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Montoya does what he always does - he cannot refute facts so he does what? He writes distractions.  Not one documented I posted yesterday concerning Alex Begum is refuted?  Why?  Because Montoya and Begum cannot refute the documents or claims.

I cannot even begin to go through all of the documents I have on Alex Begum.  They just keep coming.

I am not running for public office.  My history is of no consequence.  Yolanda Begum is running for public office and her history is of consequence.  But Montoya cannot refute the claims so he does what he does - he creates a distraction from the documents and facts.

One post I rejected yesterday stated that 19 year old Alex Begum paid for his own criminal defense.  Having read all of the pleadings it was an expensive defense and no 19 year old without mommy and daddy's money could have paid for such a defense.

And to be clear about something, I paid 100% of all of my student loans and much of the interest.  The Department of Education agreed that based on medical records, which we now know to have been the initial stages of the hypothalamic dysfunction, to discharge the remaining interest on the loans.  Maybe a year or two earlier I had made one payment of $10,000 alone in one check.  At the time I was down - I could not function and the VA could not figure it out.

Once a person pays 100% of the money actually borrowed the interest under certain circumstances can be discharged.  There was no harassment of the Dept of Educ.  In fact the records show I gave them endless additional time to file documents.  The reason - the regulations were being reviewed.  They messed up and agreed as much in their final filing.

So what is the issue - a disabled veteran collapses and Yolanda Begum pays Montoya to trash the disabled veteran rather than directly address the claims against her.  Why?  She has no defense so the horribly dishonorable Yolanda Begum instead attacks a disabled veteran with half-truths. 

It gets better folks - this post only made matters worse - a veterans group will be handling the email campaign against everyone advertising with Montoya - Oscar Garcia was given the specifics and he basically said "go to hell veterans."  Well we shall see how well that works out for Oscar X. Garcia.

Being temporarily disabled is not a crime and a basis to trash someone on the Internet.  Are you so stupid that you cannot understand this?  How do you intend to handle intellectually disabled children during truancy hearings - you have shown your lack of respect for veterans and people who are disabled.  You Yolanda Begum are beyond contemptible to humanity.


When representatives of the Hernandez/Garcia family met with police Chief Rodriguez concerning alleged barratry charges against Luis Sorola and Mary Ester Garcia, Chief Rodriguez clearly stated he was bringing in ICE so this could be part of a joint investigation. He lied - in the same way he lied to Norma Hernandez that her police complaint against Zeke Silva would be amended to reflect her video taped interview - until this day nothing - she has not even been allowed to see her own interview.

 It is a very dangerous thing when we have a police chief in cahoots with the district attorney. This is how the bogus criminal charges came about against Sonny Pedraza. He filed claims of wrongdoing against superiors in the police department and then was charged with criminal conduct.  Justice Chew did not even let the case go to the jury.  After DA Saenz closed his case Justice Chew dismissed the case for want of evidence. If you think this cannot happen to you, you are dead wrong.

Alex Begum gave donations in kind to the police.  He had direct communications with the chief and other high ranking officials and managed to force them to bring charges against Josefina Canales [Fisher].  A visiting judge threw those charges out for what they were - frivolous.  It is not obscene to call Yolanda Begum a fake.

I can only hope the FBI extends the existing investigation involving Saenz and Begum to the Brownsville police department - there is no doubt Chief Rodriguez is in cahoots with DA Saenz to engage in official oppression and block valid criminal complaints filed against the protected, such as Mary Ester Garcia.

Now that I have the white wash report from Detective Rey Ybarra at the BPD, the criminal complaint is formally going to the Texas Rangers, ICE, FBI, and the Criminal Enforcement Section of the AG.

According to the text messages sent by Ybarra Saenz will not prosecute Mary Ester Garcia because Luis Saenz dropped the federal lawsuit - what about the bogus state lawsuit?  That one will get all law enforcement involved because of just how egregious it was.



EMPLOYMENT.  (a) A person commits an offense if, with intent to obtain an economic benefit the person:

(2)  solicits employment, either in person or by telephone, for himself or for another;

[the evidence collected showed Mary Ester Garcia approached the couple who sued Erin Garcia - their defense seems to be if you know the person you can encourage them to file frivolous lawsuits and refer them to a specific attorney]

 (3)  pays, gives, or advances or offers to pay, give, or advance to a prospective client money or anything of value to obtain employment as a professional from the prospective client;

 (4)  pays or gives or offers to pay or give a person money or anything of value to solicit employment;

[Luis Sorola paid for both lawsuits.  What the police have been unwilling to do is find out if Solora and Mary Ester Garcia encouraged the couple to seek an expedited wedding and waiver expressly from Erin Garcia.  What became clear to the investigator was, after the initial visit someone told the couple to not speak with the police - this by itself is a crime]

(6)  accepts or agrees to accept money or anything of value to solicit employment.

[Mary Ester Garcia works for Luis Sorola - this is what barratry runners do - they work for the law firm involved and then get paid as a worker to find clients]

(d)  A person commits an offense if the person: 
 (1)  is an attorney, chiropractor, physician, surgeon, or private investigator licensed to practice in this state or any person licensed, certified, or registered by a health care regulatory agency of this state;

(2)  with the intent to obtain professional employment for himself or for another, sends or knowingly permits to be sent to an individual who has not sought the person's employment, legal representation, advice, or care a written communication that

(F)  involves coercion, duress, fraud, overreaching, harassment, intimidation, or undue influence;  or
(G)  contains a false, fraudulent, misleading, deceptive, or unfair statement or claim.

[The latter will apply if Sorola recruited the couple knowing what he was doing was for the purpose of fraud and in fact possible duress - making the couple believe they non resident spouse could be deported.]

Detective Rey Ybarra was so determined to make the complaint go away he did not even bother to read the barratry statute before interviewing the couple.  If you do not know the elements of the crime, then how do you know what questions to ask?

At every level it has been lies by Chief Rodriguez and his trained monkey staff.

But this is Brownsville and Cameron county - there is no law enforcement without outsiders coming in to stop the corruption of the protected.

I believe a key witness in all of this is now Gaby Garcia.  She cannot seem to keep her mouth shut.  It will be for investigators to get the entire story, but she is going around telling people Erin Garcia learned what happens when you F...k with Luis Sorola


Click for Article

Check the article out Mary - what's worse losing the run-off, or winning and then being removed from office after conviction.  The Texas AG prosecuted the case of Medrano after the Dallas DA refused to do his job.  Yes, he won the election, but then was removed after his conviction.

You might want to reflect on this Mary.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Below in Alex Begum's deposition he says his criminal records were expunged.  I do not have the order - just the petition and his criminal history.  I will show [1] as a matter of law he was not entitled to expungement of the record, and [2] one key record was never expunged and is still available for anyone to see. 
On the issue of whether or not his records should have been expunged after receiving deferred adjudication, DPS has opened an investigation.  If the law was ignored their policy is to bring a Bill of Review to have all of the criminal records restored.  I emailed the full 30 pages of police reports, charges and court orders which were obtained before Alex Begum filed for expungement of same in 2012.  For the record, this was after Yolanda Begum had already been tossed from the race for JP.
Now in my world, when my son gets pulled over at 100 miles an hour drunk, and under age, as a responsible parent I say take your medicine.  BUT NOT YOLANDA BEGUM - she used her wealth to make most of it go away.  IS THIS WHO YOU REALLY WANT AS A JP? NO ACCOUNTABILITY FOR THE CHILDREN OF THE WEALTHY
Below is the charge of reckless driving reduced from deadly conduct.  The cause number is 680459.  According to the Bexar county clerk the file no longer exists because it was expunged.  But as the Petition for Expungement shows, no request was ever made for expungement of this case.

See Petition Excerpt
Now, although requested to be expunged, Bexar county still has the original charge of deadly  conduct on file.  See below  Now, one would hope Alex Begum is not dumb enough to try and fix this while DPS is investigating.
This is important because if Yolanda Begum believes wealth buys privilege in the courts, do we want her as a JP dismissing tickets for the wealthy and connected, or not enforcing the truancy laws against children whose parents are wealthy and connected.  Any good parent would have told their child to take their medicine for their conduct.
The next document is the written report of the arresting police office which clocked Alex Begum going 100 mph using two different methods to confirm Alex Begum's speed.  We just had a woman get 50 years for speeding drunk on hwy 100 and killing several people.  When parents like Yolanda Begum seek to use their wealth to play the courts, this is what happens.  Any loving responsible parent would have told Alex Begum to take his medicine.
The below report shows it was referred to the homicide department.  They chose to file the deadly conduct charges, but the DA decided to give the young wealthy Alex Begum a break.
Below is the summary which shows the DWI allegations
It is not me saying cause number 680495 was expunged it is Alex Begum and the county clerk.  This is the matter under investigation by DPS.  As a matter of law Alex Begum would not have been entitled to expungement of this record.  If in fact it was expunged it is DPS's policy to bring a Bill of Review to have the entire record restored.
It is possible Begum's lawyer filed a Motion to Seal on the 680459, charge and he simply misrepresented the expungement during his deposition.
When it was proven BISD counsel Baltazar Salazar abused the legal system to illegally expunge his criminal history I called for his immediate dismissal.  It was not for his criminal history, but  for abusing the legal system.
This is not an isolated event with the Begum's.  They have used the courts to sue people to try and silence them.  They lost both the civil and criminal case against Josefina Canales Fisher.  There is an FBI agent assigned to the alleged claim of official oppression by Luis Saenz in conspiracy with Alex and Yolanda Begum.  The documents show although Alex Begum has no criminal practice he gave Luis Saenz in campaign donations $6,000 - all after it was clear Luis Saenz would be the next DA.  Some was given after Saenz brought the now dismissed bogus charges against Josefina Fisher for obscene language to wit:  calling Yolanda Begum a fake.
Alex Dominguez and Yolanda Begum could have simply used the fact Margarita Ozuna who worked the Hernandez campaign was indicted and convicted for illegally harvesting mail ballots - effectively.  There was no need for a dirty campaign.  This simple fact would have gotten them the same result in the primaries.  There is no defense to this fact.
These same people who claim to speak for law and order spin the claims against Alex Dominguez before the Texas Ethics Commission and the nightmare who is Yolanda Begum and her son.
Why?  It is about putting into power the corrupt politicians who will pay them money, and not the best interests of the community.
In both these run-offs you have a choice of a candidate who is not Alex Dominguez who has the protection of Saenz on the misdemeanor charges which come with the ethics violations, and a candidate who has not taken  down her opponents signs, lied under oath in a police affidavit, and conspired to bring bogus criminal charges against Josefina Canales.
You either want to clean up this county or not.  The bloggers backing Alex Dominguez and Yolanda Begum are about replacing old corruption with new corruption and not the best interests of the community.

But then of course when your son Alex Begum is making donations in kind to the police, it is okay for Yolanda Begum to lie under oath to the police and say she lives at her son's law office.

Monday, April 14, 2014


This is not the post I was planning on.  This weekend I took 3 days to go to far north east Texas.  Twice a year  I visit a brother who is too disabled to leave his home.  He loves my homemade sauce, meatballs and Italian sausage.  He now has enough to last him until the Fall when we return.

But during this trip as I drive through one small town after another I am reminded of Brownsville's failures.

I think what angers so many people about Brownsville is, they know Brownsville should be the metroplex central of the LRGV, but it is not.

As I drove through towns with 50,000 residents and could see from the side of the road they have a bookstore, and Brownsville with 200,000 does not, it just reminded me of our lack of leadership.  Our esteemed failed mayor cannot even seem to recruit a bookstore chain to open a store in Brownsville.

Brownsville is the jewel of the LRGV and our leadership seems to be the only ones who do not know this.

Look at the Port Race - Congressman Vela is working day and night to get the port the money it needs  to deepen the channel so as to improve the business it receives.  Why is this not being discussed?


McAllen is getting the administrative offices for UT RGV and the medical school because it has an airport on the  IH 2 formally 83, and amenities like bookstores.  Call me crazy, but university administrators tend to like bookstores, and easy access airports.

The BV has documented the endless lies about expanding the runway since 2003.  We now have the money to build a new terminal.  Even if it means commissioners being voted out,  they still need to lead and force the issue of a new airport with a 12,000 runway on 511.  To waste the money on a new terminal at the old shack we now call an airport should be a basis to vote everyone out of office.

Other than a lack of vision, there is no reason why the City of Brownsville cannot create a corporation for trade of perishables from South America.  We have the port, rail and trucking to move the perishables all over Texas and  up the Mississippi.

The corporation in the hands of a highly qualified president can bring in enough trade from South American for the corporation to pay off the bonds for the new airport.  It just takes vision. 

We do not need a cargo airline bringing the perishables to Brownsville. What we need is a competent corporate head of the Brownsville Trade Corporation to convince the trade offices of the various south American countries to force the existing cargo corporations to  consider flights into Brownsville so they can better process their perishables. This is all doable - but we simply have no leadership willing to lead.

For over 9 years I have complained about the bombed out road which is Iowa in front of the shack we call an airport.  In my mind the more the people complain about Iowa the more the city commission resolves it will not be repaired.


Friday, April 11, 2014


Below is a note from Commissioner Masso concerning business at the BND.  My position has always been we need more private management of the port.  So in my view this seems like a good idea.  One of Brownsville's biggest successes was the Morrison street development.  It was a joint effort of the city, property owners and developers.  This is always a good combination

From Carlos Masso:

Just to give you a head’s up.  At our last meeting we approved a franchise agreement with the Broe group to manage the railroad and for a partnership to help attract businesses and develop the port.  They will invest $2.5 million to set up an incubator within a year and within a five year period they agree to invest another $8.5 million to create an industrial park at the port.   This agreement has to be published in the paper and the actual agreement will be available to the public by next Wednesday.  I believe it has to be published three times.  We will have special meetings for the public to comment prior to finalizing the agreement. Let me know if you have any questions I can answer. 

Carlos R. Masso

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Sorry guys, but I have all day meetings and will be out the door early and did not have time to finish the post I intended for Friday. But this issue is on my mind.

Every year I tell parents you do not have to do the candy.  I  found a really nice Easter bucket for Bela which will hold a lot of her art supplies.  I found out the other day when we went for her Easter dress she was almost out of all of her art supplies.

Her Easter bucket will be art supplies, strawberries, the fish cheese things, raisins and a yogurt candy sold for toddlers.  I may buy a small bunny.

She will be very happy with everything in the bucket with no candy. 

Parents, if you think healthy now, your kids will eat healthy.  Bela likes carrots roasted on the grill.  I wrap them in foil and they roast and she loves them.

Bela cannot get enough strawberries.  So why not give her healthy fruit I know she loves.

Funny story - the other day after buying her Easter dress we went to the HEB on Central and Boca Chica.  Mary Rey recognized Bela and we said hello.  Mary Rey was very nice to Bela and Bela did something she has never, ever done - she hugged Mary Rey.  When people recognize her she always hides behind her mother or I put her behind me until I know we are secure.  But I realized it was Mary Rey.  Bela's mother was so surprised Bela was willing to give Mary Rey a hug. 
It blows my mind the haters have to keep claiming the BV did not break this story.  Exactly as I posted in a comment the next day Saenz went psychotic when he learned I had broke the story.  Either he or Cascos through Valadez fed the greater details to Montoya.  When I learned it was Cris Valadez trying to feed me the story, I took the comic strip approach because I know Cris Valadez under orders from Cascos will do what ever is necessary to destroy Sheriff Lucio. [I am a fan of neither.]   But the bottom line is the BV broke the story first about cheating in the civil service exam.  This is something Saenz wanted kept under wraps because of its implications in the Raul Salazar and Ernie Hernandez cases.

From the Brownsville Herald: " Cameron County Judge Carlos H. Cascos confirmed that at least eight deputies have been implicated in cheating scandal. Cascos said a sheriff’s deputy reportedly took a picture of the civil service exam that is administered to the county employees and distributed it to other deputies. Click for story

The evidence coming out shows that during the Raul Salazar trial and for sure during the indictment process of Ernie Hernandez Dalia Robles, over civil service, was being viewed as needing to be reassigned because of her decision or lack of decision concerning cell phones in the testing room.

This is why on October 23, 2013, A.R. Flores made known Dalia Robles would be reassigned from civil service.

Saenz knew the truth all along and he lied anyway to convict Raul Salazar and indict Ernie Hernandez.  The only good news for Saenz is their attorney John Blaylock will never let them file a formal official oppression complaint against Saenz.  John Blaylock's only client is John Blaylock and not his clients.  I want to be clear to you John - you big baby - There Hernandez family has begged me to never mention your name.

Tomorrow Noe Robles is going to court to take on Luis Saenz and his corrupt ties to Alex Begum and the police.  Noe Robles is not cowering in the corner throwing his client under the bus to protect his practice.

All of this will get before Justice Hinojosa and that hearing will not be pretty.

It is time the Hernandez family, if need be, go it alone without counsel and just do what needs to get done to take down Luis Saenz.  But they will not.  Blaylock will protect Blaylock and that is the bottom line. 


I need to go pick up several documents. I will have the full story by noon or earlier. I have a lot of documents already - but I really need these two other documents which have now become available


When I heard about this I did not believe it - it was too bizarre.  I have already posted some documents showing how Alex Begum donates items in kind to the police while demanding they prosecute people he does not like.  Tomorrow - part two will prove the police chief and his investigators are part of this obstruction of justice.  One victim has agreed to file another formal official oppression complaint against Saenz and Begum.  the one pending will add former police chief Garcia.
In this case, all of the emails to the police are from Javier Villarreal and Alex Begum filing criminal complaints related to this matter.
In the U.S. Ed Stapleton seems to be unaware as the criminal defendant you have a right to confront your accuser.  They have the emails from Javier Villarreal and Alex Begum making the accusations.  This is not complex. But there are no limits to what Ed Stapleton will argue for a buck.
This is the same Ed Stapleton who to get a viewer and possessor of child pornography off argued in federal court that viewing child pornography and possessing it is the community standard in Cameron county.  This is the type attorney the Begums keep hiring.  Why?  Because Ed regardless of the rules of professional conduct will argue anything you pay him to argue - merits be damn.  He accused the people of Cameron county of being viewers  of child pornography in a desperate attempt to get his client off.
If Judge Murray grants the motion to quash the subpoenas the case will be immediately reversed.
The more interesting part is, on Friday Luis Saenz and Alex Begum will be asked about the fact they are targets of an FBI investigation.  This puts Saenz's office in a position of having to recuse himself since Begum as the accuser is being investigated for allegedly bribing Saenz to pursue Josefina Canales.  Josefina Canales after firing local counsel had the charges against her dismissed.
Every thing Saenz and Begum say during their testimony can and will be used by the FBI in their investigation.  Let's see if Saenz and Begum take the 5th claiming they are a target of an FBI investigation.
To my readers , I have someone scared to death to release a document to me.  If it says what they say it says, Begum is toast.
This is the justice Yolanda Begum wants to bring to Cameron County. 
I ask you, Alex Begum files a criminal complaint against you and you are indicted, and then he argues you have no right to confront him at the criminal trial, who would you feel?.  If Alex Begum has such a contempt for basic constitutional rights as a trained lawyer what makes anyone think, his mommy dearest Yolanda Begum will be a competent JP.


Had she not died at age 58, today she would be 95. Alicia Concepcion Cervantes-Gonzales born April 10 - this is her as a teenager in Managua, Nicaragua.