeted in corruption investigations, when from our perspective it is Democrats and Hispanics.


Judge Tagle and I have not been on the same page for a long time.  But maybe her time on the bench has brought her back to her roots.  My late sister remembers serving on a jury wherein then lawyer Tagle  represented someone in an immigration case.  My sister found Judge Tagle to be smart and passionate about protecting minorities.  She changed over time - but maybe she has now gone back to her roots.

Judge Tagle had it right during the sentencing of Sonia Solis.  The US Attorneys Office was trying to get her to give the max, while failing to prosecute any of the leaders concerning election fraud.  It is sad that the best the US Attorneys office can do is go after the little guy with no money or education, while allowing the leaders to walk.

The politiqueras have helped to steal far too many elections - that is a given - but if you are poorly educated and someone for public office tells you your conduct is legal, you tend to believe them.  This does not excuse the conduct - it simply helps us understand the problem with the system.  The mislead ignorant and poor are prosecuted, while the leaders walk.

Now Republican Greg Abbott seeks to target in state court more minorities who are poorly educated, while doing nothing about the leaders.  Abbott cannot go after the leaders without going after Gilberto Hinojosa, and that is not an option without causing a major uprising statewide by Democrats and Independents.  So Greg Abbott being the coward he is goes after old Hispanic women  who were played by the candidates. 

Greg Abbott's criminal enforcement section cannot seem to find Republicans to prosecute - but prosecuting old Hispanic women comes easy to him.

Criminals need to be prosecuted - that is easy - but what sparked this post was Governor Perry's claim Republicans are being targeted disproportionately.  It is a distraction from the racist use of the courts to punish poorly educated minorities, while the bosses walk.

The politiqueras should not walk.  But we need to end it with offering them Pretrial Diversion.  The virus of ballot harvesting is dead.  This is good - but to only punish the poor and ignorant for what happened is wrong, while the bosses walk.

Gilberto Hinojosa is the one who needs to be prosecuted - but the political reality of that affords Hinojosa protection.  Corruption rules - but hey so long as you can put poor ignorant old Hispanic women in jail, you are a hero in the eyes of the Republican Party.