Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Republicans understand with all of the ideological splits within the Party the chances of electing a Republican president remains a challenge.  They will tell you they are about local small government, but the facts show otherwise.
The deal with the devil was simple - the corporatists Republicans are to turn the U.S. into a corporate state run by the corporations, in exchange for those who wish to centralize government to compel the values of the few on the majority.
All over the U.S. the so called anti-government Republican legislatures are trying to pass state laws which prohibit local governments as elected by they people from passing ordinances the corporations or anti-freedom Republicans [I will not call them social conservatives because they are many things, but conservative is not one of them] dislike.  The Republicans love to yell "will of the people - stop the judicial activists.]  But the second the people by popular vote [Arizona passing by popular vote redistricting commission] - or through their local representatives [local ordinances banning smoking, plastic bags, raising minimum wage, or providing employment and housing protection for groups hated by Republicans] act in a way the Republicans do not like, the Republicans become big government advocates suing their own states to void the popular vote of the people, or passing legislation voiding the policies as enacted by the local representatives of the people. 
It blows my mind how easy it was for the Republicans to get their lemming followers to go along with surrendering their freedoms.
Mind you there are a million reasons to hate the Plantation Democrats - but compared to the anti-freedom pro corporate America Republicans - I will take the Plantation Democrats any day while trying to effectuate change in the Democrat Party.
Do you support the Texas Republican Party's effort to eliminate Home Rule cities, thereby putting the people under the control of Texas Republicans?
We have a right to know your answer Roman?

Monday, March 2, 2015


In less than a week after agreeing to be the Interim-Superintendent in name only, Zendejas gave into Minerva Peña and Joe Rodriguez and played the retaliation game.  This is no different than what Carl Montoya did to Tony  Fuller.  Montoya wanted to keep his job so he relieved Tony Fuller of his duties.  This is sick and it has to end.  Zendejas wanted the job so she agreed to play dirty and get BISD sued. She cares no more for children than a child abuser.  She sees nothing wrong with the money BISD is going to spend on lawyers to defend her indefensible conduct.

She is on the agenda for Tuesday.  Items 41 and 43.

41. Discussion, consideration and possible action on ratifying Interim Superintendent’s

43. Discussion, consideration and possible action regarding the appointment, employment,
evaluation, and duties of the Superintendent.

It is not possible she did her necessary due diligence before playing her role as a hired executioner to settle scores for Minerva Peña and Joe Rodriguez, on behalf of Rita Hernandez, Luis Hernandez, and Rick Zayas.  It is Rita Hernandez, Rose Longoria and Luis Segura who need to be fired forthwith.

What has to happen is Otis Powers, Cata Presas-Garcia, and Carlos Elizondo have to send a clear message of no - a contract will not be approved.

Cesar Lopez and Chirinos better pay attention.  BISD will be sued for Minerva Peña's conduct in discussing personnel matters with me.  I also believe those targeted will win on the merits.  I hope when they sue and they will, they include Luis Hernandez, and Rick Zayas.  Obviously  Esperanza Zendejas, Joe Rodriguez, and Minerva Peña will be included in the suit.

Zendejas in record speed based on her game playing is getting BISD sued.  More money which is needed for the children will go for the lawyers.  This is unacceptable.

Powers, Presas-Garcia, and Elizondo need to hold.  This will end Minerva Peña's role as Board President. Lopez or Chirinos need to join them to make four.  I am not talking about an alliance for the future.  I am talking about sending a message that Joe Rodriguez and Minerva Peña will not manage the BISD into bankruptcy.  The lawsuits have to stop,

If Zendejas believes the 4 votes are there, she will probably resign before the meeting.

But if Chirinos and or Lopez go along with Rodriguez and Peña they will find themselves in the same shit hole as Presas-Garcia, Otis Powers and Carlos Elizondo.

If Zendejas gets a contract any hope BISD will change for the better will be lost.

In the words of Nadezhda Mandelstam, "Hope against Hope"  Nadezhda means hope in Russian.



Playing this video out of context is reckless and will promote needless additional violence.  This is my main concern at this point. 

According to the LAPD the man secured one of the police officer's guns during the struggle.  I begin with this because it puts the incident into some context.  Just because the police say the man secured a gun does not mean he did.  Forensic evidence concerning finger prints will tell the truth.

Unlike so many who were not there, I cannot say exactly what happened beyond what I see in the video.

In my humble opinion when officers need 5 shots to secure a man on the ground we have excessive force.  There is no excuse for 5 shots to secure a man on the ground, especially when you have this many officers at the scene.

There is a clear lack of training along with overzealous officers.  I get it - I will give them the benefit of the doubt pending a forensic test for finger prints on the gun the deceased man allegedly had.  But, all they had to do was shoot him in the hand which held the gun and it would have been over.

The LAPD has already mishandled this.  The LAPD which history tells us is their wont, will spin and cover.  This will lead to violence.  Violence means more innocent victims.

The FBI and DOJ need to take immediate control of all the evidence with the LAPD being blocked out of any investigation.  Any further mishandling of this will only lead to needless violence.

Along those lines, the good news is, the man filming the incident, did not turn this into a black versus white incident.  This may help with potential violence.  The man filming the incident is black and he chose to call out a black officer. 

Click for LA Times

 At this time I do not know the race of the victim.  I just checked another article and the reporter is stating the victim is a 45 year old black man.

Click for report




Someone who wants to play the distraction game posted a comment I am rejecteding.  He/she claims all of my comments on Stell are nonsense because they had no due process hearings.  My comments on Stell had nothing to do with due process hearings - hence the distraction.

My issue is they are a failed school - something Rita Hernandez considers acceptable - after of these many years of Stell not meeting state standards how can she justify not replacing the principal? Originaly Minerva blamed Carl Montoya and Rita Hernandez for Luis Segura remaining at Stell.  If Rita is so happy with Luis Segura why not pull her child out of private school, and place her at Stell?

From the Herald:

"To make the PEG list, a school’s passing rate has to dip below 50 percent in one of the areas tested on STAAR standardized tests in two of the last three years. "

You see Esperanza Zendeja who provides no hope for the children at Stell, protects Rita Hernandez and her friend Luis Segura while. while trying to silence those who want to deal with the BISD's problems.

The fact Rita Hernandez is at the top of the list of Due Process hearings at the high school level should have informed Zendejas that Rose Longoria is not listening.  Special Services when followed prevents Due Process hearings.  Rita Hernandez and Rose Longoria do not want to listen so they got Minerva, Joe and Esperanza to remove the one person pushing hard to fix the problems.

For the next year the children will suffer because now the remaining administrators in Special Services fear for their jobs if they push Rose Longoria or Rita Hernandez to follow the law.

This will not end well for any of them.  The parents are not to put up with it.  It is time Minerva resign from the Board, and Joe Rodriguez retire to the field of has-beens.

For the record, they have the vote on a reorganization.  Otis, Cata, and Carlos can put it on the agenda.  Minerva's majority would be nuts to not ad one more vote for her removal, once the truth comes out about how she exposed the district to a lawsuit for discussing personnel matters.


On February  5, 2015, at 3:14 p.m. for 29 minutes Minerva Peña and I spoke by phone.  Minerva Peña called me after I texted her at 2:59 p.m., that I had been informed that Carl Montoya was claiming Minerva Peña was demanding that Berta Peña and Sylvia Atkinson be fired.

I asked Minerva Peña point blank what was happening.  She told me disciplinary action would be taken against Sylvia Atkinson and Berta Peña.  This is a black and white violation of the law.  She had no business discussing with me personnel matters.

What I was told was, Sylvia Atkinson had fabricated charges against Rose Longoria, and Rita Hernandez was not happy.  Minerva Peña told me the basic allegations being made against Rose Longoria, principal at Pace, were true, but that Sylvia Atkinson was misconstruing the problem.  The issue dealt with attendance records allegedly being falsified.  This would be the second claim against Rose Longoria concerning falsified records.  Minerva Peña defended Rose Longoria and Rita Hernandez with some convoluted formula which when properly applied showed there was no attendance problem.

We then discussed the issue of special needs.  Rita Hernandez and Rose Longoria were fed up with special services trying to run the show on special needs.  News flash for you Minerva - that is their job.

The key to this has nothing to do with the tit for tat between Rita Hernandez who is the wife of Rick Zaya's law partner - whose butt I kicked in a JP trial - and anyone in Special Services..  For the record, in JP court on leave of court anyone can represent anyone without a law license, so long as no fee is charged.


During the last cheating allegation against Rose Longoria, I defended her in part because someone posted a comment on Juanito's page claiming Rose Longoria was changing answers on tests on a specific date and time.  I knew this was a lie because, because I was in a meeting with her at the time she was allegedly changing grades.

I have met Rita Hernandez.  She makes it a point she will not send her child to BISD.  I was there at the request of a parent who had given  BISD permission to work directly with me for the benefit of his son.  All Rita and Rose wanted to talk about is how big Pace is on promoting student participation in things like pep rallies.  I was there trying to help a child reenroll in high school.  He dropped out because of the anxiety associated with being in a classroom.  Rose Longoria and her staff lied repeatedly about accommodation. The child ended up dropping out.

I will never forget the first meeting at Pace with Rose Longoria and her inept staff.  They had no idea the child had a long history of mental illness.  I had to open the child's folder to the medical records section to show them the medical records.  They put together an ARD without consideration of the child's mental health history.  Rose Longoria found this acceptable - albeit at that point she was prepared to surrender her first born to me to prevent me from filing a complaint with Carl Montoya.

No matter how many meetings and problems related to this child, Rose Longoria could not comprehend the child's mental health disorders prevented him from being in a regular classroom.  He needed a lot of special attention with a lot of time away from tradition instruction if he were to survive.  It was never going to happen.

Then a few years later I am there with a father on the verge of a meltdown because Rose Longoria and her staff had no idea how to transfer in a child from Hanna.  The father called me after multiple trips to Pace, Hanna and Central Administration.  This is when Rita Hernandez showed to over see the problem.  It took Carl Montoya's office to intervene before Rose Longoria would allow this special needs children to enroll at Pace. 

It is true the child thrived - but only because I dictated everything to be provided to the child during the ARD meeting.  They had no say in the matter.  The child is now back at Hanna in classes I dictated.  The Hanna staff knew they had very little choice.  They do not understand when a child is in 10th grade and reads at a 3rd grade level you do not put the child in a business course while keeping the child out of resource reading.

It is the job of Special Services to oversee these children and insure their rights are protected.  BISD needs a clear policy - when an AA interferes with special services, the AA should be fired.

Some of the AA's have declared war on Special Services because they do not like being told they are not doing their job.

Minerva Peña is friends with Rita Hernandez.  She is tied at the hips with Rick Zayas who is the law partner of Rita's husband Luis Hernandez.

Before Esperanza Zendejas was brought in the decision to take action against Berta Peña and Sylvia Atkinson had already been made.  Carl Montoya would not do it.  Carl Montoya and Joe Rodriguez were not actually friendly with one another.  Joe Rod was still sulking over the fraudulent forensic audit and blamed Montoya for the fraudulent report.

It was Minerva Peña who told me they were going to hire a retired Superintendent, as an Interim.  The goal was someone from Rockwell I believe.  I have no idea who came up with Esperanza Zendeja.

Given the fact even before Carl Montoya resigned, Minerva Peña had told me of the intended disciplinary action to be taken against Bert Peña and Sylvia Atkinson, the deal was done before the Interim was even hired..  With less than a week on the job we are to believe Esperanza Zendeja did her due diligence of investigation before she started to suspend administrations.  No one is buying it Esperanza.


I am fed up with the Trustees micromanaging the superintendents and making them superintendents in name only.  Every trustee knows how I  feel about this - it is no great secret - and the BV has no sacred cows.

Every trustee knows how I feel about the issue of special needs children.  No sacred cows.  Minerva Peña broke both rules because she thinks she is about the law.  She is not.  Being a source does not entitle you to abusing special needs children, and ordering the superintendent to take administrative action against people who Minerva Peña's friends do not like


I filed endless complaints in writing with the trustees against Rose Longoria and Luis Segura of Stell.  The state of Texas has deemed Stell a failed school.  Minerva even had an excuse for Luis Segura.  You see Luis Hernandez told me he did not appreciate me going after a friend of his and his wife Rita.  Rita Hernandez ignored all of the complaints against Luis Segura and Stell is now a failed school and he continues to be its principal.  With these undisputed facts, Esperanza Zendeja found Rita and her staff were being harassed and victimized by Special Services.  Zendeja did not even verify the claims or allow anyone to defend themselves - she took orders from Minerva Peña and Joe Rodriguez.

The lawsuit must include Rick Zayas, Luis Hernandez, Rita Hernandez, Minerva Pena, Joe Rodriguez, and Esperanza Zendejas.


Long before the November election the BV reported that Otis Powers switched sides and was now aligned with Cata Presas-Garcia.  We all remember Luci's add blaming Cesar Lopez for what in fact Otis Powers did.  The Herald had to issue a retraction on the ad.  The proof was there and Otis could not deny it.  It was Minerva who told me about Otis switching sides.

I then said Otis would be removed and I would stay on him until he was removed.  I will stay on the BISD Board and in particular Joe Rodriguez and Minerva Peña until she is removed as BISD's Board president.

I do not give a crap about my sources - when they intentionally do injury to children and the employees protecting the children - I will take them down.  Minerva's narcissism got the better of her.  She thought I would run cover for her over the children - This is what happens when you are a self absorbed fake Christian. 

If the Board fails to call for a new reorganization during the March meeting, I will start to publish everything I know on each Board member.  Not a one cares a rats ass about the children. 

To my readers - I will publish every documented claim you have on the trustees - no sacred cows. 

When Cata Presas-Garcia disclosed personnel information on Joe Rodriguez he sued and got his $90,000.  But now that his ally Minerva is doing the same thing, Joe Rodriguez will run cover for Minerva.  Joe Rodriguez has made clear he has no interest in the children and intends to keep the back door deal going while protecting his friends and anyone and everyone tied to Rick Zayas.

Remember this Joe, when Bret Springston went to Rick Zayas in violation of FERPA to get me to drop a claim being made by a child that she was assaulted by a teacher - Bret Springston resigned rather than face the FERPA complaint.  Rick Zayas will do the same to you Joe - you are just too stupid to realize it.

It is lost on no one Rick Zayas is Joe Rodriguez's lawyer.  It is lost on no one Rita Hernandez is the wife of Zayas' law partner Luis Hernandez.

I hope BISD loses its insurance on this one.  This was about protecting the incompetent Rita Hernandez.  I hope she is sued into bankruptcy.  Because of what this current majority has done, no one will be willing to insure BISD and BISD will be personally liable for all lawsuits filed against the district.

Oh a graphic - there are the Due Process complaints which got through because Rita Hernandez and Rose Longoria would not listen to Special Services.  Rather than hold them accountable for their actions, Minerva Peña punished the people who sought to expose Rita's and Rose's incompetence.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

"The court hears argument Monday in an appeal by Republican lawmakers in Arizona against the state's voter-approved independent redistricting commission for creating the districts of U.S. House members."

Click for full story

Why is it if the people vote to discriminate against people the Republicans do not like, the Supreme Court has no authority to overrule the will of the people, but the second the people vote to take control of congressional redistricting, the Republicans demand the Supreme Court overrule the popular vote of the people?

I would like to say to the credit of the California Republicans they have filed briefs against the position of the Arizona Republicans, but I cannot.  You see in California redistricting is done by a commission, and not the Democratic controlled legislature.  The California Republicans understand that if the Supreme Court agrees with the Arizona Republicans, many of them will be out of a job as the Democratic controlled legislature redistrict Republicans out of office. 

There may be some poetic justice in this.  If the Supreme Court goes along with the Arizona Republicans, it  could mean enough Republicans in California losing office to flip the House of Representatives from being controlled by the Republicans to the Democrats.

Hypocrisy never works -

Friday, February 27, 2015


The story on Monday.  If litigation follows, and BISD fails to turn over all of my documented complaints against Rita Hernandez, Rose Longoria, and Luis Segura you have received from me, I will turn them over to counsel.  You are toast Minerva and can be assured a new reorganization will be called for.

Dr. Esperanza Zendejas

Zendejas has proven in less than a week on the job she will do the dirty work for those seeking to deny special needs children their right to an education.  She has committed to be Minerva Peña's lapdog, at the expense of special needs children. 

Ask around lady, on the issue of special needs I stayed on Hector Gonzales until he was gone, I stayed on Bret Springston until he was gone.  I a stayed on Carl Montoya until he was gone.  And now I will stay on you until you are gone. You will not be allowed to do your job. You  have no idea how hated you are for caving in to Minerva Peña.  Rita Hernandez, Rose Longoria and Luis Segura are as anti special needs children as you can get.  I will stand with the special needs children - you can stand with Minerva Peña.  Let's see who wins.  Hey lady, is the fact Luis Segura's failed leadership made Stell a failed school not enough for you to see, Minerva played you? - what did she promise you to throw these children under the bus?  Do our children a favor and leave Brownsville now - because BISD personnel after Monday will not lift a finger to help you.


When I first read the comment by a reader I thought a set up - it was too bizarre to be true. But John Villarreal has confirmed to several sources the story is true.  While engaged in criminal walking quorums Alex Dominguez has claimed for himself the title of new county judge.  He claims to have the votes.  John Villarreal has verified commissioners have met to vote Alex Dominguez in as the new county judge and then John Villarreal as Alex Dominguez's replacement.  The problem is, in order to carry out this conspiracy Alex Dominguez and John Villarreal both had to be party to a criminal walking quorum.

It does not end there.  Sofie Benavides will not run for reelection.  She and her worthless niece [correction from daughter] Lynette Benavides have come up with this scheme that Sofie will file to run and at the last minute withdraw and then her niece Lynette will file.  The idea is, no one would try and run against Sofie so at the last minute when she withdraws and her niece files, the family kingdom will continue. 

Two sources have told me that Lynette is openly bragging about the scheme created by her and her aunt.  John Villarreal never known to keep his mouth shut is already bragging about being a county commissioner.

Complete idiots.

For the record I do not believe Alex Dominguez will be able to secure the votes - but I could be wrong.


I interviewed César twice now - he is clear he will never vote to relinquish Lincoln Park to U.T.  He is not tied to Ben Neece.  He is an independent minded person who will take Tony Martinez to task on Lincoln Park.  I withheld this until now because I feared Tony Martinez running someone against him.

Juanito point blank lies and says Saenz is denying me access to files - first of all for years now everything in every criminal and civil case is accessible through the public computers on the second floor of the Administration building.  Saenz has zero and I mean zero control over the files.

The custody of the district court files is with Eric Garza - and I am very proud of Eric Garza.  The other day before a document had been scanned into the system I wanted it.  It related to Lincoln Park.  Judge Nelson refused to release the file from his chambers.  Eric Garza sent his staff member back to Judge Nelson's court to remind him Eric Garza, not Judge Nelson controls the files. I got the document.

Montoya's brain dead Watergate journalism skills have him living in a perpetual state of delusions.

I do need Saenz to see any file - I just need access to the second floor public computers or a District Clerk like Eric Garza willing to stand up to the judges and remind them who controls the files.


Who other than someone who beats women would attack a young lady who was the victim of domestic abuse?

In his story, I lost count on how many different ways he misspelled the young lady's name.  Second, she is not my niece - she is a second cousin of a relative of mine.  There is zero blood relationship between myself and the young lady.

Apparently Sorola's check must have cleared because his claims - too convoluted to comprehend - against my nephew are just bizarre.

So here is the deal, Sorola is appointed out of order to represent a man who already had a court appointed attorney.  The original attorney refused to go along with the dismissal based on double jeopardy.  She will testify there was no basis to the claim.  Gus Garza filed the motion to have felony  charges dismissed against the man who caused thousands of dollars in damages to my nephew's motorcycle.  A week later Sorola donated $500 to DA Saenz.  Sorola will be sued for the $3,000.

Somehow in Juanito's convoluted story Saenz taking $500 from Sorola to cheat my nephew out of $3000 is helping me.


The law is clear when a DA abandons a case for years through no fault of the defendant the court is to dismiss it for want of a speedy trial.  It is not complex.  This young lady was in absolute fear of testifying against the man who beat her.  A family member of the man told her if she went to court to testify against him she would be arrested.

This got me thinking - I remembered a criminal trespass case related to when she was a lot younger.  She was in Dean Porter Park when it was closed.  I checked the file.  I learned she was never sent a notice to appear - but numbnuts Judge David Gonzales issued a capias for her arrest anyway.  David Gonzales got his law license bending over for his professors because he knows nothing about the law. 

I reviewed the public file which anyone can access, and found the notice to appear was sent to an address where she never lived.  The file contained the returned notice.  The file also contained her PR bond with the correct address.  David Gonzales being a complete idiot never bothered to check to see if the young lady ever received notice.  His staff a bunch of idiots were too lazy to see if the PR bond had a different address.  So the case sat for years.

I spoke with David Gonzales's administrator and told her the young lady would be appearing in his court to clear this mess up and to get the case properly set for trial.  I was told David Gonzales had reviewed the file, and agreed the capias was bad.

She goes to court and purely by chance the man who beat her was in David Gonzales court for related charges to his arrest.  David Gonzales ordered her detained knowing the capias was bad, and gave her a court appointed attorney who told her  to plead guilty right then and now or go to jail for failure to appear.  This was malpractice -

Contrary to the moron Juanito in the US anyone can speak up  for anyone on any legal matter so long as they do not claim they are a lawyer or charge a fee for their actions. 

Again Juanito fails as a journalist by demonstrating his lack of knowledge of Free Speech.


The US Supreme Court has repeatedly held any individual can tell people and speak for people when their rights are being violated.  The key is you cannot go to court and claim to be a lawyer, or charge a fee when you tell people their rights have been violated.

"We conclude that, under Chapter 33, as authoritatively construed by the Supreme Court of Appeals, a person who advises another that his legal rights have been infringed and refers him to a particular attorney or group of attorneys (for example, to the Virginia Conference's legal staff) for assistance has committed a crime, as has the attorney who knowingly renders assistance under such circumstances. There thus inheres in the statute the gravest danger of smothering all discussion looking to the eventual institution of litigation on behalf of the rights of members of an unpopular minority. Lawyers on the legal staff or even mere NAACP members or sympathizers would understandably hesitate, at an NAACP meeting or on any other occasion, to do what the decree purports to allow, namely, acquaint persons with what they believe to be their legal rights and . . . [advise] them to assert their rights by commencing or further prosecuting a suit."

Click for NAACP v. Button


The father of the young lady has requested I prepare a judicial complaint.  Your continued advertising with Juanito disgraces the judiciary.  The complaint will be strong.  The false statements contained in the article are so numerous it blows my mind.  This is why Juanito does not actually posts the communications - he just asks you to trust him.  And for the record Juanito nothing was ever accidently forwarded to Melissa - it is called being honest and keeping everyone who needs to be in the loop in the loop.

Juanito is so stupid - he wants you to believe Saenz is talking to me, while telling the story of how I had to go through Cascos to get to Saenz.  Meaning - I had no direct access to Saenz.

His story is simple - Saenz dismissed a criminal trespass case against a young lady rather than face a motion to dismiss for want of a speedy trial.  Saenz knew from the record which was provided to him the capias was defective and the conduct of his ADA had exposed the office to possible litigation for wrongful detention.  Saenz knowing the law compelled dismissal for want of a speedy trial dismissed the case. Saenz was  faced with a victim who was afraid to testify against her abuser in part because of the incompetence of Saenz's staff.  Of course Juanito who has been arrested for beating women would want to victims intimidated into not testifying.

According to Juanito if Saenz's office messes up the indictment it is a crime for me to point it out to Saenz - of course Juanito would believe this - this is how men who beat women like Juanito get off on technicalities.

Art McDonald - the father is mad as hell.  He will raise your unethical conduct as a judge at every level possible.  He is prepared to take the Commission on Judicial Conduct to task with women's organizations if they fail to sanction you.  You were warned Art, but as the poor excuse of a man you are you chose to continue to pay for this smut and attack on a woman who has been beaten twice by the same man.  I would love to have your wife undergo full projective psychological testing.  I want to know what could possibly  make any woman allow a scumbag like you to touch them. It has to be mental illness.

When it looked like Tony Martinez was going to dump Cabler two years ago, I made it a big issue that Tony's candidates needed to be sent packing.  There is a danger in a City Manager allowing a bad mayor to run the show.  And this is exactly what Charlie Cabler did to keep his job.  There must be consequences.

BUT LET ME SAY:  I met Charlie once at the Houston airport.  We were both on the last fight of the day.  He and his son were very pleasant to speak with.  They were basically just all around nice people.  I also spoke with him once on the phone.  We discussed this issue of the truancy courts moving over to the city, and a lie Juanito had put out about a good city employee claiming she someone how illegally took a picture of Carlos Elizondo.  Charlie appreciated me sticking up for the employee.  Juanito had to retract his story.

Good people need to learn to hold their ground against the Tony Martinez's of the world.  I do not think Charlie Cabler is a bad man - he is very personable and easy going.  I get people have to do what they have to do to protect their family by protecting their job.  That fine line of when you say no and chance losing your job versus, and going along is a line nearly impossible to identify at times.  But when you sit back and say nothing in the face of illegal conduct - you have crossed that line.


After Ben Neece was arrested on charges of assault and possession of marijuana, the city was within its right under Texas law to impose random drug testing. They now had reasonable suspicion.  This is what the law requires.  As is the case in Cameron County the political machines went into overtime and came up with the excuse there was no evidence.

From Ben Neece's mouth

"Neece told deputies he slapped his wife and pushed her with his feet and she stabbed him with a kitchen knife while at their home, according to reports. He later told investigators they had both been drinking until 3 a.m. that same morning.

When deputies arrived at the Neece home they reportedly found 7.8 grams of marijuana on a bed, according to authorities. Neece later told investigators the marijuana was his, Reyna said."

If you believe under these circumstance you and I would have walked you are nuts.

Charlie Cabler decided wife beating and possession of marijuana by the Chief Municipal judge is AOK - Sorry Charlie it is not - it sent a message to the children of Brownsville that beating women and smoking pot is AOK.


Abraham Galonsky was allowed in executive session to negotiate the Casa del Nylon deal.  It was only after the deal was closed the truth came out.  It was as the deal was closing that a commissioner asked me about the ethics of Tony Martinez's partner Horacio Becerra being part of the negotiations.  It was all illegal - where was Charlie Cabler?  Silent to protect his job from the wrath of Tony Martinez.

Abraham Galonsky was part of the lie that he owned the El Cid building.  He was in executive session in violation of the law negotiating for the sale of a building which belonged to his daughter Nurith Galonsky.  Nurith by law was prohibited from negotiating a deal with the city.

While it is true during the final executive session Charlie Cabler informed the commissioners of the truth claiming ignorance until that moment, he still failed to act as a city manager to protect our interests.

Charlie Cabler does not work for Tony Martinez.  He should have called a press conference and told the people the truth.  At that moment Tony would have lost the 4 votes needed to fire him.  But Charlie played it safe and allowed us to be screwed again, while the law was blatantly being ignored.

Sorry Charlie - while at a personal level you and your son seem to be very nice and likeable people - the people's business comes first.  I do not expect absolute compliance with the law, when we all know Tony Martinez would have fired you for the slightest dissent, but the Galonsky mess crossed the line.  On that one you should have called a press conference.

By all accounts Tony will be a lame duck mayor if he wins.  It is  time the truth comes out and Tony is sent packing.


While this is a post of hope, the next will be why Charlie Cabler has to go if the hope is to be realized.

Well today we shall know who makes the ballot and who does not. 

I do not want any group on the city commission which always agree.  But I do want a group which can undo the mess made by Tony Martinez, Charlie Cabler, and Mark Sossi.

I have seen Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa, Rick Longoria César de León interact together and it is good.  I have spoken to all three on policy and it is good.  There is information I have learned which I have withheld because I do not want last minute potential candidates to jump into the race.  What I have learned I will post once the deadline is officially past.

But I can say with certainty these three together bring great hope and potential to Brownsville.  We will finally get past all of the nonsense.  If John Villarreal holds on the key issues, or Debbie Portillo flips which is still in the cards - especially if these three win, even if Tony wins as mayor he will be powerless.  Knowing Tony the way I do, he will just stop showing to the meetings - only to appear on that rare blue moon to avoid removal from the commission.

If César does not fix his ballot problems, the good news is Robert Uresti has a good heart and loves Brownsville.  He does not get policy - but he will try and learn.  While there is no issue César is the better choice, Robert Uresti winning by default will not be bad for Brownsville.  It will take some polishing, but his love of Brownsville will guide him in the right direction.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

When the bloggers you endlessly defend are failed journalists, it should surprise no one Jim, your research once again sucks, and is all wrong.

In 2012, the city did not create a 60 day rule concerning the posting of campaign signs they amended it to get rid of the 60 rule created in 2007.

From Ty Johnson:

"The Brownsville City Commission passed the measure amending the sign requirements unanimously, seemingly declaring an open season for political signage ahead of elections. They passed the measure even as they peppered Sossi with questions about how they could limit the length of time signs could remain up before the March primary, which was eventually delayed until May.

Sossi assured then-District 3 Commissioner Melissa Zamora that the city had no jurisdiction because of the uncertainty about the primary, which was true in that case, but no one questioned the sign ordinance amendment, which removed the city’s then-current sign restrictions."

The BV has been writing about the successes at BISD, while also covering its failures.  The BV celebrated Allegiant airlines as something good for Brownsville, while the Imp dismissed it like no big deal.

The BV always covers the good, the bad and the ugly.  Brownsville is the most amazing gem in the rawe.  For those of us who dearly love it, its endless failures leave us frustrated.

But when people just have to bad mouth it for no apparent reason, then they need to be called out.

Jim, stop consulting Ben Neece on the law - it never works.

Yes Jim we get it - instead of admitting you made up just another story you will lob insults - you go girl,  teach your grandson how a real man acts.  Send him by and I will explain to him when while Nena was in the hospital I rejected all the comments getting into your personal life and attacking you for not blogging.  You can explain to your grandson how my conduct was not that of a real man, and how your pathetic attacks are what makes a real man.