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It really gets under my skin when the handful of people who just troll the blogs to make moronic statements complain when a blogger does not post, or the story is not what they want to read.


Get a life - we as bloggers owe you nothing. You have no Free Speech Rights with us - we are not the government. I hate when people come on to this blog to complain someone is not blogging or trashing a story without a substantive complaint.

When you have tried to develop sources and to get elected officials or top administrators to trust you, you will begin to know how hard it can be on some days to develop a story.

Sunday, September 28, 2014



Good luck finding a competent attorney in this town - not going to happen. This is what happens when the practice of law is reduced to idiots winging it because they know the judges will just do what they want to do anyway.

Refresher:  Tad Hasse sued Frank Morris to force his removal as the chair of the Republican Party of Cameron County.  Hasse flying blind went into court without any knowledge of the law and then yelled foul against Judge Murray for not following his non-existent knowledge of the law.

Hasse then hired a lawyer who thinks looking pretty and having a cute smile is all it takes to win with Judge Murray.  His lawyer having zero knowledge of how things work repeatedly told Hasse he did not know why Judge Murray was not signing the Order denying his Temporary Injunction.  Hasse's lawyer was unaware of the oldest trick in the book.  The winning lawyer rarely submits an order Denying the other side's motion if that order means an appeal.  So Hasse's lawyer sat in his office smiling in bewilderment as to what to do.

So he decides to file a Motion for Rehearing.  He tells the court there is a statute which governs the meaning of signed in terms of electronic signatures and that therefor the court should sign an order removing Frank Hasse from office because he in fact resigned.

Only one problem - Hasse's lawyer in effect told Judge Murray the statute was Top Secret and he could not tell Judge Murray which statute he was referring to.  Also because the statute is Top Secret, Hasse's lawyer chose not to tell Judge Murray how under the facts this Top Secret statute applies.

Given this reality is it any wonder Judge Murray on Friday signed an order with the following notation.

09/26/2014  Journal Entry
Order emailed to parties w Judge Murray's email re Pltf's Req for Rehearing (denied). M MURRAY/krb
And there you have it, the blind leading the blind.

Tad Hasse's lesson of course is, dumbass, you cannot just wing life and hope for the best.  Republican Tad Hasse hopefully [not really] has learned knowledge actually matters and the Republican mantra of "if you have knowledge you are a homosexual communist" finally caught up with his backwater ignorant ideas.  It is time you convert Hasse my man, or remain hopelessly ignorant.

This is a double recipe.

There must have been too much light in the kitchen because this chicken is actually golden because of the olive oil.

You begin by roasting a chicken to your liking.  I rub mine with olive oil, and then season with salt and Tones Rosemary Garlic.

I started this chicken this morning so it would have time to cool.  I will then pull all of the meat off and put it in a bowl.  I will take the skin, bones and whatever is left and boil it for a broth for about 30 minutes.  I then freeze it for a while so the fat goes to the top and I can skim it off.

Peel your potatoes in advance.  I also use the baby carrots.  You need about 2 cups maybe a bit more cut into chunks.  I steam mine in the microwave with a bit of the chicken broth on the bottom.  I mix in the carrots at the same time.  I steam them to about 3/4 of the way cooked.

In large pan melt 12 tablespoons of butter and then slowly blend in 12 tablespoons flour, 2 tsp salt and 1/4 of black pepper.  Simmer on low heat constantly stirring.  Bring to low boil.

Blend in 3 cups of the fresh chicken broth and two cups milk.  I use 2%.  Stir until all blended.

Then put in partially cooked potatoes and broken up chicken  - on the chicken use about 2 cups or more.  You should have some chicken left over for chicken salad.  I eye it so that the mixture of chicken and potatoes work with the amount of gravy. Let simmer for 10-15 minutes until the potatoes are cooked.  They should be nearly cooked when you add them.  Then add a can of drained peas.

Serve over hot biscuits.


I will begin with the positive - since unlike Cesar's ad there is positive.  No one expects a political ad to not contain spin.  They all contain spin.  Luci took my advice and is now offering to give any money she gets from the lawsuit to the teachers for supplies.  It has been well over a month since I challenged the Board to commit the potential $14.3 million from the Healthsmart lawsuit to the teachers and students, and Cesar Lopez has done what he does best - nothing.  It is now too late Luci got the jump on him.

The ad without unnecessary distractions tackles the issues as Luci sees them.  This is all fair game and how ads should read.

The big negative is in her misleading statement of over $400,000 to defend her lawsuit, she fails to understand that the voters can figure out that without her lawsuit, the students and teachers would have $400,000 more to spent on supplies.

This is all for naught - Cesar Lopez does not get it.  He will allow Otis Powers to advice him into being removed from the  Board by the voters.  Cesar Lopez may never realize Otis Powers is working for Luci and Cata.  The question is, what do they have on him?

When it comes to campaigns Cata for everything she does not know, could out campaign Otis Powers and his lemmings from the grave.  Otis is too arrogant to see this and will again find himself on the losing side.  He fails to understand whatever promises Cata made to him will mean nothing if she gets the 4 vote majority without his vote.

This and the following post are not about who is better for the school district, but about whose ad is most effective.
I give Cesar Lopez's ad a "D" - and I am being generous.  It is a bit misleading because Luci Longoria by herself is not suing BISD for $2 million dollars.  The print in the ad is so small very few people will read it.  I only read it because I wanted to do this post.  Finally, people scan ads - particularly when they have small print.  For the person scanning the ad this is what they will see.  "Suing BISD for $2 million dollars - Cesar Lopez."
It is clear whomever is advising him in his campaign is the same person who has overseen every failed campaign in the past for Rick Zayas, Otis Powers [remember he lost to Cata and then beet Arge Miller - he could not beat a Latina - he will learn this in 2 years] and others.
Nothing in his ads tells the readers Luci using "ReElect" is a crime or that Luci lied in her previous ad about him being on the Board in July 2013.
Unless Judge Hanen does his job now and dismisses Cata and Luci's lawsuit, there is no pathway to victory for Cesar Lopez.
A note to the readers:  The voters do not read the blogs - Montoya and Barton may post made up numbers to fool the saps but when reality kicks in considering the number of voters and the readership of the blogs, virtually no one in Brownsville knows about the election coverage in the blogs.  At best in a very tight race the blogs might influence the results.
It is inconceivable to me that anyone who has watched the civil rights movement grow and mature would not know, the more we regulate speech to control one group, the more we divide our community.
A federal court of appeals opinion from the 9th circuit while seemingly in compliance with Supreme Court precedence, is in fact an example of how judges will take a legal concept and extend it to the point of absurdity to justify their own agenda.

The basic law is pretty clear, schools can regulate student speech if the focus of the regulation of the speech is student safety.

But let me ask you, in today's world if the Christian Right were to start trouble over a gay organization on campus, to include threats against the gay students does anyone believe the 9th circuit would ban the gay organization in the interests of student safety.

The problem with the 9th circuit's opinion is quite simple.  You ban political speech if anyone in opposition to said political speech threatens violence over the speech.  This is a very, very dangerous path.  I can only hope the Supreme Court on a united front 9 zip reverses the 9th circuit.

Our students would be better served if the school district did more to bring the different groups together.  But silencing the speech of one group will only serve to create an even bigger divide among the students.


Students wearing U.S. flags on their shirts on Cinco de Mayo.

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Saturday, September 27, 2014


I will have a complete story on Monday or Tuesday - I am just trying to verify the spelling of the name of a particular cardiologist.

To keep this short my cardiologist called over to Valley Baptist to see if they could do a quick heart blood enzyme test.  I was then going to do a follow up with my VA cardiologist.  The cardiologist team at the VA Harlingen may be the best in the LRGV.

After getting to Valley Baptist I was ignored for over 4 hours.  Clearly they did not see an emergency.  The emergency room doctor then tells me, before he even listens to my heart and lungs, or does the blood work I need to be admitted for an emergency cardio cath.  My cardiologist saw no need. 

I tell him to do the blood work first and then I will decide.  After several hours the nurse tells me the VA had approved the procedure and that I was being admitted.  She could not tell me anything about the test results.  Thursday night when I met the first and only cardiologist I saw I would have walked out, but for the fact it was about 10:45 p.m.  You see maybe 2 years ago, although I made the appointment with Jaime Silva, I saw this doctor instead.  I never saw Jaime Silva.  A report of the test results was prepared for the VA. 

The first thing my VA doctor and I noticed was, whoever the report was for, it was not for me.  My entire medical history was wrong along with some other identifying information.  Other than my name, nothing appeared accurate.  If they had my medical history wrong, why would we believe the report was otherwise accurate?  Nothing in my medical history then and Thursday night had changed except now he was recommending an emergency cardio cath.  I was tired so I stayed to speak with the cardiologist who had agreed to do the procedure on Friday.  The one I saw no longer does the procedure because of over exposure to radiology.  My research shows he is 58, but he looked like he was in his late 70's.  This is why I need to verify his name.

They kept me up all night long doing the same testing over and over again.  One time they came within 5 minutes of one another for more blood work - which meant poking me again.  Short of a true medical emergency I should not be given blood thinners.  My colon is subject to bleeding which is made a lot worse by blood thinners.  This cardiologist had my medical history and with no indicator for blood thinners ordered two very painful injections into my abdomen.

Anyway Friday pasted with more and more tests, with no one willing to tell me what was happening, other than they could not do the procedure because the VA had in fact not approved anything.  About 2 p.m. I was told they had the approval and the doctor was on his way.  When I was leaving the nurse told me she informed Dr. Gomez of the approval at 11 a.m. and was surprised he had not seen me because he had been up on the floor several times.

At 4:15 they told me the doctor wanted me to remain in the hospital, with no evidence of a problem, until he could get to me on Monday.  I was done.  There was clearly no emergency - just billing fraud.

I will be filing a formal complaint with the billing fraud section at the VA. 

Until Tenet Healthcare is no longer the owner of Valley Baptist, it will take me being forced into Valley Baptist before I go back.  It was all fraud.  The cardiologist who saw me at night goes to VB to convince people they need to allow first Jaime Silva to do cardio caths and if you reject Jaime Silva he then tells you Jaime Gomez.  Jaime Gomez is the one who never saw me and tried to get me to hold over until next week while they continued to bill the taxpayers.

I said enough is enough.  They had me sign a statement I was leaving against medical advice even though they had no record by any doctor supporting the claim.  Valley Baptist is about holding people for billing fraud based on fear.

These pictures are from my room in the telemetry unit - this means heart monitoring.

This is the proof that Tenet Healthcare cares not about what is happening in its Brownsville facility.  This is what happens when the VA gives exclusive contracts to certain entities.  The same is happening with its new exclusive contract with TRI-West.  It is time the VA end its contract with Valley Baptist.
Under TRI-West veterans are being denied outside care while TRI-West tries to find doctors who will agree to their billing.  Before TRI-West we could go to any doctor willing to bill Medicare rates. We have now lost our outside doctors, and in fact cannot get outside care because TRI-West cannot find specialists who are willing to work under their terms.  TRI-West's profits are more important than the care of veterans.
With TRI-West good luck calling the person assigned to you.  You will always get voice mail and they do not return calls.  Good luck using their complaint system.  It is designed to keep you from filing a complain.  If you want them to read your complaint you must limit the words otherwise it is so small they cannot read it.  Then you must wait for them to receive it in the mail, and then another 7 days for them to investigate.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Brownsville beats the world for novelties, but the inventive faculties of her people are exercised on a specialty: controversy is our forte. Conspiracies, vast and vacuous, have sinuously infiltrated the city’s history.

Its inhabitants are well versed in the idiosyncrasies of this border town’s racial past and veritable experts on everything from corporate duplicity to political deception to media doublespeak.
Perception is reality when it comes to the public’s trust. Our county and city commissioners are little more than abstractions, names and faces on billboards and storefront posters at election time.
It seems a pity that intersections are blocked with big, ugly signs advertising big, ugly candidates.
In Brownsville, politics is just showbiz for the cosmetically challenged. Its a strife of special interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage.
Money remains the mother’s milk of local politics, no matter how hard you try to keep venal rascals like County Judge Carlos Cascos and his chief of staff Chris Valadez off the teat.

With the tumult and political intrigue that characterize life along a riverfront where there’s always a fiesta, people are still asking themselves the same questions following weeks in which every decision these Republican roisterers made left even the most sophisticated devotees of local politics scratching their heads in befuddled amazement.

In recent days the only positive thing anyone could say about them is that at least they haven’t been enmeshed in the percolating raises-for-votes scandal surrounding newly created temporary positions.
Valadez’s promotion from Republican dirty trickster to chief of staff is typical of what patronage politics has become: no regard for qualifications, flagrant discrimination and brazen implementation.
These political end runs were identical to the sleazy maneuvers employed in the past decade through an administrative review process heavily skewed in favor of elected officials and well-connected Democrats.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled (in the Rutan decision of 1990) that party affiliation could not be used as the basis for hiring and promotions.

Try telling that to Carlos Cascos and Human Resources Director Arnold Flores.

Not only have Cascos’ decisions defied logic, they have been presented for public consumption in a manner that can only be described as exclusionary power politics. His politically motivated diversion of public resources to settle a catty billboard beef is an example of his political tin ear.

This malicious ruse could be viewed by some in the community as another red herring set in motion with the clear intention of continuing to distract from the real issues — accountability flaws, financial manipulations, influence-buying scandals, inaccessibility and the misappropriation of public funds.
For someone who is supposed to be politically savvy, banking on re-election, former Democrat Carlos Cascos has done nothing but embarrass himself. It’s as if the serial smoocher has gone politically tone deaf with his message of kiss-up conservatism.

Rather than raising our property taxes to increase his political fortunes by providing raises and Christmas bonuses to all county employees weeks before the election, shouldn’t he be using his considerable puckering skills to kiss up his friends, relatives and neighbors who will again be pulling the Democrat palanca?

Ramon de Leon


A friend asked that I point out three things.  Over four years including the cost of the new office, the taxpayers are looking at near $800,000 to fund the welfare queen Mary Esther Garcia.

Two, given there was no possibility that Carlos Cascos would do the right thing and stop this misappropriation of nearly $800,000 over 4 years, to what end did Sofie Benavides and Mary Esther Garcia pay Montoya for the attack?  Answer - raw psychotic anger - or maybe it was Louis Sorola defending his welfare queen.

Third, given the fact Montoya does nothing more the repeat the same distractions and lies he has posted over and over again, which have accomplished him nothing, why do it again.  In effect he is admitting his nonsense has had no effect, so he is going for a fourth strike having failed to learn the lesson of the third strike.


Mary Esther Garcia's mommy dearest Sofie Benavides does not get it, I am not an elected official.  You basically have to have syphilis on the brain to attack a disabled vet to justify your daughter living off of the public tit.  I do live in mommy dearest's precinct.  The next year and a half before the primaries should be interesting.

In a billion years I never would have guessed an elected official would pay a drunk to call a disabled vet a welfare queen.  The set up was too easy.  You see on Sunday I was told Montoya was told to lay off or else he would lose current ads.  Where would be the fun in that?  The readers want his nonsense and lies which turns the voters away from the people who advertise with him. I pushed as hard as I could - with facts by the way and not lies - and got the response I expected from an unsupervisable drunk..

I will say on everything important to me, including Bela, Montoya simply lies when he says I have a 100% rating with the VA.  It is simply a lie.  What is bizarre is, he says he was not able to learn the information, but knows anyway.

Montoya's problem is he goes to losers like Louis Sorola, Alex Dominguez, Alex Begum and Luis Saenz for the law which is why he is always wrong.

The below graphic shows how much of your money is going to fund Mary Esther Garcia's welfare off the public tit for a job which is not needed.  Only in Cameron county could the number of cases to be heard by the courts go down and a county commissioners daughter gets a job as a new judge.  We deserve what we get.  Carlos Cascos being the fake fiscal conservative goes along so he can get the votes he wants on other issues.

These numbers do not include the cost of her new office

Oscar X. Garcia paid Montoya to attack me and defend his decision to not defend veterans against Montoya's attempt to invade the right of privacy of veterans. 
Juan Magallanes when told about the problem ran to defend veterans - he did not have to think twice.  Not Oscar X. Garcia he ran to Montoya to insure a full-fledged attack on me and all disabled veterans.
The ruling Montoya sought from the AG had no impact on me - he still went with a bunch of lies and attacks anyway.
Oscar X. Garcia is so devoid of honor he did not care if his actions in funding Montoya did injury to every veteran in the State of Texas.  We can expect the pig to cut another check for another attack.  Even the indicted Rick Perry should hang his head in shame for appointing this pig to the bench.
Through actions as voters you must look at the candidates.  What does Oscar X. "the Pig" Garcia tell you about himself when he is willing to go to such extremes?  There are no limits to how far he will go for power.  Is this who you believe is your best choice for judge?  If it is, you deserve to be conned.  And shame on every Republican who votes for him.  Not a one of you deserve the respect of veterans.
Now that we are done with the single worse season of "Big Brother" and "Survivor" Nicaragua has started, better weather is ahead.
I will be at the VA most of the day in cardiology and being fitted for a harness.  I will meet with some veterans to guide them in the process.  Oscar X. Garcia and Carlos Cascos will be a big topic.
The VA has an online system known as MyhealtheVet.  It allows veterans to manage their healthcare online to include prescriptions, electronic appointments with their doctor, and access to their medical records to name a few things.  For example my doctor and I online without a formal appointment just handled my needs based on the last endo work-up.
I have set up several WWII and Korean War veterans and their children with the system.  The children are grateful.  They now manage their parents healthcare on line.  For example if a problem develops they send a secure message to their parent's doctor and it can then be taken care of without a formal appointment.  They renew medications.  They download medical records.  For the children this is important.  It gives them a sense of control over their parent's medical care.
I went to Carlos Cascos and asked if the county would help organize a workshop for the older veterans and their children so that we could now on a large basis do what I have done for about 20 or so families.  After he said sure, I never heard from him again.
Your support for veterans is not in your words but your actions.  Carlos Cascos pays a drunk to trash disabled veterans - his words have been heard.
I know several Vietnam veterans who have a drinking problem who are on 100% VA disability.  So why does Montoya not use the VA for teeth, counselling for alcoholism, and healthcare?  Why is he not on a 100% disability like his fellow Vietnam veterans with drinking problems.  It is time we find out.  For the record, I have helped Vietnam veterans convert less than honorable discharges to honorable so they can get help for their drinking problem.  It is unacceptable what Vietnam did to so many veterans only to have the military pour salt on to those injuries.  I have stood with each and everyone of these veterans who have come to me for help.
Okay laps and then "Perry Mason"
Before Saenz paid Montoya to run cover for him in the Gus Reyna matter, he reported there was alcohol involved according to the female victim.  Now DA Luis Saenz in a free fall panic over bad press once he had his staff convince the grand jury to no bill Gus Reyna, calls on Montoya to print a bogus press release. 
From Saenz:
"In this case, the inaccurate information did not affect the course or outcome of the purpose of prosecution under Penal Code 37.10(f).


 Based on the facts and the applicable laws, Chief Reyna did not commit a criminal violation in not calling the police and in giving the wrong collision location to Sheriff Lucio.
The Grand Jury was informed of said investigation and findings."
If we are to believe Montoya about the alcohol, Saenz is then saying not calling the police and keeping them from testing Gus Reyna for alcohol had no impact on the investigation.  Other than Saenz no one is buying.
For the record, a No Bill is not Double Jeopardy.   DPS, which is looking at Saenz for obstruction of justice, the Texas Rangers, or the Texas AG can bring the case back to the grand jury and Saenz cannot stop them.
If I say anything more Saenz will be able to ID the complainant.  Trust me if you want to avoid criminal prosecution suck up to Saenz or be one of his staff or buddies.
It is not disputed that Luci Longoria in violation of Texas Election Code 255.006, a class A misdemeanor, continues to use Reelect.  Why?  Because she knows the hopelessly corrupt DA Saenz will take no action to enforce the law.  At least Mary Esther and Pete Avila took immediate action to correct their violation of the law.
Not Luci, she continues to thumb her nose at the law with the full support of DA Saenz.
Carlos Elizondo is telling people he is not responsible for the company he keeps.  He tells his fellow firefights he is not responsible for his association with Cata and Luci.
If Carlos Elizondo refuses to take responsibility for his actions now, why should we believe he will take responsibility for his actions as a Trustee.
Carlos Elizondo as an EMS fire fighter is so pathetic he is actually helping to fund Montoya's drinking without any regard for your safety and welfare while you drive.  In Carlos' mind you being hit by a drunk is good for his business.  Montoya has no fewer than 4 DWI arrests.  Carlos Elizondo as an EMS firefighter is okay keeping such a man in his beer.
Carlos you cannot run from the company you keep.
My company - disabled vets - such as tomorrow as I help several in Harlingen.  My company - families in need.  My company - UTEP students who will benefit from my estate which will be in excess of a $250,000. My entire estate is set to go to the general scholarship fund at UTEP.  For the idiots out there, I have no access to my retirement until age 65.
I am proud of the company I keep, are you Carlito?

This is the Republican Party of Carlos Cascos and Oscar X. Garcia, doing what ever it takes to silence the voice of the people.

""Once again a court has stepped up to safeguard the vote for thousands of Ohioans who want to participate in the midterm election free of obstruction," said Dale Ho, director of the ACLU's Voting Rights Project. "This decision protects the people's voice at the polls and the integrity of our elections."
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A Republican controlled Supreme Court basically eviscerated the landmark legislation known as the Voting Rights Act.  Then their peers in the State Legislatures moved in to take away our right to vote in a meaningful way.

If you vote Republican in November you deserve to lose your right to vote.  It's that simple.

You are the company you keep.  Carlos Cascos and Oscar X. Garcia are with those seeking to limit your right to vote, invading the right of privacy of disabled veterans and funding the calling of disabled veterans welfare queens.  Carlos Cascos and Oscar X. Garcia have no shame. 

Given their decision to pay someone to trash disabled vets, it blows my mind even a Republican could vote for them.