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Here is the post they accessed.

Washington, District of Columbia, United States
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Executive Office Of The President ( [Label IP Address]
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I can say the DOJ, FBI, and AG have accessed the BV several times today.  Even someone at the federal courts downloaded the BV today.

I will try and go by the courthouse today to see if any more information is ready.  I will also be dropping off a demand letter for Joe Rivera.  Something is amiss and I want to know what.  It could be simple incompetence by Joe Rivera's staff.

In the Villalobos case every time something was filed sealed there was a motion to seal and order.  In the case of the politiqueras the computer data base available to the public shows no motion or order.  It also shows no future dates for hearings.  There is always a future date for status.

When I asked the county clerk for a copy of the file so I could get a copy of the order and motion to seal I was told they are sealed.  You cannot seal an order to seal.  The order is the proof that a court has ordered the Informations [remember an Information is like an indictment but the term used in a misdemeanor case].

I will give Joe Rivera one week to produce the order and motion to seal or I will seek relieve in district court through a trial mandamus.  The public has an absolute right to the order and motion to seal.


It seems to me something happened which forced the AG's hand to prematurely file.  There is clearly information in the Informations they do not want us to see.  In most cases limitations on a misdemeanor is 2 years - again in most cases.  I really have no interest in  researching limitation on each charge to see if there is a variance from the general rule.  Limitations may be why they filed when they did.  They had to file by the approximate date when the politiquera acted, and not the run-off date - July 31, 2014.  This only reinforces that there is more to come.  Why seal the Informations?  It also indicates the additional charges may be felonies - a longer limitations date.


I discounted as a distraction a post which stated a lot of the politiqueras worked for free against anyone tied to Yolanda Begum.  Remember it was Alex Begum, through CAVA, who put of the $500 reward for information leading to the charging of a politiquera.  The argument went the politiqueras were so mad they just worked against anyone tied or associated with Yolanda Begum.

I discounted the argument because no one is going to convince me candidates hiring politiqueras did not know they would break the law.  Of course they knew.  But was I partly wrong?

Linda Salazar who ran unopposed had 146 mail ballots.  She had no reason to pay anyone anything.  But it is plausible the politiqueras worked her campaign for free as a way to send a message to Begum.. To be clear, I have no problem with the reward issue.  My issue was CAVA hiding the fact Begum was funding the reward, and then Jim Barton retracting his claim after he got taken to task for it.

Linda Salazar . 8,256 100.00 146 4,881 3.229   Source

So it is plausible that some of the high numbers for some of the candidates was not because any candidate paid for the politqueras to secure that many votes, but because the politiqueras were reacting to Begum's conduct in offering a reward.  Begum's own actions may have cost her the election.

Do not get me wrong - politiqueras were paid to harvest mail-ballots.  No one is ever going to convince me otherwise.   The question is, who did the paying.  If politiqueras who were not charged come forward and testify the politiqueras worked some campaigns for free because they felt Begum was unjustly attacking them [nothing unjust in the attacks by the way] the AG could have egg on his face if he charges any candidate on weak evidence.

For sure something is up.  There have to be felony indictments coming around the corner - there is no other reason why the Informations are sealed.  We will see how Joe Rivera reacts to the threat of a lawsuit to release the Order and Motion to Seal.  These are clearly public documents.  He has no legal authority to hold them.

The only good news out of all of this - the virus of the politiqueras is dead and that is good.

But it is only dead as to the harvesting of mail ballots.  Other angles are being worked.  They paying of cyberpolitiqueros and not reporting it.  The paying of adult day care workers to influence how people vote is also being investigated.  Both of these viruses also need to be killed off.




The picture is Bela with her brother. She finally has a solid family with a great step-dad. I was helping the mother look for a new apartment and the mother and grandmother went in to a complex to learn if there were available apartments while leaving us in the car. For the record I kept the air conditioning running.

 I said to Bela that it was rude for them to leave us behind and she said "let's go and leave them behind." She said lets go to the movies and come back later. She was only joking, but when I pulled away and drove around the block she was laughing so hard. She kept saying "hide don't let them see us." We had a good time.

Oh, Bela loves telling the story about when she was changing her brother's pamper [for the record she asks to do the changing - no one is telling her to do it] how he peed all over her.  She thinks boys are funny that way.  I  do not think she fully understands the gender differences - she just changes diapers.  Her mother said she has not asked any questions.  She was simply told this is how you know the baby is a boy and the conversation was done.

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Somehow I missed this comment from the 18th.  If a comment comes through as spam I will miss it.  I do try and check a secondary listing of comments periodically.  This is how I found this comment which is now posted under the story from the 18th.

"Anonymous Anonymous said...
If Saenz represented the state against the politiqueras and more indictments are coming as he stated, you need to question you're sources credibility. Montoya's posting today shows quite the opposit to your article.
July 18, 2014 at 2:54 PM"
All Saenz's office did was appear  for the arraignment - nothing else.  There was no reason for Jonathan White to fly in from Austin for a simple arraignment.  I have an email  from the public information office for the AG.  It says they completed all of the charging instruments and conducted all of the interviews.  I will go with the AG's office over Montoya who is on Saenz's payroll.
Today's visit to the court house was to obtain a copy of the Informations to learn what is in them and to show my readers they are all signed off by Jonathan White of the AG's office and not Saenz or anyone in his office.  What limited information you see on the screen on the 2nd floor of the Administration building says the cases were filed under the jurisdiction of the AG's office.
So again between what anyone can see in the data base and what the AG's office told me, I will go with those sources over that of a paid for hack by Saenz.
I did not have my cell phone with me, but I will be down that way on Tuesday - if I get a chance I will take a picture of the screen so you can see for yourself.  I am certain you will then come back and say Montoya lied and disclose your name - not.  And  for the record even the staff on the 2nd floor tried to print the screen and it would not print so I could not get a printed copy.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Some 10,000 years ago in a civilization high in the Andes in what is now Bolivia a shaman by the name of Dagwood wrote a prophecy known as the Dagwood Prophecy.  He wrote some day in a land north of his home a Pat Ahumada, Tad Hasse and Bobby WC would all come to agreement about something political.  It is after this event, the world would end

I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting Frank Morris, the former [or not[] Chair of the Cameron County Republican Party.  I sought to ask him a simple question.  Why are the Republicans not block walking and informing the community they exist as an alternative to the corruption of Villalobos, Limas and the politiqueras?  He was very indignant over the idea someone might suggest an idea to him.  Rude is an understatement to describe his reaction.

I have to agree 100% with Tad Hasse and Pat Ahumada that Frank Morris is the Hinojosa of the Cameron County Republican Party.  He is a failed leader and has used his position to push his agenda and interfere with the primaries.  This is wrong,

As strange as it may sound, I believe a strong competitive Republican Party is good for Cameron County.  It would require the Democrats to get their act together and end all of the corruption.  It would force the Democrats to run more competent candidates.  There are many competent Republican lawyers in Cameron county who could win as judges, if the Republican Party had new leadership - and sorry guys - but younger leadership.

They need to open the tent to diverse ideas in how to move the party forward.

But now it is too late because according to the Book of Dagwood now that Pat Ahumada, Tad Hasse, and I all agree the world is about to end,

I wish Pat and Tad the best in building an new and more vibrant Republican Party for Cameron county.  This one is where the two can work to actually make Cameron county a better place.  Being elected to public office is not always the answer.  But if they can build a competitive Republican Party for the county, we will all be better off as the Democrats are forced to run better and more qualified candidates and candidates not hopelessly corrupt.


See article

Johns Hopkins is one of the finest hospitals in the world. It is inconceivable that they would have allowed this doctor to remain on staff had they known what he was doing. Johns Hopkins did the right thing in settling, but I'm not sure how they were negligent.

In law whether it is slip and fall or sexual harassment the general rule is you must show the company of employer knew about the problem before you can hold them accountable.  For example if you slip on strawberries at the grocery store you do not get to sue unless you can show the store knew about the spill or designed a display case which allowed for  such spills.  In sexual harassment you cannot sue if a low level employee harasses you.  You must show there had been other complaints and the company failed to act.

This is the same problem facing CAVA and the candidates who hired the politiqueras.  Just because someone helping CAVA may have crossed the line and compromised evidence does not mean CAVA is to blame.  You cannot control everyone you hire.  The same for the candidates.  It is not illegal to pay someone to go door to door and campaign for you. 

Now I would be lying in the case of the politiqueras that the candidates did not have some awareness of the illegal conduct.  Of course they did and no candidate is going to convince me otherwise.  But the candidates know the scoop -without proof they authorized the illegal conduct  it is hard to convict a candidate.  You would have to prove the candidate knew about how the politiquera violates the law and then hired them anyway.  In some cases this may be easy.

Judge Tagle had it right - enough with the politiqueras - it is time to nail the candidates.  This can be done by showing the candidate knew the politiquera they hired would break the law, or they paid the politiquera and did not report it on their campaign finance reports.  I wish the  AG the best.

I did this post because I want people to understand in every case not every candidate was necessarily controlling what the politiqueras were doing, and hence no liability.

No one believes Johns Hopkins hospital sanctioned this doctor's conduct,   Sometimes you can hire bad people and not know it - but in the case of the politiqueras I am at a loss to believe the candidates did not know what they were doing.

Well I have not been totally silent, but maybe 90% silent.  Here is the deal, whether it was the old majority now crying about micromanagement by the new majority, both are guilty of micromanaging BISD.  I am not going to change how I  feel about micromanaging.  The old majority was wrong and the new majority is wrong.

I have made this the focal point of my defense of TSC President Tecero - there are trustees who want to micromanage TSC and I will oppose them.

So what am I to say about BISD? - it is just a repeat of the same old garbage - new majorities taking control of the contracts which make the old majorities mad since they have lost control of the contracts.

You will not hear from the BV any defense of the new majority.  Other than one program being developed which the board may not even be involved in I know of only one good thing being developed for the children.  I have been silent on it because I know it will turn into a bidding and influence peddling thing by all of the trustees if they get involved. So once everything is in place, assuming it happens, I will talk about it in a positive light.

There is a simple truth - Superintendents know they either play along or get pushed out.  Talking about the supers is a waste of time.  The legislature needs to put into the hands of the Regional Offices of the TEA the hiring and firing of all Superintendents.  This simple solution will protect all superintendents from intrusive trustees.  Potentially good superintendents fail because they are too busy dealing with meddling trustees - such as we have now at BISD, and we had with the previous majority.

So here is the deal - let the trustees take each other down.  There is no one to defend. And for the record, I did on the record commend Presas-Garcia for telling Miguel Salinas he needs to handle a lot of these legal issues before they reach the board.  And I did go on record as saying Presas-Garcia and Longoria are correct about Martin Arambula and Baltazar Salazar - so no one can say I am taking one side or the other.

I say just let them eat each other alive.  Nothing will change until the state changes the law providing greater protection for the superintendents.


NEWSFLASH - I have been to the court and Saenz is out of the politiquera investigation.  All crimes were charged by the Attorney General.  The Attorney General has requested that the files remain sealed.  Why?  There is information in the Informations which the AG does not want us to see. 
JOP, Precinct 2, Place 2


Yolanda Teran Begum . . . . . . . 4,165 49.11 142 2,307 1,715 1

Erin H. Garcia. . . . . . . . . 4,316 50.89 319 2,392 1,605 0

Click for election returns

If you look to the run-off numbers Erin Garcia won by 151 votes of which 177 were mail ballots.  To believe that she stole the election you would have to believe that of those 177 mail ballots [some I am sure were illegal] there were not at least 27 valid mail ballots.  You would also have to believe that while Erin Garcia could not get 27 valid mail ballots Yolanda Begum received 142 valid mail ballots.  If you are prepared to believe this nonsense I have a bridge to nowhere to sell you.

My question has been, where did those 142 voters who according to Yolanda Begum on their own without the assistance of politiqueras go the following election after Margarita Ozuna was indicted?  Answer - the politiqueras stopped working the mail ballots.

I agree the numbers are not as simple as I present.  Many scenarios can be painted.  That is the problem.  But do you honestly believe Yolanda Begum received 142 mail ballots without any help from the politiqueras?  If you do you are the problem.  But to be clear, this does not justify criminal activity by other people.  My only issue is, I want everyone prosecuted - no sacred cows.

I have two people telling me they met in Alex Begum's office and were offered money to work the ballots.  They say there were more people - but only two have come forward.

To remind my readers there is an FBI agent assigned to the alleged bribe by Alex Begum in the form of $6,000 to Luis Saenz to charge Josefina Canales with obscene language for calling Yolanda Begum a fake.  In all likelihood at this point the FBI has secured his financial files from his various banks.   This will tell them who has and who has not received checks.

But my point here is, Montoya wants you to believe the mail ballots decided the Begum Garcia race - to believe this you must believe Erin Garcia could not have gotten 27 mail ballots without fraud but that Yolanda Begum got 142 mail ballots without fraud.  You are just stupid if you believe this.  Now again, this does not mean there was not fraud.  I believe there was - on both sides.

What is significant here is the AG's office has verified that everyone who voted for Yolanda Begum by mail has been interviewed in the same way everyone who voted by mail for Erin Garcia was interviewed.


The answer is simple - the Informations contain information which the AG does not want public.  I do believe if the Herald were to sue to unseal the Informations they would win.  The cases are in Judge McDonald's and Judge Betancourt's courts.
Bernice Garcia and Facunda Garcia have refused court appointed attorneys
From press reports we know Masso [the BV broke  that story on the day of the arrests] is representing 4 of the 6.  Two are refusing court appointed attorneys.  Their absolute right.  We will wait and see who  shows up to represent them, and then I will follow the money.

What I know for sure is more criminal charges are coming.  I want everyone - no sacred cows - but there is a problem.  Once a crime scene has been compromised the evidence becomes suspect.  CAVA compromised the crime scene.  Every person who voted by mail was interviewed by the AG or feds.  Nothing presented to the FBI or the AG by CAVA was used.  They are smart enough to know you cannot use evidence generated by an interested party.

But Masso is entitled to everything CAVA turned over to the AG and FBI and all he has to do is find a handful of lies and the entire case begins to fall apart.  This would be sad beyond belief.  The good news is Masso lacks the skills to do everything he needs to do to fight for his clients in a manner which could turn the case on its head.  The BV is not going to outline everything a competent attorney should do.

What we know for sure is the AG continues to demand that the cases remain under seal, Facunda and Bernice Garcia have refused court appointed counsel, and everyone, including Saenz is a target. 

Although Saenz won the election, he would have you believe the 147 people who voted by mail for him just disappeared in the next election when there were nearly no mail ballots.  This is not the new HBO series "Left-Overs"  A politiquera worked the ballots for him just like they worked them for nearly everyone else.

Carlos R. Masso . . . . . . . . 7,715 48.89 345 4,182 3,187 1

Luis V. Saenz . . . . . . . . . 8,066 51.11 147 4,346 3,570 3

I intend to only cover known facts and the hearings.  There are currently no hearings set.  The Informations remain under seal because the AG does not want to put people on notice about the next round of charges.  Let the axe fall where it may.  But there better be no sacred cows because then the BV will go after the AG's office for selective prosecution.


I am confident that AG Abbott is not doing this because he cares about the LRGV.  He has known about this his entire time in office and ignored all complaints.  Why now?  The Latino vote is growing.  He is targeting Brownsville in the LRGV and blacks in North Texas to influence political party alliances.

It is very sad that the price we have to pay to insure the guilty politiqueras and candidates go to jail is a more empowered Republican Party.  I hope they nail Gilberto Hinojosa - he more than anyone has does more to destroy the Democratic Party and honest elections.  If the LRGV goes Republican the blame will be on Gilberto Hinojosa and his corrupt ways.  The guilty must be punished - but it is sad it will mean a more empowered Republican Party, which is not in our best interests.

Friday, July 18, 2014

The information is slow, but a federal source who has actually read the Informations against the defendants told me Saenz's office was in fact not involved.  The joint federal/state task force put the duty of preparing and filing the Informations on the AG for Texas.  [An Information is like an indictment, but is the term used when the charge is a misdemeanor.]
I am also being told the investigation was based on a canvass of the individuals who had voted with mail-in ballots.  The information CAVA claims to have provided everyone was not considered.  All evidence was based on an interview of everyone who voted by mail.  The 191 [I believe was the number] people who voted for Yolanda Begum were also canvassed.  Everyone who voted by mail was interviewed by either federal or state investigators.  This also means everyone who voted by mail for Saenz was also canvassed.
Information verifying workers were paid to push seniors at the adult daycare centers to vote a certain way has been put into the proper hands.  I was specifically told everyone is a target who either used a politiquera or paid workers at adult daycare centers to influence seniors to vote a certain way.  Failing to report the campaign expenditures or donations will be all it takes to bring criminal charges against the candidates.
Remember the other day when I told someone to be patient because there is more coming around the corner.  Well we now have more - and there is even more coming. 
No candidate was singled out.  The goal was to interview everyone who voted by mail and to allow the axe to fall where it may.
One source was very clear that they have arrested politiqueras who worked Saenz's campaign.  They would not say which other campaigns were worked by the politiqueras.  What was clear was because Saenz himself is a potential target he was not involved.  But I warn my readers again, the mere hiring of a politiquera is not a crime. 
The original claim his office was involved came from two candidates who clearly are targets.  They are both nervous and got on the defense of the politiqueras immediately.  They made a false assumption over there disdain for Saenz.
I am waiting on a return phone call from someone who can give me a lot more information.  I learned of this source who will speak with me late last night - so now I must wait. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

As a counter move to the rate increase needed for the new electric generating plant, I changed my air conditioning from 74 to 79.  We are doing fine.  We are use to it.  But the end result was, my bill over the same time from last year went from $430 to $365.  I saved $65 by being proactive. 
In the long run with stable natural gas rates, Tenaska will save Brownsville residents money.  We will no longer be held hostage to the endless quagmire which is the Middle East.  People there are  things we can do to save money.  It is time to stop whining and to start acting proactively. 


People love to say they are tired of the corruption and then run to vote for the worst candidate because deception and lies seem to work.  When we can find a simple character trait about some one which tells us who they are that character trait should guide us in our vote.

When Alex Begum paid Montoya to have the Attorney General in violation of black and white Texas law to open to the public confidential records held by Texas concerning veterans and in particular disabled veterans, I went to Oscar Garcia and Juan Magallanes with the problem.

Oscar Garcia was clear - not his problem and he was going to continue to fund Montoya's work into violating the rights of veterans.  Juan Magallanes response was also clear - "I will do an amici brief defending all veterans."  Oscar Garcia for power had no problem throwing every veteran in the state under the bus for his own personal gain.  Juan Magallanes did not have to think twice - he offered to come to the defense of all veterans.

Juan Magallanes response to the problem clear - it showed his positive character.  Oscar Garcia showed he is only about himself.


CORRECTION:  There is an investigation into candidates giving politiqueras and cyberpolitiqueras money under the table.  If a politiquera can prove a candidate paid her and the candidate failed to report the payment, then I believe the AG will prosecute the candidate for failure to report the expense.  There is more than one way to skin a cat.

Personally I want candidates whether they won or lost indicted.  But here is the problem, as Saenz himself knows - the mere hiring of a politiquera is not a crime.  Unless the politiquera has an email, text message or recording of the candidate telling them to engage in illegal conduct then the candidates are protected.  To be fair, every candidate knew or should have known some politiqueras were breaking the law.

AUSA Hanen did not believe a word of Sonia Solis which is why he demanded the maximum punishment on her.  He did not get it. Hanen by his own conduct admitted Sonia Solis is not trustworthy.  So even if true, any information Sonia Solis gave the FBI is now worthless.

As these cases develop the first big issue will be evidence tampering.  It will be a battle which could end up with everyone walking.  It takes just one proven case of evidence tampering by the witness for the prosecution to make the entire thing fall apart.

I want people in jail.  I want candidates in jail.  But I want it done by the book and not a lynch mob mentality.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


UPDATE:  if we are to assume Montoya is telling the truth, the big story is the FBI and AG worked together on the case and kept DA Saenz out of it.  Why?  Could it be last time around AG Jonathan White saw Saenz embracing Ozuna and Becerra - as of this moment Carrizales is showing no one in processed.  But it takes time.

FURTHER UPDATE: Carlos Masso is working on the cases in some capacity.  He controlled Margarita Ozuna who clearly did not want to agree to the plea bargain.

So what we know is the story is true, and Carlos Masso is on the ground doing damage control.  The source is also saying the DA's office was in fact involved and it was just not the AG, and DOJ.

I am waiting on further confirmation from another source.

Again, I hope this time around it leads to the arrest of candidates.  Judge Tagle was correct on this issue.  I do not care who the candidate is - if they have the evidence - indict them and put them to justice.


To be clear the more of these people to be arrested the better.  Hopefully, eventually one will have the evidence which allows the government to take down the candidates also.  Let the axe fall where it may, with no sacred cows.

I am getting a lot of nasty comments asking why I am no covering the story.  Well here you go.  For the record, if the story is true the Montoya got it from Saenz and the press is not going to be happy they were left out.

Once an arrest is made an indictment is unsealed - normally.  I checked Pacer, federal filings - nothing - no indication of indictments for any of the alleged arrested politiqueras.

I checked the docket sheets for the Brownsville federal magistrate judges  for the next few days - no politiqueras are listed for arraignment.

I check and called the Cameron county jail - nothing.  I called sources who would know and it is news to them.

Now does this mean nothing has happened? No.  But given the fact Montoya lied about Villalobos being indicted the first time - why in hell would I rely on Montoya as a source.  Further his story does have a verifiable lie in it.  Sonia Solis never said a word in open court about Norma Hernandez - that is a lie.

The US attorney claimed in the PSI that the people who prepared the PSI claimed Sonia Solis met with Norma Hernandez - big difference.

My view is indict them all and if the evidence is there send them to jail with as many candidates as possible.

I will continue to put out feelers - but every possible federal source, Pacer, judicial schedules for arraignments, and inside sources show nothing.  So all I can report at this  time is federal data bases which at this time should be verifying the story have nothing.

Having said that the BV was the first to post the Sonia Solis indictment.  In fact every local news service used the BV's copy.  The same people who helped me get the Sonia Solis indictment are saying there is nothing to be released.

But then they could be withholding information under protocol at this time.

The thing which will put a smile on my face is the arrest of a candidate.  I do not care who it is - no sacred cows.  Then we will have a major story.  It is time the candidate go to jail.