Monday, April 27, 2015

I have a lot of documents.  Be patient.  But in short order I will post excerpts from two which show how being Ben Neece's mouth piece means time served with less than 24 hours in jail will get out of over $500 in fines, and one DWI and Public Intoxication after another.
This story took weeks to develop.  The police department fought me.  Then the city fought me.  It was only Friday afternoon that the city finally released the documents I paid for  two weeks earlier.  Ben Neece as the supervisor over the Chief Administrator immediately ran to Juanito to post a story to discredit me before I post this story.  Juanito being pathetic goes on to say I will post his mug shot today in response.  No, the story was already done.  It was just Juanito trying to create a distraction.  No one bought and Ben Neece ended up looking stupid.  Further by going to Juanito to create the distraction he gave me just that much more for the Commission on Judicial Conduct.
Give me a few minutes and the first few documents will be up.
During the period the Commission was investigating Ben Neece for his special relationship with Juan Montoya, Ben Neece continued to do special favors.  Ben Neece was sanctioned for his conduct.  The new complaint will allow the Commission to compare Ben Neece's previous written responses to the Commission with the evidence that while he was under investigation he continued to confer special privileges on Juanito.
The Sanction from the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct.
Here we go -

"Based on numerous entries on a Facebook page, it was apparent to the public that the judge was

actively involved as an organizer of a charitable fundraiser in violation of Canon 4C(2) of the

Texas Code of Judicial Conduct. The judge was aware that his name and judicial title were being

used to promote the fundraiser, to sell tickets, and to solicit funds, yet he took no affirmative

steps to correct that impression. The judge's active participation in the fundraiser also conveyed

the impression that the parent of the recipients of the charitable funds was in a special position to influence the judge and raised questions about the judge's impartiality [Violation of 2B and 4C(2) of the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct.] Private Warning and Order of Additional

Education of a Municipal Court Judge. (08/23/ 12)

47 - see bottom of page


September 13, 2012"

 See Page 47 (click here)  of Private Reprimands

In considering the following, not this is what the Commission on Judicial Conduct said about Ben Neece's relationship with Montoya.

The judge's active participation in the fundraiser also conveyed

the impression that the parent of the recipients of the charitable funds was in a special position to influence the judge and raised questions about the judge's impartiality

The Commission made the finding on September 13, 2012

It is also important to note I filed my complaint with the Commission on Judicial Conduct on January 20, 2011.   If Ben Neece lied in communications to the Commission on Judicial Conduct he could actually be indicted for criminal conduct.

What the two excerpt show is that Juanito was arrested per a capias for failing to pay fines for previous guilty pleases.  Per the capias he was arrested on May 7, 2013.  There were two capiases.  One had a fine of $325.00 and the other $225.00.  With total fines of $550, which required Juanito be arrested to collect the money, Ben Neece less than 24 hours later gave him time served.  If you think you would get the same treatment, you are delusional.
Now the summary from the city will show endless special treatment by Ben Neece for Juanito during the period when the Commission on Judicial Conduct was investigating Ben Neece for his relationship with Juanito.  If Ben Neece denied the relationship in his communications, these documents will sink him.


One last word on how the fake Knights of Columbus member turned their charity event into a circus for his own personal gain.
Last night someone noted a very obvious lie Zarate made in his bought conspiracy article with the drunk over me being polite and saying hello to my city commissioner.
I missed the lie - but it proves an important point - if Zarate is in fact a member in good standing with the Knights of Columbus he clearly never participates in any events or even knows his fellow members.
I am a strong supporter of the Knights of Columbus.  Over several years of attending bingo and going to their brisket fundraisers I have gotten to know a lot of them.  I have family members who are members.  The regular volunteers are good Catholics giving of themselves all of the time to raise money for charity.  Most know me by name.
I have told the story many times, that it pains me that because I AM NOT A CATHOLIC I was not able to become a Jesuit Priest.  My loyalty to the Jesuit Priest Brotherhood is solid.  The key is I am not a Catholic.  You must be a Catholic to be a member of the Knights of Columbus.
"Wightman, who has made it a full-time campaign to go after her opponent, just happens to be a member of the Knights of Columbus."
You see Sergio Zarate sent the picture with payment to trash Tetreau for speaking with me.  Juanito the drunk is mad that I forced certain elected officials to start defending themselves.  For Juanito it is unacceptable for a woman to defend herself.  I have not posted one defense of any the three women I said I would no longer defend against the lies. What I did was force them to stand up for themselves and Juanito is shaking because he knows when it comes to one on one with woman there is a good chance he will be arrested for assault.  He does not like they are now defending themselves.
But the idea that me saying hello to my city commission means I am defending her is all Juanito and Sergio have - being civil to your city commissioner is now a crime.
I am certain the Lucios are besides themselves with the stupidity shown by Zarate at every turn.  But I will not call the election.  This election remains any one's guess.  I have not hidden the fact I have called on my readers to vote for Jessica, Rick, Uresti and Pat.
But just to set the record straight - if Sergio Zarate were an active member of the Knights of Columbus, which he is not, he would have known he was lying when he said I am a member.  I go to a lot of their events.  Sunday's event is the first time I have ever seen Sergio Zarate at any Knights of Columbus event.  He may be a member in good standing, but he is never there to volunteer.  He does not even know you must be a Catholic to be a member of the Knights of Columbus.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

I debated whether I wanted to post this.  But then I got two very insulting comments I rejected and decided to go with it.  Zarate is posting comments suggesting that when I went into the Hall everyone was nice and embracing to me because they are fake lying back stabbing people.  That the reality is when I left they started to laugh I even showed. 
First, Sergio Zarate may think the Knights of Columbus are like this, but I do not.  I know them better.  The regular volunteers are some of Brownsville's finest.  I will not say who but one of the women commented to me that the women are cooking for bingo this month and I should go on Monday.  I'm not getting in the middle of that one - who cooks better - the men or the women.
One man in the Hall dated an older sister of mine back in the early 40's, and by chance later married the cousin of my ex.  I actually had family in the Hall.  This is just Zarate being desperate and in the process insulting some of Brownsville's best and most honorable volunteers.
As to the trained monkey taking the picture and turning a charity event into a circus at Sergio's request - email me - we will meet for lunch.  I will show you the IRS documents, the Comptroller's documents, and the Texas Lottery Commission documents, and then you can tell me exactly how it is you have no problem supporting Sergio Zarate.
Also as a woman do tell me how you feel about Sergio paying a convicted drunk to post your picture who also happens to be the same convicted drunk who trashed Sergio's wife.  Does such conduct make Sergio seem more manly to you?
email me - and we will meet - I would love to see your face when you see the  documents and try and explain them away.
And not that my opinion matters - but I think it is child abuse for Dolores to take her special needs child with her door to door campaigning for Sergio.  Children are not pawns - especially God's special angles .  I personally interviewed a woman who had Dolores knock on her door.  Children - even children with no different needs should not be dragged door to door as pawns for their parent's political campaigns.

7 minutes after I posted this story, Juanito had the picture posted.  You see, it is dirty politics for polite people to talk with one another.  Juanito trashed Dolores Zarate as an incompetent unethical lawyer.  Now Zarate pays the very man who trashed his wife - does Sergio Zarate even comprehend integrity or loyalty to his wife - Juanito trashed her and now he pays him. 
This is what Juanito said about Dolores Zarate - Juanito basically called Dolores Zarate a thief with highly questionable billing practices.  It's kind of a repeat of what I am finding in DownbytheBorder.
But think about Sergio Zarate's desperation - after Juanito basically called his wife a thief  - he paid Juanito to trash Jessica for talking to someone she represents.  Dolores's self esteem must be very low to allow for payment to the drunk blogger who basically called her an unethical lawyer who over bills.
From, Juanito:
"The information sent us indicates that her [Dolores Zarate's] billing was at times exorbitant and that she charged lawyer's fees for mere errands. The upshot of the matter is that Zarate never found the man's relatives and it took Cornejo-Lopez writing the Argentinian Embassy to locate them. In the meantime – according to the documents – Zarate was charging questionable rates for minimal services such as:
* Feb. 13, 2006: $5,206 in ad litum fees
* March 27: $11,500 in guardian, estate fees
* 2006: In all, the court approved payments of $24,150 to her law firm that year
Whether the fees were appropriate is anyone's guess at this point, but some of the items charged to the man's estate do seem a bit extreme. For example, when acquiring a recliner and a mattress, Zarate billed the estate for these:
*  Feb. 13, 2006
– Visit to Lack's Furniture store to see furniture: $125
– Phone call to Lack's: $60"
I can assure you Juanito the Knights of Columbus members know where I stand in this election and I was very welcomed when I went in.  They know me.  Ruben Peña is also a member and he only shows when he wants something- kind of like Sergio Zarate -   Those who show all of the time know me and like me.  They are not stupid people - they know the members who use the organization for self serving purposes.
Today was one of the Knights of Columbus brisket sales.  I am a huge supporter of the Knights of Columbus.  I was warmly welcomed when I went in.  They know me from bingo.  There were hugs, kisses, hand shakes and lots of hellos. 
As can be expected there were a lot of candidates there.  I was raised to say hello to people I know.  Go figure.  I was not raised in some backwater barn. 
Jessica Tetreau is my commissioner.  I can think of three times I have met her in person - there are probably more - but I can only think of three.  I met her at her campaign kick-off, the announcement for Allegiant Air, and today - but I am sure there are more.
So as a polite person who is actually very social, I said hello to Commissioner Tetreau.  Sergio Zarate cannot let things be - this is a charity event for the Knights of Columbus - so what does he do? - he has one of his trained monkeys run over and take pictures of me talking with Commissioner Tetreau.  The inhumanity of it all - I do not doubt for $20.00 Juanito will post it to the Internet with a great conspiracy theory.
I have not hidden the fact I am voting for Jessica - so where the shock is I do not know - but they will have a conspiracy theory. Jessica decided to be light hearted about it and took a picture of Zarate's trained monkey taking pictures of us.  It was funny.
But it is sad this so called Catholic cannot allow dirty politics to take a days rest while at a fundraiser for the Knights of Columbus.
Today, the day before early voting starts, there are nearly no ads in the Herald.  The only ad of any substance is from Tony Martinez.  The ad is too dense though so most people will not read it.  Sanchez had his same ad with his family - no substance.  De Leon did a small ad saying jobs - yes because everyone else opposes jobs. Gerardo Martinez did an ad with a baby.  I guess his advisor is still doing 1950's political ads.  Not an ounce of substance.
The lack of ads and mail outs is interesting to me.
Personally I think mail outs to known voters gets you the best advertising.  It is something the homeowner will put down on the counter or table and eventually browse.  I am hard pressed to believe many people take the time to read a newspaper ad.  I also believe if you can do it, knocking on the doors of the known voters will do a lot more for you than any newspaper ad.
I could be wrong, but I have received one mailer this election cycle and it was from Tony Martinez.  Mailers which hit tomorrow will cost the candidates votes they could have received on Monday. 
In a way the good news is, there has been no political ad blitz. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Yes, my dear friends there will be a post on Juanito and Ben Neece come Monday.  Juanito was given a heads up by Ben Neece.  He does not like what I can prove so he runs to Juanito and says - discredit Wightman before he does his Monday post.  You are just pathetic Ben - just pathetic.
It took threats and even weeks, but yesterday Roberto Baez, Municipal Court Administrator, finally turned over public records in court files.  You see court files belong to the people.  But when Ben Neece learned what I discovered, I was blocked. The AG is still going to decide the issue the of $125.00 Ben Neece wants before I am allowed to see the file owned by the people. [ It will be tricky to give the AG jurisdiction, but I will find it]  But for now I have enough.  The Open Records Request process does not include the courts.  Those files are public files wherein the clerk is the custodian of record.  This came as a shock to Chief Court Administrator Roberto Baez when he said I should do an open records request as per the city attorney who also appears to have no knowledge of the law. 
It took weeks of fighting the police department to get their part of the files.  Then the city took my money and said to come back and the disposition sheets would be printed for me, but I would not be allowed to see the files until I paid $125.  The AG is going to have to order that before I pay it.  I went back two days after I was told the disposition sheets would be ready.  I was told Janie Cano did not have them and she would call me.  I went back yesterday and spoke with the Administrator Baez and filed a formal complaint against Janie Cano.  I was then given a summary dated 9 days ago.  That was the day I was told they were not ready and Janie Cano would call me.  I said no - I want the disposition sheets as promised.  I was not going to accept edited summaries.  I was then told to do an open records request.  Unfortunately for Brownsville neither the Custodian of Records nor our incompetent city attorney are aware the open records law does not apply to court records..  Apparently neither does Ben Neece, as the Chief Municipal Judge.
The below email is interesting for two reasons, one it proves I only received the documents yesterday afternoon, and two they do not know the law and are telling me I need to do an open records request even though the law does not apply to court records.
Good afternoon Mr. Wightman,
Attached, please find the information you requested. I went to see our Assistant City Attorney and showed her your request. She stated that we complied with your request. I also attached the screen shots from our Case Management software so you can see the information is accurate. We don’t have any “dispositions sheets” as you requested. However, you can request a complete background check by submitting a new Public Information Request through our City Secretary’s Office. Hopefully this will answer your questions and satisfied your request. If you should have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.
Roberto Baez, MBA
Municipal Court Administrator

Access to Court Case Records

"Access to court case records is governed by common law, statutory law and court rules. Generally, the custodian of court case records is the Clerk of the Court. Neither the Office of the Attorney General nor the Special Committee of the Regional Presiding Judges can consider appeals from denials of access to court case records."

Why do we pay Mark Sossi?

I have what I need.   I will go with the story.  I have more.  But that is going to require the feds to get the information because the police have decided they want $30 for a particular police report.  It is on the person who has personally told me she has a special relationship with Ben Neece.  Ben knows who she is and knows I have called for a full investigation.

So here is the deal, Ben Neece is told what I forced the courts to give me, and he runs to Juanito to try and discredit me before I publish it.  On Monday you will read from Juanito "see I told you so Wightman would respond with a story about me."  But that is a lie - the story was weeks in the making with all of the documents finally turned over yesterday.  You see Juanito would have you believe that on Saturday he posts his distraction and that somehow by Monday morning I have pages and pages of documents documenting Ben Neece's corruption as a municipal judge and his ties to Juanito and others.  Oh, I am no where near done.  You only made a fool of yourself Benny by asking Juanito to post such a stupid post.

And remember this Benny Boy - I wanted to shut down - I was done - but it was your drunk buddy Juanito who brought me back.  He has done nothing but hurt you and you keep on going back for more.


The clerks withholding the documents and playing games - they work for Ben Neece -

Sec. 30.00009. CLERK; OTHER PERSONNEL. (a) The governing body shall by ordinance provide for the appointment of a clerk of the municipal courts of record. The municipal clerk shall keep the records of the municipal courts of record, issue process, and generally perform the duties that a clerk of a county court at law exercising criminal jurisdiction performs for that court. In addition, the clerk shall maintain an index of all court judgments in the same manner as county clerks are required by law to prepare for criminal cases arising in county courts.
(b) The governing body may provide deputy clerks, warrant officers, and other personnel as needed for the proper operation of the courts.
(c) The clerk and other court personnel perform their duties under the direction and control of the presiding judge.
(d) The governing body shall by ordinance provide for the hiring, direction, supervision, and removal of the personnel authorized in the annual budget for the clerk's office.
According to the Texas Comptrollers Office I can find no authorization for Ben Neece to charge $125.00 to allow me to see files which relate to his unethical conduct. Law enforcement can get them for free while asking Benny Boy why he is charging such an outrageous fee to keep me from see documents which show his corruption.
Because Ben Neece was the target he should have removed himself from the matter.
No one in Cameron county charges anywhere near $25.00 to pull a file.  There is nothing on the web page for Brownsville's Municipal Court concerning a fee.  You cannot just arbitrarily assign fees.  You are governed by law.  I believe the most I pay the district clerk is $10.00 if the file is in storage off-site.  Today most files are on line so there is never a fee.  I've done this all over the state and no one is charging $25.00.
And for the record, the BV is the only blog which instructed Jerry in how to get out of the alleged contempt.  I have gone so far as to call out Judge Olvera as incompetent when it comes to the First Amendment.  According to Ben Neece and Juanito this is me going after Jerry - by telling him how the order is unenforceable as unconstitutional prior restraint, vague, overbroad, not filed under the rule, and the motion itself misquoting what is in the gag order.
I stayed out of his little spat and took no joy in him shutting down.
But with Juanito when more of your own corruption with Ben Neece is about to be documented what else do you have but distractions and lies?  Nothing.  Where was Juanito in defending Jerry during the spat? - dead silent - Only the BV came to his defense by discrediting Jerry's ex wife on her bogus Motion for Contempt.
Juanito trashed his wife under payment from Judge Gonzales.  I defended against the lies - cost to the Zarates - zero and they know it.  I held on the claims concerning corruption with DownbythBorder because I had no documented proof.  Once I got the proof I went with it.  It has all been documented, but because of Juanitio's hatred for Jessica Tetreau I am somehow trying to silence speech by publishing the documents.  According to Juanito everything I have published about DownbytheBorder is not important to the people.  But Jessica getting in a fight with her husband is a nuclear story.
I cannot wait when he comes to Cheezmeh's defense in the next week or so.  I take pride I was one of the first people blocked from his page.  The BV has never allowed for sacred cows and that is Juanito's chief complaint - "do not trust him, if he finds you are corrupt he will print it - he is no one's friend."  That is true, I publish the good the bad and the ugly - you watch if I ever discover real evidence on the Hernandez family Juanito will be at their business with his hand out, saying "pay me and I will defend you."  Everyone is on notice - the BV has no sacred cows - it is so simple but eats away at Juanito because everything he publishes is based on a check, and not a desire to expose the truth about the corruption in our government.  
By me doing it for free, it eats into his business.

My position on this issue has been clear for years.  This is wrong.  People take their loved ones to these places to be cared for, not to be subjected to politicians politicking.  This will not end until an owner of one of these places is sued for endangering their guests.

I am fairly certain I know the facility.  We shall see if their van shows up at the library with residents in tow.  To the owners of these places.  These seniors are placed in your care.  They are not there for you to use as tools to help certain individuals to get elected.

I cut out the face of the woman.  She is a victim.  She does not need her face on the Internet.

Will anyone join me in denouncing this behavior?

Editor's Note:  I know this is long and very few will read the entire thing.  I hope to start the discussion against the hospital district, while bringing to my readers attention just how misinformed we are on healthcare, taxes and indigent care.  The corporate welfare lead by the Republicans is bankrupting our country.  Now the Texas Republican lead government and the all Republican UT Board of Regents wants to extend the welfare state to the UT System by having the poorest of the poor and veterans subsidize UT's medical schools - we must say no in a very, very loud voice. 
On April 24, 2015, the Herald published a revealing political cartoon raising the question as to whether or not the Republicans are working to keep us an uninformed Democracy.  The man’s wife appropriately asks, “When did we have one?”  Of interest both letters to the editor proved the point.

In the first letter, a Republican seeks to blame local democrats for the proposed property tax to fund a hospital district.  A perfect example of Republicans keeping us ignorant.  As our local representatives, Democrat or Republican it is their job to introduce legislation needed by the state to push forward with the medical school. 

 But here is the deal – the medical school and the funding policies are 100% the result of the Republican controlled UT Board of Regents, and the Republican controlled legislature.   

It is not complex – the anti-tax Republicans want the poorest of the poor and veterans to subsidize a medical school which will be owned by one of the wealthiest university systems in the world.  So the first letter proves how Republicans are in fact party to keeping us ignorant, while the Democrats join the party. 

The second letter is filled with a complete misunderstanding of Obamacare.  But during the debate – the death committees scared people and the original plan went from a one payer government run system wherein you could keep your insurance or opt out for the government program to a mandate the people buy insurance from corporate American.  The Republicans such as they did with Medicare Part D were unhappy that the private sector would lose money and forced a compromise – you the people would have to buy the insurance from corporate America at a higher rate. 

Seniors over pay for their medications because the Republicans opposed the government going into the open market and purchasing medications for distribution to seniors.  The Republicans opposed the open market process to bring down prices. It meant corporate American would earn less.  It also meant seniors would have to buy their medications individually on the open market, instead of through the power of the government being able to bid down the prices.

Obamacare does not require everyone buy insurance. This was another lie which people were all too willing to buy into.  Using the free HR Block program I do taxes for free for a lot of people.  In not one case has anyone I have helped had to pay a penalty for no health insurance.  The claim was one big lie.  When you do your taxes if you fall below a certain income level you do not have to have health insurance. 

A couple of weeks ago – a family member who lives in Houston complained to me that his sister had to buy health insurance for her and her kids because of Obamacare.  It now means they have less to spend on things obviously more important than health insurance for her children.  You see she was using for free the Harris County Hospital District system, while property owners were paying  .17 cents for every $100 of assessed value on a person’s real property, to fund the district.  This is done in major cities all over Texas.  In NY for example they fund the public care by taxing your health insurance. 

During the Obamacare debate people did not want to know the truth.  They demanded the lie that Obamacare meant they would have to pay for the poor, when in fact through property taxes in Texas or taxes on their health insurance in other states they were already paying for the healthcare for the poor. 

I want to be clear – I will work day and night to oppose the hospital district.  The model used by the UT Board of Regents is always the same.  You get the people to vote an increase of their property taxes to be used for a teaching hospital under the guise it if for the poor.  The VA then agrees to come in and join forces with the hospital district to create a joint teaching hospital with the new local hospital district and the UT medical school.

Money which everyone believes is supposed to go to veterans, goes to subsidize the UT Medical School while veterans are then denied care by experienced practitioners in favor of doctors in training.  As a veteran who has experienced VA hospital care and the Clinic as it currently exists in Harlingen, I will take the clinic any day over a VA hospital.   

While problems exist in Harlingen – mostly at the administrative level, it is the best healthcare in south Texas period.  In one week my VA eye doctor went from determining I needed emergency outside neurological care, to getting the paperwork done for me to see my outside VA approved neurologist, to a highly specialized MRI of the brain, to seeing the surgeon who will make the final decision as to surgery in late May.  At every level my care was the best.   I can assure you with doctors in training I would have been dismissed – which is in fact what happened for years in Dallas and San Antonio.  The problem is not new, it has just reached the point I am losing my vision and the pressure on the optic nerve has increased significantly.   The delay in the possible shunting is rational, but not right for this letter.   

The deal is simple – the Republicans say they are anti-tax but are in fact leading the battle in healthcare to increase the cost of healthcare for everyone while the drug companies, and insurance companies’ profits go up.  It was the Republicans who forced us to buy private insurance without the benefit of group discounts through a one payer system run by the government.  It was the Republicans who opposed allowing seniors to buy drugs from the government at a discount and forced seniors to continue to buy prescription drugs without the benefit of the government using market mechanisms to drive the prices down.

 It is now the Republicans on the UT Board of Regents and who control Texas government wanting us to agree to a hospital taxing district to subsidize the UT medical school.  It will also mean using money for veterans to subsidize the medical school. 

While I agree with the authors of these two letters in opposing the hospital district, my opposition is based in reality and not the lies these authors bought into during the Obamacare debate.  Had Obamacare gotten the one payer system everyone would be covered and we would have no need for a taxpayer funded hospital district.  And has anyone asked where they intend to build this hospital and how they intend to transport the poorest of the poor to this hospital?  It is a con, to subsidize a UT medical school.  

A last note on veterans – the Harlingen VA Clinic is getting better every day at the administrative level.  Some problems are a nightmare.   The primary care doctors are highly experienced clinicians giving of themselves every day.  The online system for communicating with our doctors is highly efficient.  I renew my medications. I can printout my lab work for my endocrinologist before I see him next week.  I can send my doctor a note saying I am having a certain problem.  Very often without an appointment the problem is fixed.  They have had a hard time hiring specialists.  A few are bottom of the barrel.  But most are top of the line.  The new surgery wing is amazing.  The surgeons and support staff are the best.  You will not find better anywhere in South Texas.  I have had cataract and major sinus surgery as part of the day surgeries available.   I have also undergone several pain management procedures.  There is no better care in south Texas.

 I mention this because this is the model which should be followed.  There is room for improvement.  But the mix between VA care and private care is working.  The VA does have to do better job in working with the local hospitals for emergency care.  There still remains a lot of confusion on this issue, and fraud is a problem.

If you want to fix the system while decreasing the cost to the taxpayers, Medicare, Medicaid, and indigent care patients need to be offered the same type clinic as Veterans.  Medicare Part D has to be changed to allow the government to bid in the open market [it’s called capitalism Mr. Republican] for cheaper drugs.  Seniors who are veterans are using Medicare for their healthcare and then taking their prescriptions to the VA to save money.  The VA buys on the open market at a discount.  This process is backing up the VA doctors who have to approve the prescriptions of the non-VA doctors.  We end the problem by simply opening up Medicare pharmacies which provide the prescriptions at the same price as the VA.  This would have a major positive impact on the quality of care at the VA.

 But here is the deal.  The insurance companies and drug companies have the politicians in their back pocket.  Their profits are more important than lower taxes and a higher quality of medical care for the people.  So yes, Ms. Wife your question in the cartoon is spot on – “When did we have one?” – one meaning an informed Democracy.

The hospital district is nothing more than a demand the people subsidize one of the wealthiest university systems in the world, even at the expense of the veterans and the poorest of the poor. 

We could have fixed this with a one payer system, but the Republicans opposed a one payer system in favor of the people having to buy insurance in the private market – and then they sued claiming their compromise was unconstitutional.  The Republicans opposed the government, such as the VA, buying prescription drugs in bulk on the open market, which is capitalism, and now the taxpayers and seniors subsidize the drug companies by paying higher prices than the market requires.

When you say no to the hospital district you are saying no to veterans and the poorest of the poor providing welfare to one of the wealthiest university systems in the world.  The Republican welfare state for corporate American has to stop now.  Finally, we cannot now allow this welfare process to extend to one of the wealthiest university systems in the world at the expense of the poorest of the poor and veterans.

Next week for my brother I am suing the VA because of the money being redirected to the medical schools from the veterans.  He is retired 25 years, U.S. Army, two tours in Vietnam.  He is bedridden and stuck in a horrible nursing home in far north east Texas.  Years ago he was given a 10% disability rating for a stroke caused by a small tumor on his brain linked to Agent Orange.  The county Veterans representative ignored every request he made for an increase in his rating.  I have every written request he made which was placed in his file at the county office, and ignored. 

FDA rules qualifies my brother for an experimental treatment to shrink the tumors which now engulf his brain.  He cannot be transported without sedation. 

 Annual MRI’s show endless strokes caused by the tumors.  The VA Lufkin facility formally opposed helping me to get him referred to Houston VA where the experimental treatment is available.  It will not cure him- It will slow the strokes and provide him mild comfort. 

 The VA has a policy which requires my brother signs endless Power of Attorneys for every separate thing I might be able to do for him.  The government has no one form POA which can be used for all agencies, such as Texas.  The federal government does not accept the Texas Statutory Power of Attorney. I have proof all were signed and filed.  For months I have been sent letters verifying I am his POA for his claim and care.  For months during every call they have asked me the verification word before they would speak with me.

My brother is in need of emergency care.  The Lukfin facility made it clear because of his 10% rating and his TRICARE insurance he will not receive services at the Lufkin facility.  This is why for months I have been working on getting his rating changed to 100%, now that the endless strokes have left him bedridden. 

When the office of the Chief Medical Officer in Houston which oversees Lufkin made clear they would not help because nothing gets to the Chief until it clears his secretary, I filed a complaint with Chief Counsel over the Houston district and the VA in Washington.  I provide all documents, including his latest MRI showing his brain covered in the tumors.  

I then get a letter that they want me to spend $9,000 to transport him round trip from East Texas to Harlingen for a physical.  His attending, his neurologists, and nursing home all verified he is 100% bedridden and cannot be moved without being sedated.  They can send him to Lufkin or Houston for the physical.  Lufkin is 40 miles away.  Houston is about 2 ½ hours away.  Houston is where he can get the experimental treatment to shrink his brain tumors.  Harlingen is 9 hours away.  I have made know I will pay for the medical transport to Houston. My interest is the experimental treatment.  I do not care about the money.  I just want him to die in peace and comfortable. 

To insure I receive the message that complaints will not be tolerated, I just received a letter stating there is no record of my brother assigning me as his POA in any capacity as his representative.  The documents I have proving otherwise mean nothing.   

My final complaint went to Chief of neurosurgery Bruce L.Ehni, M.D., listed as one of the best doctors in the nation in the field of neurological surgery, Bruce L. Ehni, M.D., chief of Neurosurgery at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center.  The complaint was blocked.  I may have gotten it through his medical school email.  I sent the key medical records.   

If he received it his secretary would have given it to a doctor in training who would have seen my brother is assigned to Lufkin.  The request would have been dumped.  That’s it – my brother will not get the experimental treatment only available through MD Anderson and VA Houston.   

I will sue next week.  I will drive the 18 hours round trip to have my brother sign again originals of all the different POA’s the VA requires for me to take care of his needs.  I will start his claim again, while I wait for the court in DC to decide if they are going to order the VA in Houston to stop their retaliation and reinstate the claim which had been pending for 7 months before they sent me the letter it was being voided as lacking the proper POA’s. It is not a question of a wrong POA – they are saying they have none on file period.  I have the proof showing receipt of each and every POA, and in particular the one which allows me to process his claim.  

The medical students and secretaries are running the system.  Do we really want this for our area?  I do not.  I can assure you – the doctors assigned to the medical schools will never control the doctors in training.   

Say no to the hospital district and to the VA funding a hospital tied to the medical school.  

There are so many unknown variables.  The biggest loser so far is the Herald.  I was surprised that Friday's paper had not one political ad.  Now for sure, Sunday will see a lot of ads.  But I think they could prove a waste of money.  People who are going to vote on Monday for the most part have made up their mind.

With the AG's eyes on Brownsville I feel pretty good there will be no problem with the mail ballots - but if there is I say indict the candidates.  No candidate at this point can claim they were unaware of how politiqueras work when it comes to the harvesting of mail ballots.

I am working on a story which I hope results in the indictment of a particular candidate.  The initial documented research shows intentional fraud.  But I know how to develop a case.  I need two more sets of documents to prevent this candidate from claiming a misunderstanding.  I can release the story Monday - but it will change nothing.  This candidate is in the mayoral race for the bottom - so the story as to the election is of no consequence.  But the message needs to be sent - if you run for public office your previous illegal conduct will be exposed.  It will hopefully keep these idiots from running for office.

On a side note, I am hoping an indictment of Sergio Zarate will send the same message to keep these types from running for public office.


I hear it - people who are not tied to particulate candidates feel like there are no qualified candidates on the ballot.  I am  not going to argue with these people.  My focus has been simple - stop Tony - I am not going to get into endless discussions with people - especially when they may be right in many cases - about the lack of qualified candidates.  The argument is a distraction.


I will respect your choice.  But just make a choice. If you think I am wrong about Tony - I am fine with that - it is your right.  We are done - I respect your decision.  Your decision is what makes our democracy work.


We know his candidates - Abraham Galonsky has used Tony Martinez to make millions on the taxpayers.  This is why Juanito's made up ALL OUT campaign is full of shit.  He is asking you to vote for the people who have received money from Galonsky, and the Lucios - then he tells you how the deals involving Galonsky and the the Lucios have cost you a fortune.    I am not going to use the word smart to describe this city commission.  They bought hook line and sinker Tony's little con job vote to take the illegal Rose Gowen vote out of the Lincoln Park lawsuit while keeping Lincoln Park in the discussions with UT,.


We need a vote which bars Tony Martinez bypassing the attorneys in the Lincoln Park litigation and going to Guy Bailey directly, president of UTRGV.  The directive has to be to the city lawyers to instruct UT from bypassing the city attorneys and working directly with Tony Martinez.

Hell, the city commissioners can have local counsel seek an immediate TRO against UT from by-passing the city attorneys and negotiating directly with Tony Martinez.  They can intervene in the existing lawsuit.  UT will respond with outrage and the damage done to Tony Martinez will be irreparable.

Do not fret Tony - well all know this city commission - they will do nothing.


I have only no argument for keeping the incumbents other than Tony Martinez.  We need to stop Tony Martinez - nothing else matters.

Now in the case of Sergio Zarate if you at this point are even considering a vote for him you are dumber than the people at Cheezmeh who continue to support Erasmo.  For me they have become a mental institution.  I cannot even comprehend what is happening at Cheezmeh.  Juanito endlessly attacks Jessica Tetreau and Erin Garcia with lies, while both women claim to support Erasmo, and then Erasmo publishes Juanito's lies as truths.  We need a new word other then surreal to describe the relationship between all of these people.

Really people? you believe a tape made after the fact by the accused criminals is going to ever go anywhere?  It was made in a pathetic attempt for a plea bargain.  If Saenz makes himself party to the tape he could find himself indicted for knowingly using fabricated evidence for use in a plea bargain.

Who turns in a tape confessing to criminal conduct unless it is to use as a plea bargain tool?  Are you so stupid that you believe Erin Garcia cut a deal with Armando Villalobos over chump change at a time she knew the FBI was following his every move and recording his every call? 

Juanito is so stupid - you can hand him a real story and he will never see it.  He only publishes the lies which are bought and paid for.  The tape is going nowhere.  No jury will ever believe Erin Garica cut a corrupt deal with Armando Villalobos at a time she knew or should have known the FBI was recording every call and watching his every move. 


Jessica Tetreau, Rick Longoria [he is wishy washy - but he is not a Galonsky boy like Michael Gonzalez], Roberto Uresti, and Pat Ahumada is the only ticket which can bring down Tony Martinez. 

I am not defending any of these candidates - but I do live in Jessica's district and I have seen many improvements which Charlie Atkinson never cared about.  As to pot holes - stop bitching people and just call the city.  Less than two weeks ago I called in a work order for pot holes at the entrance of my street.  I did not have to call Jessica - I just called the city and asked that it be fixed.  They did it yesterday.  It's not hard people - stop demanding our city commissioners change your diapers.  Now to be fair on Monday I will call the city, not Jessica, and demand a supervisor inspect the work.  It is at best an "F."  It needs to be redone.  And you know what, a supervisor will be sent out and they will redo it - why?  not because of me - but because it is a real shitty job which will wash away with the next heavy rain.


Jessica Tetreau, Rick Longoria, Roberto Uresti and Pat Ahumada.  The BV will stay on top of things if we have a power shift.



The very people I am endorsing can go to the court Monday and get an injunction against Tony Martinez meeting with Guy Bailey and negotiating matters related to the Lincoln Park litigation.  Tony will be on the receiving end of a valid injunction.  UT will fume and dump Tony - but it saddens me, Jessica Tetreau, Rick Longoria, and John Villarreal will do nothing.  They can end Tony's term and his ways while guaranteeing Jessica and Rick win in a landslide - but the lawyers advising them will tell them the same thing they have said in the past - just be good little boys and girls and do not bring attention yourself. 

I am making it clear to UT counsel they will assure me this will never happen again, or I will be filing the State Bar complaint against the UT lawyers for allowing the rules of professional conduct to be by-passed.  The city is represented by counsel.  Under the rules all communications must go through the city attorneys.  This is not what happened.  Sossi is clear on the tape he was not party to what happened.  He knows Tony violated the rules of professional conduct. And it is sad, Jessica, Rick, and John can be in court next week humiliating Tony on the issue and they will do nothing.


Friday, April 24, 2015

The decision by UTGRV President Guy Bailey to discuss Lincoln Park and the litigation directly with Tony Martinez will prove fatal.  These guys are beyond stupid.  They think they are going to pull this stunt on Lincoln Park and then endear us into voting more tax dollars for a hospital district. 
To a Board Member they fail to understand the people still call the shots.  I will have more on this next week.  Sorry, but I have a busy day - this morning was Buster's annual and I am already running late for the follow-up with the ENT surgeon. 

Before the election we must as a community be solid in one voice in saying NO TO THE HOSPITAL DISTRICT.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


I am waiting to see if general counsel for the UT Board of Regents is going to respond to my demand that the Board explain why they have UTRGV President Guy Bailey conspiring with Tony Martinez against Brownsville over Lincoln Park.

I have repeatedly reported that my sources are telling me a majority of the UT Board wants nothing to do with Tony Martinez.  Is this why Tony initiated the call to UTRGV President Guy Bailey?  The city and UT are represented by counsel.  All negotiations should be going through counsel and not Tony Martinez and Guy Bailey.  Was Guy Bailey a willing participant in this conspiracy to dupe the Brownsville city commission to remove the Rose Gowen vote from the lawsuit?

Guy Bailey has not been a welcomed voice to the LRGV.  He summarily dismissed the voices of the people in how he went about choosing the name of the mascot.

He lost the vote on the hospital district in Hidalgo county.  He will lose the vote in Brownsville and Cameron county.  His decision to be party to Tony machinations are not going to help UT in its effort to create a medical school.  Without a community hospital funded by local tax dollars there will be no medical school, unless UT picks up the full cost.

I know for a fact there are going to be UT Regent members livid over the call between Martinez and Bailey.  It was a stupid and desperate move.

We shall see how the UT Board of Regents reacts.  All of the lawyers know that because UT and the city are represented by counsel it was a blatant violation of the rules of professional conduct for Tony to make the call to Guy Bailey.  It was incredibly unprofessional for Guy Bailey to take the call.

This has just added another layer of the corruption Tony and UT are bringing to the table.

We shall see if UT finally formally dumps Tony.

They cannot be so stupid as to think that they are going to get Lincoln Park through back door deals to remove Rose Gowen as an issue from the litigation, and then get the people to give them even more money through a hospital taxing district.  This level of ignorance only exists in the mind of Tony Martinez.

But if UT wants to move forward in Brownsville they better bring Guy Bailey under control and send a clear message to Tony Martinez to butt out. 

UT is too invested in the medical school issue to pull out - they either come to us and bended knee begging forgiveness while dumping Tony Martinez and Guy Bailey, or find themselves with nothing and then having to pick up the entire tab.

I have said this so many times, the defeat of Tony Martinez is not merely saving Lincoln Park or ending his backdoor deals, it is also about Brownsville's future candidates.  2016 is around the corner.  By September we will have a good picture of those who will be on the March 2016 primary ballot.  A defeat of Tony Martinez and Abraham Galonsky will help bring out more qualified candidates. 

It will make qualified candidates feel like they can win.  A Tony Martinez victory will mean the same old recycled candidates in 2016.  It is really that simple.  Because if you are not tired of it yet, keep on listening to the narcissistic authors on social media.


The BV's headline after Tuesday's meeting - "TONY MARTINEZ PLAYS CITY COMMISSION ON LINCOLN PARK TO PROTECT GALONSKY BOYS."  It is not about Lincoln Park - It is about what it represents.   The power of the corrupt to do as they please. 



 "If after the election the city announces that there is no other land to sell to UT and Lincoln Park is back on the agenda.  It could just be a stunt to help Martinez and Galonsky's candidates."

You get the message - there was never any intent to take Lincoln Park off of the table - it was a con job to remove the Rose Gowen vote problem.


Like he has done this morning he stole a story from another publisher without sourcing it.  Yesterday he made it appear as if he wrote it.  He allowed his readers to praise him as the hero of Lincoln Park - when in fact the entire thing was a con job.  He made no effort to correct the misperceptions of his lemministic followers.  Only after I called him out did he add the name of a Herald reporter.

My calling out of Castro was not to take credit for anything related to Lincoln Park it was to point out he is a con artist using Lincoln Park for his own ends, and not that of Brownsville.  I listed Valley Interfaith first as taking the lead, later I apologized to Pat Ahumada for failing to mention his work on the appraisal.  I then got permission to disclose the name of the person who discovered the Rose Gowen connection to UT.  I had said before it was not me, but a source.  I did not like the source not getting his credit.  I mentioned the community.  My post was inclusive of all.  It was not about me.


He really has no idea how pathetic it is he searched his own blog to count how many times he wrote about Lincoln Park - still missing the point because his own self glorification was more important than the point - IT IS A CON JOB - LINCOLN PARK IS NOT OFF THE TABLE


Here is a reality for Castro - in the event the world ends, Castro will be in the run-offs and Mark Sossi will immediately remove Castro from the ballot as a convicted felon who does not have a residence in Brownsville.  I broke a major rule and allowed this turkey to interrupt my dinner at a restaurant.  It is the only time I met him.  I told him if challenged on the felony conviction he would lose, and then lose his disability.  He denied he was on disability, but the reaction in his eyes said otherwise.  Nothing in the conversation was about Brownsville, it was all about Castro.

A big legal issue the city would have lost concerning Lincoln Park was Rose Gowens's illegal vote.  Tony played the city commission and had them revote without Rose Gowen's vote and this time still got what he wanted - discussions with UT to transfer Lincoln Park.  And then came the announcements - "look we got Tony to rethink Lincoln Park."  No, you were played.


This is so simple you are either happy with the deals Tony Martinez has made or you are not.  Every day people come at me for asking that they vote for Pat.  I say "fine, who is the alternative - you claim to want Tony out - so who is the alternative?"  That is when you get the same old answer - "Pat blah blah blah blah."  Fine but who is the alternative? - "but Pat is blah blah blah blah."  I surrender - then stop bitching - you are the problem.

You have to let it go - it is Tony or Pat?  No amount of denial on your part will change this reality.  It is not about competency or Pat's past.  You have to make a choice - keep Tony or accept Pat.  If you prefer to keep Tony - fine - but then stop bitching.


He is the only one running for the At Large Position who is not owned by Martinez and Galonsky, who has name recognition and a following.

Again, stop with the excuses and nonsense - make up your mind - do you want Tony and Galonsky's boys to run the show or not?  If not your only choice is Uresti - it is really that simple.

But I know you - you will vote your anger - settle your scores - be driven by your narcissism and then bitch when Tony and his boys win.


We complain every election cycle that we are tired of the same old people and families running for public office.  Lincoln Park is nothing more than a vehicle to unite the people into forcing a power shift in local politics. 

If we outright defeat Tony Martinez or turn him into a lame duck mayor it will send a message to the new voices that they can run against the establishment and win.  It would turn 2016, into a turning point for Brownsville and Cameron county.


All I am hearing from the candidates is how they alone are the saviors.  They have shown their true colors - particularly in the mayor's race.  We are past due for the candidates to endorse Pat Ahumada -  It is a done deal - Pat is in the run-offs.  But rather than unite against Tony the candidates are destroying Pat as much as they are destroying Tony - what a bunch of selfish losers.