Monday, June 27, 2016


With TSC, the City of Brownsville, and Commissioners Court all feckless when it comes to job creation, our Republican Governor and his administration worked to get SATA an Italian manufacturing firm to come to Brownsville.  While our local yokels did nothing, it was a Republican Texas Administration who made this happen.

Part of the deal is a work force training center which will be on IH69, and not SH550 as desired by Carlos Marin and Mike Hernandez.

Long before anyone heard of Mike Hernandez this deal along with the work force training center were moving forward with the assistance of Texas A & M.  Mike Hernandez showed up just in time to say he would make this happen, even though it was already a done deal.  Also Texas rejected Marin's and Hernandez desire to build the work force training center on land they chose on SH 550.


If I were the Cameron County Republican Party I would be taking out full page ads in Sunday's paper touting how it took a Republican governor and his staff to bring a major manufacturing company to Brownsville along with a new jobs training center.  This is how you build the Party and get the independents to vote Republican along with the disheartened Democrats.

There are two basic truisms in politics - all politics is local, and bread and butter issues trump all other issues.

At a national level the Republican Party is in big trouble.  There is no contribution to our economy they can take credit for, and they are running like hell from the religious right.

But locally where local issues really matter, Governor Abbott delivered to the people of Brownsville on a key bread and butter issue.

But alas, the local Republican Party is too fractured and ignorant of how politics work to use Governor Abbot's success to their advantage.

The BV reports the good, the bad, and the ugly.  It would be dishonest to always be trashing the Republicans, when the facts show a Republican Texas Administration is doing for Brownsville and Cameron county what the Democrats have failed to do for decades.

You have to give credit where credit is due.  The good news for the Democrats is, the local Republicans have no idea how to use this accomplishment to their advantage.  Locally no one really cares about the social issues.  Local is bread and butter, and Governor Abbott has delivered both.


Considering there are 50 states it is amazing three opinion would come down involving Texas in two weeks.  I have not seen the final number but I expect it will show there were only 70-80 opinions this term.  In addition to these three there were others from Texas.

First we saw the immigration order from Judge Hanen effectively affirmed because of a tie vote thereby leaving the Court of Appeals decision intact.  This will change after the election, assuming Hillary Clinton wins the White House.

The Court then affirmed as constitutional the admission process at U.T. in which an Anglo plaintiff claimed it was discriminatory against Anglos.

Today the Court in a 5/3 decision found Texas' new restrictive abortion unconstitutional.

Sunday, June 26, 2016


Christians as a group tend to be intolerant.  There is no doubt in my mind the more hateful Catholics are going to react very negatively to the following statements by Pope Francis.  Is it any wonder Joshua has never returned.  

"Aboard a flight home from Armenia, Pope Francis fielded a pointed question from reporters: Did he agree with German Cardinal Reinhard Marx, who, in the wake of the Orlando shooting, said gays deserve an apology from the Church?

His answer was frank.
"I believe that the Church not only should apologize to the person who is gay whom it has offended," the Pope told reporters, "but has to apologize to the poor, to exploited women, to children exploited for labor; it has to ask forgiveness for having blessed many weapons."

"The Church must say it is sorry for not having behaved as it should many times, many times — when I say 'the Church,' I mean we Christians because the Church is holy; we are the sinners," the Pope said. "We Christians must say we are sorry."
Marx, a close adviser to Pope Francis, had told a conference in Dublin that the Church must apologize for having consistently marginalized gay people in the course of its history. At the mention of the Orlando shooting, theCatholic News Service reports the Pope closed his eyes as if in pain — then expanded on Marx's comments.
Source NPR


The Columbian Exchange brought peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, and corn to the world.  All of these are now basic staples in international cuisine.  Without our cultures constantly meshing, we would still be in the dark ages, and Europe would have died of starvation a long time ago.

Friday, June 24, 2016


The primary problem with journalism is the need to be first and headlines which make good copy.  In today's world of cheap journalism and blogging there is no time for research.  

Before the election of Tony Zavaleta the four votes were there to end Lily Tercero's employment at TSC. Ed Rivera and Kiko Rendon knew once they left Lily would have been pushed out had they not put the contract extension on the agenda while they still had a vote.  This is the type good government Mike Hernandez wants to push on Brownsville and Cameron county.

I have said this before, since day one Lily Tercero was working in a mine field.  She was up against a staff all upset with the changes which she had nothing to do with, but came with the separation from UTB.  She had the pro UTB people within TSC and in the community doing everything they could to undermine her efforts.  She had a dysfunctional Board unable to come to a meeting of the minds as to how best proceed.  Then when Adela Garza was not voted Board President she went on the attack putting out endless lies and disinformation about the accreditation process - a process which UTB tried to undermine.

Dr. Tercero quickly realized she had no cohesiveness in her staff or Board, and had to become a micro-manager.  This angered the staff who then complained to Board members.  Her choice was to do nothing, because the staff if left to their means were determined to make her life hell, or to take the bull by the horns for forced changes.  Well the latter never works.

Long before the election the BV discussed this issue and the fact I was pulling my support from Ed Rivera and Kiko Rendon because they were the two telling Dr. Tercero to not worry and do as she pleased.  When you are at war with your staff your organization will fail.  Had Ed Rivera and Kiko Rendon worked with the other Board members to try and fix the discord, things may have gone differently.

I asked a source why the person who was responsible for keeping track of the windstorm insurance still had a job and the answer was they did not know.  Upon discovery of the mistake Dr. Tercero should have fired this person right away.

Texas A & M is trying real hard to help us, but apparently Dr. Tercero does not understand she has to be leading TSC on this issue.  The damage she has inflicted upon herself with the help of Ed Rivera and Kiko Rendon has now gone too far.

TSC is not BISD.  An independent lawyer will review everything and based on her written contract and mistakes a legal opinion will be rendered.  In my opinion she should just leave.  In Laredo she was ranked 4th among the candidates for the community college.  She is going to have to accept a high level administrators job somewhere if she expects to find a job.

If independent counsel can find within her contract a way to remove her without a lawsuit to follow, her time at TSC has come to an end.


It is a foregone conclusion Adela Garza is going to become the Board President.  The Board needs to make clear to her if she cannot behave they will remove her real fast.  This Board needs to unify and fast.  They need to find a president who understands the past mistakes and who understands the importance of the Texas A & M relationship.

My prediction on Adela Garza is simple - she will fail and then we the community need to hold the Board Members accountable for voting her in.  They know she will fail, but are simply hoping to shut her up by voting her in.  No guys - let her whine and vote someone in who can unite the Board and help guild the Board to hire a new president.  But I know politics - Adela will get the job and then all the Board members will lie and claim shock when she fails.  They know she tried to hurt the TSC brand by putting out false information about the accreditation process.  You do not reward this behavior. 

This Board messed up big time when they adopted the instructor baby-sitter method of teaching.  Technology is good but not when used as a substitute for real instruction.  

History and Political Science are two of the courses where the nursing students should be developing their critical thinking skills.  The Board by adopting the baby sitting method of instruction using technology, took away from the nursing students the critical thinking courses which prep them for nursing.  

The CEO at Valley Baptist personally told me the nursing students today just do not care.   They are in it for the money.  From first hand knowledge I can tell you they have no problem solving skills and they really do not care.  

Until TSC returns to traditional teaching methods while incorporating technology where appropriate such as the Smart Board, or a study hall with computer programs which help the students through their math problems while still getting traditional instruction in the classroom I would tell everyone - do not send your children to TSC.

While working on my Masters in Education at UT Arlington, about half of my classes were on line.  I do not study well with others.  My learning methods are different so it is a waste of time for me to work in a group.  But I know based on speaking with the other students they would sit in groups and take the tests on line all together while looking up the answers. never having actually read the material.  Online courses promote cheating.  You have preprogrammed tests graded by a computer with no human involvement by an instructor.  

Thursday, June 23, 2016



I thought she was going to be 15 come August but based on older posts it appears she is only going to be 14.  She is doing very well for her age.  She is a bit demanding when she wants something.  She knows to demand what she wants when the phone rings, I am in the kitchen or speaking with a guest or my roommate.  You either give her two treats of put her outside.

Health wise she is doing great.  Her leg tumor surgery has not slowed her down one bit.  She sleeps late which I like.  She goes outside when I wake up does her business and then sits around the pool, unless I close the door.  Then she demands to come in.  Then she demands to go out.  We go one round and she knows she has to make a decision.  Most of the time she just gives in and allows me to close the door until it gets too hot and she wants to come in.

She is still great with the kids and anyone who comes into the house.  I tell her time for a bath and she walks into my large walk in shower with no fight.  She likes being clean and the shower massage. 

Well I have a very busy day - if a story breaks I will be back.


The court split 4/4 which means the court of appeals decision to uphold Hanen's order remains in place.  There is still time for the Obama Administration to file a Motion for Rehearing, and have a new 9 member Supreme Court actually decide the case.  This case will come down to who wins the White House in November.

The decision to not actually decide the case only means pro immigration activists are only going to work harder to register Latino voters and get the Latino vote out for the Democrats.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016



The BV is the only blog which promotes Brownsville in its logo and the only blog which promotes solutions.  After nearly a decade of calling for TSC to create a program for robotics training, Texas A & M is teaming up with the State to make it a reality.  I have spent a decade explaining why we need to expand the runway.  It is being worked on.  I can go on and on.  No other blogger has used their blog to promote Brownsville for its potential why analyzing the core problems facing Brownsville.

Jim Barton lies and creates bogus conspiracy theories because he can.  He can count on the trolls who have nothing better to do to than post pathetic nasty comments to his blog.  If you challenge Jim's integrity his response is always the same - a meltdown - post lies about his wife - dead silence.  What a man.

My claim that Mike Hernandez supports Tad Hasse in his efforts was a copy and past from Mike Hernandez OP10.33 FB page.  But you would not know that  from Barton's lies.

"In his latest diatribe, Bobby, after chastising local bloggers for engaging in conspiracy theories, comes out next sentence with a doozy of his own; that Tad Hasse is now being supported by Mike Hernandez III's OP 10.33 in his efforts to see to it that the public, not the County Commissioner's Court, names our next tax assessor"

The following are Mike Hernandez words not mine. "We believe that it is imperative to have new leadership in the County Tax Assessor – Collector position. We fully support Mr. Hasse's efforts supporting full transparency in local government."  

They are readily found on his FB page.  Tad posted a thank you in response.  You really need help Jimbo.  People attack your wife and as the pathetic husband you are you remain silent.  People call you out as the con artist you are and you have a meltdown.

What is beyond bizarre is Barton then actually quotes me wherein I clearly say there is no conspiracy with Mike Hernandez, and that the only reason the bloggers are not making one up which would be a lie is because Hasse is protected from their lies.

""Now the only reason you are not reading claims by Montoya and Barton that Hasse is now taking money from Hernandez is because Tad Hasse is protected from their made up conspiracy theories.

Barton certainly knows when I say made up I mean there is no conspiracy, but he has to attack with lies because once again he was called out for what he is, a con artist, he had no choice


I called him out on his bogus conspiracy theory based on the fact Eddie Lucio III was hired long before any OP10.33 signs went up.

Unwilling to admit he had his facts wrong again he posted the following:

"As for the timing of Eddie III's hire by Mike III, that's less relevant than it's ongoing nature."  If this were true Jimbo why did you do an entire post claiming Mike is not going away and the proof is he has brought on Lucio III?  

Jim you have no sources which is why you tell people to not speak with me.  The majority of elected officials and their staff readily feed me information.  Why?  Because they know I can be trusted. You have no idea what i do and how I help so many of our elected officials.   I did not approach Mike.  Mike was told to call me on a belief I would protect him.  He like you is an idiot.  You claim I protected him and supported him.  No Jimbo I refuted your lies, Montoya's lies, and McHale's lies. You got Mike to call me because of my willingness to call out your lies.  Without you, Montoya and McHale he never would have called me.  

Pay attention Jimbo because we all know you have no intellect - refuting lies against someone is not the same as supporting them.  It's called believing in the truth.  

You hate I report the good the bad and the ugly.  You proved with your boy toy Roman Perez even when he lies to you about an email to protect him you will continue to attack his victim based solely on your hatred of Rick Longoria.  That is sick boy - get help.


Tad Hasse posted a thank you to Mike for his support.  Call Tad and see if he tells you the truth.  i also made it clear I would form no opinions about the relationship between Mike and Tad until I see campaign finance reports.  Unlike you with no evidence you with one of your bogus conspiracy theories claimed Evelyn Cantu was being financed by Mike Hernandez. The fact she had no campaign which meant no money meant nothing to you.  You knew your ignorant troll readers would not care about the obvious lack of evidence. 

Like i said I will form my opinion once the campaign finance reports are out.  I expect I will find nothing.  My sources within Mike's organization have told me he researched Tad Hasse and wants nothing to do with him.  He found out Tad has failed at every political endeavor he has engaged in.  Mike also was not well received by Commissioners court.  If Mike works with Tad it will be to use him and given Tad's ego Tad will take the bait.

You might get sources Jim then you will not have to make up bogus conspiracy theories.  


Mike Hernandez officially announced OP10.33's censorship rules.  This is what Mike calls transparency.  His rules now include blocking anyone you reports negatively on his activity.

"Strict Code of Honor:
* HONESTY - Freedom from deceit or fraud
* HONOR - Complete fairness and integrity in one's actions
* JUSTICE - Moral principle determining just conduct with others
* CHARITY - Act of giving without the prospect of personal gain
* OPPORTUNITY - Condition favorable for attainment of one's goals
Op10.33 will monitor and review all comments and posts to ensure that they comply with our rules. We reserve the right to delete comments or posts that we deem are abusive, inflammatory or otherwise inappropriate. Repeat offenders will be banned from our Facebook page".

Mike demanded proof that Eddie Lucio III is dishonest.  I posted a Herald article to show Lucio III's history of dishonesty.  I then gave him a list of names of people who have been charged by Saenz and found not guilty or had the charges dropped.  Mike Hernandez unable to defend his indefensible position deleted all of the exchanges and then posted this laughable policy.
Mike Hernandez may think pissing on the graves of all those who have died in service to this country is funny, but it is not. Tony Yzaguirre is innocent until proven guilty and getting on a mob bandwagon to convince people Tony is guilty so a write in candidate can win is a slap in the face to everyone who ever died in service to this country.  No matter how much Mike hates it I will stand on one of the most fundamental rights we have "innocent until proven guilty."
Instead of admitting he messed up again by aligning again with the wrong person he censors those who speak the truth.  The man knows nothing about transparency.
 I will stand and defend our right to speak out against his tactics, which now include censorship, and claiming honesty means deleting factual claims which do not serve his staff of con artists.
I have never met a man so determined at self destruction.  


I was looking at OP10.33's FB when I saw this.

We believe that it is imperative to have new leadership in the County Tax Assessor – Collector position. We fully support Mr. Hasse's efforts supporting full transparency in local government."
Now the only reason you are not reading claims by Montoya and Barton that Hasse is now taking money from Hernandez is because Tad Hasse is protected from their made up conspiracy theories.
Someone I have never heard of and was not at Tad Hasse's event I believe was claiming an interest in running for Tax Assessor as a write in and was taking Hernandez to task for associating with Eddie Lucio III.  
Hernandez demanded proof that Lucio III was bad.  I sent him an article from the Herald which Hernandez termed gossip and should be posted on the blog and not on his FB page.

From the Herald Article:
"Lucio III and Isbell said the loan guarantee does not guarantee favors from the would-be legislator, and both pointed to their longtime friendship.

Lucio Sr. has lead the way to make it easier for the owners of these bingo parlors to make money on proceeds which are to go to charity.  Isbell's organization was in trouble and the Texas Lottery commission was ready to pull many of their bingo operating permits.  Then the Lucio's got involved and all was resolved.

Nearly two years an investigator with the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission found Isbell was illegally selling beer without a license and to minors but refused to issue a citation because as the investigator told me, DA Saenz will not prosecute Isbell and he is protected.  The minor while driving his mother's car from International Bingo drunk as a skunk caused property damage to other vehicles.  The insurance paid.


After he called the story gossip for the blogs - no Mike the entire matter was investigated by the Herald and American Statesman and the connection to the Lucios, I went after Mike for defending the indefensible.

I noted he opposes gossip but is ready to throw our constitution to the wind and find Tony Yzaguirre guilty before a trial by endorsing Tad Hasse's efforts.   I noted to Mike that being charged is not the same as being guilty.  I gave him specific cases - Manuel Velez released from death row after Saenz's bogus conviction of Velez.  I noted Judge Chew dismissed the case against Sonny Pedraza after DA Saenz failed to put on any evidence during the trial that Pedraza committed any crime.  I noted the case of Josefina Fisher who Saenz charged with obscene language for calling Yolanda Begum a fake - a charge which an honest judge dismissed for what it was political.

I'm going to wait for a jury to review the evidence and respect their findings before I destroy Tony Yzaguirre based on an allegation.  This lynch mob mentality has to stop.  But Gonzalez wants power so if you are charged you are guilty - no trial - no due process - nothing - the great Mike Hernandez gets to declare you guilty.


Once Mike could not defend himself he did what all small minded men do, he deleted all of the exchanges.

This was Mike not Carlos Marin - Mike has now defined himself.  He is going to try and quiet anyone who will not get in line with his con jobs.  


Will the bloggers go after Tad Hasse if there is evidence of an influx of money to help him with the write in candidate idea ?- which will fail such as every other political endeavor tried by Hasse.  But Mike Hernandez sees a chance to influence the process and praises Hasse.  The palanca vote has this election sealed.  It is a presidential race year.  The ballot is large.  Long term Democrats are going to just mark Democrat and be done with it.  I do not.  There are a lot of Third Party candidates running for statewide office where there are no Democrats on the ballot.  Because I support the idea of Third Parties I always vote for the Third Party Candidate before I will vote Republican.  The vote matters because it helps the Third Parties remain on the statewide ballot.

Again Mike Hernandez did no research and just went with it. He wants power and the harder he works at it the worse he looks.

His money will be all over the BISD election and so long as the candidates are willing to pay Montoya and McHale they will not care the money comes from Mike Hernandez - they will take it and change their story on Mike.

Do we really want someone who favors censorship and refuses straight answers to the people influencing our elections?  Well our opinion will not matter  - Mike knows McHale and Montoya are for sale and if need be he will make sure money goes their way.  He will not research who they are  - it's not Mikes style.


Mike claims to want to work with all of Cameron county to pull us out of poverty created by his compadres' corruption.  He says he supports transparency - but censors those of us exposing his con.  Now here is the deal, he says he supports Tad Hasse's efforts at a write in candidate to replace Tony Yzaguirre even though he has been found guilty of nothing, and in effect declares Commissioners Court not trustworthy in selecting a replacement for Yzaguirre if it comes to that. If he is announcing up front he does not trust Commissioners court to do the right thing, how does he expect to work with them?

The following quote from Casa Blanca best describes Mike Hernandez:

“You know how you sound…? Like a man who’s trying to convince himself of something he doesn’t believe in his heart.”

I have more to say, but I have work - so maybe tomorrow.

Monday, June 20, 2016


I could not afford my home if I had to pay someone to do every repair or remodel. I still need a lot of lessons.  Every trip to NY I enjoy when he drags me to his summer home to do work.  Last March we installed a new hot water heater in the basement.  The hard part was getting the old one back up the stairs. I learned a lot about installing a natural gas hot water heater.  

I was told I was lucky that this time he turned off the gas first before he turned on the torch.  It is just a flash, but to the inexperienced it could be nerve racking. 

Everyone must learn to use their mind and hands.  It is sad our schools no longer mandate shop.  I learned a lot in shop.  Woodwork is still my favorite thing to do.  But I can do basic plumbing, electrical, and drywall.  In fact after two plumbers could not stop my garbage disposal from busting open at the pipe connection, I finally measured the pipe and realized it was an inch too short which is why it kept on pulling out.  I just bought a new pipe.  I should have trusted my skills and just done it myself from day one.