Tuesday, July 29, 2014


First and foremost this is happening nationwide.  There is nothing local about what is happening in Cameron county with the Republican Party.  We are talking outright war between the Tea Party, and Corporatists and more traditional Republicans.

It had been my intent to attend Thursday's hearing, but the plumber is coming between 9 and 12 on Thursday.  It is a great story.  My home warranty insurance company paid to have the current air conditioning system installed for the previous owner.  It was improperly installed and has caused mold problems.  Those I have fixed and under control.  The insurance company not only refuses to honor its warranty of work for companies they hire, they are now refusing to honor the policy outright.  I have coverage for plumbing and air conditioning.  But because the repair involves both it is considered a remodel issue and there is no coverage.  They will eventually spend $50,000 in attorneys fees over my $260 expense to reroute the air conditioning drainage line.

Anyway, I cannot be at the hearing.


Lawyers are basically idiots.  Every contract and every settlement agreement should have a mutual draft clause. They do not. This means both sides equally participated in the drafting of the agreement.  This is important because when a contract is vague it is construed against the person who drafted it.  So if their is a mutual drafting clause and a dispute occurs later on, the contract cannot be construed against one party based on vagueness.

In the case of Frank Morris, there was no other party involved in what he wrote.  It is possibly vague.  He did say if he needs to he will write a separate resignation for his new term.   This leaves in doubt whether in his mind his letter of resignation included his existing and new term.  As such it could be construed against him.

 In terms of turning in the keys etc - meaningless to the case.  If Judge McDonald even considers the language he will be reversed.  Frank Morris clearly resigned his then current term.  As such he had no choice but to turn in the keys and take his name off of the accounts.  It meant nothing in terms of his new term which had yet to begin.

His later letter may act as a clarification which could save him from any claim that he caused the vagueness thereby causing his  resignation to be construed against him.

It comes down to a simple question - is Frank Morris's resignation as to his new term vague?  If it is not then his resignation cannot be construed against him.  In his original resignation he does not state he was resigning for the term which had yet to commence.  Based on this simple fact I do not see how any judge can construe his resignation of his current term to include his future term. 

Mind you, it could be construed as vague and if it is Frank loses. 

Inasmuch as I have not seen any of the documents first hand I will make no prediction.  I just wanted to give some insight into how these documents are construed.


I have said this many times, I am a patient man.  Since before moving to Brownsville nearly 10 years ago, I along with many others pushed as hard as we could to obtain Commissioner Price's indictment.  When you read the indictment you see this took them 14 years.  The FBI can be slow.  They actually encourage criminal conduct by taking so long.  They knew for more than 10 years of his criminal conduct but allowed him to continue just so they could stack up the number of counts.  Isn't that a wonderful system.

I am a patient man.  I know the FBI.  It may take them 10 years to nail some of the people who still need nailing in Cameron county, but it will happen.

You can review the Price indictment here.  It is long - it is a lesson in patience and just how the FBI actually allows for criminal conduct for years just so they can increase the number of counts against the alleged defendant.  Anyone - please tell me how this helps us the victims of public corruption?  It does not, which is why the FBI is really the problem and cause for most of the public corruption.

Let's begin with the nonsense.  I am working on stories, but I cannot force people to comply with the law.  Sometimes I just abandon open records requests because it is not worth the effort.

The summer can be slow on the blogs. People are on vacation so sources are hard to get ahold of.  Right now a lot of people are remaining silent out of fear they may say something related to the politiqueras.  Most elected officials are anxious to get their BS on the blogs.  They like the BV because they know if I accept it there is no cost.  But when you reject enough BS they stop calling.

The other day a woman told me she was sent to me by an unknown elected official because I could be trusted to get to the  truth.  While I believe the woman's story is 100% truthful and merits a criminal investigation, I do not have time to review well over a thousand pages of documents to unfold the story.  And the reality is, the story was sent to me because it would benefit the politician who referred the woman and not for some altruist motivation to make Cameron county a better place. - Finally they did not want to pay Montoya.  If they want the story out there they will need to pay Montoya - the story is good - the criminal conduct is real - but I am not going to put my life aside to review so many documents.


His post on Rene Oliviera yesterday was filler he needed to create because sources are silent right now.  Limitations is 2 years so this couple has no right to sue - period.  Beyond there being an accident I have never been able to verify any part of his story.  In fact his entire story is mostly quoting anony's posting on his blog.  I do not doubt there was an accident. Beyond that I doubt most of the remaining part of the story.  For example unless Rene paid cash for the car- there had to have been insurance because the bank requires it and if you do not buy it the  bank buys it for you and makes it part of your payment.

I suspect the insurance company quietly settled with a confidentiality agreement which is why the couple cannot claim having been paid.

The entire story was a repeat of old unverified anony posts - why? - the summer is slow and sources are scarce.  Olivera has no chance of not being reelected.  An old story does nothing to him.

No one wants Oliviera gone more than me.  He and I have been going at it for some 12 years - long before I moved here.  He is highly disliked by many Mexican American organizations and I was always there for them when they had issues with him.

Getting rid of Oliviera is not even a challenge.  He orchestrated the multi-million dollar theft of rent money from TSC and he was sanctioned for his actions in the Villalobos case.  Any qualified Latina with the money can kick his ass from one end of Texas to the other.  That would give me great pleasure.


Really, do any of you idiots believe the politiqueras, four of which are represented by Masso, are talking?  I want them to talk.  But here is the problem.  Because Masso is their counsel the investigators must notify him even if his client walks in voluntarily.  They would have to fire Masso on their own before they could talk to an investigator, and then they would have no skills to negotiated immunity.

On Facunda and Beatrice Garcia that is another story.  They are being worked in terms of finding out who they worked for and who paid them.  I am hoping they already cut a deal with the AG.


The sole source that Space X chose Brownsville was the Florida Space Agency.  Since their announcement Musk has had enough time to formally make the announcement.  I think the Florida Space Agency intentionally put out a bogus story as a way of telling Mush, "we are done negotiating - take it or leave it," and Musk panicked. 

Brownsville may still get Space X, but at best I think we remain just a pawn between Florida and Space X.  Also with Space X in court with the US government making enemies of them it is not all that certain they will get the government launches they want.  Without these launches Brownsville will not need the 12,000 runway.

I think with Florida and the feds, Musk overplayed his cards. 

Monday, July 28, 2014


When it comes to history and archeology I am a big time geek.  This story has so much too it.  Did you know Ellis Island and Liberty Island were formed  from landfills to handle early NYC trash.  Well apparently the coastal area of Manhattan was also used as landfills to handle trash.  The speculation is this ship was sunk to help create the landfill thereby enlarging Manhattan island.

"Now, a new report finds that tree rings in those waterlogged ribs show the vessel was likely built in 1773, or soon after, in a small shipyard near Philadelphia. What's more, the ship was perhaps made from the same kind of white oak trees used to build parts of Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution were signed, according to the study published this month in the journal Tree-Ring Research."

Click for full Article

Beneath NYC in the original subway tunnels from the late 1800's there are entire homeless communities living.  There are old stations with magnificent murals.  The public has no access to them because the city has never seen fit to create the tourist attraction.  So by using old access tunnels thousands of homeless people live in these old tunnels.

NYC is a living piece of archeology which needs to be explored.


Lets begin with the person who is suppose to enforce the law -Luis Saenz.

BROWNSVILLE — The Cameron County District Attorney’s Office appears to be conducting an inquiry into information that surfaced during the recent trial of ex-DA Armando R. Villalobos.
This is learned from a request to the federal court by DA Luis V. Saenz’s office for a transcript of the testimony of attorney Oscar de la Fuente Jr."

The above article is over a year old.  Saenz has had a year to indict Oscar de la Fuente based on his confession in federal court - nothing - absolutely nothing.  Saenz will not even indict people who confess so long as they play his game.  But god forbid you refuse to play as a vindictive prick he will ban you from press conferences and convince a grand jury to indict you on ham sandwich type evidence.  Let us not forget the criminal charges he brought against Josefina Canales for calling Yolanda Begum a fake.  He lost that one, and Joe Schneider with the FBI was assigned to investigate the alleged $6,000 bribe by Alex Begum to Luis Saenz to get the criminal charges filed against Josefina Canales.

The BV broke the story about how Tony Martinez failed to file the conflict of interest form during the Casa de Nylon purchase.  [Its sale will be on the next city agenda] His law firm was representing the seller.  This is a slam dunk criminal case, and Saenz does nothing - well unless you are a middle class female from a small city then he will put the full force of his office against you for the same crime - but millionaire men are immune.

The BV broke the story a full 8 months before any other blogger was even capable of understanding the issue.  The city of Brownsville allows for the spending of less than $35,000 by the city without city commission consent or even knowledge.  This inept city commission has not only not stopped Tony Martinez's reckless spending, they have gone along with it when allowed to vote on matters.

The BV, and only the BV has now documented through emails the conspiracy to destroy TSC headed by Tony Martinez and Rose Gowen at the city level.  They used the under $35,000 rule to hire the wife of federal judge Andrew Hanen to carry out the conspiracy.  Yea, like anyone is going to open a criminal investigation which leads to federal judge Hanen calling a meeting in his home offering TSC trustees to mediate the problems at the same time his wife was conspiring against TSC.  He should be impeached.

He has a corrupt DA in his back pocket to insure criminal conduct is not prosecuted.  He involved the wife of a federal judge to keep the DOJ under control and he orchestrates certain votes for certain city commissioners in exchange for their silence and support.

Long ago this city commission could have ended the Diane Dillard affaire.  They chose not to.  Every commissioner was informed the decision to object to the release of documents the AG eventually ordered released to me belong to them, and not Tony Martinez.  Every city commissioner refused to act to protect their rights.

I know of several votes wherein in exchange for silence and cooperation city commissioners got what they wanted.  Tony Martinez is the deal maker.  He goes to the city commissioner and offers to insure they have the votes they need for what they want.  The city commissioner then plays along with Tony.

Yes, Tony is behind what is happening - but it is the city commission playing along so they can get what they want. 

I would personally walk with my cane all of Brownsville with any well organized group willing to bust their chops to seek a recall election of the entire city commission and Tony Martinez.  But I know the people - they whine then wine and then go to sleep.


It is way too early to know where this storm is headed.   For now, we just keep an eye on it.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Villalobos case was taken from the US Attorney for the Southern District and given to Republican hack Pittman who then proceeded to keep out any discussion concerning James Dannenbaum.  Dannenbaum's company oversaw the $21 million non-existent bridge at the Port of Brownsville.
James Dannenbaum is a big time donor to Republicans and Republican causes.
Pittman got the job as US Attorney in the first place as a blackmail on Obama - No US Attorneys in Texas if Pittman not nominated for the Western District.
This endless use of corruption to select federal judges is far worse than anything Villalobos ever did.  You will never see these stories in the mainstream press because they fear the federal judges.
Sad how fear defines newsworthy.
With Republican Senators attacking federal judges left and right over gay marriage and running on anti-gay agenda's, why are they not threatening a filibuster of this open gay candidate?  Answer, the hopelessly corrupt Senator John Cornyn has assured his peers Pittman will run cover for Republicans on command.

It is time we accept judicial activism defines the Roberts Court and stop pretending otherwise.  You know what, you cannot reverse a pending botched execution?  The Cruel and Unusual Punishment suffered by the executed inmate during the process, is not subject to reversal.  What you can reverse after full review of the case is the order to stop the execution.
Another thing you cannot reverse is the emotional damage done to couples who are being told they have a constitutional right to marry, but then being told they have to wait up to two years for the Supreme Court to agree with all of the appellate and trial ruling in favor of equality in marriage.  You can reverse the marriages and void them.
What both of these cases show is the US Supreme Court for ideological reasons has abandon the irreparable injury rule needed before they will intervene in a case prior to a formal Petition for Writ of Certiorari [the actual formal appeal], in favor of ideology. 
The Arizona death penalty case is the most egregious and clearly shows how ideology now trumps well established law.
"(Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday vacated a stay of execution for an Arizona inmate who had sued the state demanding more information about the drugs that will be used in the lethal injection procedure he faces."  This is dated July 22, 2012
"Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer ordered a review of the state's execution process after a convicted double murderer gasped and snorted for more than an hour and a half before his death Wednesday."
This is not about the death penalty.  It is clearly constitutional.  The issue is, the appellate court stopped the execution so this man's lawyers could develop the case that the drugs Arizona wanted to use were bad.  The evidence is now undisputed - the drugs were bad and all executions were halted.
Had the Supreme Court followed its own long held rule that without an irreparable injury it would not get involved in a case until the appeal formally reached the court, the torture this man suffered never would have happened.
The juridical methodology employed by the Court in Applications for Stay is well established.  The Court ignored their own rule in favor of an ideological result.  The Faux conservatives remain silent because the result serves their ideology.  There is nothing more dangerous to our liberties than a judicially active Supreme Court ignoring it long held rules in favor of an ideological result.  Nothing now stops this majority from doing anything it wants in an arbitrary and capricious way.
Judge after judge, even at  the appellate level has found marriage inequality is unconstitutional.  The ideologically driven Court has chosen without any irreparable injury finding for the States to reverse on an interim basis every trial and appellate decision on the issue.  To do this they used the rarely used Application for Stay Pending Appeal to the Court of Appeals or Petition for Writ of Certiorari.
These couples can never get back the time they lost waiting.  If the states win, all of the marriages are voided and the state suffers no injury.
In some ways the contempt for law and our liberties is even more egregious in the marriage equality cases.  We know we have the votes to win the issue at the Supreme Court level.  So why did the Supreme Court issue an order of stay to stop all gay marriages in the involved states? 
The answer is simple - deal making.  These scumbags who have nothing but contempt for our constitution - and this means all 9 justices [there's a joke lol].  In deference to Associate Justice Kennedy even the so called Liberals are remaining silent on this one.  Why?  Associate Justice Kennedy is using his swing vote power to satisfy the conservatives so he can get them to deal with him on close cases, and the liberals are remaining silent because they too need to accommodate Associate Justice Kennedy.  What a wonderful way to deal with human rights.  Both sides need Associate Justice Kennedy so both sides play his little power game to the detriment of our human  rights.
Every scholar of U.S. Supreme Court juridical methodology knows this is happening, but out of fear of being denied access to the Court they remain silent.  Fear of retaliation for their mythical free speech keeps them silent.
Russell Elementary History
1916 was a busy year for  school construction in Brownsville, Texas.  The second of three schools to be built that year was the West Brownsville School.  This school would later be named for Brownsville teacher Emaline B. Russell.  
Records show that Mrs. Russell, though an already experienced teacher, received a  country certificate to teach in 1912, four years before West Brownsville school opened.
She was both principal and classroom teacher at West Brownsville School for 26 years.  In gratitude for her many years of faithful service, the name of West Brownsville School was changed to Russell Elementary School in her honor.

Friday, July 25, 2014


"Sgt. Wayne Rubio with the Office of the Texas Attorney General filed the complaint that"


In the Informations which follow the officer signing off on the complaint is Sgt Wayne Rubio who according to the above source works for the AG, not Saenz.  The Information clearly shows Jonathan White of the AG's office is the prosecuting attorney.  Saenz had nothing to do with this.

His claim that the matters remain sealed until after the arrest is bogus.  In the case of Margarita Ozuna's first arrest Carlos Masso was allowed to appear at her arraignment while walking her into court.  At the end of the arraignment Masso was allowed to driver her to Carrizalles for processing.  It was all very open.

There was none of this hiding the Informations and sealing them until the arrests. and then releasing them days after the arrests.

In the case of Armando Villalobos the indictment was unsealed and he along with his attorneys were allowed to walk over to the federal court house for processing without any formal outside arrest.

So why all the theatrics by Saenz?  It is a distraction to make it look like he is doing something when he is not.

As of yesterday morning the county clerks office was still stating the files were sealed per Saenz.  So his claim that they were unsealed on the day of the arrests is  false.  The documents in the last hour have been released to the press at the Request of Joe Rivera.  They are being sent out by email at no charge.

Saenz's pathetic attempt to explain to the county clerk's office how this is done only made him look more guilty.  In time I will upload all of them.  There are a lot - but here are three so you can see  the investigator is with the AG's office and the prosecutor is with the AG's office and Saenz is not part of this matter.


I have read 8 emails and they sicken me.  This thing [it is not human and I mean thing] has no moral compass when it comes to TSC and its students.

I am tired.  After I return from my eye doctor appointment I will post another email which shows her conspiracy with Tony Martinez and Rose Gowen.  Its needs explanation and I am just too tired- plus I have to get up at 6:30.  And for the record, any comments defending her will be rejected - I have no interest in hearing the excuses of other people without a moral compass.   Her abusive conduct will be evident even to idiots.


I took several criminal cases over the years which may repulse some of my readers.  I always told the client the same thing - "my job is no to get you off, but to make sure that what ever the state does it do according to the law."   Translation - that my client get a fair hearing and due process is met.  It was never no mind to me if the result was innocent or guilty so long as everyone followed the law.

But some lawyers take clients merely for money without any regard for their actions.  I am working on a matter right now wherein a corporation witness committed felony perjury before the Texas Workforce Commission.  The chief counsel for the corporation knows he committed felony perjury.  But then this corporation hired her because they knew she had no moral compass.  These are the most dangerous lawyers and the ones who should never be allowed to practice law.

Diane Dillard chose in exchange for money to aid Tony Martinez in his conspiracy to do injury to TSC and in effect its students.  This was not a case of a client being charged with a crime and Diane Dillard simply insuring due process is followed.  This is a case of Diane Dillard for money aiding Tony Martinez to do injury to TSC while keeping it from the City Commission.  On Monday I have an email wherein she is trying to have a meeting at her home where it is more secure, or at the home of an assistant city attorney.  This is not how business is done.

The email.  What is clear is Diane Dillard is being tasked to look into a reverter clause concerning land the COB deeded to TSC while Juliet Garcia was in charge.  The deed required that TSC use the land in a certain way by a date certain or the COB could force that TSC deed the land back to the COB. 

This is perfectly legal.  But the significance is Tony Martinez, Rose Gowen and Diane Dillard are communicating on this while keeping the remainder of the city commission out of it.  And its purpose is to take away land from TSC.  This is the second of many posts to come wherein it is clear Diane Dillard, wife of federal judge Hanen is working with Tony Martinez to do injury to TSC..

Something I have not discussed in the past which is now very relevant is, Judge Hanen offered to try and mediate the differences between TSC and UTB.  The problem is he never disclosed to the TSC trustees he proposed this to that his wife was actively working against TSC.  It is incredulous Judge Hanen did not see the conflict of interest in offering to mediate between the parties, while his wife was getting paid to conspire against TSC.


Dear:   BPUB General Manager and CEO John Bruciak,

I understand that most of the time power outages are unpredictable.  I understand that in many regards you have a thank-less job.

But let me explain a few things to you, you do not seem to understand.  You Mr. Brusiak have a duty to insure you have the crews ready to go when power outages happen.

I am up at this hour because without electricity I cannot use my CPAP to force air down into my lungs.  Had I tried to sleep I could have died in my sleep as I stop breathing.  If my sister were alive she could better explain this to you.

Now again, I get you cannot predict outages - they happen.

But in the case of Cowen Terrance there are two interesting facts.

One, for a very long time BPUB has known the original developer did not follow code and improperly installed the electrical lines which is why annually we have long term black outs and at least every other month the electricity will go out just long enough for me to wake up chocking.

As it was explained to me last night during the many conversations I had with the BPUB the shifting of the ground causes the defects in the installation of the original lines to cause the breakers in the transformer to blow or some other problem.  The BPUB has had more than 30 years to address this problem and has chosen instead to endanger the residents of Cowen Terrace.  Now I would say heads should be put out on stakes to send a message, but we all know nothing will be done.  BPUB has $500,000 to give to a convicted felon for a bogus start-up airline, but it does not have the money to address this danger to the residents of Cowen Terrace.


I was sitting out back to be cool waiting on anyone to show up in the alley to start the repairs.  It took about an hour for one truck to show up.  In the process of trying to replace a breaker in the transformer it blew and my windows shook and smoke filled the air.  They shut down the line and moved on to another transformer on the other side of my yard.  After working on this transformer for a while they just packed up and left.

I called the BPUB and Albert told me they were dispatched to another trouble area in Brownsville and we would have to wait another hour or so while they get other workers out of bed to come back to our area to work the problem.

I would love to learn what neighborhood deserved priority over ours even after they had already started working on the problem.

Well a neighbor and I were playing tag calling the PUB.  He called them and demanded an explanation as to why the grew had left from behind my house.  Albert got real nervous and the crew was sent back.  And guess what, they tried to place another breaker in the problem transformer and it blew shaking my windows a second time.

Well three hours later and unable to sleep the lights finally come back on.

Again, I get BPUB cannot predict these things.  But they get an "F" in my community because for years they have known the source of the problem and refuse to address it, and 2 they abandoned us in the middle of the repair because some other community was more important.  These are controllable issues and for this John Brusiak gets an "F"  for his management.

I guess when John has a family member die in their sleep from sleep apnea he will begin to understand why you do not intentionally not fix a chronic problem.