Monday, March 30, 2015


Below is what Robert Sanchez's lawyer said about his own client after he got caught lying under oath about the last time he tried to run for mayor. You will note the lawyer notes Melissa Zamora's [now Landin] affidavit on the issue.  Now comes Jerry and settles the score for Sanchez by engaging in defamation per se against Ms. Landin.  Sanchez being beyond stupid has again brought his business into the campaign thereby leaving at least two insurance policies in play to pay defamation damages.  This week he will receive my demand letter which includes his business, wife Lorrie and Sanchez himself individually.

Ms. Landin at this point can certainly do the same.  Based on information and belief, if the insurance companies refuse a defense, Sanchez will file for bankruptcy.  He has financial problems.


Gerardo Martinez may be the most qualified candidate for the At Large Position.  I do not know.  The ad is nothing but trite typical bullshit con artist politician nonsense.  Yes, Gerardo, if you believe in economic development it must be your opponents do not. 

When you start your campaign with a con artist ad which tells me nothing except the same old trite BS everyone numb-nut politico before you has already said, you are telling me you have nothing.

The center issue in this campaign is Tony Martinez's management style -Not a word.  Lincoln Park - not a word.  Tenaska - not a word.  The weir dam - not a word.

How does this guy intend to bring about the economic development every politico before him has failed to deliver on - not a word.

When a politician says in an ad he will make Brownsville one of the top 10 business friendly communities in U.S., if you do not know you are dealing with a con artist, then all I can say is - you are the problem.  This is the same type BS promise William Garza is giving you - to lower your taxes while increasing spending - it cannot happen. 

I tried to ask him questions - but the blog for questions he set up on his web page either does not work, or requires a PhD in engineering to understand how to use it.  If as a graduate of MIT he cannot get his own web page working, how will he ever get the city of Brownsville working?

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Psalm 23 King James Version (KJV)

23 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

This is actually my second post on this - I just accidently deleted the first - It was Joshua's hand that had me delete the first draft.  I am now starting at the end.

In simple terms, I have no reason to want to help the children of my brother or his wife.  The step daughter out of state has basically given me a free hand - so that has been helpful. The daughter who lives near them is beyond a nightmare.  My brother's kids have not lifted a finger to help.

I have spent so many hours fighting on my own for both my brother and sister in law I just reached the point I no longer wanted to deal with any one of them.  I cannot fight everyone so I was done with their kids.  Because of my work they have saved $56,000 in nursing home fees - money the children will inherit.  I have increased their assets by $30,000 plus.  Within two months he will be on 100% VA disability for Agent Orange - the first check will be about $40,000 - retroactive.  The kids do nothing but in the end will inherit everything. I am not suggesting they want the money or are waiting on it - but it nonetheless remains the reality.  I will say my sister in law's daughter who lives out of state is on the same page as me - once my brother passes we will put the mother in the best assisted living money can buy and spend the money down.  This makes me happy.  She deserves to live like a queen.


Joshua  had already given me what I needed - I just had to open my eyes.  Nothing mattered but my brother dying in peace while having mended the hurt between him and his son.  Joshua helped me open my eyes to know I already knew the answer because he gave it to me before I knew I needed it.

My brother and his son have mended - my brother can now pass knowing he is at peace with his son.  In the end all of the years of hurt and my frustration was meaningless.  Joshua through "The Lord is my Shepard" reminded me to just open my eyes and see the light - I did - and now my brother can pass knowing he is at peace with his son.

"The LORD is my Shepard; I shall not wont."


The bumps you see on him are the neurofibroma. The gene was passed through his mother. We have the same father, but different mothers. Daddy married 4 times. Wife 2, Alice gave daddy 4 girls and a boy. Mom [number 4], Alicia, had 6 boys and a girl. The neurofibroma cover his brain. My nephew also has it. I picked him up on the way to East Texas. He has information on a new medication which shrinks the brain tumors. They will not cure the problem. The medicine if I can get him on the list for terminal patients, will only make him more comfortable. I am fine with that.

I do not like being treated like a king out of fear.  While I am happy they are attending to his every need on demand, I do not like the reason.  Today I met with a representative from the state. 

No nursing home will accept my brother so I am stuck.  They know I will use every legal means to keep him put until I can get him moved.  The good news after months of doing nothing and refusing to cooperate they finally completed the paperwork for a 24/7 aide the VA will pay for.  I will work on that on Monday.

I am swollen up like a balloon.  I get back Sunday night.  Monday night they are doing a pre-surgery brain MRI. On Tuesday I see the neurosurgeon.  On Wednesday last I saw the neurologist who based on her write up had the VA work everything on an emergency basis.  The reality is, the neurosurgeon may decide it is too soon to drain the fluid.  There is no standard protocol.  What I know for sure is, they cannot restore the lost vision and the longer they take to do the surgery the worse it will get.

Well off to the nursing home for an hour or so.  That is all my brother can handle at a time.  I will see him, help him eat - then spend some time with my sister in law.
I had noticed my sister in law is not eating.  It is not the food.  She just does not want to eat.  So I told her you are in my brother's room pushing him to eat so now I am going to make you eat.  I agreed to allow her to eat the chicken salad only, but not the bread.  Oh, but then she had plenty of room for her vanilla high calorie shake, and orange sherbet.
My brother enjoyed having his son, myself and his wife eating dinner with him.  My brother then told the story about the night in Vietnam when he and some other soldiers killed some water buffalo they thought were Vietcong.  They were guarding a broken down supply truck.  They heard noise coming at them from the jungle and opened fire.  They next morning they found a bunch of dead water buffalo.
He enjoyed the time.


Expect a big week - there are a lot of things happening.  Depending on my exhaustion level I will get to them.  I know of two major stories for sure.  I am just waiting on my source to clear publication of the story.

Thursday, March 26, 2015



I need a voluntary guardianship petition.  For reasons I cannot explain, lawyers are telling their clients they do not have to accept the Texas Statutory Power of Attorney.  I have full legal authority over my brother.  His wife's daughter has the same for her.  We both can access the banking account and watch one another.  We spend under $200 a month to maintain the house until it is sold. I have increased their assets by over $30,000 since October.  I forced TRICARE to pay 100% of the nursing home costs.  No judge will look at my work and question my judgment. 

The probate judge asked I file a voluntary petition and he will grant it assuming everything is in order and the accounts show what I am saying.

If anyone has one of these please email me -  I can file it on Friday.

I am already running nearly two hours late for my trip to East Texas.  I need prayers that God helps those who can help see the errors of their ways.

This is not the post I wanted today but a quick note for a job well done - Dr. Zendejas actually called me yesterday to inform me a principal had been ordered to move a child who was being bullied.  Bela had stopped going to school.  She would cry horribly rather than get on the bus.  The principal called security and had security stand next to her grandfather - who in Bela's eyes is her protector.  Bela was terrified and started to cry.  The mother had given the grandfather permission to speak  for her and the principal said no, he would only hear it from the mother.

That ended it after the principal refused to move Bela to a new class.  The AA took my call and told me to have the grandfather to reenter the school and someone would be waiting to escort Bela to her new classroom.  They moved fast.  He reentered the building and was told the new teacher was at lunch and recommended taking Bela to McDonalds.

When they got back Bela was carried by her grandfather to the new classroom.  She just went off to be with the other children.  This is Bela.  Her other teacher and principal refused to address the bullying so Bela feared  them.  She told the principal she was not going to come back to school. Later in the afternoon Bela told us she likes her new teacher.

Once the AA got on top of it Bela had a new teacher and told her mother and grandfather they could leave because she felt safe.

Dr. Zendejas personally called me to say a full investigation will be conducted and that the calling of the security guard was unacceptable.  It left Bela crying in fear.  The principal has a history with the grandfather which goes back to high school and the grandfather standing up for his kids in the past.

I do not want to hear it - I report the good, the bad, and the ugly - this is Dr. Zendejas doing her job and I am going to report it.


He has been deemed a critical care patient.  Based on my demands he had a new brain MRI.  His brain is completely covered in tumors.  The neglect at the nursing home is bizarre.  After I tried to move him, and they tried to stop me by intimidating my sister in law to say all of the complaints were false, their lawyer called to tell me to get him out of his client's nursing home.  Yea, that was a stupid move.

Because of his designation of critical care and whatever the other nursing home is telling people no one will take him.  The VA Houston Chief of Staff refuses to even consider allowing me to transport my brother to Houston for care and placement in a critical care nursing home.  Money is not an issue - I offered to pay all expenses.  The local VA clinic told me because he was on TRICARE they would not help. 

I have done a full press release to the news media in Houston with documents, which is why I am running late.

I need prayers that the press will take the story and the VA officials will find it in their heart to help him.  I have no where to put him.  He cannot be moved without sedation because of the pain.

I have failed him and deserve my pain, but he served honorably for 25 years, two tours in Vietnam. He is service connected only 10% for his condition which the VA found was aggravated by Agent Orange.  The local county veteran representative took every request he did for an increase in his disability rating and placed it in a file and never filed any of them.  I found them in October and put in the claim - not for the money - he does not need it - but for the 24/7 aide a critical patient needs.

I am off - I have no idea what is next.  A secretary at he VA Houston, a Ms. Davis told me until she is satisfied every doctor who has treated my brother has sent his medical records she will not even notify the Chief of Staff or Chief Neurologist - Bruce Ehni - btw he is an expert in the area of medicine.  So my brother sits dying in pain ready to be moved out of a nursing home which says they do not have the resources to care for him.  No one will take him.

So prayers that God gets someone anyone at the VA to help.


Bobby WC

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Well, maybe - and I do not like sacred cows - so I am making amends.  Mr. Paz-Martinez rightfully pointed out that Robert Sanchez and Sergio Zarate are not the only ones paying McHale to advertise on his porn blog.  For the record Sanchez is a liar when he says he knows nothing about what is happening.  I have his court transcript from last time where he lied.  I have his sworn statement to the Texas Ethics Commission wherein he committed verified perjury.  The lawsuit is coming Robert, and this time in addition to your business I am including Lorrie as a willful participant.

I have no real defense other than to say the others have not allowed for vulgar defamatory statements.  But none the less as possible office holders they are promoting a pornographer.  Per se I have no objections to pornography - it is a legal profession whether anyone likes it or not.  But it does not suit Brownsville's image if elected officials or candidates promote pornography during the election.

Apparently Rick Longoria sees nothing wrong whatsoever with advertising along side pornography while asking families to vote for him.  This is a major flaw in judgment.  As an elected official you have a public imagine to uphold.

I have made clear I like César de León - but there is no effective means of communicating with him unless you run into him.  He will answer your questions if you run into him - he is quite affable. So I have no verification if he is even paying McHale.  Remember I told you Jessica Tetreau was not paying him.  When she finally refused payment he went on the attack.

My greatest disappointment is Michael Gonzalez.  We have had many back and forth on the issue.  He refuses to answer any questions - it is always the same.  He will only talk to the blogs through press releases.  This is not a professional response and is in fact an indicator he finds the people and their questions a nuisance.  This is not complex.

I just insisted he give me his position on the issue before I publish this, and he said "no comment."  The voters should respond in kind at the ballot - "no comment"- I may not like Rick Longoria's response but at least he respects the people enough to answer the difficult question.

Hiding behind a moronic campaign position of "I only speak through press releases" is not how you get elected.  It also shows a contempt for the people.

The BV will not play - he can send all of his press releases to the porn blog because that is now the only place he will be heard.  The BV will not print them.



  The above is not one page - it is pages 1, 30, 31, and 32. When these type matters are presented in evidence so long as it is certified you can present only the relevant sections versus the entire 32 pages. What you see is verification of the court order, the injunction language, proof Jerry McHale received the notice of the injunction, and the courts signature.


The injunction includes Jerry McHale talking on his blog about his ex wife's friends or associates.  There are so many contempt violations it is mind numbing.  Google's policy is once an order issues against your blog you are permanently banned from google BlogSpot.  In this case they not only have the order, they have evidence of all the contempt..

I know google - it could take a month for their lawyers to make a decision - but a decision they will make.

Until then, Jerry can sit in his classroom and wait for the constable to show up with the Show Cause Order as to why he should not be jailed.


Apparently she is upset over my post last night.  She knows I saw her at the DA's office.  Dolores needs to stop the lying - she either has to sue Jerry McHale for imposing emotional distress through his impermissible use of her daughter's picture or show an ounce of integrity and admit she was party to it.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I know this because if looks could kill I would be dead.  The elevator in the Administration building goes to the 4th floor before the 2nd floor.  And there she was waiting all dressed in blue - this election could get even more interesting.  Or maybe she just need to complain to Saenz over some uncooperative ADA.
UPDATE:  Two sources have now confirmed Dolores Zarate in fact met with DA Saenz today.  Apparently she wants Jerry McHale arrested for using the image of her daughter without her permission  - even more she was livid the picture of her daughter appeared along with pornography. - we shall see what Saenz does.
This makes sense to me which is why I am printing it.  Why would any sane mother expose her daughter to Jerry McHale's porn?
Tomorrow headline is a document which exposes Jerry McHale to jail in an unrelated matter. The case is solid.  Jerry McHale is done for.  There is a reason he mentioned google can shut him down - the complaints are maybe over 20 at this point - and some of these people are now headed to court.
Tomorrow the document which could land Jerry McHale in jail where he can play out his gay fantasies for real.


The Texas Comptrollers Office has verified twice there is no truth to their claim of paying thousands of dollars to the Texas Comptrollers Office.  So where did the thousands of dollars meant for well deserving special needs children go?

Dolores and Sergio respond with defamation for which they will answer in court, and embracing pornography as a distraction to the truth.  I filed a formal complaint with the IRS attaching all of the documents.  They also have a retaliation section on the form.  I included all of McHale's posts as evidence of retaliation.  Concerning the reward for reporting abusive conduct I said none - I do not want it.

Why have the Board Members of DownbytheBorder not taken action?  They clearly have no concern that the Zarates amazing and miraculous child is being used as a weapon and distraction from the truth and to promote pornography.  Who are these people who have refused to remove the Zarates from DownbytheBorder

Jeulie Sarahi Garza
Marco Turrubiates - CPA
Mr. Turrubiates is the CPA for DownbytheBorder - he certainly has no interest in the truth coming out about the bookkeeping problems.

Ruth Gomez-Serra - Attorney at Law, RN

Ms. Serra might want to consider her law license if the IRS finds she was part of an intentional fraud.  She is on notice, will she do what lawyers do and fake a response or remove the Zarates from DownbytheBorder.

Robert Serra

These four claim to care about children.  Their silence as to the missing money and the use of defamation to distract from the evidence of the missing money and use of a child to promote pornography and defamation tells everyone in Brownsville everything they need to know about these four.

The truth is here guys, so what are you going to do about it?  Are you going to protect DownbytheBorder and dump the Zarates while demanding a full accounting, or are you going to continue to remain silent and allow for the continued use of pornography and defamation to distract from the truth.
Guys, where did the money go?  It is time to answer the question.

Your inaction and silence implicates you in the Zarates' conduct.

He has a story about a candidate sign being placed in violation of a covenant.  He posts the covenant - it clearly says - "during the period of original home construction."  First only an idiot relies on anything Frank Wood writes -

But any fool can look at the picture and see the is no original home construction in the area - so here you go Juanito the provision does not apply.  But I am certain some one's check cleared.


UPDATE:  BISD just sent me the confirming email that Presas-Garcia had to limit her travel.  Then there are pages and pages of related matters.  I do not have time now to read them.  I will tonight. I will note that when I scan the documents there is a pattern, BISD cancels her travel and then she says an email she is cancelling her travel because business is calling her out of the country.  Where is her  commitment to BISD if she has to keep on cancelling meetings to travel internationally?  In one email she makes a big deal as to how important these meeting are to BISD.  Which is it Cata?


Here are documents responsive to Item 2 for Public Request #7994. An extension letter was sent on Item 1 as per School Attorney Miguel Salinas.

Esperanza Zendejas has joined the conspiracy to cover-up the insurance gate scandal and the travel-gate bribe between Presas-Garcia and Carl Montoya.

My first request was the email sent by Cesar Lopez to Otis Powers asking for an emergency meeting for the stop-gap insurance offered by Klement.  It is a simple request, why refuse to produce it? - it does not exist.  Minerva Peña told me Cesar assured her he demanded the special meeting - fine then why not produce the email demanding the meeting.  For now it appears Cesar Lopez was part of the insurance gate mess along with Otis Powers.  Until the email is produced - we all have a right to believe he lied to Minerva Peña. Joe Rodriguez who is running the show has to protect Cesar Lopez, and in the process as part of the compromise Cata Presas-Garcia gets protected.

BISD is way over due on my open records request for the email Carl Montoya sent to all of the trustees limiting travel to one national trip a year.  He sent the email on the eve of the vote to extend his contract.  He needed Presas-Garcia's vote - but she was suing him for violating her rights.

Presas-Garcia voted to extend Carl Montoya's contract even though she was suing him for violating her rights, while making the taxpayers pay for Carl Montoya's defense.  She then got authorization to travel.

My open records request was for the email to the trustees with particular focus on Presas-Garcia and Carl Montoya's reversal on his own policy just days later in order to get Presas-Garcia to vote for his contract extension. This is a criminal act which Zendejas has now joined.

How do I know this, Minerva Peña read them to me over the phone.  Minerva kept me informed of all the going on in Executive Sessions within the rules. 

So after being late on responding what did I get from BISD.

My request and answer: