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Doctors have a thousand explanations for seasonal depression - but no science to back it up. So instead of waiting on someone to explain why the Holiday Season puts you down - just Be Happy.

Yea, this year I am missing the Holiday Season in NY because I am busy with my brother and Bela - but who cares - I cannot wait to see Bela's face when she sees the Apple IPOD Generation 5 Santa is bringing her.  I may still go for New Years - I've done the Ball - after watching Katherine Hepburn in her last ever Broadway performance - this year I think I want to go to this restaurant on the shore - I think that may be the game plan.  Nothing like watching the ocean on a cold winter night.  But if they are just going to sit around at home - then I will not go.  I want to watch the cold winter waves breaking on the rocks.  Some will do their annual ski trip - but others will go out.

Come on guys - there has to be something to smile about.  Just think what you have and others do not and that should hold your smile for a while.


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Reynaldo Cisneros -1. Driving While Intoxicated (Class "B" Misdemeanor) 2. Duty Upon Striking Parked Vehicle (Class "B" Misdemeanor)

*All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law

Why was this man charged with DWI and Duty Upon Striking Vehicle, but in the case I highlighted earlier the police would not even pursue the alleged drunk driver.
UPDATE:  At least one trustee has now admitted to me that maybe they did not do their due diligence in the beginning on any of this.  But Dynamic Campus is nothing more that the company running the technology for TSC.  Yes, they oversee ebooks and Pearson - but they oversee them as part of the technology task given to them by the Board,.  The board - not Dynamic Campus chooses the ebooks or Pearson - Dynamic Campus just oversees the execution of these programs chosen by the board.  Blaming Dynamic Campus for ebooks or Pearson is like blaming the nurse for which surgical procedure the doctor chooses. 
Montoya and I are agreeing again, but for different reasons..  Adela Garza and the entire board at that time [there are new board members who were not part of the original decision] knew exactly who
Dr. Leonardo de La Garza was and his relationship to Dynamic Campus. [NOTE: Trustees are saying this was in fact not known - but are conceding a possible lack of due diligence on their part]  So the feigned shock over the alleged conflict of interest is not flying.  It is nothing more than Adela making noise which a distraction and damaging to TSC and staff morale.

But I was greatly disappointed the Board voted to continue the relationship.  This feigned shock by Adela Garza as to the conflict is as stupid as the propaganda resolution the majority voted to pass. 

18 months ago I argued against ebooks and Pearson.  Now 18 months ago the top universities in the world were all excited over this technology with no one really doing their due diligence in investigating these companies, and that included the entire Board and in particular Adela Garza.  But it also includes some of the best universities in the world.

But now with the research showing ebooks and that baby-sitting technology approach of Pearson is not in the best interests of the students it is unforgivable that any Board or administrator would recommend their continued use.  [TO CLARIFY FROM ORIGINAL POST - Dynamic Campus has nothing to do with this - they are just executing on the Board's decisions - I am being told the real problem is not with Dynamic Campus because they are doing their job, the problem was with not exploring is there is a better option.]

Adela Garza does not get to feign shock of some possible conflict of interest she knew about or should have known about and voted for from day one - it is typical Adela Garza.  Her focus should be 100% is, are the students benefiting from ebooks and Pearson?  The research tends to say no.  This is the winnable argument.

But for a majority to continue the agreement at this point showed a complete and total lack of interest in the best interests of the students. They should have explored if there are better options.  And I care about the students and not this endless tit for tat between trustees which is only hurting the students and staff morale.

Adela and Kiko are going to end up taking one another out at the expense of TSC and that is sad.
I want to be clear about something - in my opinion the BPD Officers do an extraordinary job.  By no means is this post to be a reflection on the department.  It is only a reflection on those involved.
Begin by looking at the drawing.  Could the person who is driving the unit which hit the motorcycle have been sober?  According to off duty office Martinez, who was in uniform, and two other officers, Alejandro Paz walked out of International Bingo stone drunk.  Officer Martinez saw him get in his car and speed away, out of control and hit the motorcycle.  According to the victim Office Martinez told all of this to Officer David Trevino.  Why is none of this in the narrative?
I will admit my research is incomplete.  One police officer told me Office Martinez should have stopped Mr. Paz, because he clearly saw Mr. Paz as a danger.  My research shows, although not clearly stated that police officers especially in uniform are on duty 24/7 in terms of stopping crime.  In Texas the off duty police officers should call in to dispatch for an on duty officer unless there are exigent circumstances, or the person presents a danger to the public.  A drunk who drives this out of control clearly presents exigent circumstances, and a danger to the community.
The victim was in the Bingo Hall when he was called out and Officer Martinez told him what he saw.  The victim remembers three other off duty officers in uniform at the scene.  No one did anything to stop this man.
The police report lists the name of Paz's mother - who in fact told the police where he lives - in Harlingen.  This means the police allowed a man this drunk to get on Price road and then the highway back to Harlingen  thereby endangering everyone in his path.
Officer Martinez is an eyewitness that this man was drunk - an eyewitness that the man could barely stand - an eyewitness that he stood there and did nothing as the man got in his mother's car and drove drunk.
Do you now begin to understand why Officer Trevino left this all out of the report?  Officer Martinez had the authority to stop the man and chose not to - so now Officer Trevino in order to protect Officer Martinez must present an incomplete report.
The victim has asked that a formal complaint be filed with the new DOJ corruption task force.  No on expects the police chief to do his job and investigate and take the proper action.
DA Saenz will be asked to interview Officer Martinez for the truth so the man can also be charged with DWI.  Officer Martinez personally saw the man drunk, personally saw the man get in his car, and personally saw the man cause the altercation and personally saw the man drive on to a public road - all of the elements are there to charge the man with DWI, in addition to the class B for leaving the scene after striking a vehicle..
It does not end there - with these facts International Bingo should have its liquor license pulled.  Of course this would cause officer Martinez and the other officers to lose their jobs as off duty security guards.
I have interviewed other patrons who were at International Bingo on the night of the incident.  There was no bartender overseeing the distribution of the free beer.  They had the kegs out and the people were serving themselves.  You could be as drunk as a skunk and get as much beer as you wanted because the BPD off duty officers were turning a blind eye to what was happening - namely patrons serving themselves all of the beer they wanted regardless of how drunk they were.

So now we shall see what happens - the victim does have a lawyer ready to move on this if the insurance companies balk given the facts.  This was beyond gross negligence on the part of International Bingo, the driver and the BPD.  The victim told me he would rather wait two years to collect if that is what it takes to put officers Martinez and Trevino on the stand or through deposition to prove a cover-up to protect themselves and International Bingo.

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Our democracy fails when those duly elected by the people cannot take office.  The fact I did not vote for Sylvia Garza-Perez means nothing to what is at stake at  this moment.  I have seen the documents which explain why she cannot get a bond, as of last report - may have changed in last 5 minutes.  If people know how to search a lot of documents are very public.  But you know what, it is no one's business.  Life is more complex than a document - documents are created based on complex events which sometimes people cannot control - at least in part.


A simple question - if John Doe were to run for judge on what later turned out to be a fake law license, would he be allowed to take the bench just because the people vote for him?  No - because after the election we learned he did not meet the requirements of office.  We have now learned Sylvia Garza-Perez does not meet the requirements of office because as of this moment she does not qualify for the bond which is a condition of office.

 In the interests of the democratic process I hope she finds a bonding company willing to back her.

For me this is a perfect example of common ground.  Everyone knows that I am no supporter of Carlos Cascos or Sofia Benavides.  But this issue is a great example of Common Ground.  Cascos has publicly come out against taxpayer money being used to fund Sylvia's bond.  This is good.  Sources are telling me, but I have yet to confirm that Sofia Benavides has indicated she will not support the use of taxpayer money to fund Sylvia's bond.  Dan Garza tends to go with Cascos - so I suspect Montoya is correct [yes it can happen] when he says the votes are not there.  But for me this is not enough - I want to see Alex Dominguez and Dan Sanchez publicly come out against the use of taxpayers money to fund Sylvia's bond.
Personally I hope she can find a bonding company because the people chose her and not her opponent.  But if she could not meet the conditions of office, meaning the ability to secure a bond, then she does not know meet the conditions of office and should not be allowed to take office by using taxpayer money.
Common ground is when people who have something more to do with their life than taking sides and settling score can see an issue which impacts the entire community and can put aside their differences long enough to put the community first.

Of course the big alliance is Tony Martinez running candidates who will back his plans.

Another alliance being sponsored by the Lucios is related to Extraterritorial Jurisdiction. If you click you will see a good article which explains what is happening.

Now, people need to understand that the different sides have good arguments on the issue.  I have no problem with the fact the Cameron County Commissioners Court voted in support of the legislation against Brownsville.  Many of the commissioners represent the very cities trying to stop Brownsville's expansion.  Based on this reality I would expect them to vote against Brownsville.

But let's understand the issue - if when all done and said Brownsville must give up a lot of this land, it will mean our tax revenues going down, and our taxes possibly going up.

I am not going to suggest this is not a complex issue.  All I am saying this is an issue we as voters in Brownsville need to be aware of.  I can write strong essays for and against.

I concede all sides have good arguments including those in Brownsville who want Brownsville to give up the land even though it could mean a tax increase.

My job is to make you aware of the issue so you can decide, are you going to vote for the commissioners who have already taken a stand on defending Brownsville's control over this land to protect the tax dollars, or are you going to stand with the Lucio ticket which will concede the land to the other cities?

Again - this is a unique issue for Brownsville - the cities coming after Brownsville have their rights too - but elections are local and this is a local issue for Brownsville.  I am not discounting the rights of the other cities - all I am doing is making my readers aware of this issue and that they better make sure they do not vote for the candidate on the ticket which wants to give up the land, if it is their wish that we keep the land.

Get involved and be informed - then vote based on what you think is best for Brownsville - some of you will say hold and not give up the land - some will say conceded the land back - just be informed and know what the different tickets represent.

Now I know I have gone out of my way defending the interests of these cities coming after Brownsville, but the posts will come saying I am ignoring them.  No, I am writing solely on an issue which impacts Brownsville.  I am asking that the readers get informed and learn which candidates stand for keeping the land and which stand for conceding the land back - and vote according to what they think is best. All sides have valid arguments -

If you are going to post an argument for either side - keep out the moronic language and it will get through.  I have no problem publishing comments on why Brownsville should concede he land or why they should keep it - just make your argument without the bad language.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Erasmo Castro put Bela's plea on his page and several people posted the name of several apartments.  Unfortunately only one included a number and I could not find phone numbers for any of the other apartments.  But see the previous post.  Rebeca Apartments did post and while it did not work out because of BHA rules, it was nice to know people cared to post ideas.

Bela says thank-you to the Cheez and his Ch-elves.

We finally found a perfect apartment - price - no background check - good energy efficiency - tomorrow it will be in BHA authority's hands - the owner needs an immediate move-in - the mother is ready to move - but the question is will the BHA allow her to move so fast.

Although they did their best to help with Bela's situation and the apartments are beautiful and well priced at $750 for a new construction 2 bedroom, the BHA has rules on how much clients on vouchers can spend.  Rebeca Apartments was ready to allow them to move in January 1, 2015.
They are on Jaime Zapate across from Palm Resaca. - between OPI and Robindale. You can call them at 956-550-0808.
The big mistake people make in buying or renting is they think they are saving with cheaper when they are not,  Bela's mom currently pays over $250 a month for electric in an old one bedroom.  The manager told me her two bedroom is running about $100 a month. 
You must inspect windows and doors for leaks - cheaper in rent is not always cheaper in overall cost of housing.
I highly recommend this place - not just because she was so kind to try and help, but because the place is beautiful and energy efficient.
Again, thanks for trying.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I am certain I will get in trouble for this post - the mother will not be happy - but since I will have Bela and her mother live in my home for the next 20 years before I allow her to go homeless, I've decided to write this story.

Because Bela's mother has no credit report she cannot lease an apartment except from landlords who do not do credit checks.  She has a housing voucher for a 2 bedroom but everyone who accepts housing vouchers does credit background checks.  Since the mother has no credit report she cannot get an apartment.  It is really that simple. 

Now I can hear it - get a job - like it is so simple - she has been to the Texas Workforce and agreed to all of the training they were willing to offer - but people do not want to hire single moms with children at home.

Greg Abbott on child support is a worthless as a tit on a boar hog - I cannot tell you how many times we have provided the Child Support Office with the father's address, and nothing - they will not even try. 

I am working on getting a Dallas law firm to sue the landlord for defamation per se.  The entire thing started because some seniors did not want a certain male visiting his mother at the complex.  Bela's mother had no control over the situation and it was a different apartment .  When Doug Kvalvog the owner was notified that Bela's mother had no control over what was happening he started with some very serious false claims which are defamation per se.  He was mad he screwed up and was now going to punish this young mother for standing up for her rights.  He is a two-bit bully who never learned how to be a man and is a pathological liar.

The good news because he is the type landlord who would pay a lawyer to sue god for making him stupid he hired Christopher Lee Phillippe.  The lawyer probably knows  as much about landlord tenant law as he does open heart surgery.  He is as incompetent as they come.  This has worked to Bela's mother's advantage.

In the first agreement to extend her lease he did not request Bela's mother release Doug Kvalvog of the defamation per se charges in exchange for extending the lease for a short period of time.  A first year law student would not have made this mistake.

In early August she did find an apartment across from Perez elementary school which would have been a perfect location for a variety of reasons.  She signed a lease and paid a deposit - the day we went for the key the landlord said he had spoken with her current landlord and changed his mind. We were able to use that little stunt to extend her time again.

Then last month the mother paid the deposit on a duplex just down the block which means Bela would not have to change schools.  Her landlord then shows and tells her all is well and they want her to stay and would she please pay the rent.  So she paid the December rent.  In fact they gave her a few days to come up with the last $100 until she could get her deposit back from the other landlord.  The next day Christopher Lee Phillippe sends her a letter by hand delivery stating she needs to get out by January 9, 2015, or else the attached eviction petition would be filed.

Do you begin to understand how vindictive and the kind of bully Doug Kvalvog is.  He knows she is moving per the written agreement, he knows she has paid a deposit for the new place and then demands she pay the rent for December claiming all is well just so that she will give up the place she has found to rent, and then the next day has his lawyer serve her with notice to move in 30 days or get evicted.  This is twice she has lost a place to live because of Doug Kvalvog's conduct,

We need laws which shut down landlords like Doug Kvalvog.  I have read the petition for eviction and if the law is followed, it will go nowhere.  It is defective and the claim does not form a basis for eviction.  I have a signed document to prove the truth.  So Doug Kvalvog will pay Christopher Phillippe for a jury trial, and if Bela's mom loses, then another jury tial in county court.  This case will go on for as long as the law allows, and so long as Bela's mother pays the rent she stays.


Someone out there has to know some apartment manager who will accept the voucher for a two bedroom.  When you go by Bela's apartment her mom is the only one who decorates for every holiday - she keeps it clean.  I have seen how Bela interacts with the seniors at the complex - they adore her.  But the mother is tired of fighting Doug Kvalvog because his father never taught him you do not bully single moms after they point out you were mistaken.  He is a too bit bully who never learned to be a man, honor or integrity.  I know the evidence and will stand on my comments in court - I am fully aware this guy is so stupid he will pay Phillippe $100,000 to sue me to lose because he cannot conceive of the idea he is a too bit bully who needs to be taken to task and shut down.  I would love nothing more than to face him head on in court before a jury - I am certain I will bankrupt him and put him and his wife on the street where they belong.


Someone has to know a landlord who will rent to Bela's mother and accept the voucher.  Unless we find someone in short order I will not let them go homeless -they will live here - even though I know that means it could be years before they can move out. 

So anyone who knows a landlord who is not a heartless bastard please contact me so we can find a place for Bela to live - I will not release the name of her school for security reasons - but it would be nice if she would not have to change schools - she is good at the social game and loves her school, teachers, staff and friends - she hated Thanksgiving week because she wanted to be in school.

Oh, Bela knows how to play me on school - she says she needs a Touch Ipad for school and that I promised to buy everything she needs for school - well I am doing my best to have Santa bring her a Touch IPad - anyone know where they are going for a good price? - I some how do not think she needs it for pre-K but she is very good on the computer and she has outlived the usefulness of her original pad - so she does need something more advanced to better develop her computer skills.