Sunday, June 25, 2017


The cooks from Cuidad Juarez in the dorms at UTEP use to serve this.  One day they let me in the kitchen to see how it was cooked.  I make a three dried pepper sauce.  I make a lot and then freeze 12oz in a freezer bag.

I brown both sides of the shoulder roast then add the 12oz of red pepper sauce.  I then add 8oz of tomato sauce.  I mix it in and let simmer for 5-6 hours.  This one was done in 5 hours.  I made rice on the side.  The sauce over the rise is amazing.  I warmed some tortillas, and put pieces of the meat in the tortilla.  It was a great meal, but now back to bed.  I am learning when I reach my limits.  I took a nap after the late morning, and then relaxed.  I finished the roast, made the rice and cleaned the kitchen.  It is now back to bed before I over do it.  I am finding balance.

Oh I ordered Snowcap dried leaves for neuropathy and headaches.  I will make it in a tea.  We shall see.


Because the neurologist and neurosurgeon both told me the Androgel could be the source of the multiple mini strokes hence the scar tissue on the brain, I have gone off the testosterone replacement under their recommendation.  I need to try and get a follow-up with the endocrinologist to see if there is a safe replacement.  If not, I will have to live with LT.  My major complaint, even though my temp is 96.8, I feel like it is 102.  The hot flashes are real and intense.

I have been looking for herbs and other choices to replace various medications.  I have my BP under control with herbs.  It is not unusual without the medication to have a BP of 96/52.  My cholesterol without the medication is under control.  I am using fish oil for the triglycerides.

I emailed a cousin in Nicaragua for herbal remedies our grandmother taught her.  She is an actual pharmacist, but still uses the treatments our grandmother's grandfather on her mothers side taught her.  He was 100% indigenous and a Nicaro healer.

I just need to find herbs for neuropathy and sleep.  I do drink manzanilla tea before bed time every night.

I am taking albahaca to help with the breathing.  It seems to help.  We have a pretty big plant.  I may try and start making tea with it instead of eating the leaves.


I love working with my hands also.  What you see is one of two drainage systems in my backyard.  The previous owners swore the backyard never floods.  Well I moved in 6 years ago while a tropical depression hung over Brownsville.  It was a nightmare moving from the rental house to this house in the rain.  Well the last trip was to get Buster and Keaton before sending in the cleaners.  I let them out back and I see the entire backyard under 4-6 inches of rain.

What you see is a large flower pot with a shower drain at the bottom.  This allowed me to connect two inch PVC to the bottom and on both sides of the house run the pipes to the curb,  This has significantly reduced the flooding around the house and pool.  As is always the case, when we get a heavy rain I have to clear the garbage from the bottom so the water can flow.  What you see is the water going down after I cleaned the bottom.

I love using my hands and doing projects.


I am looking for any natural remedies for nerve pain and to aid in sleep.  I want a root or a plant - no pills.  It is time I cleanse my body of all these toxins and go natural.  I am down to medications for the nerve pain and to help me sleep.  I'm going all natural.

If I go all natural for my health needs, doesn't that entitled me to walk around naked where ever I want to.


My Masters Thesis was entitled "The Juridical Methodology of the Supreme Court."  After spending a year reading nearly every Supreme Court decision, the Constitutional Minutes, Blackstone, and a lot of Kings Bench decisions referenced by Blacktone [always go back to the primary source when it really matters] I saw a pattern in how the Court moved on social issues and even issues of commerce based on the changes in society.  I created a working analytical model and then plugged in the evidence to support my thesis.  As you can tell this is where I am in my element.  My brain runs a million miles an hour, so as someone mentioned to me the other day, it must be hard on me to not be endlessly active.  It is.

"California has issued a ban on state-funded and state-sponsored travel to four more states that it says have laws discriminating against LGBTQ people."

Source: CNN

A lot of this is easy for me because I have extensively studied Marx's understanding of the dialectic and how it brings about Revolutionary change.  Marx had a theory through the natural process of the dialectic process and based on his understanding of society and change, capitalism would eventually morph into socialism and then socialism into communism.  The key to Marx is the dialectic.  It is also important to understand Marx knew you could not force the change.  The change had to come through change by the people in how they feel about capitalism and its social injustice.  Key here is support by the people.  I have no idea if our society will move towards his, not the fake western liberalism, model of socialism, but how change comes about and the role of the people has been proven correct every time their is a shift by the people in terms of social or economic change.

This is why I belong in the classroom.  I am loving typing this post.


""For dialectical philosophy nothing is final, absolute, sacred. It reveals the transitory character of everything and in everything; nothing can endure before it except the uninterrupted process of becoming and of passing away, of endless ascendancy from the lower to the higher."


I love this source because it allows you to click on the primary source to see what Engels said in total.


Teaching itself is a dialectic process.  If you look at the above quote it supports evolution.  In teaching if I were to teach the above quote to first year college students I would lose them.  What I do is teach.

You begin with a thesis, the way things are right now.  Then you have a challenge to the status quo, known as the anti-thesis.  In time the anti-thesis morphs into the the thesis for a new status quo thesis.  Then the cycle begins again.  You cannot end there, which is what an incompetent instructor does.  You must related it to the times.  Now in an advance course I would begin with the above quote and ask the students to write one or two pages explaining the quote.  No grade, just an exercise in thinking and informing me of their ability to understand the material.


Until Reagan brought the Religious Right into the Republican Party none of this was a major issue. The battle for equality had begun.  And I mean street battles. Reagan needed to beat Jimmy Carter and he could only do that by giving the Religious right a voice within the Republican party.  Until then for the most part while there were many discriminatory laws already on the books, the movement was basically ignored.

From the 20's until the emerging of the Religious Right within the Republican Party, being openly gay among your fellow actors was the norm. The press considered it a private issue and stayed out of it.  Raymond Burr [Perry Mason]  was with the same man for 33 years, before his death.  

HIV brought Hollywood out of the closet.  The press openly discussed the great Hollywood macho actors who were in fact gay.  This empowered closeted gays and caused the people to rethink their position.  Did they all of a sudden hate a beloved actor or family member upon learning they were gay? Nope, with some exceptions


I can write an entire book on the endless elements in the anti-these which brought about the change we see today, even within the gay community.  When I started to be part of the movement in about 84' or 85'.  I along with others were blasted by the Dallas Gay Alliance for wanting to change the name to the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance.  In time the bigotted all Anglo male organization changed because they had to.  

We were lambasted by the DGA for boycotting the clubs which funded them, over the policy of not allowing blacks or browns as bartenders.  Yes the DGA did not like me and so many others because we stood for equality for all, and not just some.  Yes the DGA hated us trouble makers for boycotting the clubs which looked for excuses to keep women out.  At the time exclusively lesbian bars did not exist.

Yes were were condemned by the DGA for creating the Dallas Chapter of  Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays.  They said Dallas would accuse us of recruiting children.  It was a support and educational group for Parents and Friends, not gays and lesbians.  Well we were received by the press with flying colors, and the DGA came begging for inclusion.

I can go on and on, but my point is change not only came from the society at large, but also from within the narrow minded Anglo Gay's who claimed to be the only and rightful leaders, which is why during a gay parade in Dallas to accommodate the Religious Right they banned drag queens, and men in leather clothing.  The fact these were the people in the streets fighting for equality during Stonewall, meant nothing to these bigots.  And yes, I and a lot more people boycotted the parade that year and finally ended all association with the then DGLA.  


Can you tell I love teaching this stuff.  My head is killing me and I do not care.  I am having so much fun.

But what I just did was put Marx's concept of the dialectic into perspective in terms of what is happening right now and is very germane among our youth.  This is how a real teacher teaches.

Nothing happening in terms of power and change is new.  We are just seeing it applied to gender and sexual identify.  Look to North Carolina.  When they passed their discriminatory bathroom law, boycotts and loss of revenue forced then to change course.

California is a big state.  Their boycott of Texas shows the power of the left in Texas extends beyond our borders.  Californian and other like minded states will force change in Texas.

Texas cannot use federal law to stop California in the passage of its laws or boycotting states which do not comply with their laws concerning discrimination.  Texas cannot stop corporations from not relocating to Texas because of its discriminatory stance on so many issues.

The biggest impact the California boycott will have on Texas is in sports.  Texans love sports.  When the first major national sporting event is cancelled in Texas, Texans will react.  Texas is not anti gender and sexual equality.  The polls are meaningless.  People fear if they say they support equality the person asking them the question will assume they are gay or something.

The right of California as a state to pass anti-discriminatory laws and boycott doing business with states which support discrimination is a States' Right [meaning the people, because the right belongs to the people and not the political entity] and there is nothing the Religious Right or the Republicans can do to stop California.

Oh, before I hear it, I am old guard.  In the beginning gay meant everyone who was not straight [whatever that means.  Fact - if every man could perform fellatio on themselves they would - straight men especially included.]

Look the spectrum of  human and gender identity is so large no acronym will ever include everyone. LGBTQ leaves out so many groups.  So by saying gay I mean everyone.  I understand the need of each group having their own identify in order to get recognized and effectuate change.  But the acronym would then become a million letters and numbers long.  There is now a newer acronym which is a lot longer.  It is time we stop defining ourselves by an acronym and move on to embracing ourselves as humans who simply love one another in different ways.  It is my contention the labels we assign to ourselves are used as a weapon against us.

Why is it if your family lived in Texas while it was still part of Mexico you have to live by the term Mexican American.  In New York people do not say they are Irish or Italian American.  They know their heritage, but are not labeled by it.  People keep the term Mexican American alive to diminish their ties as US born citizens.  Labels are bad.

Saturday, June 24, 2017



I learned yesterday after three days in bed, that if I do not push it and get back in bed by 1 or 2, I can control some of the spinal related pain and headache.  The headache and pain is still there, but it is not disabling.  I was able to get up from a nap around 5 and eat the dinner my roommate bought for us.  I was back in bed until 10 p.m., finally took a shower and then fell asleep around 12:30 a.m.  The headache was just too intense to sleep so I had to wait until the three medications I am now taking to help me sleep a mere 6 hours kicked in.  But at least I have found a way to try and get somethings done around the house and yard.  They take priority over everything.


The symbolism of typing monkey is not that the person is an ape, but what they do can be done by a typing ape.  Merely taking a national story and retelling it may qualify as blogging, but it does nothing for the local readership in the context of how the national story relates to them.

I will try and post a second story after  this.  The headache is growing pretty fast so we shall see.


The picture I chose is intentional because it is key to the story.  The Republicans rightly or wrongly have made Nancy Pelosi the picture of the Democratic Party, and it is not a good picture.

I am a classically trained socialist.  I am part of the true left, and not this phony baloney American left which stands for really nothing when we reach the end of the day.  I do not even try and explain what it means to be a classically trained socialist because our community colleges and universities have reached the point they only teach what they were taught instead of reading the primary sources to learn the truth.  Long before my graduate course on communist studies I had already amassed a complete library of letters and writings by Karl Marx.  By my senior year as an undergraduate I had already read Das Kapital in German.  Secondary sources are the same as no source at all.  My mentor drilled into me to never use secondary sources.  No matter how long it took we had to find a copy of the primary source and only use that in our research.

I was taking a graduate course in Communist theory.  On day one my instructor repeated the same dump ass comment so many other instructors repeat without any foundational basis.  "The last place Marx expected the revolution to begin was in Russia."  I interrupted my instructed and said that was not true.  That in fact Marx while in Russia wrote Engels and told him it would not surprise him if the revolution started in Russia because of the communal nature of the Russian farm. Obshchina.  This is important because Marx wrote extensively the key to a successful revolution is the social acceptance by the people of the communal state.  This is where the revolution begins, not in arms and the taking of private party.  It is also key to understand because Stalin destroyed the foundation of the Socialist State when he destroyed the Obshchinas.  Lenin and Stalin were not Marxist.  They used the underlying principals of equity to get the people to back them and then abused the power for their own ends.

Even now as I try and find the quote without having to dig through my huge library - it must be reorganized - all I can find is discussion on the comment, which is unsupported, and not the actual quote.  Secondary sources have no place research.

Can you tell I am enjoying writing this.  My head is killing me.  God I miss reading everyday.  Right now I am working on a constitutional challenge to the Hague Convention on the abduction of children from one country to another.  Did you know if a parent returns to the US with their American born children from Mexico, without the other parent, the parent remaining in Mexico can file a complaint with the Mexican government under the Hague Convention and get our State Department to hire an attorney to sue the parent in the U.S. to return the children to Mexico?

Now if the children were Mexican nationals, the question would be easy.  In most cases the court should send the children back to Mexico to have a Mexican court decide custody.  But a child who is an American Citizen and without dual citizenship in Mexico has no right to not effectively be deported to Mexico, a country where he has no rights as an American citizen.

This is what I am working on in 15 minute intervals.  There is a new U.S. Supreme Court decision which details the right of being a citizen and it is strong opinion.  My headaches makes it hard to read.  The client's best defense to avoid being forced back to Mexico with the children is right now there are 300,000 American citizen children in Mexico who cannot register for school or health care. The children lose these U.S. constitutionally or statutorily  guaranteed rights if they are effectively deported to Mexico to have the custody issue decided.


I got off on the Marx issue because I favor the true left.  But I am not willing to cut off my nose to spite my face to insure the left controls the Democratic Party.  Whether it is at the national level or Texas level the left within the Democratic Party is giving the Republicans one victory after another.

In the last gubernatorial election the extreme abortionist Wendy Davis raised a lot more money than her predecessor for the position, Bill White, but the election returns show with significantly less money Bill White, a centrist, did a lot better than Wendy Davis an extreme abortionist.  Abbott/Davis according to the SOS had the following returns with Abbott prevailing.  59.27/38.90.  Perry/White returns were 54.97/42.30.

Whether it is Texas or the US the voters are looking for moderate centrists.  I prefer a moderate centrist running the federal and state government than a  Republican.  So I have to put aside my primary political views to accomplish this.

Nancy Pelosi is hurting the Democrats because she is the face of the false left, instead of moderate/centrist Democrats.  It is that simple.

The numbers here in Texas, making the story germane to local politics, that a Democrat who is a centrist/moderate will do better in a statewide race than a fake leftist extreme abortionist.


Look at the election of Gilberto Hinojosa as the statewide chair of the Democratic Party.  In two election cycles he has done nothing to motivate the Hispanic community to vote.  There is a reason, we do not matter.  We in Cameron county sent a clear message about how we feel about Gilbert Hinojosa and the fake racist left in Austin decided we the people who suffered under Gilbert Hinojoa did not know what we were doing.  Again, making the Nancy Pelosi story germane to local politics. She is hurting Democrats in the same way as Gilbert Hinojosa is hurting Democrats.

This story is important to us because if Nancy Pelosi is forced to step down as the Minority Speaker, then it may create the movement we need to force Gilberto Hinojosa out.


This story is not new.  Since the rise in the Hispanic population in Dallas the black leadership has been yelling bloody murder and the Anglo Democratic leadership is backing the blacks instead of staying neutral.  The black Democratic DA lost his reelection because the Latinos got tired of being the victims of his injustices while blacks were given better favor.  In a Democratic county he was beat by an Anglo female Republican.  Now she just resigned to deal with mental health issues, and Governor Abbott appointed a black female Republican to replace her.  if you know the black community in Dallas, you know they will vote for a black Republican over any Democrat.  There is no loyalty.


With their help the black Democrat as DA lost.  This war is anything but new and is well documented in Dallas.  A few weeks ago a new Latino group of Democratic lawyers formed to choose judicial candidates to run against a particular black judge who has shown extreme bias against Latinos, and a candidate to fill an empty seat.  I ran to my sources who are big money donors in Dallas and they all lied to me and said they did not know if the money in the Democratic Party will get behind a black or Latino candidate.  Well shortly after the money announced they would be backing a black female in the open race over the Latino, and a black lawyer against the black judge who has shown extreme bias to Latino parties.

The blacks will vote for the Republican black female DA, with the Latinos staying home and voting for no one.  This insures the Republicans continue to control the position of DA.  If the Republicans are smart enough to run Latino lawyers against the troubling black female judges, Dallas county could swing Republican again.

I can tell the Anglo Democrats and Gilberto Hinojosa do not care.

I  can tell you this group of Latino lawyers are looking for financial backing within the Republican Party.  They know for county wide office with rare exception before the war reached this level, Latinos were not welcome in Dallas Democratic Party elections.  The Latino path to victory is if the Republicans run a strong female Anglo against black Republican DA Faith Johnson.  The blacks will turn out in the Republican primary to protect Faith Johnson thereby decreasing the number of blacks voting in the Democratic Primary which will help the Latino candidates.  Time to get back in the mix Jose Angel.


"Some Democrats want to replace     Pelosi atop their caucus, as they have since last November’s poor showing at the polls; they say there is no way to get back in the majority with her as their leader. And others who backed her in last year’s leadership challenge have now flipped their stance.
... .
Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-N.Y.), who backed a challenge to Pelosi last year, said the results of the Ossoff race further underscore that Pelosi should let someone else take the reins.
“There comes a time when every leader has to say, ‘For the good of the order and for the betterment of the party, it’s time for me to step aside.’ And I wish that that would happen right now,” Rice said in an interview. “This is not a personal thing. I want to get back in the majority.”

Source CNN:

Democrats are losing national races for the same reason they cannot win state wide in Texas.  The wrong faces of the respective parties is sending the moderate/centrists to the table of the Republicans.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Sorry guys but right now I can only do short postings which require little effort.  I feel like I am about to be sick   My head is ready to explode.

At 7:30 p.m. Eastern time when I turned on CNN and began to channel surf between CNN, Fox and MSNBC for election returns on all three networks I heard how there was also a race in South Carolina, but it was going to be a cake walk for the Republicans and the only race to watch was the Georgia race.

The South Carolina race was systematically ignored by the mainstream press.


South Carolina was anything but a cake walk for the Republicans as had been reported by the press before the returns. In South Carolina the Republican, Norman, beat the Democrat, Parnel by 51.1 to 47.9 % of the vote.

Trump won this district with 57%.  The congressman who resigned to work for the Trump administration won by 59% in November.

Bottom line the Republicans with both wins last night hold on to their strong majority in the House.

But also it cannot be lost on anyone how the Press got the South Carolina race all wrong, and the Republicans barely held on to the seat.  The Republican in November 2018 face 21 House seats now held by Republicans but in Districts won by Hillary Clinton.  It is one thing to win a seat in a district won by Trump and with a history of being heavily Republican, and another to win a seat in a district albeit Republican won by Hillary Clinton.


In Georgia the Republican Handel beat the Democrat Ossoff with a 51.9 to 48.1% margin. Not much of a difference between the Georgia and South Carolina races.

Both districts are open for reelection in November 2018.  A little more than a year away.  With these slim margins, in both elections we can expect a strong Democratic challenger.  How Norman and Handel perform over the next year and interact with Trump could decide their fate.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Well I can tell you my head feels like it is going to explode.  The neurosurgeon has all the test results and has a game plan in play.


In Matal v. Tam, a trademark case, where the trademark of "Slant" was rejected as disparaging of Asians, although the person seeking the trademark intended use was to use it in a positive way to rid it of its negative connotation.  It is no different how the gay communty has changed queer from a negative to a positve.

The opinion although unanimous in its result is difficult to read because of two 4 Justices opinions and the individual Justices only agreeing to some parts and not others.

The gist of the holding is as follows from Justice Kennedy's concurring opinion on page 8.

"A law that can be directed against speech found offensive to some portion of the public can be turned against minority and dissenting views to the detriment of all. The First Amendment does not entrust that power to the government’s benevolence. Instead, our reliance must be on the substantial safeguards of free and open discussion in a democratic society."

The Court found the disparagement clause concerning trademarks to be unconstitutional.  Remember the First Amendment does not apply to individuals against other individuals.  It only applies to governmental entities.

Click for full Opinion

This means no governmental entities can interfer with disparaging remarks or punish the speaker. This includes the State Bar of Texas or any govermental Agency whether federal or state.


I am off to bed because it feels like my head is going to explode.  A combination of old and new MRI's and CT scans shows a lot of scar tissue of the brain caused by various forms of mini-strokes. The scans include evidence of microhemorrhaging after a TIA in November 2016.

The advanced testing on the spinal fluid and other tests shows the neurological system is highly inflamed.

Third, the spurs on my spinal bone have continued to grow to the point of damaging the nerve endings around the lumbar spine.  The VA worked on this 2-3 years ago and then gave up when the injections failed.

If we can reduce the inflammation of the neurological system we can reduce the headaches.  So as a neurosurgeon he is going to try some new injections.  If they do not solve the problem with the inflammation he will then try another procedure.  If that fails then it is surgury to repair the spinal cord and remove the spurs.

There is nothing they can do about the mini-strokes.  The damage is short term other then the scar tissue.  In the old days they treated with Plavix, but research shows taking the 81 mg aspirin is safer and just as effective.

So for now a lot of bed rest, and wait for the process to play out.

Sunday, June 18, 2017


Before I hear it, I want to be clear, this is not an endorsement and I stand by my position that JP's should be lawyers.  And before I hear, Erin Garcia proves me wrong - lets deal in facts.  The complaint filed by Luis Sorola, had Erin Garcia fought it, she would have won.  An identical case against another judge who was sanctioned was reversed by the courts as violating Free Speech.  On the issue of granting 72 hour waivers, the Dallas County Attorneys office has authorized the JP's to sign the 72 hour waivers.  My ex paid $60.00 for his wedding and waiver signed by the JP.  A survey of all major counties showed none charge a fee for a waiver, and do not require the marriage applicant ask a district court judge for the waiver.  It was all bullshit.  Cameron County continues to steal  from some of the poorest people in the US by charging a fee for a waiver.  Dallas County maybe nearly 20 years ago faced a class action when it was discovered the district clerk was charging illegal fees.  It cost Dallas County millions.  But the corrupt Cameron County attorneys will continue on no legal authority to order the district clerk to charge the fee as an illegal tax on the people of Cameron County.  If you really cared about the people this is the story you would write.


Yea I was happy I pushed myself yesterday, but I paid a price.  I came into the house and rested for a while and then took a shower.  I decided I  was okay to drive to Leslie's Pools to have the water checked, and buy a clarifier.  The Palm tree flowers are doing a job on my pool.  Well I was already at Leslie's so I decided to go a bit further to the restaurant "La Siberia" on Alton Gloor for their soft Tacos which are amazing.  I enjoyed my meal, but when done was stuck in my seat because of the headache and leg pain.  I finally got up to pay and while standing at the counter started to feel disoriented from the headache, and then nearly fell when the slippage occurred on my left side.  I held onto the counter to keep from hitting the ground.  By that point I was gone.  I left my debit card in the machine.  They have it and I will go back Monday.  Like a bent over old man I hobbled out of the restaurant in horrible pain.  I have no idea how I got home.  I had to stop at the HEB on 802 to rest.  I had planned on stopping at the one closer to my house. but I needed to stop.  I did not finish my shopping because my legs kept on giving out from the slippage.  I am at two years of the VA ignoring my complaints over the slippage.  I got what I could and got in the car and sat and then finished the trip.  Well when I got home I was bed bound.  Every time I tried to walk to the kitchen I would get the slippage on both sides.  I fell and finally gave up and stayed in bed.  Yea, yesterday I liked working outside but even with the breaks I over did it.  Again I am on 5 hours sleep because the Lyrica no longer works on the neuropathy in my thighs.  We tried to up the dosage by a 150 mg, but no difference.  5 hours and I wake up in horrible pain as if someone is rolling razor blades up and down my thighs.


Robert Sanchez's ex wife hired a lawyer, who billed her like the fool so  she could claim the house she had lived in with Robert Sanchez.  This is like first day Family Law in law school.  But apparently the lawyer hired by Lorri Sanchez must have missed that day.  Do not write about something you have no knowledge of - journalism 101.

In Texas any property you own before marriage is your private property.  The judge in the Sanchez case apparently did not miss the first day of Family Law in law school, and ruled the house was the sole property of Robert Sanchez, and not community property.  Now it does get more complicated.  If after marriage the house value increases by $100,000, and then you get divorced that $100,000 increase in value during the course of the marriage entitles the wife to half, although it never works out that way because of other rules.

The typing monkey demands Mary Esther pay property taxes on two properties which are solely owned by her husband.  Since when is Mary Esther liable for another parties' property taxes on their property, and a property she is not a co owner on.  Here is the hard lesson so many people learn the hard way.  They pay the separate debt of the spouse, and once the debt is paid they divorce.  The spouse who paid the private debt of the other spouse is entitled to nothing including an ownership interest in real property.  No competent lawyer would advice Mary Esther to pay the private debt of Lius Sorola.  But the typing monkey knew none of this because knowledge is not a consideration of the typing monkey.

Also it is as common as apple pie for the appraisal districts, the state and IRS to work with small businesses to allow for payments.  This is the norm.  The governmental entities do this so as to not put the businesses out of business because they are otherwise still paying taxes.

I have revealed I had an IRS lien wherein I was making payments.  This is standard practice for small business owners.  It means nothing.  Luis Sorola is taking advantage of the same rights used by any other small business owner.  There is nothing to see here.  The BV does its best to be fair and honest. When the same problem was revealed about Ernie Hernandez I provided the same explanation.  Luis Sorola deserves the same respect on this issue.

It is the type story written by a failed journalist who sees no need to get to the legal nuances on the issue and just goes with the trashing of two people who have done nothing wrong. Now again, I am not endorsing anyone.  I just believe everyone deserves to have the truth told about them, the good the bad and the ugly.  I stand my desire that all JP's be lawyers.  Now if the lawyer who runs against Mary Esther turns out to be less than honest, then I will have a hard time voting for a lawyer.  It is all to early to decide.


Mary Esther almost gives validity to this complaint by whining about how she is not getting as many marriage ceremonies as others.

I have been sent information on her performance and the number of cases she disposes of.  I have not run any stories on this issue because to compare Mary Ester to the other two Brownsville JP's is like comparing apples and oranges.  Mary Esther's office is not next door to the building where you go for marriage licenses, such as the other two JP's.  It is located at a distance from the main court house.  This may change soon as they move the two JP's out of the court house as the new extension continues.  Their offices along with the extension will allow for more county court at law and district court rooms.

Mary Esther gets fewer marriages because she is not next door to the office which issues marriage licenses.  She gets fewer civil and criminal filings because most people do not even know where her office is to file a civil case.  For tickets it is just easier for the state and county to file them in the main court house.  None of this is Mary Esther's fault.  Once she is together with the other JP's then we can compare apples to apples.


Judge Linda Salazar for some time has been lobbying for a central clerk for all three JP's.  She wants the computer to assign the cases.  Right now we have forum shopping by the lawyers and the state and county agencies based on who they think will be most favorable to their civil case, or  move the ticket cases fastest.   Linda Salazar is pushing for a central clerk to randomly assign the cases so each judge gets the same number of cases.

Further either the county or state needs to set a standard rate for getting married.  My ex paid a mere $60.00 for the marriage and the 72 hour waiver in Dallas.  The rate in Cameron county is way too high and the county or state need to reign in how much judges can charge.  Also if done during business hours, half should go to the county.

Saturday, June 17, 2017


The area around the pool deck and banana trees needed a lot of work.  My roommate is balancing his work time, personal time, helping take care of his daughter and his 7 grandchildren from his daughter and son, and helping me as best as he can.  We have neglected the gardening.

On only 5 hours sleep, while sorting things on my desk, I heard my roommate out back working on the weeds around the pool deck.  That black stuff and lava rocks do not keep the weeds from growing.  I heard him and decided to see what I could do to help.  Well two hours later, my back is stiff and killing me, and my head feels like it is ready to explode.  I did take breaks to make small posts.  I then jumped in the pool.  I did 10 laps.  I hurt real bad, but my roommate inspired me to not give into it.  So long as I was not dizzy or gasping for air I decided to work through the pain.


Nudity is not always sexual.  For example I found all of the pictures of Melania Trump to be artistic. Nudity can be beauty, artistic or political and unfortunately filthy.  I know this is way outside what I would normally post.  I respect your right to see it as filth.  It is not, as used it is political.  But I respect our differences.

This past legislative session the Texas Republicans passed so many discriminatory laws, I see the AG very busy in federal court.  What happened to the State of Texas?  Yes I agree the Democrats have not given us a viable choice and they are as much to blame.

This term the so called anti-government Texas Republicans passed more anti family and anti children laws and laws which control our daily lives than ever before.  Imagine a law which allows for discrimination against children because they identify as LGBTQ.  Imagine a law which allows the state to send such children for religious training.  Imagine a law which denies them healthcare.

You can be a Texas Republican if you want.  It is your right, but stop telling me you are about anti-government because you are not.  You are about bringing Christian Sharia law into our homes even at the cost of healthcare for children.

Remember Sharia law comes from the Old Testament.  Christians quote it all of the time to justify their actions.


My BPUB bill just posted. For this same period last year it was $304.  The one I just got is $249.  Can you imagine what it would be like if they lowered the electric and water rates.  The blow in insulation and energy efficient doors are paying off.  Also next month will reflect the more energy efficient new refrigerator.  It may only be an addition $2.00, but everything adds up.

My actual electric bill is $117.00, but then they add in $49.00 for the fuel surcharge.  We are at record lows for the cost of electricity throughout the country because of the record low prices for oil and natural gas.  This surcharge was added at a time of near record highs.

The next big challenge for the city commissionis, do away with the surcharge starting with the next billing cycle.  The highest bills the consumer will have will be the next 3 billing cycles.

This is on the back of the city commission to make this happen.  Getting rid of the surcharge will be easier than lowering the rates.

Friday, June 16, 2017


A back x-ray has confirmed the spinal bone spurs in the lumbar.  The Lyrica has slowly stopped working.  We went to 450 mg, with a recommended maximum of 300 mg.  Nothing I was up all night.  Imagine a roller with razor blades going up an down your thigh.  The pressure on my back when I sleep gets it going.

I do have a hard hitting post, but the headaches made it impossible for me to finish it.  I am way too tired right now to work on anything. Readership always goes down on the weekends.  I will have it ready on Monday.  I promise a very revealing and fully documented hard hitting post on Monday.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


The money side of blogging.  I have communicated privately with Montoya many times that if he would stop attacking his fellow bloggers as part of the money he gets to promote certain people, he could easily raise $4000 a month in revenue.  It would make me very happy to see him succeed in this, but he has to change some of his tactics if he wants the big money.

I have no problem with the money.  The NYT's models many of its stories or non stories based on longer term advertising clients.  Fox news dumped Bill O'Reilly because the advertisers started to pull out.  So if money influences national news networks why should their be a different rule for bloggers.  I have been offered money and have turned it down.  I hate money. I am truly a classically trained socialist and I believe money taints everything.

I am at my limits with the Russian Trump story.  The fake liberal media is keeping it alive to discredit Trump.  I see in the NYT and CNN misleading headlines to draw you into the story which actually says nothing.

I do not support Trump or his policies, but this is a witch hunt and is driven by money.  The misleading headlines bring in more people clicking on your news page or buying your paper.  Professional journalism is dead in the US.


We as bloggers when we work together on major issues have had a many successes.  Montoya gave me the information I needed to find the documents which showed Carlos Elizondo had a felony complaint based on stealing wheel chairs.  He could not find the right papers so he could not complete the story.  I had no problem admitting that Juan;s reporting gave me  the heads up.  If asked if able I would not think twice about helping him find civil or criminal cases.  We can meet on the second flooMy r and I will help him with his story.  Documents make the story more credible.  This will help him get more advertising.

My view is we need to stop attacking one another for our reporting based on who is paying us.  Write all of the stories promoting whomever is paying you.  I will pass no judgment.  But if Ifind evidence to the contrary I will publish it.  But for me to attack paid bloggers for helping people who I believe are bad for Brownsville and then the paid blogger attacking me for posting contrary information, in the end all blogges lose credibility.  The best response to anything I post is to write positively about the person paying you.  Find good things to say about the person and just keep on posting positive things about the person who is paying you without this stupid back and forth of attacking.

When Zeke Silva opened coffee shop, despite our differences, because I am a huge supporter of family owned businesses, I told my readers who live in the to support the business.


My readers may be surprised by me endorsing Alex for state rep. and I get to vote in that one. Now there  are other candidates I need to check out before endorsing anyone, but I know for sure I will never vote for Rene Olivera.  Alex's biggest negative is he does not bring 30 years experience to the table.  His biggest positive is he is not Rene Oliviera, and in reality Rene has never used his power which comes with 30 years experience to help Brownsville.  He wrote the legislation which allowed UT to cheat UTB out of rent.  Once he wrote a piece of legislation which was so anti consumer and pro medical community he could not even get a second from the Republicans and it died.

Alex needs to start detailing his most significant accomplishments so people know him as something more than a name.  Now to be honest the accomplishments of any county commission especially in a small county population wise might not be much, but that is not the commissioner's fault.  I personally want to know what he has done to make Cameron County into a metroplex such as Hidalgo County.  If he has actually worked on this issue it could be his defining issue which makes him a real contender.


It is simple, our work in exposing corruption and the problems before attacking one another because someone is paying us.  Again I have zero problems with the money issue, it is the bogus stories attacking one another because it compromises our mission.  A mission we have been good at.  Jim Barton is the best Photo Journalist among us.  We need to promote one another while accepting our differences.