Sunday, May 24, 2015

Oh, I know some will say it ruined their plans.  But the weekend is not about your plans, it is about remembering those who gave their life in service to this country.  Throughout this country we will think of those who died while serving in the military.  But in my mind I like to also remember the endless merchant marines who died during the prewar days with Germany when they were the front line in supplying the U.K.

Countless law enforcement officers of all sorts, and even fire personnel have died in service to this country.  Let's not forget anyone who died in service to this country.

The rain gives life.  Many will be upset their plans are ruined, but for a moment think about those who died in jungles soaked because of endless rain.  Think about those who died in cold wet trenches during unrelenting rain.  It will make your cancelled plans seem less important. 

Me, rain never stops me.  I still plan on cooking around the pool.  I still plan on going in the pool - so maybe I will not get any sun.

I also have things to do inside - I always keep puzzles, crayons, coloring books, and construction paper - there are always tons of things for kids to do.

So if they do not want to be outside, they will have plenty to do inside.

Remember, today is not about your plans, it is about those who died in service to our country.  So a little rain changes your plan - this is nothing compared to what so many went through in the rain as they died in service to this country.

Do not forget, rain also gives life.  We have been lucky this season with the rain.  The months of rain has given so much to Brownsville's natural beauty.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Sources close to Zarate's campaign have verified he filed for a recount at sometime after 4 p.m. today.  Because there were only two candidates in that race the deadline was 5 p.m. today.  The proper deposit was paid.  The city has 48 hours to review his petition for a recount and then notify him of any defects, whereupon he will have 2 days to correct any mistakes in his petition.

If the total number of votes were to remain the same, he would need 19 new votes to beat Commissioner Tetreau outright without her gaining one vote and in fact losing 19.  The statistical odds are against him, but this is his right and I support it. 

As I have said before I support Texas changing its law to reflect that when the margin is 1% or less the recount is automatic.

Because of the rules I suspect we will not know a recount date until mid-week of next week.  The final cost of the recount is unknown.  Texas requires a deposit of $60 for each precinct.  Early voting is considered just one precinct. 

Click for complete rules

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You will note he returned to FB on the 18th, the same day the court agreed to set for hearing by submission his motion for Summary Judgment in the Contempt Motion filed by his ex wife.

05/18/2015  Order Setting Hearing (Judicial Officer: Olvera, Rolando )
Order Setting Gerald McHale, Respondent's Motion for Summary Judgment Pursuant to TRCP 166a by Submission
06/16/2015  Motion for Summary Judgment  (1:30 PM) (Judicial Officer Olvera, Rolando)
RESP'S M/F/SJ by Submission Only

Jerry said he would return to FB when the time was right. In part he chose FB because people would have to post with their real names. Jerry did exactly like he said he would do.

The Imp to not be outdone by Jerry agrees that anony comments are not good and bans them.  48 hours later realizing no one will comment on his page, the Imp returns to posting his own fake anony comments.  Not exactly what he said he would do.

It is "Stay tuned," not "Stayed tuned." [EDITOR REPLIES [aka Imp] :...Something's in the air, yes. Stayed tuned...]  God Maria, when are you going to learn English?

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Full story on Friday - off to bed

Okay my time is tight, I have an appellate brief due and I am behind.  I know the firm which contracted me can win this one.  I've got to stay focused.


When I was told they took no action on the 6 month extension of Desperanza Zendejas contract, the source also told me she would be declared the sole finalist in the search.

The Board then instead of saying what they always do, no action taken, voted to do as agreed to in Executive Session.  So when Juanito posted the story BISD was hiring a new superintendent - it hit me what the source was telling me.  They voted to give Desperanza Zendejas permission to hire herself.

The Agenda Item was narrowly tailored to only the issue of her extension. 

The BV with its sources stopped the hiring of Zendejas at the last meeting and the BV with its sources will stop it in June.  Zendejas career in Texas will then come to an end.

Further the issue of authorizing an interim superintended to post a job opening for superintendent is not subject to Executive Session.

What they did was discuss and agree that Desperanza Zendejas was to post the job opening for in house candidates only. 

This is a violation of the Open Meetings Act for two reasons.  [1] it was not on the agenda; [2] authorizing the hiring of a new superintendent is not subject to Executive Session.  The entire thing is a crime as it has been handled. Saenz of course will take no action, but the TEA appears to have authority to look into the matter.

On Monday I will more fully develop this.  I need to do some more research.  An attorney can certainly file a lawsuit to undo the vote and end Joe Rodriguez and Desperanza Zendejas for good.  This is the way I would prefer it.

Presas-Garcia is free to call a press conference and tell the truth.  She will not - sad because it will make her the hero an insure her reelection, whereas if a lawsuit has to be filed she will be part of the conspiracy.

But I am looking into TEA rules to see if we can get the TEA to stop it.

Monday I will have this more fully developed.

But for now, off to the appellate brief.

What was to be about a 15 minute procedure to remove gallstones from the cystic duct, turned into 40 minutes of dealing with stenosis of the main bile duct, and massive drainage of bile sludge.  I believe he had to put a stent in to hold open the main bile duct.  Because of the inflammation he could not proceed without endangering me.  I go back in two to three weeks for the procedure to remove the gallstones in the cystic duct.  He still does not know if he will be able to remove them.

This guy is smart.  He was able to link up all the health problems.  I am no longer on Zetia for cholesterol - The way Zetia works is to remove the cholesterol through the liver and empty it into the intestines through the bile ducts.  Well a very rare but serious side effect of Zetia is gallstones.

And before I hear it, I am the one guy you do not want on a pharmaceutical jury.  Yes, Zetia in my case was not a good option, but it has saved countless lives.  Living can kill you and that is not a basis to sue.  I hate with a passion all of the commercials telling people they can sue over side effects related to medications.  Try reading the warnings labels.  Try demanding your doctor go over the risks of taking the medicine versus not taking the medicine.

But this  doctor was also very knowledgeable about the entire picture of my health and how it is all connected.  He insisted I work on getting the VA to move faster on the shunting procedure.  The nurse in charge of the paperwork got caught lying, and now the VA will spend months investigating her lies and failure to sent the approval to the surgeon while I continue to lose vision in my left eye. 

This doctor was good. He got me to send a secure message to my primary care doctor making it clear it would be malpractice for the VA to delay one more day.  My primary care is not the problem - it is the VA system - the voucher nurse dropped the ball and then lied by saying the specialist never put in the request - only problem - I have a print out of the request.

So anyway in two to three weeks I will go back for another surgery.  If he cannot get it next time, then a regular surgeon will be called in to do a formal surgery.

This should move cases along a lot faster.  Here is the downside, and it is a tradition among federal judges and is nothing personal among the local judges or Judge Olvera.  The dockets must now be shuffled to give Judge Olvera cases.  Typically what happens the cases the existing judges find junky get sent over to the new guy.  It is nothing personal - just the way it is done.

It would be nice if Judges Tagle and Hanen would give Judge Olvera a break and send him the cases which will best allow him to grow into the job.  It will make him a better federal judge and better serve the community.

But tradition is tradition. 


The Imp announces he is in a war of words with me and is going to take me down. This would be the equivalent of the Imp bringing a pebble to a fight with someone with 1000 nuclear war heads. I point out he does not even know the meaning of a selfie, and his win in the war of words is Blimp. I point out his fabricated story about laundering of campaign money by a city commissioner by posting the campaign finance reports which prove the Carlos Marin money was in fact reported, and he responds with a homophobic diatribe and Blimp.  The Imp as a life long loser has no concept of the meaning of the word win.

Here is the story the Imp is going to break while claiming it breaks me.  It is in the original as I posted it so there is nothing new.  You will note in the story Arambula called the BISD police on me to settle a score and when all was all said and done BISD Superintendent sent the BISD police into Arambula's office to retrieve the documents I was requesting.

In the real world with people you cannot win a war by throwing pebbles at someone, this was a big win for me.

As to the lawsuit, after I got the insurance declaration sheet so I could send the demand directly to the insurance company for BISD, it was pointed out to me by several high ranking BISD Administrators who keep me informed that I was going to come across  as no better than Presas-Garcia and Luci Longoria, by costing the District $100,000 deductible - money which is desperately needed by the children and teachers.  I agreed and let it go.  I was convinced that the district would spend the $100,000 and still take no action against Arambula after the insurance company settled.  So in the end the lawsuit would accomplish nothing, except leaving less for the children and teachers - so I did the right thing and let it go.

In the end though, it was the BISD police under orders from Carl Montoya who forced Martin Arambula to give me the documents.  I call that a humiliating loss for Arambula.

In the original post you might note how much came true about the election.

Nothing to hide, except the truth - I got the documents and decided to put the needs of the children ahead of my own -

So to help you along Imp

The Original Story


 If you hate the BV hate Martin Arambula and Jerry McHale.  It was  during his first run for the Port that I decided to start the BV.  Jerry being paid to keep the truth about Arambula away from the public censored my comment.  It is my history with Arambula which caused him to call the police on me long after I left the building in which he works and after he got off the phone with his boss over my complaint.  And like I said in part one - I got my documents.


My nephew was working the scales at the city dumps.  Arambula showed up with county construction material.  He  demanded to be allowed to dump his trash for free.  My nephew refused.  Arambula then said to him "do you know who I am, I am running for Port Commissioner."  He called my nephew's boss to complain and try and get him fired for not allowing him to dump county construction material for free.  My nephew's boss called him and said "charge Arambula just like anyone else."

I saw this as evidence of poor character and how he would conduct himself as an elected official.  Hell this guy was not yet even elected and he was already demanding the perks of corrupt government.

Since I have repeated this story many times, Arambula has been very mad at me - he used the other day to settle the score and lost - because whereas he paid to dump his trash, I got my documents and did not even have to pay the $2.00 normally charged.

And when he announces for his next elective office the original story and the story about how he called the police on me will be repeated over and over again.


A friend had his border card application denied because he was born by mid-wife. I'm sorry but for over 30 years the government was happy with his birth certificate, gave him a social security card, and took his taxes.  And now his birth certificate is not enough - pure bull shit.

Anyway BISD has a form for requesting transcripts - on the bottom the former student can sign a statement authorizing BISD to give the transcripts to a third party.  We have all signed the same statement with our doctors.  There is no great background investigation.  The other two school districts involved had no problems helping us.   Everything went off without a hitch

I presented the form and was told my friend had to be there to verify that he signed the authorization for release.  I said if that were the case what then is the purpose of the authorization if he has to be there?  They can just give him his transcripts directly.

Now I did mess up and failed to bring his ID.  I asked for an email of the blond who was being so unprofessional and said he would email it from his email account directly to her and I would bring a copy.  He was at work and could not leave or accept phone calls.  I went home and emailed from his account his drivers license and brought a copy of the original.

They are still refusing to comply insisting he has to be there to verify he signed the authorization.  They then said they  would call him at work to verify.  He cannot answer the phone at work.  I explained they could get him fired.  The blond did not care.  They called and he did not answer.

I noted no where on the form does it say he has to be there - and besides it would defy the entire idea of a signed authorization.  Although they had already told me Arambula was not there all of a sudden he was there.  After about 10 minutes or so of the blond speaking with Arambula comes back and says they are holding to their policy.

But what angered me, and I immediately left was, she accused me of using forged documents and possible identify theft.  Arambula and his blond aide are idiots.  If they truly believed I was using forged documents and attempting identity theft and they truly cared about the security of the student transcripts the blond should have told me to take a seat and the documents would be ready in a minute while they called the police to investigate their claims.  The fact they did not do this means - it was a bogus excuse for Arambula retaliating against me for our history.

I did tell the blond that she could tell me there was a variance in the signature on the license and authorization but not that I was presenting forged documents.  I told her that was unprofessional and left.  I said I would go to my car and call Arambula's boss.

My phone records will prove the calls.  I spoke with Arambula's boss for a period of time and explained the absurdity of my friend having to be there to verify his authorization, and my long history with Arambula.  He said he would call me back.  Maybe 10 minutes later he calls me back and says BISD has a new policy effective immediately - I need a special signed affidavit.  I was not going to play.  BISD has a form - we used it and Arambula cared more about retaliation than following procedure.  I told Mr. Guerra I was going to call Dr. Montoya.  Mr .Guerra needs to be handled for going along with this.  You do not just change policy because Arambula has a score to settle with someone.

By this time Dr. Montoya was aware of the situation through a third party.  I was on the phone with his secretary when the police showed up.  She heard my disbelief that Arambula called the police.  At this point I had been out of the building for at least 15-20 minutes in my car speaking with people at BISD.  The secretary asked to speak with the officer and he backed off.  She asked that I give her time to work on the problem and she would call me back.

During this time I apologized to the officer for misdirecting my anger at him when in fact I was infuriated with Arambula.  The officer gets an A+ for how he handled me.  BISD is lucky to have him on staff.  We all waited.  The officer got a call to go into Arambula's office to secure the transcripts I was seeking and I left.

Calling the police because I have politically opposed him on his bad character and for filing a complain with his boss in unacceptable.  In any normal corporation such conduct would result in discharge.


I do not expect to be much involved in the BISD election.  As to Otis Powers and any puppet he seeks to run - Montoya can run lies 24/7 and the BV will not expose them.  The mere fact the candidate is tied to Otis Powers for me will be enough to oppose him.  I will remain silent as Montoya does his dirty work to lie endlessly about whomever Otis Powers puts up.

How Luci Longoria handles the Arambula mess could decide her future.  But the first thing she needs to do is drop her lawsuit.  She has the upper hand on Otis Powers on the Arambula matter.  She needs to use it to her political advantage.  The question is will she.  But if she continues the lawsuit and her  opponents can get the issue out there, she has zero chance of reelection.  It is a valid issue which must be addressed.  But she does have the advantage of showing that Arambula can violate the civil rights of a citizen with impunity and Otis Powers and his group will run cover for him.  I could be wrong but I think I now have three votes against Arambula.

 Lopez better think twice about whether he wants to remain tied to Otis Powers.  If he chooses to remain tied to Otis Powers BISD will certainly be better without him.  It will be an easy argument for the Presas-Garcia/Longoria camp to push their candidate against Lopez as once again backing the silencing of political speach and allowing for retaliation.  This will work to the advantage of the Presas-Garcia/Longoria lawsuits.

Guys this is not about backing one side or another - it is politics and how it works.  It is like the game of Survivor - politics is big moves and playing the narrative to your advantage.  It is never about the people and certainly not about the children. 

Now personally I will not vote for any candidate tied to either political camp.


The first time her ran from service of the lawsuit wherein he calls Robert Sanchez a liar about his part in the defamation per se, but then profiles Sanchez as a credible supporter of Pat Ahumada.

Then there was that on line news magazine "Bad Chili"

Horrified that some good writers were submitting articles I copied and pasted the Imp's homophobic, anti-abused women, and anti=Jew articles to the writers. This is what the editor of the magazine said about the Imp.

"The response I got from the Editor of "Bad Chili" sent to me in an email stated the following:

"but I am trying to prepare myself to protect all our contributors if he were to try and resurface."

Bill Dubose quickly learned such as every other child who ever met Duardy, "once they know him they do not like him." 

Bill Dubose then sent the following email to a contributor of "Bad Chili" apologizing for having exposed her to Duardy.

To: Janet Manley:

I do apologize on behalf of Bad Chili. It seems the deeper I dig, the more concerned I am about what he was up to. I know we have not communicated before now, and I understand your hesitance, but I am trying to prepare myself to protect all our contributors if he were to try and resurface. It is for this reason that I ask you to forward any emails he sent you of a questionable nature. To protect your privacy and security concerns, you could edit out any contact information, including names and addresses. I just need to be aware of the practices he was engaging in.

Please be assured that the magazine is now, and will be from now on be conducting business in a professional manner. Patrick will not receive any more emails addressed to

My design studio website is if you'd like to cross-reference me. I have been in business with my wife and partner for over 20 years in the Dallas-Fort Worth market. You can respond to the email address posted on that website and I will receive it.In your response, please let me know if you still want your story taken down, and I will do so immediately. I regret the circumstances of our meeting, and the bad impression Patrick has left with you. The requested information will help me in dealing with him legally if necessary.


It went something like this, he tells me I have to deal with his non=existent lawyer - then he says he is too busy because he is off to his beloved New Mexico, then a dinosaur or something damaged the plane and he could not go to New Mexico - and then he reemerged living with his niece.  I believe that is what Jerry said.


The above he has never been able to do, which is why he always goes homophobic, anti-gay, and with the word Blimp.  He is not even original in his writing.  Sometime ago I noted I ignore him for long periods of time because it drives him nuts, so now he flips it and says that is what he does to me.  I cannot think of a time when he is writing wherein he is not attacking me - so exactly when has he left me alone?

I just need to keep this going because it will only serve to cause further damage to Pat Ahumada for refusing to denounce the Imp.  Pat is too stupid that the Imp will destroy him before he stops. 
Well my time is good, about to head out the door.  So a quick lesson in the English language for the Imp.
He keeps on claiming as the pathological self serving liar that he is, that a certain city commissioner took a selfie of himself nude. Proof - none - but that is the Imp's wont when it comes to proof - none and why he is a failed journalist which the Herald would not even hire.  There is not even any clear proof the commissioner is naked in photo.  But why deal in those  dreaded facts and documents, when a lie is what makes for a failed journalist.  Learn English Maria, it might get you somewhere in life.
You see no where in the picture is there any evidence that the city commissioner has a cell phone in his hand taking the picture.  In fact the picture shows the commissioner holding the sword the Imp envies.
After calling Robert Sanchez everything under the sun, publicly humiliating him over his finances and a liar he now says, "trust Robert Sanchez because he thinks I am the only trustworthy blogger."
By extrapolation then Imp, Robert Sanchez told the truth when under oath he swore you Imp wrote the defamation per se statements which netted me $60,000. 
"Oh no no. no," the Imp retorts - he is only a truth teller when he praises me, but otherwise he is a pathological liar like me who cannot be trusted." "Mommy, make them understand, why won't they believe me?, Mommy please make them understand."
Sanchez was given every opportunity to distance himself from McHale and the Imp's near daily attack on Sanchez for his association with McHale and he did not, and now the Imp who has repeatedly called Sanchez a liar asks that you believe Sanchez when he says he had nothing to do with McHale and that the Imp who trashed Sanchez on a regular basis, is the best blogger in town.
This means Robert Sanchez, that you agree that the Imp gave you fair coverage - which included you are a Liar.

Great self serving interview Imp.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

EDITOR'S NOTE:  I am working on whether or not BISD is violating the open meetings act by changing the process by which the new superintendent will be hired.  They voted one way, but yet someone authorized a new way.  I believe this violates the open meetings act.  They could not have voted on the change in executive session because [1] it was not listed, and [2] such a vote would not be subject to executive session. 
But in the morning I am leaving early for surgery to remove gallstones from my cystic duct, so no time to finish my post.
For me the election is done.  Tony Martinez will remain the mayor and Rick Longoria will remain the commissioner for District 1.  Its time for the new city commission to put differences aside.  You can agree to disagree, without being enemies.
Tonight Survivor completed its Spring Season.  One of the juror members noted that about half the jury cared more about settling scores than voting for the best player.  She asked that the jurors put aside their differences and vote for the best player.  I was worried for a while, but in the end the best player, Mike, won.  Had he not won the last 5 immunities, he would have been voted to the jury.  He played hard, against all odds. 
So look guys, try and let the past be the past and see if as a group you can find common ground to move the city forward.  I am very hopeful a super majority of 5 will be able to move the city forward.  I am also hopeful Cesar de Leon and Debbie Portillo will become important swing votes.  It will make for a better city commission.
On the law Scalia and I agree on very little, but as a person, I think he is funny, embracing, and actually open to diversity of ideas.  But like myself, he fiercely defends his position.
Mr. Mayor and Commissioners, take a lesson from these three Supreme Court Justices.

 "But Monday, U.S. Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Elena Kagan were full of warm praise for each other, saying that their common ground often overrides their ideological differences on the nation's high court."

"Scalia, as is his style, put a sharper point on it.
"If you can't disagree on the law without taking it personally, find another day job," he said. "You shouldn't be an appellate judge."

Click for Article

Gun advocates complained that Associate Justice Elena Kagan had no understanding of guns and therefore should not be confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice.  Associate Justice Kagan took the complaint to heart after her confirmation and called Associate Justice Antonin Scalia and asked if he would teach her to hunt - they have been hunting together ever since.  In fact they hunt elk in the Northwest.

Further from the article

"Kagan and Scalia have built a relationship in part around hunting, with Scalia introducing her to guns. Kagan said during a talk at Princeton University in November that she and Scalia would come to Mississippi in December, in part, to hunt ducks"

It does not end their. 

Court watchers know that Justices Ginsburg and Scalia quite frequently attend the opera together. Again another left wing Justice having a good friendship with right wing Scalia.  A  lot has been made [strictly lightheartedly] of the fact married Scalia, a self professed conservative spends so much time hunting with liberal Elena Kagan and at the opera with liberal Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Associate Justice Scalia and I may not agree on much, but I would have no problem being his friend and listening with intensity to his lectures.  I would love to go on a hunting trip with him - I would not hunt, but I sure would enjoy watching and eating anything he might prepare after the kill. 

Apparently an opera has been written about Ginsburg's and Scalia's opera dates.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

"She also discussed the opera based on her and Justice Antonin Scalia's friendship, which she says will hit the stage next summer. Her favorite scenes involves the time when her character drops on stage through a glass ceiling to rescue Scalia, who has been trapped in a locked room for excessive dissenting. She also loves Scalia's "rage aria." (Ginsburg's review of the opera and her friendship starts at 1:42:30.)"

Click for Article


Some people just cannot find common ground.  I find bizarre the claims I keep on changing sides - I do not remember taking sides - I can be fierce on an issue and disagree with you big time, and the next day watch the Spurs with you over beer.  There is more to life than our differences - life brings its greatest joys when we find our common ground.

To paraphrase Associate Justice Scalia - if you cannot disagree with someone without taking it personally, then get help because you have problems.   Disagreement is what makes life interesting.


The axis between the corporatists and fake religious right began with Reagan.  But it can only hold so long before their different interests cause a split.  That first split just played out in Louisiana.

"Louisiana Republican lawmakers sided with Democrats, big business and LGBT activists to kill a bill that would have protected individuals and religious institutions opposed to same-sex marriage.

In doing so, lawmakers defied the objections of an overwhelmingly majority of voters and handed Gov. Bobby Jindal a significant defeat for his legislative agenda."

Click for full story

Where Governor Jindal failed in his war of words with IBM.

"Among those strong-arming the bill was IBM – which is building a technology jobs center in Baton Rouge.  An IBM executive penned a letter to The Times-Picayune warning that “IBM will find it much harder to attract talent to Louisiana if this bill is passed and enacted into law.”

Gov. Jindal scoffed at such threats in an April 23 op-ed published by The New York Times."

This axis between the fake religious right and the corporatists was bound to fail.  IBM and other corporations care about profits, not fake religious beliefs.  IBM fears no retaliation from the fake religious right.  Republicans are going to now have to decide, take pennies from the religious right, or millions from the corporatists.  In very short order you will see how more and more Republicans side with the corporatists while dismissing the fake religious right.

It is time we focus on the next big battle.  We the people have to approve this hospital district.  Which means we can vote it down.  It is really a back door tax on the people to fund another UT medical school.  At what point will UT be happy with its endless raping of the people of Brownsville.

Cameron county is a big county. Where will this hospital go?  If the models used elsewhere hold up it will go in Harlingen or near Harlingen because if we get a VA hospital that is where the VA hospital will go.  The model is always the same, the VA hospital and county hospital become teaching hospitals for the medical schools.  The people fund both through tax dollars, while they receive substandard care from doctors in training.

A fortune will be spent on pushing for the new taxing district.  We need to begin to educate the people now before they are duped into thinking if they vote for a hospital district a few tax dollars will get them free healthcare.

How are the people in Southmost to get to Harlingen if the hospital is built in Harlingen, and if the hospital is built in Brownsville how are the poor all over the county to get to Brownsville?

We cannot let the poor be played into thinking a yes vote means they get free healthcare.  When they find out they cannot get to the hospital because its future location is being kept secret, it will be too late to change their misguided vote.
After posting his anti-gay diatribe yesterday, the Imp went on to trash Vietnam Veterans and those seeking a VA hospital in the LRGV as whiners.  I am by no means a support of Castro but this morning he said it all, Pat never takes responsibility for anything he does.  He is delusional and based on some of the phone calls I received yesterday from people in his inner circle they are done asking that people vote for him - as one put it "if he refuses to work with those trying to get him elected why would he work with his fellow commissioners?"
The Imp's anti-Veteran tirade which Pat refuses to denounce while he continues to communicate with him, shows just how delusional Pat is.  Pat now has him announcing his hard hitting anti-Tony Martinez article to be published soon.  Inasmuch as the Imp has no research skills, what ever he publishes will be tied to the BV, since save one act, the BV has broken the story on every bad act by Tony Pat and others have used in the campaign.
The Imp on Veterans:
"Ha! Vets are okay in my book, although, yeah, sometimes they do whine, especially the Vietnam Conflict vets. They want a hospital in the Rio Grande Valley and they just can't seem to get it, so they whine."
Boy this is going to get the vets to line up for Pat.  His supporters have told him to disassociate from the Imp and to denounce his homophobic, anti-veteran, anti-abused women and anti-Jew statements, and Pat will not.
Someone who attends his meetings finally has verified there was in fact an incident wherein a supporter walked out because they could not stand it anymore.
People are not stupid.  In the $26,000 check theft case the jury foreman made it known he believed you were the object of a conspiracy.  A conspiracy which had you unable to see your name was not on the check.
Beyond the jury I have never met anyone who believes you were not guilty - they are out there I am sure, I have just never met any.  As I would ask people to vote for you to a person, they would ask "why would I vote for a thief?"  When you tell them the jury found you not guilty they dismiss the verdict as wrong.  You see Pat, it does not matter what the jury thought, all that matters is what the voters think.
And for the record Pat, the prosecutor intentionally threw the case.  When your testimony conflicted with what you had already told the press, any good prosecutor would have brought in the reporter to verify you changed your story.  Had that happened, the jury would have convicted you.
When someone takes me to the airport and I have an errand to run first, we do it on the way to the airport.  That is not what you did.  You had Larry Brown wait at your home while you ran off to the bank by yourself.  You did not want a witness.  That my dear Pat is the undisputed evidence which stands out in the minds of everyone I speak with.
What you fail to understand Pat is the last election and this election showed, the people who vote found you guilty, and they are the only ones who matter.
Yes Pat, 53% of the voters rejected Tony Martinez, but 82% of the voters rejected you.  Now do the math, who has the shortest number of % to make up during the run-off.  Tony needs about 7%, and you need, 32%.  You and any supporters who continue to come to your meetings are delusional based on their rightful contempt for Tony Martinez.
Not one of your opponents have endorsed you.  You promoted a picture with Robert Sanchez, but there was no clear endorsement - why?  Your opponents want a political future and they know if they tie themselves to you, they will be hanging themselves.
Erasmo Castro has made it clear to his supporters - SAY NOT TO PAT.  Castro came in 3rd - that is a lot of votes now not going your way.  Oh, some will, but the majority probably will not.
From Castro:
"That evening while we gathered at Sombrero's to watch election results, Pat arrived grandstanding and stating that he needed our support for the upcoming runoff... Pat is truly delusional... those who were there were witness to the choice words we had for him which we will opt not to post on social media... Pat, like many others here, thinks that there are no consequences to inappropriate actions... if my family and friends have been alienated, they have been alienated by Pat and his "supporters"... sorry Patricio, you made your bed..."
From a Castro supporter:
"Yeah Patricio all true!! Not drama or fiction just facts! As much as I dislike Tony, I dislike you 100 times more douchbag!!!!!"
People remember the bi-monthly circus of Rick and Pat getting into it.  This hurt Rick 4 years ago, but this round he did not have the image of being party to Pat's circus so he nearly won out right. 
Pat was given multiple opportunities to run from the Imp and his lies and defamation of Rick Longoria and he refused. 
With Rick being in the run-off his district will probably have the highest turn-out, and it is lost on Pat that alienating Rick's supporters was just stupid and self destructive.
Pisses off Castro's supporters and then Rick's supporters and then claims he will make up the 82% of the vote he needs to win in the run-off, while Tony cannot make up the mere 7% he needs.
No one wants Tony, but with Rick Longoria's victory there will be a solid majority which can and will work together to thwart Tony Martinez.
I defy anyone to name one City Commissioner who will give Roman Perez the time of day if he were to win.  Jessica, John, and Debbie know him all too well.  They will not trust him with any information or his loyalty.  Tony and Gowen will laugh at his presence.  Cesar de Leon wants a political future and is not going to compromise his desire as the only person on the city commission who will talk to Roman Perez.  The inability of anyone to be able to work with Roman Perez will make it easy for Tony to control the city commission.  This is reality.
With the reelection of Rick Longoria we get to the goal.  Every penny being spent on Pat and not Rick is money spent to help Tony.  That is a fact.
Rick Longoria needs about .3% of the votes which went to Mike Gonzalez.  Roman Perez needs 74% more of the total votes to win, or all of the votes which went to Mike Gonzalez.  The idea Roman Perez is going to make up those numbers make his believers delusional.
Mike Gonzalez wants a political future in this town.  Abraham Galonsky funded Mike in large part.  Galonsky knows that if Mike endorses Roman he will have problems with Carlos Marin.  Whether we like it or not, politics is what it is, and in analysis it is not ignoring the numbers and those who broker elections - it is facing the reality even when we do not like the actors.
Mike wants a future in this town and political capital is everything.  Mike will probably remain silent.  He knows endorsing a loser in the eyes of the power brokers makes him a loser.  And on that note, that is what I am hearing from people in Pat's inner circle - more and more people are telling them, by associating with a loser, they are making themselves losers.