Saturday, November 17, 2018


Tonight should be a great night to help them reach the second 10,000.  Yesterday I was downtown and I was amazed with how much remodelling of businesses there is.  Downtown is hot real estate as one high end business after another opens and succeeds.

If you wait too long the good deals on real estate will be gone.  Now is the time to buy

Friday, November 16, 2018


While Philip T.  Cowen may be too sane to want the job, I think he would be the most experienced and independent voice on the Board for Board president, insuring everyone is heard.  This is important for moving foward.  Every voice must count.


He has ordered his staff to not put up with reporters like Acosta to include walking out of the press conference.  This is what he should have done to begin with.  Just do not call on them, and end the press conference if they disrupt it.

Yes they would be condemned, but Trumpites would applaud it, and the press would have no remedy.

We shall see what happens.


The trial judge is doing exactly what the Supreme Court would have ordered in a remand.  The lawyers for both sides have until Tuesday to further develop the case on Due Process.  The court is forcing the parties to further develop the record.  Trump's lawyers can take this to the Supreme Court immediately, but Tuesday's hearing will be done with before the Supreme Court could  rule.  It is almost impossible to get the Supreme Court to hear an undeveloped case, especially when the trial judge is pushing fast for a more fully developed record.

"The judge told attorneys for the Trump administration that the White House has to establish standardized rules to justify taking away a pass to cover the White House and wants to hear from both sides again Tuesday.

This was also granted on a limited basis and was not on First Amendment ground, but the Fifth Amendment's right to due process. The judge said the White House denied Acosta's right to due process under the law."

The judge is being cautious which is very good.  The White House has a procedure for getting White House credentials.  But I have briefed this many times.  Court cases are a dime a dozen which say just because an entity has a procedure to obtain something, does not mean what you are obtaining is a Right.  This is the rub in the case.  If access to the White House as a journalist is not a right, then the procedures outlined for gaining access do not implicate Due Process.

Many judges have written many opinions stating a mere procedure set up by the government to obtain something does not attach to Due Process unless that something is a right.  If the benefit is discretionary, which access to the White House would be, then Due Process does not attach.

But I will say having followed this issue for years and continuing to follow this issue, the courts struggle with it.  It is like Texas weather, if you do not like it, wait a minute and it will change.

The central question for the Supreme Court is, did Acosta have a reasonable expectation he had a right to access to the White House.  I cannot see the Supreme Court finding any reporter has a reasonable expectation of access to the White House. 

I like this trial judge because he is proceeding with caution and forcing the parties to better develop the record and the law for preparation for the Supreme Court. 


After I had the screw placed for my new tooth implant, I went with my roommate to his dentist in Matamoros.  He is across from Garcia's so it is an easy walk.  We parked on Levee.  I am allowed to walk for 10 minutes at a time, so I was fine.

The first thing we noticed was all of the Porter kids who live in Matamoros lining up in front of us to pay the fee to use the bridge.  When will BISD end this?  Never.  What is happening is not complex.  These kids were born on the US side. I have no objection to this part. Something a privileged family can afford to do.  They have a social security number.  Then they have someone on this side of  the border claim them as a dependent and that person gets the child tax credit for a child who lives in Mexico.  It gives the Mexican child a Brownsville address, and access to BISD, all the while they are living in Mexico.

If these were poor kids, it would not bother me one bit.  But these are wealthy kids from privileged families defrauding the US taxpayers.  The law should allow them to pay a tuition fee to BISD to attend, while living in Mexico.  At least this would be a new form of revenue for BISD.  It would also stop the tax fraud.

Dinner at Garcia's was awesome.  I so miss going over to Matamoros.  There is a big difference between Oxacan cheese made in Mexico and the U.S.  It was so so good.  The meal was so so good.

We walked back and on the bridge we ran into a large group of men sent back by the U.S.  It was kind of sad.

The line was for ever.  But then we found out as U.S. citizens we could go to the front of the line and go through a special line once inside the building to be cleared.  That was nice.

At the midpoint of the bridge they have the first check point.  If you do not have papers you cannot pass the midpoint of the bridge.  Remember once on U.S. soil you can claim asylum and you get a hearing.  They are not allowing anyone to stand on U.S. soil without first being cleared.

But boy do I miss Matamoros.  Everyone was so nice to us on the street, in the store - everywhere.  They are such a wonderful people.  The entire situation is so so sad. 

Thursday, November 15, 2018


Let there be no mistake Trump's actions against Jim Acosta and CNN were 100% related to their reporting and speech.  On the merits and for good reason CNN and Jim Acosta will lose before the Supreme Court, and here is why.

The judge in the case will issue a ruling today.  His ruling will be a 15 minutes story as the case works it way on an emergency basis to the Supreme Court.  Unless there is a clear question of law, the Supreme Court rarely takes fully developed cases.


No court can compel any government employee to answer the questions of a reporter.  Even if Acosta were allowed in the White House for general investigative reporting, the President has every right to order his staff to not answer any questions posed by Acosta.  Do we really want a system where federal judges can order government employees to answer reporter's questions beyond a valid Freedom of Information Request? 

I researched this when Luis Saenz did the same to me and the law at that time was, Saenz was within his right to choose who can and cannot attend a press conference.

First of all journalists are not licensed and there is no legal standard which defines who is and is not a journalist.  Judges have engaged in speculation based on  their views, but beyond that nothing.

So let's say Acosta is allowed to sit through the press conferences.  No judge is going to order the Trump staff to call on him and answer his questions. He might as just watch it on TV.  Why is Acosta privileged over all of the other reporters trying to get recognized and are never allowed to ask questions?

Through their sense of entitlement CNN has played this all wrong.

The other news agencies standing with CNN is a joke.  The people do not care.

Something meaningful would be the other news agencies refusing to attend press conferences until Acosta is given back his pass.  Yea that is not going to happen because the privileged fake journalists care more about making a profit for their employers than free speech.


This is the type issue where the Supreme Court would want development of the facts before agreeing to hear the case.  At most CNN could get an order from the Supreme Court for further development of the issue.

CNN would have to have a solid case that the sole motivation of the White House was to punish Acosta for his speech.  Given the fact the White House has every right to control who is on their grounds or in press conferences, this is going to be a very difficult thing for CNN to prove.


Why should Acosta have access to press conferences over all of the journalists in line for the same access?  Why should Acosta be allowed to ask questions over all of the other journalists who are never even recognized during the press conference?

The answer is Acosta and CNN believe they have a right of entitlement over the other journalist, and this is a losing argument.

Now I know if the judge today rules for CNN and Acosta I will be called out as wrong.  But reality check, the trial judge's ruling has about as much value as a tit on a boar hog.  The Supreme Court will decide this case.


I tell people all of the time, the one place you do not want to enforce your rights is court.  The judges are worthless.

The news media cares nothing about free speech.  If they did they would have all agreed to no longer attend news conferences until Acosta was reinstated.  They did not because it is about money and entitlement for these fake profession of journalism.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


No it is not too early to start this conversation.  Right now what we know for sure is there will be two political machines vying to take control.  Mike Hernandez and Abraham Galonsky will each have a cabal of candidates running to take control.

I have spoken about this before.  We need an independent organization which can pool resources for independent candidates so they will be on equal footing.  The only requirement will be they are not part of either of the above machines.

There are a lot of highly qualified people who would serve Brownsville well, if they could get elected.  But without money or a machine there chances are not very good.

It is up to the people who want independent minded people to form a group and raise the money.  The idea is to raise enough money for a web page where each candidate will have a link to their FB and/or web page.  The second part is to raise enough money for ads and mailers directing the people to the Independent candidate web page.  By pooling the limited resources people who would never get off the ground will be on equal footing with the machine candidates.

I am in to make this happen.  The question is are there enough Independent business people tired of the machines who will to help make this happen.  I am confident with seed money to set up the web page and one ad, money will flow and Independent candidates will announce knowing they will get a lot of exposure.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018



First. someone I know who likes Jessica told me she paid for the dog house and it was not a gift. There is zero evidence to the contrary.  But that is not how Texas Ethics rules work.

Years ago in Dallas a judge retired after it was learned he sold a boat to an attorney who had a case before him.

The evidence clearly shows and there is no doubt about this, Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa is doing Mike Hernandez's dirty work at the GBIC and the city. 

Many people are doing research on city commissioner Munguia because knocking him out is the only way to stop Mike Hernandez.  Munguia has agreed to the Kamikaze dive to protect Mike Hernandez.

You cannot do business as an elected official with someone you as an elected official are promoting in city government and the GBIC.

Tony Martinez and Ben Neece need to take this to the Texas Ethics Commission - they will not.  At every level at the city what I hear is absolute fear of retaliation if you do anything which Jessica does not like. 

The key to stopping her is the Texas Ethics Commission, and taking down Munguia.  Some things are floating around concerning Rick Longoria, but not an ounce of proof.

I still want that unedited picture of Rick with his space sword.  He needs to know there are consequences to being a bad elected official. I have no liability in posting it.


Some years ago to keep me from covering an important press conference and asking the hard questions, Luis Saenz had an armed henchman outside the meeting area to keep me out. The law is clear, bloggers are journalists and have the same privileges.

My research at the time showed case law which found Saenz had the right to control who was allowed into the press conference.

CNN and Jim Acosta this morning are taking on the limited case law and suing Donald Trump for banning Jim Acosta.  The Supreme Court will take this case.  It will move fast.  The Supreme Court prefers that cases are fully developed before they consider them.  CNN has the resources to have this case before the Supreme Court in months, at least for a preliminary injunction against the White House.  We shall see. 

Watch carefully, as Chief Justice Roberts becomes the new swing vote.


The Republican Party better look hard and strong at Kyrsten Sinema's victory.  This is Arizona.  It is time the Republican Party send the hatemongers packing.  It is time the Republican leadership show a spine and say enough is enough, hatemongers and bigots not welcome in our Party.


Okay so the incision area of the spinal surgery has swelling. I could no longer stand the pain and took 600 mg of Ibuprofen for inflammation, and a painkiller. My left pelvic area is in a lot of pain along with the left lumbar area. After being mostly in bed for a few days, other than a few quick outings - like Dodici on Saturday which was awesome - I needed out.  I was in no pain because of the first painkiller in maybe 10-14 days.  I had no plans of going because of the pain, and what were the odds of winning two weeks in a row, or a 3rd time in 4 plays?  The pain was gone so I went out.  I nearly fell twice as my left pelvic area gave out.

In my last four times at the Knights of Columbus I won $500, $75, and last night $150.  Each has a small fee deducted.  I think I need 6 months off - there is no way I will win again any time soon.

It was a good night because I am using the money to continue with my brother's litigation.  I have everyone at a standstill with both federal and state criminal investigations.  But even they take money.

The judge is so corrupt he ordered me to attend a $3000 mediation 9 hours away on the day he knew I had to do the follow-up on my prostate test.  At the time being told I had a 72 % of cancer, he ordered I not see me doctor, so says the mediator in two recorded messages left on my voice mail.  There is no T-Mobile service in the VA clinic so the calls went to voice mail.

I am grateful to the Knights of Columbus  for what is now just under $650, to help my disabled brother veteran who served for 25 years.  I have no financial interest.  His son and granddaughters are his rightful heirs.  I will never get my money back.  But these thieving scumbags will never get paid and can only hope to now avoid jail  time, with court documents, emails and transcripts which leave no doubt the probate judge refused to allow my brother to hire an attorney to defend himself by appointing one of his friends who was not qualified at the time by the State Bar to do guardianship work.

Everything to the best of my knowledge has come to a standstill to allow for the  criminal investigations. 

My brother does not even know me anymore.  He has no knowledge of his son or granddaughters.  I am working with the VA to have him removed from the jail nursing home he is in which has  denied him all specialty care for his neurofibroma. 

The local DA has made it clear she will go to federal prison before she holds her friends accountable.  I think the State of Texas and feds feel a bit differently at this point, and the local DA is now running scared.

Again thank you to the Knights of Columbus for helping me with extra funds to fight this battle.