Sunday, August 2, 2015

I am so enjoying my evenings.  TV has reached the point that with rare exception it is beyond boring.  At night this allows me to sit on the pool deck taking in a nice cool breeze, while rereading Blackstone.  The endless acquisition of knowledge is my mistress, and I love him.  We make choices for whatever reason - and somehow I find great joy and comfort in my mistress.  Yes, life would have been different had I found the right person for a life time together - but it did not happen - so I embrace my mistress of knowledge.
I was senior in college when my professor tried to get me to continue for a masters in sociology, with a promise she would get me into a good university for my doctorate.  A true sociologist embraces anthropology, archaeology, history, political science, psychology, and even more.  She saw this in me as my papers read as if I were a student in each of these fields.  While I did not know the term back then, I always strived to perceive events or findings through the eyes of the people or group we were looking at, and not through the eyes of modern times.  In part this is contrapuntal analysis. 
Far too many anthropologists during a dig will find bones and make findings based on modern day notions.  It seems to me the sociology of cavemen will always be clouded in mystery.  We cannot possibly conceive of what their life was like in order to be able to interpret bones.  The most we have are cave drawings, which even then are subject to interpretation.  Were they instructional drawings for younger cave people, were they art, or were they just drawn out of boredom.  But they do tell us something of their ways. 
The depiction of sex was not taboo - drawings of both homosexual and heterosexual sex are common. One could present a hypothesis that such drawings tell us that they were more concerned with daily survival than creating rules about private matters.  If this hypothesis is correct, then one might further conclude that once man found safety he/she had time to create laws and rules of behavior.  An interesting dichotomy because it would then seem once man found safety from the elements he was then subjected to a new terror - himself.
Senator Graham represents the State of South Carolina.  When he first announced his interest in running for President, the Right tried to make a big deal over the fact he never married - the innuendo game began.
Pubic service can be a very rewarding mistress.  Anthropologist, archeologists, primatologists, and many more field professions never marry beyond their field of study.  They find peace in being in the field discovering and unravelling knowledge. 
Why do we have to ponder if being single means you are gay, lesbian, asexual, bisexual, transgender non-binary.  Why is it impossible to conceive of a single older man as being simply a cisgender heterosexual?
When man was given freedom from defending his clan from the elements and competing clans, he was afforded the time to judge based on what the leader decided is normal, and not based in science.  They became safe from the elements and opposing clans, but not from the ignorance each held in themselves.
All over this country judges and other elected officials remain single.  Some marry temporarily to be able to move up the political ladder, only to divorce later when the marriage is no longer needed.
Those who embrace their profession as a real mistress and find joy in their mistress will serve well, while those who never learn public service can be a wonderful mistress will find themselves misguided in their public service.
Being single means nothing about a person's sexuality.  With such a high break up rate before marriage and such a high divorce rate after marriage, some people find greater utility in remaining single and being married to their profession or public service.  I say hats off to these people.
While people love to assume all priests have sex, this is not true.  Most are married to their profession.  Celibacy is not a punishment, but a choice.  While I believe the reason behind celibacy in the Catholic church is dishonest, it nevertheless makes for a better church.  If all priests could marry, they would not be able to travel the world and do the work they do.  I could not imagine the Jesuit Order surviving if they were allowed to marry. 
But whether in your profession or public life you remain single because you are not cisgender heterosexual, it is time to accept yourself and stop worrying what others may think.
I have lead my life this way.  I dismiss the bigots - for they are too ignorant to know their misguided ways.
In short, I always say, if you cannot be yourself who can you be?  Stop cheating yourself and live your life as you were born.  I am not suggesting calling everyone you know and announcing all of a sudden you are transgender.  Caitlyn Jenner made it into a circus. Just live your life.  Take a chance.
If you take a chance on yourself - you may find you can have two mistresses - your profession and your lover.  For if I ever find anyone they will have to accept my insatiable desire for knowledge and the fact I am a prolific reader will not end.  He will have to share me with my nonhuman mistress which is my quest for understanding.
I love these kind of posts even though I know fewer people will read it.  I get it, because I see the numbers - the blog readers in general - meaning not all - are after stories which put people in a bad light or hurt them. 
But I also know more than half of my regular readers will read this and ponder my words.  So I am good.

Saturday, August 1, 2015


"A grand jury has indicted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on three counts of securities fraud, according to multiple media reports.

Paxton is accused of misleading investors in a technology company — by encouraging investments without revealing he was making a commission on them — and, on a lesser charge, of failing to register as a solicitor while he was referring clients to an investment firm, the New York Times reports."

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This appears to be a state indictment which means his fate will be decided by the Republican controlled Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. [Texas has two Supreme Courts - one for civil cases and one for criminal cases.]

The case appears to be in Collin County- northeast of Dallas County.  A Tarrant County [Fort Worth] judge has been assigned to hear the case.

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Now on a side note - so as not to leave idiots and racists out of the story - "The Rutabaga" is reporting that Paxton's actions occurred while working out of his office in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.  It was in Ciudad Juarez were Paxton honed his skills in public corruption.  Of course any well educated person knows, such as Donald Trump, Anglo Republicans are incapable of wrongdoing unless they studied their craft in Mexico.
It is August 1st, 38 years since mom passed from a needless heart attack.  She was dismissed as having female hysteria, put into the psych ward, vomited shortly thereafter and then proceeded to die from a heart attack.
While it may be 38 years, today many doctors still believe heart disease is a male disease.  It is not.  To women, know your body.  If the doctor dismisses you, get a new doctor.  Within the last year, a newly licensed cardiologist looked me in the face and told me my family history was unheard of because woman just do not have that many heart attacks.  I cannot believe some doctors are still teaching this nonsense in medical school
One sister died within 24 hours of a normal stress test with nuclear contrast.  Another sister has dropped from blocked arteries within hours of normal stress tests with nuclear contrast.  I believe she has now had stents placed on an emergency bases three times almost immediately after normal stress tests.
These tests are good when they tell the doctor you have a problem, but doctors need to learn a normal stress test does not mean all is well, it is not.
Protect your heart ladies, because far too many doctors still see women as not having heart disease.


Friday, July 31, 2015


The court house is abuzz with speculation.  But here is the deal.  The replacement will have to run for reelection come November 2016.  This means a Republican cannot win.  Cameron county is going to turnout with a large number of voters just marking Democrat.  Remember this will be a presidential election with Hillary Clinton heading the ticket.

Governor Abbott's only choice is to appoint someone as a Democrat who has a history of financial loyalty to the Republican Party.   Who that may be I do not know - oh there is a lot of speculation - but at this point that is all we have.

If Abbott is smart enough to appoint someone as a Democrat they will in all likelihood retain the seat.


Unless some snag has occurred - Judge Olvera should be taking the federal bench soon.  I would think Governor Abbott already has someone in mind as his replacement.


The rumors abound that if Greg Abbott appoints a Democrat to replace Rolando Olvera, then the Democrats who want to run will target Judge Elia Cornejo-Lopez.  They will be in for an uphill battle. 

Judicial elections are always interesting because it requires a practicing lawyer to attack a sitting judge.  Sometimes it has to be done - but before you enter that forum as a lawyer you better have a case, otherwise you will fail - wanting to be a judge is not a case.  Without a case your only choice is to go real negative and as Oscar Garcia learned - that does not work.

Thursday, July 30, 2015



When 6,000 rounds of ammo go missing the AFT wants to know where it went. After 6 months of following this story I am ending it here.  I confirmed in 2013, 6000 rounds of ammo was addressed to Silverio Cisneros Pct. 1, using the court house address went missing.

The last anyone heard of the ammo was when Constable Gomez's chief deputy told deputies who were aware of the delivery to forget about it. 

The package was addressed to Silverio Cisneros.  It should have been forwarded to him as a Park Ranger, or returned to the vendor.  It was not.

So where are the 6000 rounds of ammo?  - no one knows - or at least after 6 months of investigating no one is telling.
Every competent judge knows they are a reflection of their spouse.  Mary Esther Garcia Sorola knows this.  She does not care.  She herself has paid Juanito and will continue to authorize use of the community estate to keep the abuse of domestic abuse victims going and the homophobia.  Her support for homophobia is being passed through the LGBT community so as to not support her financially through marriage ceremonies. 

Like I have said Louis Sorola is unsupervisable.  The Montes clan is over two hundred and fifty strong as voters through the extended family.  This abuse by Louis Sorola is now well known to them all. 
The patriarch has confirmed that the clan will be pushing to remove Saenz from office during the election.  They have friends.  This is an entrenched family of Democrats whose elders have sat with just about every well know politico in Brownsville over the last 60 years.  They are committed to make David Gonzales' illegal arrest of a family member twice an issue when his reelection comes up.
But for now, the female victim Sorola has Juanito attacking will be filing a complaint with the Commission on Judicial Conduct concerning the two wrongful arrests in his court even after his staff told him there was not basis for the capias.  The second time was after against my wishes I was compelled out of fear of contempt of court to explain on the record why I was investigating the case.
I was clear that I represented no one - was being paid nothing - and had no authority to speak for anyone.  I was simply investigating.  David Gonzales would not allow me to see the file - which is illegal by the way because the county clerk is the custodian of the file, not the judge.  If I wanted to see the file I had to go on record to explain why I was investigating. This is illegal.   A judge cannot compel someone to give an explanation on the record as to why they are investigating his court and staff.  In fact it is a crime under 18 USC 242. 
David Gonzales knew under Villalobos, Villalobos staff was routinely giving the clerks the wrong address for the defendant.  The address given by Villalobos' staff had never been used by this young lady.  But the address on her bond application was good.  This is how in many cases, people failed to appear - they never received notice.  David Gonzales having no understanding of the law never bothered to ask if his staff verified if the defendant received notice.  The file, and I have it, has a return envelope.  His staff if born alive with brains would have checked the address on the bond application and seen they sent the notice to the wrong address.  The brainless staff follows the leader - in the case the brainless David Gonzales.
All of the documents and record on the events are secure and will go before the Commission on Judicial Conduct.
The truth needs to be told and this is how it is going to be done.
If Saenz had a half of brain, which he does not, he would put out a press release clearly stating these comments by Juanito of endless conspiracies by his office are lies and bought and paid for by Louis Sorola, and Zeke Silva.  He will not - Louis Sorola has too much on him.
When you consider Juanito's own history of arrested for being drunk and domestic abuse it makes perfect sense he attacks the victims, while defending a drunk like Hector Negrete who beat a woman while drunk.
"Click for history of Juanito's Domestic Abuse and Corruption of the process to get the charges dismissed after he ran from the courts.

So you know how little Saenz helped this victim of domestic abuse understand this:

1.  The original charging instrument against the abuser was defective and I had to demand Saenz correct it.

2.  Saenz's staff refused to aid her as a crime victim and in the end the AG had to intervene to move this young lady so her abuser did not know where she lived.  Saenz and his incompetent staff refused all help.

3.   Saenz's staff had her wrongfully arrested not once by twice.  I think in order to avoid being sued is why he dismissed the criminal charges for being in Dean Porter park illegally.  Such a crime - the inhumanity of hit.

4.   Korina Barraza Assistant District Attorney/Domestic Violence Unit Supervisor at the time under Saenz was so abusive to the victim the victim did not want to testify.  Korina was so vindictive that on a Wednesday before the Monday trial she refused to allow the victim to have an advocate in the room with her during Korina's final interview of the victim before the Monday trial.  Korina then agreed to a plea bargain with the abuser without consulting the victim. 

The victim  cried all weekend in absolute fear if she went back to court the abuser would attack her or Saenz would have her arrested against.  The bitch Korina was determined to settle the score with the victim over my endless complaints over her incompetence.  Korina never told the victim the case was resolved with a plea bargain.  We showed up Monday morning after the victim cried all weekend to learn there was not case because Korina agreed to a plea bargain the previous week without the victim's consent.

Saenz found all of this acceptable.

This is what Juanito is calling doing me a favor.

Only a woman beating drunk like Juanito would make this young lady relive this over a personal score with me.
You go Louis Sorola and hang everyone in your path.

Well, I am happy to report, I am now trained to change Buster's bandages.  I little bit more than a 1/4 of skin has grown over the open wound.  We still have about an inch.  Buster twice now has had her bandage changed without sedation, so I will now do it at home twice a week and the vet once a week to keep an eye on wound.
I have been holding at a weight loss of 15 pounds since the second gallbladder surgery.  I am just getting back into the pool and my laps so hopefully that will get me another 5 pounds.  Since the bile duct repair I have not had gerd once.  I have not taken anything for acid.  This has changed how my body processes food..

While I am still experiencing jerk breathing, things are a lot better.  From a standing position I am back to swimming the back and forth under water in my pool.  I have always been an underwater swimmer.  I've pushed hard every day and now can do the back and forth again.  I really need a new picture of the pool.  The woodchips left behind by the previous owners have long been replaced by lava rock, and the plants are taller than the house.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I was going to let his moronic post on the bail bond issue go, because I know no one is listening.  So a disgruntled bondsman is paying Juanito to trash the county for making money.

Here is his argument, now that the Pretrial program has worked, and Cameron county has extra beds it can use to raise revenue, Cameron county should abandon the Pretrial Bond program, fill up the jails again and walk away from the millions Cameron county is due to earn by renting out the space to Hidalgo county.  We all know how bad it is for the county to make money - the inhumanity of it all. 

This is a business model only a drunk could conceive of.


First of all, the young lady he claims is my nephew's daughter is not.  His only daughter is a very successful PhD psychologist.  But when you are a drunk anyone with the same last name must be your daughter.

Juanito's claim is simple, if I pull a file it is an unauthorized practice of law, but if he pulls a file it is not.  Lawyers send out investigators and paralegals to do this work every day.

The woman learned from her abuser's family they were going to have her arrested on an outstanding warrant for failure to appear.  The arrest was to occur on the day of the domestic abuse trial to keep her from testifying.   I researched it.  There was a warrant.  It should shock no one that Juanito seeks to attack the victim of domestic abuse, while defending Hector Negrete who assaulted a woman.  Yea, that's right, Juanito has been repeatedly arrested for being drunk, and on at least one occasion for beating a woman.

The file showed the inept David Gonzales ordered the capias for failure to appear even though his own staff had verified for him, she was never ordered to appear.  It was lost on David Gonzales that a party defendant has to be ordered to appear before you can issue a capias for failure to appear.

When I realized this I informed David Gonzales' coordinator of the problem and was going to have the young lady to appear in his court voluntarily to handle the matter.  I was not there.

When she walked into court, the bailiff upon learning her name and checking the system detained her, although David Gonzales' staff had assured me that would not happen.  She was to receive a court appointed attorney and the capias pulled.

There is actually a record wherein David Gonzales drilled me as to why I was investigating this case.  On the record I am clear I represent no one and am not being paid a penny for my investigation.  I explained to him he had issued a capias on a woman who was never ordered to appear.

Lawyers send out investigators and paralegals to do this work every day.  They work with court staff on these issues every day.

On the day she voluntarily appeared and was detained, the man who was facing felony charges for beating her, was in court for the charges related to his arrest.  She was panic stricken.  He was being detained side by side with her abuser and being arrested on a bad capias.

She had no one to advise her.  Saenz knew the capias was bad, and his stupid ADA pushes for a plea bargain knowing full well the court appointed attorney was suppose to file a motion to dismiss based on a want of prosecution.  The law at that point was pretty clear.  If the DA fails to act on a case for a year the court is to dismiss it for failure to prosecute.  This is conditioned on the defendant not having been part of the delay.


Juanito's claim that Saenz brought the files I wanted is a lie.  It never happened.  Further, Cascos initiated the meet not me. The emails are clear on this issue.  Cascos was concerned about the bad publicity Saenz was receiving for having someone arrested on a bad capias, and prosecuted on a criminal trespass case which had been abandoned.  The crime, being in Dean Porter park at a time it was closed.  We cannot let these criminals walk.

Further, part of the email he posted is fabricated.  In my life I have never said Gotham.  Never - ever. - but weirder things have happened so maybe I did - but it would have been the one and only time I ever used the word.


Saenz knew he had a mess.  Juanito fails to explain her court appointed attorney realizing his mess up, filed a motion to withdraw the plea.

Motion Hearing  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Gonzales III, David)
Motion to withdraw plea, Rigo Flores atty.

You will note Rigo was the defense attorney, not the ADA as claimed by Juanito.  You will also note he defended Eddie Lucio in the federal criminal case and won.

At this point Flores had the case.  He got a notice from Saenz the case was being dismissed in the interest of justice.  Saenz knew David Gonzales would have had no choice but to grant the motion to dismiss for want of prosecution.  This is why Juanito intentionally fails to mention the case was filed in 2011, but not prosecuted until 2013, after I told the young lady to go to court voluntarily.  By 2013, the court had yet to send a proper notice to appear - the DA did nothing with the case - hence Motion to Dismiss for Want of a Timely Trial - a constitutional guarantee by the way.


Juanito is defending the dismissal of criminal charges of a man on bogus double jeopardy charges, who assaulted a woman during his drunken tirade. [we all know why Juanito does not want drunks prosecuted], and claiming some huge conspiracy because Saenz dismissed criminal trespass charges against a woman whose case sat idle for years as the DA failed to even request her appearance in court.

Sorola is nuts.  He does not realize it, but in this post he created another complainant with a very valid complaint.

After a Rodney Mesquias was indicted in Cameron county in 2009, sometime later his file went missing.

"BROWNSVILLE - The former owner of a Harlingen medical clinic has been arrested on charges he billed Medicaid more than $387,000 for services provided without the supervision of a licensed physician, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said Friday.

A Cameron County grand jury indicted Rodney Mesquias, 39, on Nov. 12 on two counts of Medicaid fraud over $200,000. He was arrested Wednesday and released on $25,000 bond."

Click for story

After the indictment someone went to the AG with an open records request on the indictment and related documents.  The request was denied based on an ongoing investigation.  Click for AG opinion


I say this because yesterday notwithstanding their own AG opinion on the matter, the AG told me yesterday they have no records on a Rodney Mesquias.  Great right, they have a published opinion on his criminal indictment on the internet and in their data base, but claim they have nothing on him.  What a hopelessly broken system.

The AG issue is why I am running the story - how can they have an AG opinion on line on Rodney Mesquias and then tell me pursuant to an open records request they have nothing on the man?  When the AG's office cannot get an open records request right, we are doomed.  They should have said any records which may exist are not subject to disclosure.

I have also checked two different data bases for Cameron county and the criminal record does not exist.  I checked with Eric Garza's office and they cannot find a thing - hence the record must have been expunged

There is nothing wrong with this, if he was found not guilty, the charges dismissed, or he received pretrial diversion, among other options.  It can actually get complex.  My point being, this may all be very innocent.  It is the AG part of the story which is interesting.  They have a published opinion on the man and then claim they have nothing on the man.

There is another important verifiable matter - but because correlation by innuendo is not evidence or fact I am not disclosing this other part of the story.  Innuendo is not fact. 

DPS will not investigate to determine if the expungement was valid unless I have a copy of the original final disposition which indicates no expungement was available under the law.

So it ends - the case of the missing criminal record, with the AG saying they have nothing on the man, while they have a published opinion on the internet on the man.

"The Wisconsin Supreme Court is facing harsh criticism for a blatant conflict of interest in a July 16 ruling to shut down a campaign finance investigation of Gov. Scott Walker’s 2012 re-election campaign.

One headline referred to the court as a “crony court.” A Wisconsin columnist called the justices “self-serving” and concluded, “Justice bought is justice denied.”

Why? The justices in the majority have benefited from $10 million in spending by the same special interest groups that were suspected of conspiring with Walker".

Click for Newsweek story

I post this story because I grow tired of the racist comments linking our corruption to Mexico.  This is a human issue which has nothing to do with race.  But the ignorant must have a voice so they continue to spread their ignorance.